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F1 2013 – Second Patch + Setup Video

Codemasters have released the second patch for their F1 2013 title.

Codemasters have released the second patch for their F1 2013 title.

The patch addresses various issues as listed below, the patch is available via Steam. A console patch including the applicable fixes is currently being tested and will be available later.

PC FPS Issues:

  • We’ve made further improvements to the PC FPS issue whereby higher specification PC’s had a considerable lap time advantage over lower ones. The difference now should be negligible and should allow fair competition between all players. Again we are aware this is a hot topic and will continue to monitor the forums for feedback once this fix is live.
  • At 30+ FPS the track will now rubber in.

Minor Fixes:

  • In Online Custom Races AI cars that have retired will now be removed from the track correctly.
  • Improved AI replication on high latency / low bandwidth connections in Online Custom Races.
  • Corrected Professional and Expert AI difficulty on Sakhir (Bahrain) & Monza.
  • Fixed an issue where on certain hardware all menus would be black.
  • Force feedback settings have been tweaked to remedy the mid corner ‘dropout’ that some players were reporting.

In further news, AdrianF1ESP has released a neat video with his setups for F1 2013, including setups for all tracks in both wet & dry conditions.

  • Ma Ed

    so they didnt fix the terrible force feedback ….. such a shame.

    • o0THX11380o

      Did you really expect them to?

      • Ma Ed

        i was hoping… Not expecting since this usually leads to deception.

  • GamerMuscle
  • Sennafan

    Please fix the nosecam enginesounds, Codemasters!

  • Anonymous

    So if one has low fps the track wont rubber in?

    • Anonymous

      No, it was the other way around. For some reason, if it was running above 30fps, the rubbering-in effect didn’t work. I believe the problem started with one of the patches to 2011 or 2012 and has been around ever since. I’m not sure whether it’s a good or bad thing that, apparently, almost as soon as they turned their attention to it, they fixed it.

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