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F1 2011 – Out Now!

F1 2011 – Out Now!

Codemasters have successfully released their second Formula One racing title for the PC and gaming consoles as F1 2011 is now available for purchase in certain parts of the world.

Oddly, American buyers are the first ones to enjoy F1 2011 even though Formula One isn’t very popular on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. Europe, Formula One’s mainland, has to wait until Friday for the title to become available.

As with F1 2010, there’s no demo available so interested buyers have to trust video footage and reviews to make a decision whether or not to buy the new title. To get everyone started, below is a collection of links including plenty of helpful info several reviews from mainstream gaming sites.

Furthermore, you can check out several gameplay videos courtesy of VVV Automotive as well as Codemasters’ official launch trailer. The forth video is particularly interesting as Alan Boiston focuses on the handling and shows us a comparison between driving with traction control enabled and disabled.

Helpful Links

Supported Steering Wheels

User Manual Download

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Hardware Heaven Review (PC Version)

F1 2011 will be released for the PC, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 on September 23, right in time for the final races of the real life 2011 Formula One World Championship season. The new title will come with improved graphics & handling, new features such as multiplayer splitscreen, a working safety car as well as a much more extensive career mode.

Are you among the lucky one’s to already have tried the new title? Then why not share your initial impressions in the comments below!

  • n.bonora.71

    only from the videos on youtube or other sites, i see the steering wheel completely lifeless…

    I hope the game will offers a better or stronger ffb.

    RFactor with leoffb in Monza can be a earthquake, it feels all the bumps,  and i attempt the same or better results in a 2011 game.
    i hope..

  • Markuz

    Now I’m waiting for personal reviews from this community first before I even give CM my money.

    Personally, I’m watching out for:
    -AI affected by sim options like tire and fuel
    -Pitting works well no matter how short or long I want the race is
    -Non-broken DirectX9 rain effects or ultra stable (no crashfest) DirectX11 mode for nVidia GPUs
    -No more fake qualifying for AI

    Hoping our friends in the Americas share some of their time and post some reviews here ASAP. πŸ™‚

  • Wesley Yelsew

    So the cars in F1 2011 drive with an nose up rake angle it seems? I am 100% sure it is the other way around

  • Jux

    The wheel lag is ugly.

  • F1Racer

    you always see lag when you look at real life and a monitor together

  • F1Racer

    Markuz, you should know that the qualifying isnt fake anymore.  CM have said so a few times.

  • Markuz

    If that’s true then great! 1 item checked. It’s just that it was CM who said so, they also once denied that F1 2010’s AI is fake, so I would trust the community’s opinion more than what CM’s PR said.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a hardcore sim-only guy. I loved F1 2010 once I accepted its shortcomings but I won’t buy 2011 if it still has those “bugs”.

  • Jamie Harris

    I don’t remember CM denying that their qualifying AI was scripted

  • Markuz

    Thanks Jamie for making me review their forums. Yeah, a CM PR actually explained that in the race the AI is not fake and the “faking” only happens during Q’s because of them unable to properly code the the times with fast forwards and rewinds and all.

    Still, I don’t trust CM because they left 2010 PC with some niggling bugs after their patch. If 2011 still has those bugs or has its own set of annoying bugs what’s stopping them from doing the “sorry, we decided to focus on F1 2012”?

    I’m here though, waiting for updates. I really like F1 2011 to good, I’m hoping so good I’ll be stupid not to buy it.

  • Samuel Korthof

    Can’t understand why this game is first shipped too US. They only love NASCAR and Indy. EU gamers should be the first too play a F1 game. Big shame for Codemasters.

  • Markuz

    So that EU gamers get to read user reviews giving them days to decide if it’s a good one? Hahaha. Some impressions are up on the CM forums. I’m still looking for ones pertaining the effects of simulation options on the AI. If I’m driving a heavy car on a long race the AI should be driving a heavy car too!

  • kevmscotland

    I agree that this Digital ocean BS we have to suffer is stupid.
    Theres no good reason why we cant all have the game at the same time for digital copies.
    Call it a bonus for saving them production costs on discs and cases.

  • Stuart Becktell

    I’ll post a mini review tonight after starting a career. I liked F1 2010, even though I knew it was not a simulation at all, and also that it definitely had its issues. I am not super militant like some about this, since I knew it being a Code Master’s release, it wasn’t going to appease the hard core sim crowd…so let that be a warning if you don’t agree with my review!

  • kevmscotland

    Oh, and thanks to Alan (aka team VVV) for his excellent preview videos on this and other games.
    Yet again, hes given a good insight in what to expect.

  • Funkl3

    Don’t make assumptions like this.  There are some F1 fans in the US contrary to what you believe.  I get up in the middle of the night or DVR all the races over here. 

  • Marcel Offermans

    The amount of lag between the physical and on screen steering wheel is quite high, if you ask me. Let’s hope that is curable.

  • Hompe
  • Alistair Heeley

    The preview videos are interesting, I’m looking forward to getting my hands on it. Even if it isn’t great it’ll give me something to play for a little while.

  • F1Racer

    I just have to laugh at these comments πŸ˜€

  • Marcus Caton

    Cockpit View Damnit!

  • Volz

    Agreed,  I wasn’t a fan early on but I like that he’s not just a gamer but also a racing fan

  • Volz

    I’m in the US and there’s quite a large F1 following here.  We actually have a F1 pool at my work.  It’s a much bigger place with pretty wide range of options and interests (that’s a good thing).  Don’t knock it.  You’ve got to resist the urge to stereotype and get out a bit.

  • Volz

    I have lag in GTR and RF with a G27.  In GTR you can actually remove the wheel from the OnScreen so you can get rid of any lag distraction but it’s always there.

  • Big Ron

    I have to laugh, too πŸ˜€

    I never played any racing game, where my steering wheel was synchron to the virtual one, even if it would have been possible. I always set my wheel to what I like and not to what it looks right.

  • GTEvo

    Please Alan..
    “Pictures says more than 1000 Words” =-X

    In this Sense, in this Sense.

  • Big Ron

    Same with XBOX360 and PS3. Sony ships a lot of their stuff to USA first, even if Microsoft and XBOX360 are state of the art there πŸ˜‰

  • Steve

    I am currently downloading this from steam.

    I will let you know what I think.  I had 2010 and stopped playing it due to the saved game corruption and other bugs.  Actually swore off buying this one then they had to go and force me to buy it by adding the darn safety car.

  • Stuart Cowie

    Wow doesnt take much to make some people buy a game. Nascar 2003 had a pace car, its nothing new. If you could race the safety car I think I would be more interested as it wouldn’t be glued to the floor! Dont think that comparison video is the greatest. He spun because he touched the curb. As in F1 2010 the only time the car gets loose is when it hits a curb on the outside of a corner. Oh the start procedure looks mighty wrong. My god codemasters stop making games for kids and give us something that works for all ages. Novice for 5 year olds and Elite for realistic. Let the gamer decide and not what you think as your market research seems to be way out.

  • sandboxgod

    Looking forward to playing this game when I get a chance. I’m stoked!  πŸ˜€

    Come on guys post up some thoughts on it

  • F1Racer

    OK well its a damn sight better than 2010 and I think it is quite a bit beyond calling it ‘arcade’.

    Still wish they included a setup option for steering lock.

    Also I think they loosened the rear end a bit just to trick the sim racers into thinking it was trickier.
    Well when you see the back end giving up on high speed corners (where the most downforce is) as well as slower ones, its a bit suspect.

    Did a 3 lap race and by lap 3 the tyres were at optimal temps and for some reason halfway around the old turn 1 at Silverstone the back just decided to go.  Strange.

    Do any Fanatec (particularly GT3RS) owners notice their wheel getting hot with this game ?
    Sometimes when Im simming I get a hot electrical burning smell from my wheel but its quite a bit more on this title.   I dunno if its normal or not.

  • F1Racer

    Well its not that.  Lets put it this way…..
    Get a sim where you have pretty much zero lag.   Then film yourself playing it.
    Then watch the film back – see if you now see a lag.  
    The monitor is only updating at 60hz or whatever per second.   Real life is quite a bit quicker.

  • Ricoo

    It seems CM at last begins to understand how a F1 should behave. lol

    Maybe they learned a bit from this great mod:

  • F1Racer

    Well some more impressions.  A mixed bag really.

    The AI are very competitive.  They are tough (at least for me) on Intermediate level.
    I did a 20% race distance at Melbourne and my hands and arms were really feeling the strain halfway through.  I dont get that in rF.  It was a little uncomfortable and I dunno if its my FFB settings or what.

    Again in the race you can turn into a fast corner but if you turn that steering a little more, the rear end is going to bite you.  Its a strange quirk of the physics that VVV picked up on one of his videos when going thru 130R.  Its a little annoying.

    Also during practice I had an off and I wanted to take the rest of the lap slow to compose myself for another fast lap.  But of course now the AI are programmed to make sure they have a gap for their run so they backed off too.  I was off the racing line in the hope that they would just decide I was going too slow and then go past me.  They didn’t.  Instead another car joined up behind and I got a warning for illegal blocking *DONT_KNOW*

    In the replay after the race there are some TV cam shots which vibrate like crazy and are rather difficult to look at.  Quite disturbing and nonsensical as they were not on-board shots or even on the car but rather from a small height.  You know how CM is with strange fictional camera positions.   Some of the graphics in the replays (the areial shots) make the cars look strange.  Long with thin tyres.    Not impressed with that.

    Apart from that rear end grip issue in fast corners I think the physics are ok but I cant help thinking that some of the feeling of the physics are lost in the FFB.   The FFB at least gives you resistance on the steering which is more than can be said for many F1 mods in rf, but apart from that you only really feel stuff like kerbs.

    All in all it is an improvement but they seriously need to overhaul the replay system to allow for more than 12s or so in practice.   The ability to view other drivers on track, live and in replay.   
    Real F1 drivers can do this with the TV they have in front of them (see GP4 for details).

    Its not an easy game in my view as the AI seem to be tough but not that bright.  A lot of them are Hamilton style overtakers.  I took a few of their front wings off as they were alongside because they were going for narrow gaps etc.    Again the issue with them not wanting to pass me on track if Im on a slow down lap no matter how slow I go.  They will decide to pass me if I go off track though.  Hardly a solution.

    Oh and halfway around my last lap in Melbourne the car was running out of fuel (I dont think it can actually run out though).   So either the game set it wrong or I did.   I`ll have to see the next time I try a race.

    Now I must let my Fanatec GT3RS cool down cos its hot as hell, I dunno what this game does to it.

  • Erick Nagy

    Amazing… The game has EXACTLY the same control issue as Dirt 3 has…
    The wheel (T500RS) will not be recognized if you don’t press its buttons while game stars.
    First you need to press the PlayStation key, then the L2/R2 keys…
    Otherwise, you will loose you controls configuration and it will revert to keyboard!

    How come CM has not fixed this sh… yet?

    Besides it, there is a triple-head issue where the aspect ratio will not be right.
    Just go to Graphic Options, change the aspect ratio back and forth.
    Move it back to “normal” and go back to the main menu. It should be alrigth now.

    Other than that… It looks very good graphically!

    Now, we need T/< F1 wheel to play this game!!! o/


  • Dan Boersma

    dling as we speak, will leave comments tomorow night………will let u know how it runs…have a super OLD wheel, but works well……………………..good ole………….Microsoft Sidewinder Precission Pro Usb 1.0 NON FFB  …. haha ye si know….but it still works perfectly    πŸ™‚

  • Marcel Offermans

    Of course it there will always be some lag (in the input device, in the sim and in the monitor), but with a good sim, monitor and wheel it will be a *lot* less than what we see here. This is way beyond 1/60 or 2/60.

    @Big Ron: you’re talking about something completely different, I’m not talking about whether the steering rotation matches the one on screen, I’m talking about a big response delay that I’m seeing that is way more than what I would consider “normal”.

    For reference, compare the videos above to this one of a properly configured setup: and you will see the difference.

  • Alistair Heeley

    I’m struggling to comprehend why this hasn’t been addressed yet, having to reconfigure my controls almost every single time I loaded DiRT3 because it didn’t detect my wheel and / or remember the key mappings was the main reason I shelved it.

  • Markuz

    F1Racer, perhaps the car rear wing hasn’t been set properly yet? I remember in F1 2010 that the Fast setup has a rear wing value of 1 (least amount). Perhaps adding some will plant the rear on high speed corners?

  • Mee

    I can tell you the steering lag on the pc (!) is not worth talking about. It’s not really noticable and the car turns in when you want it to. Ofcourse there’s soms visual lag between the real-life wheel and the on-screen one, but it’s nowhere near as big as on Team VVV’s clips.

  • Mario Simoes

    in Portugal is the same ting last day and nothing more!!!is stupid because is on of the best market of games and ai am not lying…sorry my ingles guys!!!

  • Mario Simoes

    is europe not on of parts of americas or asias!!!???

  • Mario Simoes

    ai am not very abset because ai playng my Gears3.

  • Makarn

    For those having problems with the controls, once you configure your own keys, restart the game and when ask to “press start to continue” use your controller, (in most cases the wheel) if you press enter with the keyboard the custom keys just reset

  • Jux

    You are right. The lag is not that much noticable in the game as seeing others playing. I haven’t tried F1 game, but rF has less lag. So probably it is not a problem. In NFS Shift it was.

  • F1Racer

    No it was at 6.  I would have noticed something like that πŸ™‚

  • F1Racer

    Thats cos when the game says ‘press a key to start’, you should press the correct button on your wheel instead that takes you to the main menu.   Then it apparently keeps your wheel settings (unless you have one set to ‘custom’ and you can just choose that profile again).

    Have you tried switching off your wheel in F1-2011 ?   Hehe, it doesnt like it at all and complains at you.

  • F1Racer

    I dunno if Im understanding you right, but no, Europe is not part of America or Asia.

  • F1Racer

    oh, and yes, its stupid, illogical and a load of nonsense that a game forgets your controls if you press a key at the start.

    Its even more pathetic that we see it in F1-2011 after what must have been a number of complaints after it happened in DiRT3.
    Didn’t this happen in F1-2010 also?    THIS needs to be sorted in a patch.

  • remo

    is ist just me or is there a small input lag. with rapture sound it is there fore sure. with software sound it’s not that much but i think it’s still there. 
    I just played it for 1h. i think after a few ours i’m getting used to it.
    when i had the SC was on track on the first time i thought…. CM you’re kidding…. SC’s just a joke. but overall it’s a huge improvement to 2010 version. 

  • Stuart Becktell

    Definitiely much more sim than the previous game, but I didn’t play much either. Being able to actually have realistic spins this time around is nice, although they are likely still canned…just not in the same regard as last year. The graphics actually seem to have gone downhill, but the seating position seems much more accurate than last year. The rear view mirrors are still useless though. 

    It was nice seeing that the unrealistic setup options from last year are no longer true, you’re going to spin a lot if you keep the setups from then.

  • Salva Sirignano

    I have watched loads of vids and in not one does the AI slipstream and pass the player, the only AI vs human overtakes are if the player makes a mistake and goes off track.
    Can someone tell me whether the AI can actually slipstream and outbrake you if you stay on track?
    i think I’ll pass unless I can be overtaken properly, otherwise what’s the point in the AI? *DONT_KNOW*

  • IAg Gai

    i wish I could enjoy this game on my PC but its getting random lockups well locking up for a couple seconds then back again its basicly unplayable.

  • svizzy

    i alt tabed out of the game now it doesn’t run in fullscreen anymore. arrgh

  • Ariffuddin Yusoff


  • Ariffuddin Yusoff

    Actually IMO the visual lag does not make much of a difference, but it does trick your mind that the car is steering slower than what you expect it. I wish they could minimise it to ISI’s rate or have a no steering wheel option.

  • kevmscotland

    The lags a similar problem from last year. Its caused by the Rapture 3D audio renderer.
    Switch to software and it disappears.

    I have to say tho, the lag is alot smaller than last years, but its still there slightly.

    Software audio will fix it! (Its the same with F1 2010 and DIRT3 btw)

  • Raymond Schram

    To bad i live in Europe, I don’t have the game yet, looking forward to playing it.

  • pastor ted haggard

    Installed, played, deleted.
    Absolutely terrible. The guy in the videos must be on crack, talking about understeer, oversteer, tyres warming up, as if the game is really that responsive and intuitive that any of that matters.
    Its awful to drive with a steering wheel, period. It doesn’t feel like you’re even driving, the responsiveness of the throttle is simply bizarre – theres absolutely no progression in the power delivery, the brakes and any kind of feedback from them is non existent.
    all of that pales in comparison to how bad the steering is with my G25. @ 240 degrees, and 10% steering saturation. its hard to describe, just that being precise is difficult simply because of the lack of ffb communicating any sort of weight. 
    the handling feels pretty much exactly the same as F1 2010 – less the weird ‘spin pivot’ – though the effects of the handling seem just as canned. 
    feeling what the back end is doing? forget it – no such thing in f1 2011. there is no perception of what the rear is doing, you can’t feel anything, and it seems utterly out of your control.

    this game was designed completely for a joypad. i had to jump back on rfactor to feel like i was driving an f1 car again.

    as for the game experience – lovely 5.1 sound, but the car engine sounds themselves are still absolutely awful. There’s also a weird lag in the gear change on downshifts, i noticed, in terms of the sound corresponding with the actual downshift. 
    Seems no different to f1 2010, start off in a small team, work your way up, bla bla. 

    for any simracers out there who enjoy things like the lmt 2010 mod, or enjoy driving f1 cars in games – this is not for you. this is for people with joypads who like to use T cam view, because its what they see on tv, and have no interest in being challenged in any way (Even though, weirdly, to drive the f1 car in rfactor is far easier, because its responsive to your inputs, and handles as youd expect a car to handle).

  • Samuel Korthof

    Did you ever drive a proffesional F1 simulator? rF doesn’t have any mod that gives a hint of what it is like too drive F1. The best F1 mod is as far away from the real thing as F1 2011 but they take an other route. This game is about the experience BTW not going for a full sim experience. Much of the problems you experience I do not experience them. 

  • Samuel Korthof

    Just down it from newsgroup. That’s what there asking for by releasing it later in EU.

  • Wesley Yelsew

    Pretty much could udnerstand what you said and sounds quite logical. But all that went to nothing when you said ‘for any simracers out there who enjoy things like the lmt 2010 mod’ Simracers and LMT can only be used in the same sentance when it is compagnied with the word Not or a similair negative. Just stating that. I hope for keyboard or Joypad it is more drivable then F1 2010.

    Also you forget 1 thing, why should they optimise it for use with a steering wheel? This game was always meant to be played by a wide public, and how much of those have a steering wheel? A really small percentage, whereas everyone hs a joypad/keyboard, a bit of a no brainer that is for me.

  • Clive Lomax

    Thanks for that Pastor, was really wanting this game to be an improvement, but it doesnt go far enough for me, fooled me the first time CM, not a second, Ill stick with the Rfactor F1 mods……And before we get more tripe about them not being realistic, let me spell it out for you….I dont think for one minute imagine they are 100% a simulation of an F1 car….But if F12011 is anything like F12010 then steer well clear, not only did it not feel like driving an F1 car, it didnt feel like driving a car full stop, you might as well sit in front of a TV watching onboard footage of a race while holding a dinner plate in your hands……

  • James

    Been playing the Formula Simracing rfactor mod lately and have been impressed with how connected you feel in that one. I just gave Codemasters F1 2011 a go and, well, i’m not impressed at all.

    The graphics are pretty poor. The rfactor mod maxed out with Supersampling on looks so much more crisp. I don’t care about fancy effects, i want to see things crisply, not all washed out and jagged. Dirt 3 looks far superior to this one.

    Input lag with the settings i used is high – extremly high. I don’t feel connected to the car at all. This doesn’t just feel aracady, it feels completely wrong. 

    Also with my T500 using a setting of just 10% in-game and 48% in CP for FFB, i could barely turn the damn wheel. The forces were completely whacked. Have to turn CP setting down to 12% as well!

    Sorry, but this game is looking to be very poor, and it just reminds me of all the interviews from the Devs talking deeply about the handling and all the options and i can’t help laighing and thinking ooh the lies, oh the lies codemasters πŸ™‚

  • Stuart Becktell

    Of course rFactor is going to be more realistic then this game. You shouldn’t be surprised by this, and you shouldn’t have been expecting it to be the same as rFactor either.

  • F1Racer

    Yes, I set the reflections to ‘Medium’ cos I dont like it being over-reflective and the McLaren looked absolutely crap.

  • Clive Lomax

    I think James should have every right to expect the game to feel exactly the way it has been described to him in the Dev video diarys…..and if it doesnt then im not a bit surprised he feels like hes been lied to….

  • F1Racer

    In a race they will.  They can use DRS and KERS to get by in racing conditions.   In practice or quali if you are a slow lap they wont bother to pass you no matter how slow you go.  They are only concerned with leaving themselves a gap for their lap.  If you slow down too much they`ll end up in your gearbox and you`ll get a warning for blocking.   The only way to let them by is to go off track.     Crazy.

  • F1Racer

    pastor makes some points I agree with but not all.    Obviously, first off, you can’t go into this game with a sim-racers head on.  You have to leave that at the door.

    I have felt understeer and less understeer and also the car react better after Ive done a couple of laps and warmed the tyres up.
    For what it is, it is definately passable as an F1 game for a wide audience.  CM have done much better than Sony ever did by a country mile, lets face it.

    The only physics issue for me is the unexplained loss of rear grip through fast corners when you increase steering input mid corner.     Spins do seem canned as I had two in the wet in Silverstone and on both occasions I spun around and ended up pointing the exact same way on both occasions.

    Oh and while Im typing I want to shake a fist at CM for stuttering cars in replays !!   WTF ?!

    CM for your upcoming patch…

    1)  Fix that rear end glitch in fast corners.  You know, those ones with the most downforce.
    2)  Fix the game start where if you press a key to start it forgets your steering wheel config.
    3)  Ditch those seizure inducing shaking off-car cameras in replays.   Bloody hell!!
    4)  I know you cant fix this cos you had it in F1-2010 and its probably something that will haunt us in F1-2012 also.  That incessant sound as you accelerate through the gears that gives the impression that the car is constantly overreving or wheelspinning.   There is no progression.
    Hate it hate it hate it.

  • Stuart Becktell

    Based on past experience with CodeMasters, he should know that they have said it was not going to be a true sim. 

  • Stuart Becktell

    Nope, they aren’t.

  • Montoya

    And a ban is what you´re asking for talking about piracy in here!

  • F1Racer

    James,  a couple of silly questions…..    1)  did you make sure you removed the default and silly 20% steering deadzone ?     2)  put your gfx preset to Ultra.      Granted the graphics on some shots aren’t awe inspiring but visually this is pretty nice (apart from the McLaren)

  • Mario Simoes

    so stupid!!!!ok the americas is Nascar released frist in europe and europe f1 released frist in americas right it make sense ok…all the ppl togheter not buyng the game a stryke but is dificult to doet join all the buyers LooL sorry mi ingles LooL =-X

  • Mario Simoes


  • Mario Simoes

    I am shame to bi european like you codemasters!!!ai have all of yor games but is no maket any diference…shet

  • James

    Yep, i know from experience to always remove the deadzone from CM games. Graphics are on max, got a 6970 so the frame rate is solid.

    Believe my guys, I knew this one wouldn’t live up the the hype, i just thought i’d voice my feelings this time as Codies are taking the piss lately with it’s dev diaries, pretending this is somehow bordering on a sim — without ever saying it’s a sim, of course. But it’s clear a lot of people have been hoping it would bridge some gap between 2010 and proper sims, but personally i can’t see it, at all.

  • TomaΕΎ Meglic

    This game is good improvement from F1 2010. Super slow menus are now faster, controller settings are actually usefull. There is still sound delay when downshifting, upshifting but much less then in F1 2010.

    But its not simulation. I play rfactor since 2007 and i agree with some comments above – feeling for the car is far superior in rf than in F1 2011. 

    But like i said game is improved version of 2010. I hope guys in Codemasters will take good route in future in make things (even) better  for future releases.  πŸ˜‰


  • Ricoo

    From comments it seems CM missed to do a proper paying patch for F1 2010. lol

  • Stuart Becktell

    Thanks for the tip, I’ll try that tonight.

  • pastor ted haggard

    no i ain’t driven a proffesional f1 sim, but this is the same argument people troll out every time ‘oh you’ve never driven an f1 car so you don’t know’. 
    well you can, using a bit of common sense and logic, from an abundance of onboard footage and some driving experience, gain a perspective on what it could be like. 
    f1 cars are very light, and have an abundance of power and grip. they are darty, responsive, sensitive machines. Okay i admit, LMT was a bad example as you have to fiddle heavily with the setup to make it work, but lets say something like a CTDP an MMG – all respond instantly to your movements. Outside of the mod, the way the physics are in rfactor, even though its 5 years old, at least allow you to do things you can in real life, like balance the car on an edge going through a corner, or fight the back end coming out in a traction zone, Or feel the steering wheel kickback as you apply too much power. 

    F1 2011 provides none of these sensations, and therefore you can objectively say, for a driving experience its bloody awful. 

    And actually LMT 2010 is alright once you crank on a lot of rear downforce to make the car stable, and the Authentic onboard sounds more than make up for it. The sounds in f1 2011 make me want to reduce the volume, not turn it up. 

    And i agree – you can’t play this game with a sim racer head on – fine, i accepted that. But the gameplay is pretty boring, even if i were to be sat in my sofa playing it with a joypad, the AI is SO Bad (all the usual Bad AI stuff) that it ruins the single player experience. Maybe the multiplayer is actually fun, so i’ll concede with that.

  • Sam

    Really feel sorry for you guys.. lol.. they already took my money from F1 2010. And from what i am reading I am happy I did not spend my money.. I am happily going to wait for rF2.. rF1 has given us soo much and for sooo little cost.. Meanwhile.. Codies price tag is now $100.00 including F1 2010 and 2011…

    Codies should be real careful now.. as if this fails.. I would not be surprised they fold.. but hey to each there own i am just 1 voice and 1 opinion.. Dont hate the player hate the game… πŸ™‚

    P.S. ohh i am sure this is a great console game. (b)

  • Alistair Heeley

    Despite everything I’m still looking forward to giving it a try on Friday when it’s released in Europe, it was only 26 quid anyway so it’s not exactly a huge loss if I only play it for a week.

    I am struggling to comprehend the people who expected it to be anything like rFactor.

  • Austin White

    watch out, The console kiddies love codies for the super awesome Dirt games lmao

  • svizzy

    plugged my 360 pad into my pc and i have to say this is a really nice game. well done. but if you are a person who only plays sims then it is (probably)not for you. i’am one of those simmers but i have to say for the general audience this is the best they can get.had some people over here today telling me they like it(non simmers not owning a steering wheel) and saying it’s better than my stupid sims.

    btw: not much lag with the wheel here. sure the in-game steering-wheel is a tiny bit behind but i think the car reacts quicker then the wheel and hand animations. drove in nosecam and it seemed alright to me. only the ffb is a gamebreaker when i play with steering wheel.

  • Michel Forest

    It’s obvious that this game was not developped for hardcore sim racers, the same way a head coach in the Premier League would not use FIFA 12 to prepare for his saturday afternoon game. It’s a game and its basic function is to entertain. On that basis, I have a lot of fun playing it, but it never comes to my mind that I would be able to drive a real F1 car. Anyway, I’ve always thought that the so-called “sim racers” are deluding themselves into thinking that sitting in front of a screen is the same as driving a real car. It’s not, guys, get over yourselves.

  • Dee Timmerman

    quite surprisingly i got it today, release should’ve been friday, but i’m no complaining <img src=”extra/tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/img/smiley-smile.gif” title=”Smile” border=”0″ alt=”Smile”/>

    i like it, it’s an improvement over 2010
    one sob is i’m getting constantly stuck on loading screen going from qualifying to race, this happens in race weekend and career :s

  • F1Racer

    Another night on F1-2011…

    Frustrating at fk.   The rear end grip issue is so annoying as is the wheel overheating.
    Im in the lead I take a nice corner and the rear end just lets go.  No reason, it just decided to.  Almost as if it was told to in the code.
    I drop some places but Im pitting later and out on options so opportunity to make time up.
    I do 2 fastest laps and pit for Primes.  I some out alongside the next car and we go side by side into turn 1  (Malaysia).  Call it cold tyres or whatever (but I turned into turn one and did a pirouet.  Eased it back on track and the car did another one before I even had a chance to put my foot down again.  I was now in 8th.
    Last lap I switched to rich fuel mixture (btw unless you conseverve at some point, you will start to run out of fuel because the amount you can use is locked off and set to full race distance but still runs out in 11 laps).
    I was in the last sector and made my way to 3rd.  Then the car decided the brakes were not on the front.   The thing to do now would be to adjust the bias to the rear a little.  But you cant do that with this GAME. 
    So the car decided it wasnt going to brake very well into the next corner and I went wide onto the grass and lost another place.  Finished 4th.   

    I was on pole by 1.9s btw so I should have won easily.  A good thing ?  Who the fk knows.

    Points to note:-

    Dont even THINK about getting a bad start off the line.   You will be penalised for illegal blocking.  As if you did it intentionally. Pathetic.

    Dont try and be Lewis and be aggressive on the start.  You will be penalised or warned for an illegal overtake and unsportsmanlike behaviour.  WTF?     Happened to me in turn 1 at Malaysia.   I was on the inside of turn 1 and it was only a simple 3 abreast tight sqeueze.  We see it all the time.

    For me the most annoying thing is the random loss of grip on the rear.  Ok on cold tyres I suppose you can blame it on that but other than that I dunno what the hell is happening.

    I set 13 laps of fuel in quali ready for the 11 lap race.   Come race time the fuel read 52 laps and was disabled.  Unchangeable.  So if the race is on 20% (or 1 fifth race distance) then the fuel must use up at 5x normal.

    Ok gonna stop writing this now as Im getting high off the burning electric smell coming off my wheel.
    This game will break my wheel at this rate ffs.

  • Ahmad

    Here is my first impressions review:

    Like others, the biggest problem is the mysterious loss of rear end grip through mid-high speed corners. For example, I can’t take 130R flat in a Ferrari.

  • Random Username

    CM Fold? rofl.

  • Alex White

    your complaining about 3 days of difference? .. Do you have no patience?

  • Gniewko Ostrowski

    n-stalled, played 10 laps and deleted it. Like a colleague below said. Crap. You just can’t get the feeling you drive the car by yourself, not cpu driving it for you. Total disappointment.

  • Marcus Caton

    F1 2011 Fanboi deleting honest comments it seems…

  • Scott Holdsworth

    Just received my copy in the post this morning but judging by most of the comments on this forum it may be getting re-packed and sent straight back!
    I really wanted to like this game!!
    Just downloaded V8 Factor and that has made me happy again πŸ˜€

  • Markuz

    I got the fear… that Codies will now begin focusing on F1 2012! Weird inverted aero physics, canned spins, you got the fear…

  • Stuart Becktell

    Hope you’re able to get a refund!

  • Ariffuddin Yusoff

    Finally gotten my copy.
    Fair enough, a tad better than 2010, but man how I hate the default steering setup. Makes me feel like pushing a trolley with a bad wheel. Thing is I love my steering to be sensitive, so that I don’t have to make exaggerated movements going into corners. I have to bump up the steering setting to make it feel better.

    Another thing I hate is the relative setup system where the setup is relative to the tracks that you are visiting. I prefer a system where you have a baseline setup and work your car from there. With the relative setup system I found that I can easily get a good setup at some tracks and yet can’t find a good one at another since I have no idea how the car will handle with the setup that they provided.

    Different peoples have different driving styles and IMO this hurts the ones that drive differently from the setup that codies decided to be the “best” for the track

    Graphics was quite ok. No more that shitty bloom thing and I get 80++ FPS constantly.

    The rear grip issue is a real killer for me tho. I even maxed out my rear wing trying to get rid of that to no avail. WTF?

    And the FFB. Why my steering keep vibrating like I have a puncture? And it was on the bloody straights!

    Blegh πŸ™

  • Ariffuddin Yusoff

    Btw listen carefully in the garage. The theme song for Gran Turismo 5 can be heard playing sometimes XD

  • Gerrit Soos de Vries

    Dude, play the game and form your own opinion

  • F1Racer

    Yeah or your ratio back.

    Deleting after 10 laps is stupid.  You’ve not even given it a chance at all.   Clearly you had a pre-conceived idea about it and were determined not to like it so why even bother downloading your pirated copy in the first place ?   A few user comments should have been enough for someone like you who is prepared to give up too easily.

  • F1Racer

    Exactly Gerrit

  • Lukas Kvietkauskas

    just completed the first career race with force india, and the game is challenging, I posted 1:27.9 on option tyres at race, and ran quite smoothly, but didn’t managed my objective (finish 12th) and finished 13th πŸ˜€

    anyway, this is much better than f1 2010, and this year its more like a simulator. I can’t wait till second GP πŸ˜›

  • Scott Holdsworth

    Played it and I quite like it πŸ˜‰
    Much better than 2010 although I’m seeing a big change as I’ve gone from Xbox to High end PC with triple screen setup 😎
    The water effects look amazing!!! Good enjoyable blast although physics still a long way off rfactor, GTR games.
    I won’t be sending it back!

  • Gniewko Ostrowski

    I have given a chance to this game believe me. Have been messing around with setup and setting, but nothing’s gonna help this title!

  • Gniewko Ostrowski

    I really hoped this game to be better than F1 2010, but I am totally disappointed πŸ™

    I have given a chance to this game believe me. Have been messing around with setup and setting, but nothing’s gonna help this title! I have ~10 years of virtual driving experience beginning from F1C and know what I am talking about.

  • Stuart Becktell

    Playing games for 9 years doesn’t really mean anything. I’ve been playing sims since 94, and still enjoy the game. People’s problem is that if you think its going to be super realistic…you’re going to be disapointed. I really don’t understand why this is so difficult for people to understand.

  • F1Racer

    Your 10 years of virtual driving is meaningless if you delete a game after 10 laps and then claim you gave it a chance by messing with setups.

    You think you know what you’re talking about starting out with F1C ?   I started out with Revs and Indy 500 before PCs were even mainstream.    You don’t know what you’re talking about after 10 laps of experience.   You’ve barely warmed the tyres up ffs.

  • pastor ted haggard

    when has any sim racer ever said that ‘sitting infront of a screen is the same as driving a real car’. 
    Please find me any example where any sim racer has said that. ever. 

  • Markuz

    Any difference between Steam and the boxed version? Or is the boxed one like the Simbin games wherein there’s a disc but installs the Steam version?

    If I get it from Steam I really hope it no longer uses GFWL…

  • Oli

    LOL! I play sims since F1C too and I have to admit F1 2011 is driveable now! Sure not perfect but much better and really challenging!

  • Oli

    LOL! I play sims since F1C too and I have to admit F1 2011 is driveable now! Sure not perfect but much better and really challenging!

  • Samuel Korthof

    Aero is not the only option too get more stability on the rear. I’ve adjusted the toe for the rear. This seemed too help quiet a bit. Also changing springs too high rates make the car even stick almost unrealistic too the road. 

  • Samuel Korthof

    Sorry for my talking about piracy won’t do that again. It made me buy the game because I had a try. If I only had read the community reviews at this topic I probably wouldn’t have bought it. So in this case piracy made somebody buy a game. Maybe developers should bring demo’s more often…please don’t ban me for bringing this up.

  • Gerrit Soos de Vries

    there ya go πŸ˜‰
    I’ll be getting it today, as long as it is more enjoyable than 2010 I’m happy πŸ™‚

  • Ross Siggers

    It does use gfwl.

  • Ross Siggers

    Okay, so this is the pshuedo arcade-sim that I was expecting fo F1 2010. Alot of the issues have been fixed, the game is so much more fun to drive, the handling comes alive in the wet. The high speed grip issue has bitten me a couple of times, but aside from that it’s a huge improvement.

    Graphically though…have they dumbed it down? I’m running on ultra and the texture detail is undewhelming, to say the least.

    Also CTDP are the only people EVER to get the McLaren right xD F1 2010 it was too matte and grey, here it’s like a mirror all over, you can’t see the livery details πŸ˜› 

  • Ross Siggers

    Okay, so this is the psuedo arcade-sim that I was expecting fo F1 2010. Alot of the issues have been fixed, the game is so much more fun to drive, the handling comes alive in the wet. The high speed grip issue has bitten me a couple of times, but aside from that it’s a huge improvement.   Graphically though…have they dumbed it down? I’m running on ultra and the texture detail is undewhelming, to say the least.   Also CTDP are the only people EVER to get the McLaren right xD F1 2010 it was too matte and grey, here it’s like a mirror all over, you can’t see the livery details πŸ˜› 

  • F1Racer

    Yeah it would have to in order to maintain online compatability with the boxed version.

  • Jermaine Smit

    I have to say… Aaai.. Steering is still responding way to later. Shifting same.
    I miss the feeling of speed. The cars feel really slow.

    Some things they did improve allot. I like the style. The tv style like thing looks good… The end result bar looks good 2. Way better then before.

    But still it is not a good game in my eyes. I bought it because i like 1 major thing the career. Online people will drive like idiots anyway

  • F1Racer

    I’ve managed to get a few things sorted out for myself.

    For the steering angle, I adjust the Steering Saturation to either 25% or 30% so that I don’t have to turn the steering more than I think is normal for F1.   Check.

    For the rear grip issue I adjusted my rear camber and toe-in settings (-2.80, -1.20, 0.10, 0.29) and the rear end is getting around the same corner it was spinning out on before.   So I’m pretty happy there now.  Check.

    Sound.. awful.   I changed mine from Rapture to Software.  Not sure if it’s affected framerate but with my 5.1 setup it sounds far far better.   I can hear the downshifts happening behind me now and the sounds are more surround.  Even the constant over-revving sound is much improved.

    Would be nice if the AI difficulty could be set via a percentage like rFactor instead of a couple of presets considering how different people skill levels are.

  • Michael

    Well F1 RACER giving up after 10 laps is probably more sane than the experience you’ve shared. Your wheel nigh on catching fire, you having to put in ridiculous wheel settings and so on as you desperately try to fix this years mess that Codemasters released.

    As others have said, they will wait a month or 2 months of sagely asking for all opinions, release a patch that breaks more than it fixes and then open a forum called ‘F1 2012’ and stick their fingers in their ears anytime anyone mentions F1 2011 to them.

    It’s clear from your chosen moniker why you desperately want this to be a good game. But no matter how many laps you do or adjustments you make, it won’t ever be that. I know that without doing any laps. Codemasters couldn’t write a good racing game if they sat for the next 50 years and tried…and I know that from playing their previous titles. No one needs to try this title. There will never, ever, ever be a day when codemasters release a game that is actually worth driving or that has good handling.

    The reason for this is twofold. Firstly because they are clueless and secondly because the plaudits and awards they get fool them into thinking they are actually good at writing racing games.

    They are doomed by believing their own press.

    The reason they get away with it, is simply because, the racing game genre is full of worthless crap.

    But, it’ll be kind of embarrassing reading a bunch of 8/10 and 9/10 reviews and watching Dara O’Briain handing them another Bafta for what is, no matter how good it looks, a game that’s not worth driving.

    Thankfully, at least, the world of FPS shooters laughed at codemasters buggy rubbish and spat them out. There is hope for gaming, if not for racing games.

    But if you’ve sat through any of these games for 10 years or more, you deserve a medal. Well done.

  • F1Racer

    MICHAEL,  While my wheel does get hot with this game (and I notive no-one else has offered their experiences with their Fanatec wheel so I must be the only Fanatec/F1-2011 user out there).
    Obviously the smell from it as it gets hot is unpleasant and who knows if its toxic.  But I only smell it when I lean forward to use the mouse and my nose is directly above the vents.

    I`ll mention it to Fanatec and maybe ask on the CM forums about it where I actually might get a response from another Fanatec user BUT this is not really having anything to do with how the game play s in terms of physics etc. so comparing it to driving 10 laps then deleting it doesn’t make much sense to me.
    I certainly don’t think my wheel is doing to catch fire either.

    Im not sure what ‘ridiculous wheel settings’ you are referring to.   I am using the default FFB settings, and a bit extra steering saturation.

    I had to laugh that you assume that my nickname means I am desperate want the game to be good.    Wanting the game to be good is really only something you can do during it’s development.   Now its here, my want of anything won’t change a thing.
    I can assure I am not desperate of anything.  I agree with most of your opinon of F1-2011 which kind of proves that.  So please don’t assume you konw me.
    My nickname came over a decade before Codemasters even thought of doing an F1 game.
    It comes from my love of real Formula 1, not the games.    If a game or sim is crap I`ll say so.  I happen to be an objective person.

    What games have I sat through for 10 years ?  I only have PC so CMs F1 games have been the only ones really.  The rest are sims which Ive sat through because I like virtual racing and because I happen to have been alive during that whole period.    So if I deserve a medal then so would every other sim-racer.

    If you want to have a pop at the game, go ahead and do so even if you are doing it from the point of view of it being a pure sim instead of a mass market F1 game.   Just don’t drag me in and aim your arrows my way.

  • Markuz

    F1Racer, about the rear grip issue, have you tried the springs 11-11 thing? Apparently it’s a bug/exploit. Might be good if a lot in this community would confirm that it is:

    Let’s see how Codies act on this. I’m thinking they’re already “focused on F1 2012” so they won’t fix this. I hope I’m wrong.

  • Markuz

    Does the boxed version have Steam on it?

  • F1Racer

    Thanks for the link to that. I did sort my car, as I mentioned above, by altering camber/toe-in values but I will try this springs adjustment just to see what happens.
    Might be worth me noting my observations on the CM forum too considering the CM staff are actively reading those.

  • Markuz

    Based on what I read on the forums the game doesn’t really have the same game-breaking bugs F1 2010 had, except for the bugs that have been present for almost every EGO game (DiRT2/3, F1 2010 corrupted saves). To be honest it really looks perfect except for that bug I saw.

    I’m really hoping they fix the spring bug because, Arcade or Sim, going to the setup screen and doing 11-11 makes the car setup cheap. I do not know how they do it in real life F1 but I’m pretty sure they don’t just pick the hardest spring they can find. It also makes all other spring stiffness setttings useless since nothing is compromised. 11-11 springs gives you boatloads of grip, lets you take Eu Rouge flat-out WITH DRS, and makes the tires last longer. Surely, that’s a bug.

    I’m watching the forums trying to see if CM will actually do something and fix this game before focusing on F1 2012. If they do another F1 2010 move, grrr, I’ll really hate them.

  • F1Racer

    Yeah it is a silly bug that needs sorting.  Clearly CM are interested in it so my guess is it will be sorted out in a patch fairly soon.

    I know it’s connected but I dont know if its directly related to the rear losing grip in high speed corners.    Maybe thats a different issue.   I certainly dont want to know I can take Eau Rouge with DRS open and get away with it.

  • Markuz

    Actually, I spoke too soon. I scoured their forums and found threads discussing how the AI is not affected by tire wear alone. People were listing AI laptimes with fuel sim OFF but with tire sim ON. I think it’s still inconclusive.

    I’m also seeing AI bugs in tracks like Malaysia (slow P & Q but OK R) and the super AI in Spain is still around. And ugly textures for 2011. I really hope CM prove their detractors wrong but for me it’s like F1 2010 all over again.

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