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F1 2016 – First Hands-On Previews

First hands-on videos of Codemasters’ upcoming F1 2016 title are popping up on Youtube, allowing us to take a closer look at the title’s new features.

First hands-on videos of Codemasters’ upcoming F1 2016 title are popping up on Youtube, allowing us to take a closer look at the title’s new features.

Non-surprisingly, most of these hands-on videos focus on the title’s revamped and extended career mode, one of the major changes that have been introduced to the franchise with this year’s edition.

Aside from bringing all cars and drivers of the current Formula One season to consoles and the PC as usual, the new title will put a big emphasis on career mode as the title’s main single player feature has been vastly extended.

Career mode now now spans across up to ten seasons, introducing a new car upgrade system that is tied in with the title’s testing simulation component. Players can earn points to upgrade their cars by completing F1-style track testing sessions, simulating the development aspect of Formula One.

F1 2016 will also introduce full simulation of the Formula One safety car and virtual safety car rules, a first in the series, 22-car online races, manual control in the pitlane and more.

F1 2016 will be coming to the PC, Playstation 4 & Xbox One on August 19. F1 2016 can now be pre-ordered here.

  • LogiForce

    So if I had to conclude. Since their game engine is ancient at at its limits, they instead focus upon the gameplay aspects. Cause honestly… the core experience (the actual driving) is still unchanged and looks really dated.

    I recommend skipping this one, especially if you already skipped a few releases in recent years due to lack of improvement. Unless the career aspect really appeals to you, but honestly… a race game is and always will be a driving experience at its core. So keep that unchanged part in mind.

    I wonder when Codemasters finally start to create a new game engine, cause it really is long past due in my opinion.

    • motorsportslegacy

      you wouldn’t say the same about the engine for the other regular games we have available just because it’s not codemasters

      • LogiForce

        Oh yes I would. Which game do you want my opinion on?

      • motorsportslegacy


  • VirtuaIceMan

    F1 2015 was a new version of their EGO engine, even newer than the One in DiRT Rally I read.

    • jason Subic

      You are correct , dirt rally does uses the older version of the EGO engine .
      I’m really excited about F1 this year , it has been a couple of years since I have purchased a copy ……soooo this year with the changes , I’m in

  • Michel Forest

    My main problem with Codemasters F1 games has always been the steering wheel input on the PC version. It always feel like the game is designed for people who play with a console controller instead of a steering wheel. I do hope this has changed in the 2016 game, because career mode looks very promising.

    • RossBerg15

      Couldn’t agree more, I have bought most of the previous games (skipping 14) and enjoyed them quit a bit. I decided to try the 2015 edition as it was on sale. I’ve a Fanatec wheel and I can honestly say it has the worst feel out of any racing sim I’ve tried. I will definitely wait for wheel reports before committing to this year’s title.

  • jason Subic

    After watching the last video I’m a little worried about the AI 🙁

  • BarryDennen12

    They might’ve had me if they’d included VR. SKIP

    • MC

      What? :/

      • BarryDennen12

        I just mean that I’m not keen to buy any more F1 games until there’s some significant addition to the previous one. I’d take classic content, or VR (which works great in Dirt). Just about the only thing I want to try in F1 2016 is the Baku circuit, which seems a lot more fun than the real race was to watch.

      • MC

        F12013 had classic content, tbh it was the highlight of the game.

        I dunno about 2016, career might be interesting, I agree Baku was a boring race.

        I’ll probably get this when it’s cheap and/or they’ve fixed all the bugs (if 2015’s anything to go by).

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