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F1 2015 – First Previews Leaked

First leaked preview shots of Codemasters’ F1 2015 title have surfaced on Facebook.

First leaked preview shots of Codemasters’ F1 2015 title have surfaced on Facebook.

The previews seem to have been photographed off some sort of presentational news latter, not only showing several screenshots of what looks like the brand new Mexico City Grand Prix track but also revealing some of Codemasters’ strategy behind the new title.

Apparently, F1 2015 will be released this summer, featuring a mix of 2014-season cars and 2015 cars as the complete field is planned to be added during the season via updates.

The 2014 edition of the official Formula One Game franchise was not as well received as previous titles as many gamers missed new features & graphical innovation, changes that have been pushed to the 2015 installment of the franchise.

2015 will be an addition of changes for the official Formula One game not just in terms of the end product but also when it comes to the development process as former lead designer Stephen Hood, responsible for all Codemasters F1 titles left the studio after the release of the 2014 version.

  • IceT

    This looks pretty impressive, now I hope we can get full steering range in-game and not lock at 90°

  • FataL



      I think the mission is to sell as many copies as possible. Trying to make an F1 sim has never been on codies agenda

  • Chris Wright

    Visuals have never been the issue with this franchise. The problem seems to be that eye candy is the top priority of the dev team. It’s hard to imagine this new gen version eliminating the traditional moans and groans about the driving model in our community. In truth the previous games have improved a lot, although I must admit I skipped F1 2014 as it was clearly a respray of the ’13 edition.

    The only strategy with this title is to wait and see how it turns out. Confidence isn’t high, but at least that way you can’t be too disappointed can you!

    • David Hughes

      Good advice. Don’t pre order or buy it until you have seen trusted reviews. EVEN if they offer you free go faster stripes with a pre order.

  • pez2k

    The second shot there (Hamilton at Monaco) has some slightly worrying text above it if it’s real, mentioning a shift of their focus to the 2016 game already. I hope they’re not planning on just sending F1 2015 out to die, just to mop up the PS4/XB1 sales they missed with the ’14 game.

    • Charlie Gould

      It says “some of our focus” so hopefully they’ve still got 75% of the team working on it and that will slowly taper out towards release to a minimum of 20% since, with this being on a new engine, patches may be required post release.

      Remember the game has been in development since I would say the end of 2013 (if the lack of changes in F1 2014, from F1 2013 was anything to go by), and if the summer release window is to be believed, that would mean its coming to the end of its development cycle anyway.

  • Xteria

    2014 cars + 2015 hybrids (2014 car bodies with 2015 nose and livery) to then be replaced after game is released by digital download of the 2015 cars. lol.

    • Betta Lines

      Considering the plan was to get the game out much earlier this season, this was probably the only way to achieve it. The teams only recently revealed their 2015 cars, and I doubt Codemasters are given much of a head-start, for fear of leaks exactly like this one. I’d not be surprised if Codemasters first saw the cars the same time we did.

  • Ppost

    I really hope some other studio takes over from Codemasters

    • Charlie Gould

      I think everyone on this site does! Unfortunately we don’t represent the majority of the market for the F1 games, so even if somebody else got it, I think we’d end up just as unhappy.

      And who knows, maybe Steve Hood’s replacement as creative director (or whatever title he had) will push the team in a more simulation oriented direction for F1 2016 (since the 2015 title was started under Hood’s reign so to speak). Either way I don’t think they can go any more arcade than they are already.

    • KamyKazeRacing

      What studio??

      Because lets be honest the licence costs are to huge for such a niche market.

    • GamingCanuck

      I don’t. I think we have more than enough sims and Codemasters is doing pretty good with the F1 series.

  • Xteria

    1 more

  • f2004

    As look as me concerns it looks great, and i think it will be. But let’s see if other aspects improve as well, such as damage model and as everybody expect physics.

    • Xteria

      I’d put a wager on it being “GRID Autosport” with f1 cars.

      • f2004

        yes, I actually think the same. What i’m never going to understand is why don’t they put an arcade mode and an sim mode, and boila.

      • Charlie Gould

        Don’t say that! You might give the devs some bad ideas…..

  • Glen Orpheus

    if only they would spend even half the time on descent wheel support as they do with the graphics

    • Sim Antics

      Agree it’s been totally hit or miss from title to title.

      • Charlie Gould

        mostly miss

    • Patrik Marek

      graphics sells, especially no not hardcore simmers, unlike wheel support

  • delpinsky

    I said enough with F1 franchise by Failmasters after F1 2011. I’m not gonna give them my money until they bring to life a F1 title where handling and physics will be at least sim-cade. Plus full support of wheels and decent FFB. We all know Codies will never give us a simulation, but at least they should give us something that not only we can enjoy as F1 fans but also something we can enjoy because finally we have a F1 game which is close to what a simracer would expect. I always ask myself:”why dumbing down proper physics/handling, when you have driving aids good enough to help casual gamers mastering a car?”

    • Associat0r

      At some point you have to be content with the fact that this franchise is not aimed at us simracers. We got a lucky exception in the early 2000’s when EA had the license and ISI was assingned for the PC versions of the F1 sims

      The mainstream thinks that the Codemasters games are realistic and fun and they also sell well and that’s all what matters.

      We already have our hardcore sims with properly simulated F1 cars.

      • Christopher Trees

        But explain to me this. If Geoff crammond could make a great f1 game that was drivable with a keyboard with steer assist and felt realistic with a wheel with steer assist off then why does codemasters continue to make an f1 game with crap twitchy physics in this day and age… No excuse

      • Associat0r

        The Geoff Crammond sims had great AI, but their driving physics paled in comparison to the ISI/EA F1 sims, which were drivable with keyboard too as are rFactor1 and rFactor2.
        See here:

    • Andrew

      I played F1 2014 and I didn’t even mind the handling as a simcade title. However the poor AI made it not worth playing for me (the AI cars were too timid to pass, so you would frequently end up with a train of 10 faster cars stuck behind you if they pitted first).

    • Silvio

      that said

  • GamingCanuck

    I’m looking forward to it. I bought every F1 game they released up until F1 2014, it didn’t seem that different from F1 2013 and in my opinion was not worth $50 for what was essentially DLC.

  • Metal Machine

    Milking cash cow in action…

  • Yabba

    Wow, they’ve done some creative things taking last years “4” and making it into a “5”

    These are some of the best “5”s that PC racing games have seen.

    I think they have to up their game on PC TBH. Now that GSCE, Assetto Corsa, iracing and project cars are on steam, they can’t really still be kidding themselves that people don’t want decent handling. Can they?

    It’s a toss up between simbin and codemasters as to which company has managed to make the biggest pigs ear from their initial good reputation over the last decade or so.

    • Patrik Marek

      consoles are great, they give you enough performance for little money and almost hassle free playing experience , no drivers instalations, no operating system problems, you can turn off in the middle of the game .etc

      yes, they can’t ever be as powerful as top spec PC, but that is NOT THE POINT of consoles

      • Yabba

        Nonsense, every modern console has driver updates.

        What did you think was happening when you switch it on and it updated?

        A few consoles get bricked by these updates too.

        As for enough performance this is self evidently false – all the developers and press whitter on about “aiming for 1080p and 60fps” and most of the games don’t achieve it.

        Consoles aren’t even as powerful as a mid range gaming PC. Nor are they cheaper in the long term. They sell the hardware at a loss so they can price gouge you later on the accessories, games, and for online features.

      • Patrik Marek

        no driver updates in the same sense as Widnows does it,
        if you can show me PC that has same performance for same $300 I’d be curious to see it

        “nor they are cheaper in long run” how so ?
        how are the games more expensive then PC ? new games cost the same, pretty much.

        it’s ok if you don’t like consoles, but they are cheaper and easier to use, no matter what you think.
        If parents that have not much idea about PC buy a console to their kids, kids will be fine,
        if they buy ready to go PC, they will be fine for some time to, until something happens with windows, at which point they will have to take it to someone and pay a lot of $$$ for fixing it

        that’s exactly why there is so many consoles, for people that don’t want to deal with PC stuff every half year

      • Chillisteak

        Patrik I think your debating an issue with the “PC MASTER RACE” crowd he’ll never listen to reason lol.

        I’m with you on the consoles have their place I love my PC but for pick up and play gaming you can’t beat the consoles. Which is why I’ll always own one or two maybe even three.

      • Patrik Marek

        yeah, just another of those ” I never owned a console, but here are my 20 reasons why it’s so much worse then PC ” đŸ™‚

      • Yabba

        If you own a PC Marek that you paid more for and you think it’s worse than a console then you must be pretty stupid.

        And what exactly does “no driver updates in the way that windows does” – the consoles have updates – updates that can (and sometimes do) break. These updates update the software, including drivers. What exactly do you think is different?

        Years ago consoles didn’t have updates, you’re about a decade or more out of date.

        Similarly, PC reliability and hassle in the days of DOS, windows 3.1/95 might have made an argument that, for someone like yourself that isn’t very savvy, a console would be easier. But that’s not been the case for, again, at least a decade.

        Perhaps you should catch up a little bit – and find a better place to buy PCs from because if you only bought a mid-range gaming PC for $3500 you were ripped off. I guess the shop owner saw someone who didn’t know what he was buying and took advantage.

        You want to see a PC that will be cheaper and quicker than the console? Just total up the true cost. Remember the price of the initial console is sold at a loss to catch parents out. When you add up all the other costs, the PC is not much more expensive – and has significantly better performance (as well as a myriad other useful things it can do)

        But, in a few years, when the console you bought still has the same crappy hardware it does today (hardware which cannot even run games at [email protected]) PC hardware will have moved on and moved on and moved on.

        At that point the market will be full of PCs hardware that is both cheaper and faster than the console hardware.

        The PC Master race is reason. There is no logical or sane reason to buy a console if you’re over 7 years of age.

      • Patrik Marek

        Before calling someone stupid, learn to read

        I never said consoles are better , I said they don’t suck, and you can’t buy PC with similar power for same money
        Windows alone cost $200

      • Bruno TenĂ³rio

        is there someone paying for windows ????

      • Patrik Marek
      • Bruno TenĂ³rio

        here in brazil, 98% of population don’t buy it. We pay a lot of taxes for imported stuff, so we save money when possible

      • Patrik Marek

        that’s your choice of course, but it’s bit short sighted to think that how things are done in your country, they are done everywhere else

      • Patrik Marek

        futhermore, don’t know what you expect to be mid range PC, I hope that it’s not something like my rig that cost me $3500 a year and half ago,
        but when I look at something like GTA5 on PS4, that’s something that you need a decent PC to run, not something that you buy for $500-600

        I wonder how many consoles you have experienced, so that you can compare
        I owned PS2,PS3,XB360,XB1,PS4 , and also own decent PC,
        so I would think I can talk about “user experience”

  • Patrik Marek

    loved the first one, bought the second and third, but haven’t bother with 2014 and won’t most likely bother with 2015,

    they need to update handling a bit,

    I really like the overall package though, the “racing” aspect and the “being driver” is probably the best ever, you really feel like actual driver (even small things spoil it, like having the original driver name on the suit, and not yours)

    but really like it, the cinematics, etc. , but yeah their next step should be trying to improve the driving experience, and make AI not cheating with pit stops

  • e_r_n_i_e

    Viewed realistically, SimRacers are not CM’s target group for this racing game. Graphics, detailed tracks and immersion are the strong points, not ultra-realistic physics. Just deal with it and have fun or ignore this title.

    Nevertheless, a few of us who blaim CM for making, in their opinion, a crappy racing title, are sometimes the first to download an illegally converted CM track and praise the “modder” for an awesome track. This is disrespectful to CM and quite bothers me.

  • sickbroski

    Where can you get the preview version?

  • Franklin Silva

    I thought F1 2014 new gen version should be released before 2015

  • Nikilauta

    I am expecting a lot from Career mod. Last 4 years it has been almost the same.

  • Ron Capece

    Wasn’t F1 2002 the best F1 game? Anything comparable to that?

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