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F1 2013 – PC vs. Console Graphics Comparison

MotoGamesTV has uploaded a very interesting graphics comparison video using Codemasters’ recently-released F1 2013 title.

MotoGamesTV has uploaded a very interesting graphics comparison video using Codemasters’ recently-released F1 2013 title.

Being a multi-platform title, F1 2013 is available both on the PC and gaming consoles, with the latter versions having to make certain sacrifices in terms of graphics.

How does the Playstation 3 version compare against the fully tricked-out PC release? You can judge for yourself below!

  • Anonymous

    Funny, while the PC-version has much more crisper textures, the overall lower resolution on the PS3-version gives it somewhat more of a ‘television feel’.

    • joe pineapples

      Unless you watch tv F1 races in HD of course ;). Not sure what they’re trying to show really with the down sampled ‘quality’ of a youtube clip. The pc game looks about 50x better than that on an actual monitor, maxed out

  • Ross Siggers

    Can’t tell if it’s just me or…is there more motion blur in the ps3 game? If there is, I like it that way. There’s enough for it to add a sense of speed, but not enough to be intrusive. On the PC it’s so minimal you can’t tell it’s there.

    • Garrett Miller

      It’s called 60 FPS

  • Anonymous

    Poor consolists, even from a video the PC version looks about 50times better and in reality the difference is much bigger.

    Long release cycle of console hardware brings overall graphic development down, if all gaming was done on PC we’d be years ahead because most games nowadays is done primarily for console with their obsolete power and then remade for PC…

    • ipitydafool

      Yeah well, at least game devs can make money on consoles.

      • Loose

        Yea well, because gamers on console will buy just about anything devs don’t need to make decent games anymore to make a buck. Thanks consoles, not like I want to play good, in-depth, bugg less, well thought out games or anything..

      • Realkman666

        It’s because most people pay for their games on console.

      • Loose

        And most people pay for their games on PC, there’s also pirating on X-box (not sure of the PS3) so that’s a pretty weak excuse

      • Realkman666

        PC piracy > console piracy

  • Anonymous

    Audio design -the black sheep of video gaming. Authentic sounds should get a bit more attention than graphics, especially in an F1 game .

  • Bruce

    Ironically, Ross is right, much better sense of speed on the PS3, just hope the frame rate can keep up with the action. Still believe that it would have been a better sim if it was designed for the PC + desperate need of more authentic sounds.

  • Ma Ed

    I am actually quite surprise at how good it looks on console. But never mind that on PC everything at Ultra setting and 32 csaa it looks much better than this Youtube video.

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