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Fanatec ClubSport Pedals V2 Announced

Fanatec has unveiled a new version of their popular ClubSport pedal set.

Back in 2009, Fanatec introduced the ClubSport pedals, a durable aluminum pedal set equipped with sophisticated features such as a load-cell brake and brake pedal vibration.

Since then, Fanatec has expanded their line of pedal sets as the ClubSports have received smaller brothers with the CSR & CSR elite pedal sets. With them successfully introduced, it was time to overhaul the long-running ClubSports to a new version.

The proven base design of the pedals remains unchanged, coming in a new black and brushed aluminum look. More important are the technical changes as the V2 ClubSports comes with a new hydraulic brake.

To accomplish this, the load-cell brake has been equipped with an oil dampener for an even more realistic feeling. Users can adjust the brake pedal by changing the silicone oil and the viscosity alongside the spring tension. The brake pedal has also been made stiffer and comes with less travel for improved feeling.

The clutch has also been overhauled as it now comes with a degressive clutch mechanism developed by Teki Ei-Ichi. The new ClubSports will be shipping together with the new ClubSport wheel, Fanatec has set the price to 249,95 Euros/Dollars, upgrade kits for old ClubSport pedal sets won’t be available.

  • Anonymous

    I have a real love/hate relationship with my clubsport pedals.  I love them when they’re working, but I curse Fanatec every time something goes wrong, which is way too often (but not quite often enough to make me give up on them).

    I like that they’re trying new things.  I do wonder about the less travel on the brake pedal thing though, because out of the box the V1’s have pretty much no travel (maybe a few mm), and I modified mine to get *more* travel because I like a little feedback.  Perhaps the description is backward?  It wouldn’t make much sense to put that damper on it with so little travel.

    Anyways, as long as they prove to be reliable (which is a pretty big if), I suspect they’ll be good.  They fit a good price range for people who want more than standard pedals but don’t want to go so far as to spend $500-$1000 on something like CSTpedals.

    • Radek Żukowski

      There is something wrong with your pedals. In my CSPs the brake has about 60 mm travel. 

      • Tom Coombs

        I actually reduced the throw on my CSP’s brake by moving the bar up one on the pedal arm.

        Also, I decreased the throw on the throttle and clutch pedals by a few degrees by unscrewing some of the spring-guide arms a little and tightening the bolts. Very handy as I have my pedals inverted. 🙂

  • Steve Ford

    I’ve had my clubsports for a couple of years and never had a problem.  Great pedals for the price.  

    • Jason Cooper

       me 2

      • Anonymous

         me 3 😛

      • Wojtek Swir

        Same here, no probs at all 😉

      • Anonymous

        Same here, got them right after they came out, and never had a problem with them.

      • Anonymous

        Same here. Well…  sometimes I have to re-adjust things or reset them but 99% of the time, they are spot on.   Love the clubsport pedals, they’re wicked.

  • Clive Lomax

    Yes! this is the announcement I’ve been waiting for! My Logitech G25 is at least 5 years old and I’ve been wanting to upgrade for a few years now…..The reason I haven’t is that I’ve been waiting for something decent to upgrade to, I was originally going to keep the G25 and buy some CST’s but the longer I wait while saving my money the more I think, 800 Euro is a hell of a lot of money to blow on pedals…
    With so many stories of peoples problems with Clubsports on the web, I couldn’t take the risk on those either.. Hopefully with the V2 Clubsports they will be more reliable…
    So it might be a clubsport wheel and pedals for me! 🙂

    • Anonymous

      do not bother upgrading the wheel, just do the pedals.
      Trust me on this. i bought myself the gt3 clubsport wheel v2 along with the clubsport pedals. I sent the wheel has a big, thick rim, but more importantly, the ffb is much more subtle than the g25, not as sharp, and you don’t get that instant feeling of the wheel pulling. trust me it is not worth the money in the slightest.the pedals however, are – they are amazing, and a perfect companion to a g25/g27. 

      • Tomaž Meglic

        Actually there is easy way to reduce the pedal travel. I will try to explain with my english:  

        Dissmantle the throttle pedal and put some apropriate spacer 3-5mm long inside the cillinder. After reassembly you will end up with 3-5mm shorter travel and same sensitivity..

      • Anonymous

        will try that, thanks.

  • Ricoo

    Bullshite. In a race car the gas pedal MUST be lower than break pedal to allow heel–toe.

    • Thomas Jackermeier

       Bullright. If you want to make heel&toe you just have to take out the spacer under the gas pedal.

    • Anonymous

      How can you state that when it’s all about driver’s preference?

  • Marcel Penzkofer

    When I read these statements below about how well their pedals worked since many years…

    Sadly not for me, they already came out of the box with a broken sensor but Fanatec gladly sent me new ones (I not even had to sent in my pedals they just wanted my old address confirmed and sent them to me for free). Ever since then they work fine.

    Got to sell both GT2-Wheel aswell as Clubsport-Pedals though (only used both a couple of times because I am still unhappy about how the wheel “feels” to me in terms of forcefeeback. Want the upcoming Clubsport-Wheel and keep my Logitech Pedals or go for the new Clubsports as I always hated the brake on the old model. This might now hopefully change so there is a serious reason to buy the new ones for me.

    Only thing I hate about the new wheel is it won’t have x360 compatibility… I would have loved to drive Forza with a wheel just for the fun, because not every day I am fit enough for simracing after a hard working day.

  •árd-Hompoth/100002333117428 Szilárd Hompoth

    I look forward to the first reviews about them. I really wonder if this hydraulic thing can be/feel more realistic than the “standard” load-cell mechanism.
    Will there be any inversion kit available for this? I’d much appreciate some in-box inversion kit but knowing Fanatec it has no chance 😀
    At summer I’d like to invest in some new piece of brake and wheel instead of my old DFGT, I wonder if this new CS Pedals can be a better choice for a price of 250 euros than a CSP Elite set with an inversion kit for “only” 200 euros.. What do you think?sorry for any grammar mistakes I am only learning English

  • Paul Mullins

    “Upgrade kits for old ClubSport pedal sets won’t be available” – THAT has to be the biggest mistake Fanatec could have made. 

    It seems to me they have an on-going ‘business model’ that is designed to limit improvement of their product (think firmware problems). 

    How long do you think it’ll be before someone under cuts them and starts selling an exact copy of the clutch/brake upgrade for V1.0 users cause I ain’t about to retire my 4 month old V1.0 pedal and pony up another $350 (the cost in Australia) for what essentially is the same unit with some upgrades.

    Nope, once again..  German Engineering brilliance is over shadowed by German arrogance in their marketing, customer support and business strageries.

    PS.  All the Australian and Japanese sim racers are STILL waiting for local distribution of your product – 6 months after it was announced.  The old ‘it’s coming’ line is getting pretty old Thomas..!!

    • Thomas Jackermeier

       Used V1s will probably not be sold less than 150 on eBay. In the past they sold for much higher prices. So if we would offer a kit for let’s say 80 (it is not only the additional parts as you need to replace several original parts as well) you would save 20. So if you spend 20 bucks more you get brand new pedals in a new colour because the upgrade kit would not replace the silver parts of course. I simply don’t see the demand for this upgrade kit at the moment. In case the market for used V1s really collapses and it makes sense to offer such a kit we could do it of course.

  • Theroro29

    I like Euro/dollar conversion > 249,95 Euros/Dollars

    Why Fanatec takes us for idiots??

    • Bobby Keith

      How do you figure that?  the 249.95 Euros INCLUDES  your tax (VAT) and shipping.   $249.95 (US) is just for the pedals.  Tax nor shipping are included.  Depending on someones location in the US and the sales tax rate there, we Americans will probably pay more than Europeans for the pedal set shipped to our door.

  • Bobby Keith

    I hope to see some bundles of the CSR-E and CSW with these CSP V2’s at some point.

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