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Fanatec ClubSport Wheel – New Wheel Rim Details

Fanatec ClubSport Wheel – New Wheel Rim Details

Among the plenty of features Fanatec’s upcoming ClubSport Wheel base, the ability to use different wheel rims thanks to the quick release mechanism may be the most ground-breaking one.

Along with the base, Fanatec has unveiled the F1-style rim and announced that several other rims are already in the works. Thomas Jackermeier has now shed some light on these upcoming wheels by revealing some additional info.

Among the planned rims is a GT-style rim that is a fully-licensed 100% replica of a real GT car rim. Given that Fanatec has maintained a very close relationship with Porsche, we might end up with something that looks very much like this:

Aside from the GT wheel, the company is also working on rally/drifting & NASCAR rims, the stock car rim will come in authentic size exceeding 350mm.

And if youΒ΄re still not impressed, the company is even planning to release a more-realistic Formula One style rim sometime next year, the rim is planned to offer all features that a real 2012 F1 rim will have.

Fanatec expects these rims to cost between 150-300€, the next rim is expected to be announced in September. For a full feature list of the ClubSport Wheel base, click here

  • Steve Farrell

    If I could afford the csr elite wheel I would definately have a wheel that looks like that. Is it possible to buy laminate or something similar that looks like carbon fibre. I want to buy the standard csr wheel and make it look similar to the csr elite.

  • gtrNL

    This is how I will look if they release a Porsche OMP wheel.

  • Ernie

    If the rim will look like that OMP on the picture, i must save my money to buy one. 😎

  • Scott Holdsworth

    I requested this wheel on Thomas’s blog a while ago!! Even used the same picture πŸ˜‰
    Fanatec do listen to their customers. Defo be ordering one!

  • DeDios


  • John G. Hill

    I’ve seen it, and it does look like this.

  • Jos

    this a post i made here a while ago:

    “it would be nice to have a range of steering wheel looks to choose from, touring car, open wheel, maybe even a vintage version, would love to have a vintage F1 wheel…”

    its becoming true! πŸ™‚

  • gpfan

    Man i´very exited with this!!!! The CSW will be definitely my upgrade, now i hope this super incredible wheel stands in the top of reliability……  

  • Ed Luna aka eddiespag

    Thomas,  a hopeful bit of idea/advice…  how about creating even more custom variety at no cost here?  If I may suggest this: For example, your F1 wheel is gorgeous and extremely solidly built but everything is black in color.  ie. the base and the steering wheel.  You could offer a variety of alacantara colors for the grip of the wheel.  For example, red, yellow, blue, orange etc.  This would definitely add some ‘pop’ as well.  Later if possible, they could even be offered in smooth leather (usually a longer lasting option in my opinion).  Maybe they could be offered as replacement options by themselves as well. 

  • DeDios

    Well, we need a 458GT replica wheel for Ferrari Lovers too πŸ™‚

  • Steve Farrell

    I agree. I would love a 458 wheel. I mean the exact rimdimensions and buttons.

  • DeDios
  • Steve Farrell
  • DeDios

    Well we’re talking about GT cars opposite of RSR wheel there’s the 458 GT one! Anyway a roadcar version would be great too. (but there’s the Thrustmaster one already available).

  • Steve Farrell

    That Thrustmaster wheel is pure rubbish. Its no where near as good as my G25. If it was even close to as good as my G25 I would buy one.

  • Erick Nagy

    The “alcantara” they used on the GT3RS is a must for the F1 and GT wheels… If feels g8!
    A handfull of colored button caps we could replace ourselft would be nice, too.
    Carbon fiber look is another option that would caught peoples attention and make is look even more pro!

  • DeDios

    yes i agree with you.

  • Silly(c)One

    They could propose the same colours they have for the original CSPs…
    And after they proposed a few different wheels (but no brands like Ferrari or Porsche, that’s utterly useless and not cost effective), maybe they could propose the Quick Release base for bolt-on rims like Momo, OMP, Sparco… like Frex, again πŸ˜‰

  • Silly(c)One

    One thing is sure for me though : please use Alcantara in every rim. I love my GT2, the Alcantara gives a very solid and at the same time delicate feeling to the rim. I’d never go back to leather (my PWTS is collecting dust…)

  • UroΕ‘ Gazvoda

    Did you guys see this? It probably isn’t Porsche GT3 RSR wheel 😎

  • Steve Farrell

    Thats probably the CSR wheel. The CSR wheel is flat on the bottom.

  • ToFast

    For the price I think is worthwhile is very handsome

  • sonac

    Actually no, because the CSR base has a green Xbox 360 button on the base. This must be the Clubsport wheel base, because that button is illuminated in red.

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