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F1 2011 – Safety Car Gameplay Video

F1 2011 – Safety Car Gameplay Video

No other feature of Codemasters’ upcoming Formula One 2011 title has been as extensively discussed as the simulation of safety car periods in the game.

Following interviews with game designer Stephen Hood on this topic, we now get to check out first gameplay footage of the feature in action. The video below shows the safety car on track during a race, the safety car footage starts around the 2-minute mark.

F1 2011 will be released for the PC, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 on September 23, right in time for the final races of the real life 2011 Formula One World Championship season. The new title will come with improved graphics & handling, new features such as multiplayer splitscreen, a working safety car as well as a much more extensive career mode.

  • Ricoo

    Safety car is probably the most boring gameplay part of a racing simulation/game… :/

  • Nathan Robinson

    I love how on the restart, he makes contact with a couple cars and really nothing happens from it. Although the graphics look amazing, if sim racers were that high on graphics over quality, rfactor would have been canned a long time ago. Hell, there are still guys that run RBR and the graphics on that are subpar to say the least, but the realism is unmatched. Thats what true sim racers want, realism, and i dont think this next installment of f1 is going to deliver that 🙁

  • Random Username

    F1 2011 is a GAME.

    I didn’t try 2010, so hopefully the bugs are ironed out of 2011 because I’ll most likely pickup 2011.

  • f1racing

    Well, CM never claimed that F12011 will be pure simulator. I don’t know why are you guys still expecting that from this game? If you like it, drive it. If not, well, there are lots of us who will…

  • Joni

    Seems like you can still drive bumper car style in this one too. Driver in that vid hitted cars in front many times and didnt loose wing or collect any damage 🙁

  • Ricoo

    f1racing you are right about CM and that is exactly why I hate them spoiling F1 licence not doing a true simulation with hardcore physics. I want to have the feeling driving a true F1 not playing mariokart…

  • f1racing

    but you know you can’t have this. I also want to have something like rFactor or iRacing (which I never tried but it is obvious that it is great) but with having F1 licence that just wont go.
    There are few reasons of which I can think of:
    1. F1 licence is damn expensive, and if you make a game which will be real hardcore physics than only simracers will buy it and ther is no sense in that, as you will yust loose your money.
    2. FOM/FIA wants to promote F1 as much as they can. That is why F1 game needs to be made for as much consloes as possible. That is why we have it on PC, X360 and PS3. Also, on consoles you just can’t drive simulations like on PC, so there would need to be 2 game versions, one “dumb” for consoles and one real sim for PC. That means you need to have 2 separate dev teams, which again asks for more money to be spent.
    3. Piracy. It is largest on PC, but it is here also on consoles. It makes no sense to do different game for PC when it will get cracked and you will not have so much proffit, no even to cover your expenses.

    This is most sensible decision. To make game easier so that everyone can drive it. Than you can be sure that you will at least cover your expenses and be able to continue your work.

  • f1racing

    I don’t know if you watched interviews, but they did that because of “kids” who will use SC situations to knock out their opponents and win a race.

  • Nathan Robinson

    Im gonna have to disagree with you f1 racer. While CM never claimed it to be a sim, I don’t think making it more simulation would hurt sales that much. Forza and gran turismo are both very much a simulation (as far as console racers go) and they’ve sold very well over the years 🙂

    To add to that, I feel that a good majority of virtualr’s readers are simracers so what kind of reaction would you expect? Joe Videogamer just out to crash his way to the front is probably never going to fall on this site

  • Bjørn Christian Gaardbo

    You forget the ISI+EA SPORTS days – F1 2002 and F1 Challenge 99 – 02 was very much a simulation… It was possible back then… Back then we also had consoles… 
    It can be done, just not by CodeMasters.

  • Bjørn Christian Gaardbo


    You forget the ISI+EA SPORTS days – F1 2002 and F1 Challenge 99 – 02 were very much a pair of simulations… It was possible back then… Back then we also had consoles…   It can be done, just not by CodeMasters.

  • The Man

    if you name simulation you can’t ignore it, because its there in real life, too! its no Wipeout but a racing game as you said. I am really looking forward to this feature and how it’ll look and work in the final game.

  • F1Racer

    What is it with sim-racers that when they want to illustrate that a racing game is not a sim it is always compared to mario kart ?  Is that really the benchmark ?   BIG FAT YAAWN!

  • F1Racer

    What is it with sim-racers that when they want to illustrate that a racing game is not a sim it is always compared to mario kart ?  Is that really the benchmark ?   BIG FAT YAAWN!

  • kyleh613

    The video has since been removed, but judging from the comments, there seems to be some confusion; the reason why there was no damage when cars made contact, was because it was turned off. if it’s anything like F1 2010, then you are able to have anything from zero damage, up to realistic damage, where even light contact, can knock you out of the race. I doubt Codemasters removed this from 2010. The damage model was the best part of that sim and it was very realistic. F1 2010 also had fuel and tire wear, and both were pretty good.

  • kyleh613

    The damage was turned off in that video. You’ll be able to turn on full damage where you can lose wings and wheels. In F1 2010, I had a situation where I was driving, hit debris on the track and went flying into a wall, there wasn’t much left of my car and I got a Did Not Finish. It was really cool to watch. The damage model on F1 2010 was very realistic, and I hope this one is too.

  • kyleh613

    Hahah wow f1racing, everything you said is just flat out wrong. For your 1st point, yes the license is expensive, however, we are not playing a sim from a decade ago. The age of it’s either fully realistic or an arcade game, doesn’t exist anymore. Developers are able to allow users to tweak the realism settings however they want. In F1 2010, when you used a controller, on either the PC or console, there were hidden driving aids to make it easier, because a controller can’t fully replicate the precision of a steering wheel. With a wheel, and all of the aid options turned off, the experience was exactly the same as on the console or PC. I have both the PS3 and PC versions of F1 2010, and can confirm it’s exactly the same.

    For your 2nd point, my answer is basically the same; There is no difference between the two versions. Slight graphical differences at most, but as far as realism goes, no there is nothing different between the two. Codemasters has teams the work on making the game work for each platform, but that’s done entirely on the graphics side, and making sure the game adheres to the regulations that Sony and Microsoft have in place, in order to release a game on their platform, which basically amounts to just making sure achievements, and trophies work correctly.

    And I have no idea what your 3rd point is trying to say.

    F1 2010 had a very easy learning curve, it allowed you to enable driving aids, but you could gradually turn them off as you learned how to drive the cars and with all of the driving aids turned off, it was a pretty good representation of the real thing.

  • StarFoXySxv550

    I don’t understand, if you want an F1 “Sim” why not play one of the many F1 mods on rFactor or the upcoming rFactor2 or even drive the Williams in iRacing if you want totally “realistic” handling model? Is it because you want to buy the game you want (the smallest segment of the gaming community) with FOM/FIA simply stamped on the box?

    Are people just complaining for the sake of it or am I missing something?

    I don’t see the blame is with codemasters for simply trying to re-coup the costs of the F1 license by broadening the audience, I see the blame is with FOM (and others that make content licenses expensive and exclusive) so hard to acquire that it forces others out of the market.

  • kyleh613

    Codemasters F1 sim is the only one with all of the officially licensed cars and tracks, that’s why. And they have the most current specs and features, based on the current F1 cars. The F1 car in iRacing is a couple years old now, the real life F1 cars have undergone a huge number of changes since then.

    People want to pretend they are an actual F1 driver, and currently Codemasters sim is the only one that lets them do that unless you want to go through a lot of effort to re-create the cars and tracks in rFactor.

  • racedriver

    I missed the video.

  • SimRacer007

    Is this the same video? The quality is not very good but it’s better than nothing…

  • f1racing

    I need to copy here my post from f1classic forums

    well, I don’t want to go deeper into this but I have one question. What is simulation for you?

    Here is definition of a simulation:
    Simulation is the imitation of some real thing, state of affairs, or process. The act of simulating something generally entails representing certain key characteristics or behaviours of a selected physical or abstract system.

    So if we go strictly by this than all mods are simulations because they are trying to simulate a real thing. By this F12010, WRC, NFS, they are all simulations. Which actually they are, but most of them are not so “deep” so that more people who are not that interested into technical details could play it.

    An arcade game is a coin-operated entertainment machine, usually installed in public businesses such as restaurants, public houses, and amusement arcades. Most arcade games are video games, pinball machines, electro-mechanical games, redemption games, and merchandisers (such as claw cranes). The golden age of arcade games was from the late 1970s to the late 1980s, and while arcade games were still relatively popular during the first half of the 1990s, this type of media saw a continuous decline in popularity when video game consoles made the transition from 2D to 3D.

    Going by this definition, no racing game which we have nowdays, for which most people claim that are arcade (abovementioned titles like F12010, WRC and NFS) are not arcade games.

    What I want to say, something is not arcade if it is easy to play, drive or ride. Lets take an example in Flight Simulator X. It is also simulator with lots of details in it, but even if you just want to get int your plane and go fly, there is nothing to stop you. It also can be easy to fly.

    So, finally, can we please stop this ridiculous “arcade/simulation” thing and go back to what we all like most – actually driving as fast as we can from a safety of our chair, sofa or homemade cockpit.

  • kyleh613

    Nice backpedal from what you claimed earlier, F1racing.

  • Ricoo

    The debate arcade/simulation is not so ridiculous.

    A simulation is not an approximation or a free interpretation of the real. A simulation is the honest try to replicate the real behavior with the greatest possible accuracy.

    Mario Kart is a good exemple of what arcade is. It is a far and free interpretation of what the real is, without even trying to simulate the true behavior of it.

    When a developper modifies the behavior of his game to make it more easy is a good exemple of an arcadisation of his title because he decides to alter the simluation of the real behavior. Even if he has good reason to do that, the result is that he really reduce the simulation aspect of his title to increase its arcadish aspect.

  • f1racing

    @kyleh613I never said that F12010 or any of games I mentioned in last post are not simulations. I said that they are not as deep as rFactor or iRacing.

    F12010 simulates F1. It simulates its rules, driving fast car, it simulates weather…and I am sure it is more real than any rFactor F1 mod as it is programed following real data provided by teams and instructions from Davidson and other F1 drivers. It is dumbed down, true, but it is still a simulation.

    Sadly, I have to agree about EA+ISI thing, but as I can remember it was something different again…F1 Licence wasn’t so expensive as it is today, there was no so much piracy as there is now and main thing: there was not so many guys moaning for every single detail which is not 100% like real counterpart on TV. Than it was easier to make a game for everyone

  • F1Racer

    @f1racing:  There can be no debate here. You are quite correct in your argument that games like F1-2010, WRC, NFS are simulations also.  But this is going by the real world dictionary definition.
    Shift 2 would be just as much a motor racing simulation as rFactor.  It meets all the parameters of the definement of the word.

    However, a lot of sim-racers don’t live in that real world when and the word ‘sim’ and ‘arcade’ have been redefined just within the bubble of this community in order to seperate the ones with more accuracy to the ones with less accuracy.
    I’ve always thought we should play by the real world rules and form terms like ‘pure simulation’ or even that slightly less appealing ‘hardcore simulation’.   This way we can agree that Shift, F1-2010, DiRT3 etc are indeed simulations (which is correct) and that rFactor, iRacing, nkpro etc are considered pure sims.
    The question is where do you draw the line between sim and pure sim?   Well there isn’t one.  The category the game falls into purely depends on community opinion.   Accurate eh ? 🙂

    I’m right with ya f1racing.  It’s nice to see someone else actually get it.

  • Raymond Schram

    I don’t get people who say CM wrecked the F1 license. There was not much left to wreck after Sony only made PS2 games with it and those weren’t sim either.

    From everything I’ve read so far of people going to the public events and actually played the game F1 2011 is a vast improvement on F1 2010, both in graphics but especially physics. True the damage model is still limited because the FOM doesn’t want their precious cars and sponsorship logo’s wrecked. But apart from that it seems a step up in every regard. Also they’ve said they got a better post-release team in place in case there are bugs that need to be fixed.

    I’m not under the delusion that F1 2011 will be everything I want in an F1 game. But I really liked F1 2010 and I expect I’ll like F1 2011 even more.

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