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F1 2012 – Two New Previews

Codemasters have released two new preview shots of their F1 2012 title for the PC and gaming consoles.

Codemasters have released two new preview shots of their F1 2012 title for the PC and gaming consoles.

The new previews show the Ferrari and Lotus at the Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas, the title’s only track that has been shown off in preview footage so far.

F1 2012 will bring all cars and drivers of the current Formula One World Championship season to the PC, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. The title is due to be released in September.

  • Geoff Killick

    After being stung by F1 2010 and 2011 there is no way RCademasters are getting another penny out of me. This game is for kids and long may they enjoy it.

    • Dylan H.

       Yes, because only children like arcade games.

  • General Rush Hour


    Codefailures will have to learn the hard way. 

  • Anonymous

    There is nothing impressive about CM racing titles, SMS has killed it for graphics, while Black beans WRC title seems to be looking better than the Dirt series, how can this be a work in progress, when it’s using the same engine as the previous F1 titles, should it be bug fix in progress.

  • Chris Wright

    I find the development of this whole franchise to be completely disheartening. Mirrors the EA Sports business model of annually drip-feeding the odd visual/physics/gameplay improvement here and there, with the latest rosters, car shapes etc. Unfortunately that’s a model that has worked spectacularly for EA and it’s so clear that’s what Codemasters is trying to achieve with this franchise. To be honest, who can blame them, even though it leaves the sim racer out in the cold.

    So how do we end this seemingly never-ending drought of decent F1 titles? What would be nice, though extremely wishful thinking, is if FOM would have two franchises, one for console gaming, one for serious PC simulation, priced accordingly. OK I know that’s never going to be happen, but at this rate I’m never going to buy another F1 “game” and, from the comments on this site, it seems I am not alone. Problem is, we are about 0.01% of the customer base.

    I did buy the first couple of versions, but bear in mind that we didn’t have the various beta programs that are now available to us all. Another $60 invested in this buggy, unrewarding title is simply not going to happen any longer.

    Problem is Codemasters won’t give a stuff for our purchasing habits and what we write on here.

    So, instead, let’s support iRacing, SMS, ISI, Kunos, The Sim Factory and Reiza Studios etc. – these guys know  what we’re aiming for. Codemasters are not in that league – period!

    • StarFoXySxv550

      So how do we end this seemingly never-ending drought of decent F1 titles?

      History says “You just have to wait your turn” and maybe prey some one like ISI/Crammond gets the backing from someone like EA/Micropose gave back in 2002

      Superficial things like team/driver names, sponsorship and the latest cars all require money from devs and pubs. Where as things like hyper-realistic physics seem to only require passion, and well maybe a little bit of money, you gotta eat right 😛

      Edit: And as if by magic, one of the biggest juggernauts in racing games backs up my theory..

      “[…] we were interested to create a game with the Formula 1 license but had to withdraw. That industry is a monster, so big that any agreement you want to get forces you to make a financial outlay that we can not afford.”

      Words by Kazunori Yamauchi CEO of Polyphony Digital, creators of Gran Turismo 5 (The game rumored to have a budget of upwards of 50 million USD)

  • zudthespud

    Guys, if you aren’t in the target audience that’s fine. There’s a very large number of console gamers and casual PC gamers that love these games. After 2 games you know exactly what it is by now, it seems juvenile to bitch about it every time it is mentioned. The comparisons with sims is ridiculous, they clearly aren’t trying to compete.

    Regarding them churning out the same game over and over, they have spent a long time and a lot of money getting this engine to where they want it, are you expecting them to make a new game engine every year? And then at the same time people complain about it being buggy, could you imagine?

    • Anonymous

      True but   it does say at the top of this website  “100% sim racing news”

      I don’t mind more arcade games getting talked about , and I often enjoy arcade racers. The only thing I dislike is the disingenuous advertising behind these games where they claim they are “THE MOST REALISTIC SIMULATION EVER”   which would not matter but in some ways it might stop people finding out how good games like  , NKP , RBR ,RF2, i racing , LFS  are. 

      It also results in people spending £1,000 + on sim rig FFB wheel and then pluging it into these half arcade games not reolising what they are missing out on. 

      Not to say that its bad for people to play these games with good kit and a nice rig , just that I think among the general population due to the amount of advertising people think F1 2011 and forza 4 are littoraly the best of simulation. 

      • StarFoXySxv550

        I don’t recall this statement of this game claiming to be “THE MOST REALISTIC SIMULATION EVER” but I may have missed it. The only game I know that is that blatant is gran tursimo, which has had “The Driving Simulator” on the cover, well, since for ever, but what does that term even mean?

        But whatever, that’s marketing, happens everyday in more callous ways than this in other markets, if people don’t wish to broaden their horizons by exploring other avenues of intrest then surely that’s their loss.

        In regards to whether this game should be on Virtual R, I think absolutely it should. 

        Internet search options will often throw up this site when searching for games like this (which I think falls under the “Realistic” category -Forget this sim-cade/arcade nonsense-) this helps expose people to the true car simulation genre, which is what you want right? For people (spending on $1000 rigs you see in the ads to the top left of the screen) to realize F1 2012 and forza 4 are literally not the-be-all-and-end-all of simulation games?  

        I also think people seem to forget that Montoya put this site here for us, not the other way around. He could cover all types of irrelevant crap, but I feel what he does put up is straght to the point and it’s all relevant to this genre.

      • Anonymous

        Sure in those developer videos you get , the developer will more often say something more honest like  ” we are aiming to deliver the experience  in an accessible way”  which is fine and I think is fantastic.

        But its the marketing departments and the promotional material which 99% of the user base and public will end up seeing that makes the absurd realism claims as they know they will get the sales with people believing its the most realistic game/simulator and many people will lap that up. 

        I was not specifcaly talking about just F2010 ,2011,2012 more just console driving games in general though it does apply to the F1 games. 

        At E3 this year one of the Forza guys specifcaly said they have the best physics of any simulator. When Its even debatable if Forza has better physics than GT5 , obviously its all about getting sales. But It just annoys me when people blatantly lie, they don’t even have to as Forza is a decent product for what it is and has lots of Merritts that act as USP over other products.

        Yah I don’t mind it being on Virtual r I was just providing a counter point to the OP

      • StarFoXySxv550

        I followed Forza at E3 this year and last, and I can honestly say, I never heard them say that.

        They may say something like “Class leading physics”, but which class? Their class in isn’t PC sims, it’s the stuff on consoles, GT5, F1 2010, WRC 2011, Shift etc, they expect us to too.

         I do get what you’re saying though, marketing will always try to take advantage of the “dumb” consumer.

        “Our Product kills 99% of bacteria”  

        Very few can be bothered to check which kind of bacteria, even though it’s written on the bottle right before their eyes, the smarter people among us will at least investigate.

      • zudthespud

        I remember in the build up to F1 2010 the lead developers saying specifically they weren’t going to aim for the same level of realism as rFactor or GTR, you are wrong. Whether or not it’s worthy of this site is a different discussion, the point is it’s not trying to be something it’s not. People in the internet echo chamber will hear what they want to hear instead of what is being said.

      • Anonymous

        see reply I made to starfoxy

  • Anonymous

    The same arguments here as in the Pcars threads.  Same conclusions too.  Real sim racing against console arcade simcade or whatever.  I would suggest Pcars and the F1 series fall into the same catagory.

  • Gerald

    Looks great! Codemasters has really created some cool stuff in these F1 games!

    • Anonymous

      Cool?  Can you name anything that Codemasters have introduced to F1 sims that’s new?

      • Gerald

        Car models and tracks.

      • Anonymous

        Well that would have to be a given wouldn’t it?  No good having a race game with old car shapes etc.  GP4 by Geoff Crammond had more features, better physics and miles better AI than anything Codemasters could ever produce.  It’s the same with other modern racing games, for example PCars.  Because they are aimed at mass market console gamers now.  They will never match the titles of the past, those days have long gone.

      • Ricoo

         At least SMS has physics guys when they develop a racing game. lol

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