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F1 2013 – Fourth PC Patch Released

Codemasters have released the fourth PC version patch in their on-going effort of ironing the kinks out of their recently-released F1 2013 title.

Codemasters have released the fourth PC version patch in their on-going effort of ironing the kinks out of their recently-released F1 2013 title.

The patch addresses various issues as listed below, the patch is available via Steam. A console patch including the applicable fixes is currently being tested and will be available later.


Mid Session Save
Fixed a bug which prevented car setups from being loaded correctly when a mid session save is created while on track in any session.

Minor Fixes
Added a DRS Bleep sound to inform the player via audio that the DRS is available. This sound is quite subtle so that players who do not rely on this are not distracted, you may need to lower the engine volume and raise the effects volume to make this clearer during gameplay.

  • Anonymous

    Test Drivers wanted Code Masters are looking for help from the racing community, in creating a new racing game

    • LogiForce

      I wonder if you’ll really be involved or that you will simply be overruled by a project manager at Codemasters.

      Talking about a new project. I wonder how bad they will make Toca Race Driver 4 if it ever comes to light. Personally I feel the games got worse and worse with the years. Or maybe it is because I got more and more demanding on certain areas like FFB.

      • Anonymous

        Certainly the FFB is the weakest link. I think it has improved some over the years, but it’s still very canny–perhaps a step below the default FFB in rF1. I’ve come to believe that, while not great, the physics in the F1 2013 are actually okay, as though they tried their best to make them realistic with what they had available to them. In 2013, for instance and unlike previous versions, I can steer the rear end using the accelerator. Earlier versions had some differential simulation that probably had no bearing on the reality of physics and mechanics at all. It has improved significantly, but is a few generations behind current PC sims.

        What really makes me believe this all comes down to a lack of tools, understanding or effort more than any intentional arcade-ification is that it really isn’t much if any easier to drive than a proper sim. What makes it hard is that it just doesn’t really behave naturally in many respects. I believe that a true and proper real-time vehicle sim is actually a very difficult thing to pull off well, and the developers we take for granted (ISI, Kunos, iRacing, etc.) are, in fact, the best in the world at what they do.

        More than a bunch of simmers or real drivers giving vague impressions of what ‘feels right,’ they need to hire some genuine simulation and real-time systems experts.

      • joe pineapples
      • Anonymous

        I do not think a Code Masters Toca game will ever be done as a sequel to 3 as an include all flavors title. The way I see it they took pieces of TRD3 to have 3 titles to sequel yearly or bi-yearly and I guess it works well enough for them to continue.

  • Olivier Prenten

    Patch #4 in only few weeks since the release! At least they bother about their community!

    For information I’ve bought the game, tested it and new selling it! Very funny game but nothing is better than rF2 in terms of physics according me! Otherwise graphics are top notch!

    • Gerald Bracq

      As F1 2013 is not aimed towards the pure sim market you cannot compare rFactor 2 and F1 2013 🙂

      • Realkman666

        When you get everything spot on in a racing game except the driving, I think there’s a problem any way you look at it, “pure sim market” or not. 🙂

      • ipitydafool

        They have to sell the thing, the general public can’t drive an F1 car with a joypad… Be realistic.

      • Realkman666

        With driving aids, the general public can drive anything.

      • Ma Ed

        Nothing wrong in creating a pefect sim and add Assist for for general public with gamepad.

  • NickAtsi

    Hahaha when they release 20-30 patches they will stop and modders will finish the game.lame

  • Ross Siggers

    Ah codemasters F1, another one of those games that I quite like, but that it seems fasionable to hate on constantly.

    • Anonymous

      Congrats, you just discovered that not everything you like must be liked by everyone else. 😉

      • Ross Siggers

        The later part of the post was more the point I was trying to make, but yes well done very clever of you.

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