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F1 2012 – US Grand Prix On Board Lap

A new video of Codemasters F1 2012 title has surfaced on Youtube, showing a complete lap around the Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas.

A new video of Codemasters F1 2012 title has surfaced on Youtube, showing a complete lap around the Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas.

The lap around the future US Grand Prix venue is narrated by no other than F1 commentator James Allen as we get to watch Creative Director Stephen Hood do the driving duties.

F1 2012 will bring all cars and drivers of the current Formula One World Championship season to the PC, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. The title is due to be released on September 21, a demo version will be available around September 14.

  • Matt Orr

    A perfect example of elevation changes not instantly making a crap layout any less crap.

    • Craig Cookson

      The layout isn’t that bad. Valencia and Abu Dhabi are what I would consider to be crap layouts… at least this track seems to have some fun fast corners.
      Also I wouldn’t judge the track based on this video, driven by a Codemasters guy who can’t even drive his own game. I think it’ll be better when F1 goes there for real.

  • Alan Dallas

    I’m going to buy F1 2012 just for this track alone. I haven’t owned or driven any of the previous F1 titles from Codemasters so this’ll be my first.

  • Stuart Fields

    I wonder how much more convincing Codemasters and F1 in general think that the US audience needs to get them to go to the grand prix. This marketing is starting to get a bit repetitive. Couldn’t we have seen a lap of Spa given that’s this weekend.

    • Alan Dallas

      Are you kidding me? Do you know how hard it is to get a NASCAR fan to watch anything BUT NASCAR? Every chance ESPN gets they should be running a COTA F1 commercial. Even during a NASCAR event. 😀

      • Matt Orr

        The races are on at 630 AM. It’s sorta doomed anyways. Except when the races are on Fox, but they dumb it down so much I can’t stand to watch those races. Which is sad, because the Speed F1 crew is truly amazing when they are on Speed and not explaining every last thing every 2 seconds like DW in a NASCAR race.

        Yes, we understand. He’s aero loose.

    • Andrew Male

      Ticket sales have been excellent apparently.

  • kizza42

    I’m not sure I’ve seen him hit an apex in any video released so far, The steering must be really really doughy

  • Marcus Caton

    Jesus Christ
    A promotional video with lame ass driving and some dude talking along side James Allen. Next time leave the camera onboard and let Allen do his thing with no lame interruptions.

    • Anonymous

      agreeing so much in the crappy driver, not hitting any apex and when cutting one hairping, almost spin… and this for a promotional vid, lol

  • gt3rsr

    Damn, this looks awesome. Now imagine it with a proper physics…

  • Anonymous

    Who ever or the people that codes the EGO game engine is a bloody genouse its unbelievable the graphical quality they have gotten out of the xbox 360 ( even if this video is running on pc)

    However its a shame they don’t put even a pinch as much effort into the physics engine , granted if you make a console game and everyone is playing with joy pads then there is no real point.

    I think its just frustrating for those of us that enjoy F1 simulators and would like to have the nice graphics with nice physics.

  • Eric Zehnder

    The car behavior looks as smooth and awkward as ever. Looks like an F1 car that weighs 3000+ pounds.

  • Lemming77

    One serious problem with this video is you can hear car sounds in the background which aren’t sync’d with the video. So the video depicts heavy braking and going down the gears, while you hear instead approaching the limiter in top gear at full throttle. Makes it really weird to watch.

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