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F1 Game Development Blog – Not Approved!

F1 Game Development Blog – Not Approved!

Codemasters is very busy working on their much anticipated first official Formula One game for various platforms. With F1 being a major series, many people are very interested to get updates on the project.

To keep people posted, Codemasters planned to have a regular game development blog, updating us on their progress. The team has met countless of drivers, engineers and other interesting people, good for countless of interesting stories. These will remain untold though as the FOM has denied approval of the blog as the following message has been posted in the Codemasters forums:

I’m really sorry guys, but unfortunately our first blog has not been approved and we will be unable to release it. This situation may change in the New Year, but for the time being our blog will not be happening.

Looks like a major series license has more disadvantages than just the hefty price tag, preventing the developers to update the community about their progress.

  • JacobSharp

    I really hope that they can do this one good… 🙄

  • UncleChuckle

    They won’t. They’ll release the usual arcade crap with horrendous copy protection like they always do.

    So it’s great. Sony got the license for five years or so, and never released in the US market on the Playstation. And now Codemasters, who wouldn’t know a decent sim if it bit them on the ass have the license.

    Thanks, Bernie. How’s the wife BTW?

    (And the first person to say about some random mod in RF will be laughed out of the room.)

  • F1Racer

    Megane Trophy Cup

  • tarnakman

    i agree with UncleChuckle. Codemaster even said before that their new license would please the sim enthusiasts as well as the arcade racer type.. wow 🙂
    sounds like toca with F1s in it.
    btw.. codemaster never made something close to a sim.. beside their slogan. So don’t get too optimistic about this one.. this won’t be Grand Prix 5.

    Oh and bernie said life is great in abudabi.. far from Canada and France gp.. tons of cash and crappy/glamour seasons ahead.

  • hypertek

    we should cheer them on.. Give them motivation to produce a realistic sim yet still have some entertainment for typical console gamers.

    If they made it arcadeish, i wouldnt mind if they include a fantasy “Best of F1” race series where f1 cars of different years could race against each other *sort of like All Madden team in the Madden football games.*

  • Gaiajohan


    have you played the original TOCA2 from BTCC1998? That was a good game. And I think quite close to a sim (for that time)

  • UncleChuckle

    hypertek: That’s an awesome idea! One thing I’ve never understood with RF is why people do seasons, rather than doing an historic F1 series.

    Gaia: ONE game ten years ago actually being decent… Is that supposed to fill us with confidence? :sd:

    Last decent F1 game was F1C and that was five years ago I think now. Codemasters have the license for how long?

    It’s going to be a decade at the very least between decent F1 games on the PC. Given it’s the supposed pinnacle of motorsport, that’s pretty bloody sad.

  • tarnakman

    Gaiajohan: yes i played it, personally i think it was the best game that codemaster made in the racing department. for 1998 it was a very very good game.. but i played it only a few years later and the physic was not very convincing already.. but you can tell that for it’s time it was very good. (the braking in that game was not very realistic tough)
    it all depends of the level of a sim we are talking about i guess.. for some people F1 EA games were simulation.. to me it was a joke.. exept for f1challenge.. which is not even a real sim compared to gp4 (my opinion here dont bash!:))

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