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F1 2011 – Two Patches Coming Up

F1 2011 – Two Patches Coming Up

Codemasters is already working on improving their recently-released F1 2011 title for the PC, Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3 as at least two patches for the title will be coming up for all platforms.

The first patch is a collection of small fixes and improvements, it has already gone live for the Playstation 3 version of the title, Xbox 360 and PC owners still need to wait a little longer as the update is currently being approved by Microsoft.

The second patch will be bigger as Codemasters are currently working on ironing out the bugs that have been reported in the official forum, a release date for the second patch is not yet available.

  • Markuz

    They better not do another F1 2010 “Here’s the patch, good luck but we’re not sure if it fixes all in that we’ve written on the list.We’re off to focus on F1 2012 now.”

    As it is it’s a lot better than 2010 but I can’t believe that after leaving F1 2010 to rot 2011 still has some of the old problems. Then you got this 11-11 spring bug. Perhaps F1 2012 will be having some kind of bug that manifests itself when two settings are set at 12-12…

    I really hope the game gets fixed because before I knew the 11-11 bug I just couldn’t stop playing 100% races with all sims on and assists off!

  • Andy Enderby

    Speaking from experience (good friend bought game for me), this title desperately needs work in its PC version, the bugs are the overwhelming experience leaving little room to note, that when it works, taken as a game, rather than a sim, it’s pretty good. But the bugs, the bugs…… Seriously codies, get some QA.

  • Andy Enderby

    yup, most of the old ones are there, and they managed to put some new ones in too.

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