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F1 2013 vs. Project CARS – Suzuka Comparison

AdrianF1ESP has put together a very interesting comparison using Codemasters’ recently-released F1 2013 title.

AdrianF1ESP has put together a very interesting comparison using Codemasters’ recently-released F1 2013 title.

The video shows the Lotus 98T that is part of the title’s new classic content side by side with the same car & track in the in-development Project CARS title.

  • Chris Wright

    1-0 to F1 2013. Actually more like a slam dunk.

  • Pascal

    I still have a feeling in f1 2013, that something is controling my wheel. Like steering help, it’s weird.

    • Chris Wright

      Bear in mind that you are talking about the most aerodynamically perfect racing car. Part of the sensation of being steered through a corner is a result of years of work in the wind tunnel and Codemasters does work closely with the F1 teams and engineers – see their note here on the rationale behind this year’s tire modeling: –

      • Anonymous

        A formula one is far from a perfect aerodynamic car.
        It’s has about the same drag as a truck to have such enormous downforce.
        Horsepower makes up for it.

      • Chris Wright

        I guess it depends how you interpret perfect aerodynamics. I mean perfect aerodynamics for the purpose of the vehicle, but fair enough, I appreciate that is different from absolute perfection.

  • Ádám Fazekas

    F1 looks better, but CARS has a more realistic look. For me F1 is too glossy, and the track and the car is more real to me in CARS. It makes me feel I am on a track.

  • Peter Koch

    Suzuka vs Sakitto, so it’s 1:0 for F1 2013.

  • John Anderson

    Chris Wright, your comments are pathetic.

    • Guest

      Don’t worry, you won’t have to read anything more from me. I’m done with this site. Racedepartment here I come. Can’t stand the rudeness and stupidity on here any longer.

      • Anonymous

        kinda glad of this, lately you got on this weird high horse where if anyone thought what you were saying was silly (and it was) and said so, you couldn’t take it and acted like a girl. Was getting tired of seeing it as I glazed comments – bye!

    • Realkman666

      He can’t have been serious.

  • Anonymous
  • Walter

    They should rename this site Virtua Sh*t Stirrers. How many more posts are gonna get hoyed up on here that cause flamewars and bickering amongst an already smallish sim racing community.

    • Realkman666

      What’s funny?

  • Silvio

    Surelly pCars has better looking, more details and the car “shakes” and moves more realistic. Enviroment is also better.

    • Victor

      You may be right but don’t call me Shirley

  • me

    Graphically I like F1 2013 a bit more. Just looks slightly more natural color and lighting wise. They did huge progress over their old weird brownish style. And what are those distant mountains behind every track in pcars?

  • GamerMuscle

    I just went though every car available to me in Pcars today they all have the same physics issues to a grater or lesser extent. Weird grip, strange slides and insane car behaviour when you get into opposite lock situations , very easy to drive if you don’t slide at all or just let it under steer how the game wants to.

    1) yes still a alpha and will likely get better
    2) yes its improved gradually over time
    3) yes we know they are working with real drivers and they have pointed out how to make it better.
    4) yes some cars are better than others
    5) yes some cars are more developed than others
    6) yes they are still working on fundamentals so it will likely change.
    7) FFB has especially improved over time

    But right now at this very point in time its still very much not a solid simulator as you would probably expect from a game still in development , though its weird that some have thrown chips in expecting this to be a top level sim when there is no evidence of that yet.

    Its certainly got to a point though where I’m sure it will sell well so have to give the developer credit there they have done very good on the business side and WMD has been a very good success as well.

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