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F1 2011 vs. iRacing vs. Reality – Spa Comparison

F1 2011 vs. iRacing vs. Reality – Spa Comparison

A few days ago, RacingLineAustralia put together a comparison video, showing iRacing & F1 2011 footage side by side, creating a very interesting discussion in the community.

Now, a new comparison video is available, showing a lap around Spa Francorchamps featuring the Williams FW33 in F1 2011, the FW31 in iRacing and some real-life footage of Rubens Barrichello tackling the Belgian Grand Prix venue.

Who comes closer to reality? Codemasters’ polished mass-market product or iRacing’s laser-scan powered simulation? You decide!

  • Ross Siggers

    inb4 flamewar

  • F1Racer

    yeah haha.  Let the comparison bitchin’ begin !  Ding Ding !!

  • Carbonfibre

    The road shaders in reality are so much more advanced.

  • Marcus Caton

    Whoever is making this needs to Stop.
    leave F12011 BS by itself and stop comparing a Game to a Sim!

  • F1Racer

    They both simulate race driving.  So they are both sims.  You can argue to what extent but that’s about it.    Hope I haven’t hit a nerve.

    How about they stop comparing a game with offline AI to one without ?
    How about they stop comparing a game with a full field of 2011 F1 cars to one with only 1 ?
    How about they stop comparing a game with dynamic weather conditions to one without ?

    Show me the rule where it says what you can and can’t compare.

  • f1racing

    well, technically speaking, they are both sims. Are iRacing fanboys maybe scared that “not so pure” sim will show some bad things that iR has??

  • Marcelo Amaral

    To start with F1-2011 is an Arcade mass marketed game comparing their drawings to iRacing’s state of art laser scanned tracks is an offence to the inteligence of any sim racer! 

  • Robert H.

    So your not offended, but your intelligence is?

    I think they should compare a new game with an old game just to see how good the old games really were.

  • Marcus Caton


  • Norbi Wo

    F1 2010 “half sim”? damm, i tought it’s full sim πŸ˜‰

  • Marcelo Amaral

    Of course my inteligence! the guy has to be pretty stupid dumb whatever to take a comparison like this serious! 

  • Eric

    It looks like whomever made the iRacing video didn’t crank the graphics up all the way. I don’t even see refelctions in the mirrors; which iRacing can easily do.

  • kevmscotland

    As with the last video they did, imo, Both games represent Spa well enough for me not to care which is more accurate.

    When I’m playing the game, i know Im in spa.

  • RJC_pt

    Reality wins πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜› :-[  

  • Thomas Hesse

    The F1 2011 vs iRacing debate is a “hipster thing”, isn’t it?
    F1 2011 is popular so it can’t be any good.
    iRacing being an “alternative” choice becomes automatically better.

    Sorry to break it to you guys, but they’re both games and neither of them is very good. πŸ˜›

    iRacing: “Hey, where’s the AI? Hey, why doesn’t the weather ever change? What a stupid boring game!” πŸ™
    Why did I pay money for this?! >:o

    F1 2011: “Hey, how did I just overtake 10 cars in that hairpin? Hey, I was 24th one lap ago! Why am I suddenly 1st? Hey, I just hit a wall @200+ mph, why is my car intact? What a stupid game for kids!” πŸ™
    Why did I pay money for this?! >:o

  • Novum

    How can you can you compare a game where you cant drive a  McLaren?

    Williams yeah right… πŸ˜›

  • F1Racer

    Marcus, were you looking into a mirror when you typed that ? πŸ™‚

  • N G

    Enough said

  • F1Racer

    Why are you (and a few other iRacing nuts) so touchy on the subject Marcelo ?   
    Surely if iRacing was all that, then you would appreciate such a comparison if only to show how much graphically and sonically superior iRacing was.  Thats pretty much all you can get out of a video like this anyway.
    Is it because F1-2011 beats iracing in both graphics and sound on the video that horrifies you into thinking that there could be a possibilty that 1 or more people may assume F1-2011 was the better in the physics department too ?    Is that what bothers the iRacers here ?

    You’re slagging off F1-2011s tracks against iRacings and there is no doubt iRacings is more accurate in terms of bump modelling and elevation changes etc.    Technically iRacings laser scanned version is superior.  You’ll be hard pushed to find a sim racer disagreeing with that.

    But F1-2011s isnt too bad for a ‘mass market arcade game’ and I think that is bothering people.
    If F1-2011 was so bad as iRacers are making out, I would have thought they would just be laughing this video off instead of getting all touchy and personal.   
    Considering F1-2011’s version isnt laser scanned its good enough to make me, at least, say “well not laser accurate but I don’t really give a damn.  The layout is plenty enough for me to know it’s Suzuka. Suzuka isn’t laser scanned in the rFactor, GTR2, RACE07, nkpro versions. Yet these titles are considered sims too. Still F1-2011 is a mass market game after all so therefore it couldn’t possibly have any decent track layouts.   Darwin help if anyone should compare ANYTHING to the legendary iRacing with its amazing graphics, sounds and NR2003 engine.

    Oh and if ANYONE can point me to a Games Arcade somewhere in the world (I’m bound to get someone googling this)  that has a game in it that looks like F1-2011 please let me know and I`ll fly over and try it out.   If it’s similar then I`ll bow to the knowledge of the others and label F1-2011 as ‘arcade’ alone with PacMan, OutRun and Galaga et al.
    THESE are the definition of Arcade games.   As in ‘someting you would find in a games arcade’.
    Hence the term.   πŸ˜‰

  • Rolands SvΔ“tiΕ†Ε‘

    Simracers. Mind that REALITY IS BUMPY!  πŸ˜‰

  • F1Racer

    I think Im going to do some videos of iRacing vs Prost Grand Prix,  iRacing vs Johnny Herberts GP Racing, iRacing vs Super Monaco GP,  iRacing vs Nigel Mansells World Championship, iRacing vs Pole Position.  πŸ™‚

    Jeez, the iRacers will have a brain haemorrhage !

    Yeah come on iRacers, show me a champinship winning car as driven by Senna or Prost going through Monaco tunnel with the rest of the field on their tail.  Patrese, Mansell.
    Show me Hamilton and Schumi in the wet in Spa !  No ?   Well back to rFactor for me then πŸ™‚

  • F1Racer

    Ferrari ?  LOL  Thats a red Williams isn’t it ?   Looks like pure sims have their sacrifices. 

  • svizzy

    reality one looks bad. hate how cameras capture reality espacialy sd cams. needs improvment

  • F1Racer

    Also the audio from that video is from the real car.  Bit of a cop out.

    Can’t help feeling that the iRacers seem like they have to prove themselves here against F1-2011.
    Isn’t it supposed to be a foregone conclusion which is better ?

    Great track though and having driven iRacings Williams its a nice car.  But…. for an F1 experience…iRacing simply cannot provide that even if they do have great physics and accurate tracks.   So I must turn to rFactor or even F1-2011 if I want that.  

    What is it you want to prove in the video ?  How accurate the track elevation changes are ?
    That’s all people are going to get from this.   Forget trying to bear F1-2011 on graphics.   

    Ok so great track elevation and accuracy.  Now what ?  How can I line up a full field of F1 cars (all the teams) and race with them ?

    You can have the best sim in terms of accuracy but sometimes it’s just not enough.

  • F1Racer

    You might be right.  Comparing reality to iRacing is a sin !  iRacing is far more accurate, everyone knows that.  πŸ˜€

  • stabiz


  • F1Racer

    erm.. Im not really going to make those vids πŸ™‚     But oh how tempting LOL>

  • F1Racer

    You’re the only one who did πŸ™‚

  • Norbi Wo

    @F1Racer, most of chaos here u do by your self, could you stop please? :*

  • N G

    “Ferrari ?  LOL  Thats a red Williams isn’t it ?   Looks like pure sims have their sacrifices.”

    Brundle is decribing a Ferrari lap, the car is painted red for a little tiny bit of continuity, is that ok?

    “Also the audio from that video is from the real car.  Bit of a cop out.”

    Of course is real life audio, thats the point, to marry it with a laser scanned version of the circuit.

    “What is it you want to prove in the video ?  How accurate the track elevation changes are ?  
    That’s all people are going to get from this.”

    Calmd down..  It’s a nice video, that shows off iRacings accuracy coupled with some awesome commentary/audio (which perfectly mirrors the lap in iRacing, corner by corner, braking zone by braking zone, acceleration by acceleration.

    Think about it, Raikonnens lap is a 1.45.9,   you can do a 1.45.9 in F1 2011 or any other non-laser scanned version, but you’ll see discrepencies throughout the lap.

    “Now what ?  How can I line up a full field of F1 cars (all the teams) and race with them ?

    You can have the best sim in terms of accuracy but sometimes it’s just not enough.”

    I thought this was about showing accuracy of a circuit/sim.  In the OP’s video, is just a Williams, theres no other cars there.  It is purly about comparing a lap in each sim, vs reality.  and iRacing wins.  That’s all.

  • F1Racer

    You’re joking.  I’m on a roll with you guys. πŸ™‚  
    All these videos are doing is comparing the same track in 2 seperate games for better or for worse.
    Suddenly it’s a war between which title is more sim than the other and people getting irate (iRaters? πŸ˜‰ ).    

    I’m not causing ANY chaos.   These threads would degenerate into stupid comments about how amazing iRacing is compared to anything else in the world regardless of if I comment here or not.    
    I’m just putting some perspective down.  Get used to it cos I’m not going anywhere.  
    You feed me with these daft reactionary posts and I`ll bite.

  • F1Racer

    Firstly you should know, I am calm, always.  You have no idea how calm and blissful I feel when typing these posts.  It’s fun for me and enjoy it.
    I made some comparison videos with GP4 many years ago with live commentary and it was matched turn for turn too.
    Check them on my website.
    I could do the same with rFactor.  iRacing is not the only racing title that you can manage this with so I don’t get what’s so special.

    As for your last comment, well it depends what you’re comparing whether iRacing wins or not.
    Technical accuracy, yes its iRacing all the way. No argument.
    I seriously doubt that this comparison video was made to suggest that iRacing was deficient in any way.  Yet it seems to have hit a nerve with the iRacers which can only suggest that something in F1-2011 is threatening their sim.
    Certainly F1-2011 would win in the gfx dept or for giving a complete F1 experience.
    As I said, it all depends what you want to compare in that video.  iRacing wins on some things and F1-2011 wins on others.    You just gotta accept that.

  • F1Racer

    Check this.  Looks more like F1-2011 than iRacing eh ?     Comments pls  πŸ˜›

  • stabiz

    πŸ™‚  No, he is right. Out of the the 33 posts (34 now I guess), you – the self provclaimed hater of comparisons – have 14 (soon 15) posts. Thats pretty close to 50%, all by you, basking in internet glory.

  • F1Racer

    Ah but he said I was causing chaos.  He didn’t say I was over posting.  Those two things are not connected.
    There are no limits on posts and I just felt like I had something to say to various people here.   Any problem with that ?

    Now, I am not a hater of comparisons and I certainly didn’t self proclaim such a thing. 
    I did the first comparison vids years ago.  Probably even started the trend.  
    I enjoy watching them in fact.  What is ridiculous is the reaction I have seen to them because someone DARED to include iRacing in a comparison.

    I remember once in a thread there were 2 posts only.  1 was mine.  Thats 50% me too.   Cool eh ?

    Yeah one site out of the millions out there, I’m really basking in the glory of some amazing people.

  • stabiz

    Sigh, I am getting to old for this. I`ll just agree with you, out of general exhaustion.

  • F1Racer

    Well at the end of the day this thread isn’t about me is it, so lets not turn it into that.

    Sorry to exhaust you πŸ™‚

  • mykem

    Personally, i’d wait for the GT5 version.  Supposedly it’s as detail as their Nurburgring (24 layout and the Nordschleife).  Here’s sneak preview, thanks to GTSurgeon, taken off-screen using a cameraphone:

  • Explosive Face

    HOLY CRAP yes. I’ve been wanting a video like this for years. How did they pull the camera off?

  • Cenotaph

    At least this time there should be no doubts what curb riding makes more sense. Nice job from F1 2011, should satisfy the arcaders here at VirtualR as it is visually great.

    But there’s little doubt what Spa is truly Spa:

  • Justin ForzaBarΓ§a D’Cruze

    Wow, this reality game has such crappy graphics

  • John G. Hill

    They both look amazing compared to real life.  The difference?  I’ve driven the F1 2011 game and I’ve tried the iRacing F1.  There is NO comparison to how they feel.  With iRacing, I can feel every bump on the track, every split in the asphalt.  With the F1 2011 Codemasters game, I can only feel things when I’m off the track.  One is a pretty good arcade game, and the other one is trying to be the best sim out there. When you finally move up and out of consoles you will not regret it.

  • John G. Hill

    Oh, I get it.  Some people here think rFactor is better than iRacing.  I don’t know about that as I haven’t driven rFactor yet, as I’m new to this whole PC sim racing thing.  I can’t wait to try rFactor 2 when it’s available, because I’ve heard some great things about it.  Here’s the thing with iRacing, it’s really about organization and ease of use.  I can get on anytime I like and find a race with points and ratings applied to my championship of my choice.  I don’t have to wait for a specific hour or day like I have had to do in the past.  It makes sense for me as I live in Los Angeles and we don’t have the kind of fervor for road racing like the Europeans do.  So it makes sense for me. It is a matter of what’s practical and for me iRacing fits the bill.

  • Ben

    And the hud is so arcadey, for a game that calls itself ‘reality’ it’s rather disapointing

  • miklay.gabor

    the “beached as ” part of the video shows why f1-2011 is far from simracing.

  • Silly(c)One

    Don’t be sorry for stabiz, he’s a responsible man capable of not watching/reading what he doesn’t want to.

    Actually I thank you and bow to your efforts to bring some reason and wisdom in this extraordinary display of testosterone and stupidity by frustrated slaves of their own mind and dogmas.

    You should all be in the streets to defend your human rights instead of bitching like spoiled kids.


  • Damjan Čule

    well, you should notice that those red bups in chicane are much lower in F12011 than in iRacing.

  • Ricoo

    Thanks for the link interesting indeed. πŸ™‚

  • Ricoo

    Looks great even with poor quality camera

  • Ricoo

    This tread is about how much better iRacing is compared from F1 2011.

    To convince you rFactor 2 is much better than iRacing find a thread about rFactor 2.

    And to convince you that F1 2011 is much better than rFactor 2 find a thread about F1 2011.


  • F1Racer

    I tell ya, if there was one of thos anti-corporate greed protests near me I`d be there !   Good for them and many more should join.  Damn those clucking bankers !

  • Ken Campbell

    WOW!!! I enjoy all racing sims……whatever! Not one of them is perfect. Nothing is. But, damn! Ain’t racing fun?!

  • miklay.gabor

    maybe a bit lower, but should have some effect on the car, at least slow down the car a little bit. the car behaves like nothing is there. which is not the case.

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