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Fanatec CSR Elite Wheel – First Video Reviews

The first video reviews of Fanatec’s upcoming CSR Elite wheel are available.

Fanatec has shipped out the first examples of their brand new CSR Elite Wheel to community testers and the first batch of reviews is now becoming available.

Below are the first to reviews by sonic, UKOGjonboy & kangal333, showing off the brand new wheel in full detail. Furthermore, Amar212 has released a very extensive written review of the wheel over at GTPlanet.

The CSR Elite is Fanatec’s first wheel that uses the brand-new developed base that will also power the upcoming Clubsport wheel base that is aimed at PC users. The CSR Elite is primarily aimed at console users, being compatible to both the Playstation 3 and the Xbox 360 and offering most of the pro features the Clubsport wheel will offer.

For a direct comparison of Fanatec’s wheels, please check out this chart. The CSR Elite Wheel sells for 499 Euros/Dollars, it will be available starting around Christmas time.

  • numrollen2000

    Hmm the reviews are useless. Wow, this click sounds great, i love it. Wow, a transparent plastic body, great, i love it, active cooling system AND it doesnt get warm, wow, i love it …. blah blah.

    Price in euros are a joke. Ok not for the freaks, they even would pay 800€ ++. 
    Its a pitty, for 400€ inkl. pedals this one would be mine.

    • Anonymous

      i agree, i dont know why these reviewers focus on buttons and features of the wheel – yes we can get that from the official website, or from the reviews Thomas from fanatec has ALREADY DONE. WE know what the wheels look like, We Know what buttons it has.
      WHat we DONT KNOW is how it FEELS to USE. I know its difficult to convey feeling but they can at least describe how it feels with different games, compared to prior fanatec wheels, or logitech wheels. 
      The FFB is one of the main reasons you’d buy this high end wheel and they don’t even talk about it. 

      • numrollen2000

        Even if they would test the FFB in 2nd Part it will sounds like this: wow, this wheel have great ffb! And its silent! And strong, wow i love it. Great.

      • David Hazan

        i agree !!!

      • Steve Farrell

        I was hoping to see a proper overview of the wheel. Does it come with a table clamp and I would like to see where the leads plug into the wheel too. I hate the way my G25’s cables go under the wheel because it makes setting up the wheel a pain and takes too long to route the cables.

  • Nicolas Grignon

    or when simulation become another “hobbies of classes”: the richs can pay for expensive gears and PC and have optimal conditions for their hobbies, the rest of us left behind as usual in the PC business.

    • Laurent Cortier

      Welcome to the world, man… It’s always been like that, you only realize that now ?

      Moreover, you’re a graphist, don’t tell us you can’t afford such a wheel… It’s only a matter of choice, what you do with your money.

      • Philip Samuelson

        I will say on the PC part of it… I’ve got a fricken powerhouse and all I did was build it over a period of time. I’ve got 3 water cooling loops, started with one itty bitty tiny one and just piece by piece built it up. I started with the same case 5 years ago with an old ASUS Crosshair II Formula, sold my first two internals and spent about an extra $80 on an upgrade, and I’ve had the same VRaptors for 3 years. Build a PC bit by bit, have a plan laid out, and it’s really not bad.

        As for a wheel… I have to agree with Laurent. Spend what you want if you want to spend it. I have friends that think I’m nuts because they are all selling their trucks and I just bought a new one. Why wouldn’t I? I got one chance at life, might as well have some fun doing it. If you want to keep up with the PC world… Just gotta want it :). Just my two cents gentlemen.

    • Anonymous

      Plenty of affordable wheels. Of course they’re not going to be as fancy because they need to be built at a lower cost.
      If you buy 2nd-hand, you can get something even better… got a G27 and I’m pretty damn poor (student).

      • numrollen2000

        Fanatec produces in china, how much cheaper could it get?

  • Jared Jewell

    G27, T500, ECCI 7000

    Those are the only wheels I would ever recommend to someone.

  • jswarthoff

    stil waiting for an affordable belt-driven wheel…

  • Anonymous

    Looks pretty nice, but I would give it six months to a year to see how their quality control is doing.  Fanatec has quite an appalling reliability record.  I’m hoping they manage to turn that around, though, because their stuff is pretty good when it works.

    • Philip Samuelson

      Thanks for your comment, it’s helped me out greatly. I was wondering how their quality control was, and I wasn’t able to find enough to keep me away. I think your comment may have just done that :).

      • Anonymous

        If you have an iRacing account, search for Fanatec in the hardware section.  Also, *far* too large a proportion of people I know personally have had problems with their stuff for it to be a fluke, and my own Clubsport pedals after six months of light use are already flaking out.

        That said, their customer support used to be awful, but from what I’ve heard they’re doing very well with that these days, and if you have a problem with their stuff, they will make it right  (though you have to jump through a lot more hoops than with, say, Logitech, like making a video of the problem to prove you have one).

        However, given that was the biggest complaint about them before (crappy support), and they seem to be addressing it, I think it’s reasonable odds their engineering and quality control will improve. There’s no reason to believe this isn’t a good, solid wheel.  I just think it’s wise to assume it isn’t until proven otherwise.  Given that they do ultimately replace broken hardware, it surely isn’t in their interest to build hardware that invariably breaks.

        But, as I said, when it works, it’s pretty good, so it’s worth keeping an eye on.

  • Gulyás Tamás

    Expensive, expensive, expensive …

  • Anonymous

    Guess I have to speak up for Fanatec here…. I’ve owned the very first Turbo S wheel; was pre-ordered with a Renn Sport Cockpit and the brand new (at the time Club Pedals) I can’t even remember how long that’s been but I think 3 years or so at least. 

    Fanatec Turbo S wheel has been and continues to be Excellent.  I use it  for Xbox 360/PS3/PC has updated fine… and works perfect.  The only issue I had was the so called key board mount which was not good… and Fanatec refunded me full cost and shipping for it.

    My Club Sport pedals are fantastic and have never had any issues… still work great! 
    So Fanatec’s product reliability is very good… Customer support has improved but was the main issue early on.  I’m considering a CSR Elite wheel as an upgrade and will not blink and eye worrying about Fanatec’s Quality or support. 

    I think Thomas has done a First Rate Job…. getting this product/company off the ground addressing needs Sim Racers need for games like iRacing, Forza, rFactor, GTR (series) etc… !  So lets remember this is a small company in Germany… we all want our issues to be handle d first, me included… but sometime it takes time to resolve an issue.

    I recommend Fanatec for Xbox/PS3/PC game allows for a lot of personal adjustments.