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F1 2012 – Patch #9 Available

Codemasters have released the ninth patch for the PC version of F1 2012.

Codemasters have released the ninth patch for the PC version of F1 2012.

Over a month after the title’s release, Codemasters is still fixing issues with their Formula One title as the new patch addresses the following problems:

  • Made some improvements to the online game so car positions should be more accurate and less twitchy at high speeds.
  • Made some PC Framerate improvements for those people who had an FPS drop after patches.
  • Fixed the wheel weight property so that it will now work correctly
  • Fixed the final results screen for the client in a Co-op session so they see their stats not the hosts.
  • Fixed two infrequent crashes.

PC users can obtain the patch by updating the game through Steam.

Console users still have to wait a little longer as a big Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 patch is in the works, combining all PC updates that have been released during the past few weeks.

The developers aren’t done with patching the PC version yet though as Codemasters are still working on fixing other issues.

To ago along with the new patch, AdrianF1 has released a cool new reality check video, showing a lap around Silverstone both in F1 2012 and in real life.

  • Stuart Fields

    Only one I wish they would fix now is that annoying glitch just when your about to start a race, the intro shows you the car on pole etc etc then when its done it fails to switch over to your driving view and remains on a screen showing you the side of your car or some other TV style camera shot. Its a simple matter of restarting the race once the lights go out to correct it but its an annoying little bug.

    • F1Racer

      The other annoying glitch I`d like them to fix is the one where a new patch keeps coming out every few days. It’s happened nine times already. 🙂

      • Mr Banana

        Codemaster’s PC lead engineer is all like: “Who’s complaining about lack of PC support now BITCHES!!”

      • F1Racer

        F1-2012 owners must feel like pcars team members. They’re getting updates just as regular 🙂

        It’s kinds of a two way thing, its great that they’re fixing stuff, but it makes you think how bugged the release version was. Wonder if some of that was down to meeting a release date.

      • perfectparallel

        Really impressive this time around with customer support – full marks. I like the fact that it’s not all bug fixes but also improvements thrown in as well such as the correct compound tyres once a race has been run in real life,

  • F1Racer

    Patch 10 of this virtual quilt is out now… Anyone know what the record is for game patches ?

    • hoodge1

      Codemasters are now the new patch kings.

  • hoodge1

    I just purchased this and compared to F1 2011, it is a good step forward. I’m actually enjoying playing this. Looks amazing at full 2056×1440 at max settings. Feels pretty good for a sim/cade racer. I’m enjoying my experience with it. I’d have to say this one is more sim then arcade. Glad I bought it. Codemasters got a great title on their hands.. Tons of fun. Too bad it wasn’t finished with all the patches. But my purchase was after the release of patch 10.

    Glad I waited for the patchwork done to this point before my purchase. Wonder if more are on the way?.. Well at least they are supporting this better then their past titles. Great racer CM’s.

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