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F1 2011 vs F1 2010 – Video Comparison

F1 2011 vs F1 2010 – Video Comparison

DOC2602 has put up an interesting video comparison on Youtube, putting up footage of Codemasters’ upcoming F1 2011 title against  its predecessor that was released a year ago.

The video shows a lap at Montreal in the Mclaren, allowing us to check out some of the improvements the new version has to offer.

F1 2011 will be released for the PC, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 on September 23, right in time for the final races of the real life 2011 Formula One World Championship season. The new title will come with improved graphics & handling, new features such as multiplayer splitscreen, a working safety car as well as a much more extensive career mode.

  • Denis P.

    The lighting is so much more natural.

  • Meton Sanga

    Oh look filter removed, sun position moved, track still the same except for pirelli logos. now lets pay full price for a 2011 update.

  • Terrell Olvera

    I agree, I noticed that the t-cam position has been lowered a bit in F1 2011, I like it.

  • mykem

    You do realise that the comparison was done using off-screen capture of F1 2011 to one that’s directly captured (and that’s F1 2010, obviously) so the variance we’re seeing is due more to how these two videos are recorded/captured rather than their inherent differences.

  • Volz

    Shader Modeling looks good and I like some of the new elements.  I’ll buy it.  LOL

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