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F1 2011 – SRT Video Review

The guys over at InsideSimRacing have released their in-depth video-review of F1 2011.

The guys over at have released their in-depth video-review of Codemasters’ F1 2011 Formula One title that was released back in September.

Presented by Darin Gangi & Shaun Cole, the extensive 27-minute review takes a close look at the new title and its improvements over F1 2010.

Instead of going for a quick-review, the guys have taken their time and tackled the title’s career mode for an in-depth review of the title that includes all three main platforms the title has been released for (PC, Xbox 360 & Playstation).

  • Mario Simoes

    ai you so pic about PS3 the best console of the World and the best sell Gamer aii!!! I have the 2 version PC and PS3 and I like alot the version frome PS3.and Xbox in europe is the same pate sorry mi ingle but you get the picture.

    • Andrea Candini

      You must have a very poor pc then… PS3 is definitely horrible compared to the other versions, especially PC.

  • Stuart Becktell

    I understand being through and everything, but its been over a month since it was released, it seems a bit late for most people I would think. That could just be me though.

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