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F1 2011 – No AIDS Race Gameplay Video

F1 2011 – No AIDS Race Gameplay Video

KonsolenFrontTV has released a very interesting gameplay video of Codemasters’ upcoming F1 2011 title.

The video shows a full three-lap race at Melbourne in the Red Bull, using a steering wheel and no driving aids. The video has been made using the Xbox 360 version and a Fanatec GT2 wheel with Clubsport pedals, we can check out the driver’s actions via picture in picture. Furthermore, the video also gives us a short glimpse at the game’s menus.

F1 2011 will be released for the PC, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 on September 23, right in time for the final races of the real life 2011 Formula One World Championship season. The new title will come with improved graphics & handling, new features such as multiplayer splitscreen, a working safety car as well as a much more extensive career mode.

  • Kareem

    Looks valid to me, can’t tell much when I’m not the one doing the driving. The sounds improved quite a bit, and I’m glad they did something about that stupid down-shift meow in 2010.

  • Nathan Robinson

    Well, i definitely saw a few (1x) off track’s there, but it looks fantastic. Just wish this was an rfactor mod so we could be running league events with it. Probably wont buy it as its aimed more towards simgle player and i’m a social kind of guy 😛 Looks awesome though.

  • Kareem

    On the contrary, if anything they made it even more social by adding split-screen and season co-op. Dont’ care much -probably at all- for the split-screen, but season co-op is definitely a cool idea. You still can throw league events, it just depends on how much of the regulations you want implemented in the game, as far as I know, most of them are alerady covered since 2010.

  • RFactor Resources Rf

    If the truth is very handsome I must have a lot of improvements from version 2010 toconvensa to most people

  • Tom Coombs

    The driving looks incredibly improved from F1 2010 which was decent with a pad, awful with a wheel.

    As I just got my Fanatec GT2 + Clubsports two days ago, I’ll definetely get this for 360. The co-op championship looks fantastic too.

  • GTEvo

    Cool, amazing Track-Conversion rF2-Food for the “Next Modding Generation”

  • Volz

    Is this guy on a rennsport stand?  Whatever it is it looks solid and small.  I like it.

  • F1Racer

    Of course he couldnt use DRS even though he was told he could 🙂    

    Well I only noticed a couple of things that stick out for me.  A few times he missed apex’s but was still able to make the corner and turn in instead of maybe having to slow down more or go wide and lose a bit of time.
    Also that over-revving sound in 4th gear is still there.  The same as the one you hear in 1st/2nd in as he is exiting the final corner.   Obviously that is meant to be wheelspin, so I guess that’s his heavy foot because you barely hear that these days in F1.

  • amdr

    To me it looks basicly the same as F1 2010…

    Btw anyone see how Maldonado set the fastest lap? Atleast that makes sense lol

  • Marcus Caton

    No aids but the Tv cam… ya he’s a Sim racer alright…

  • F1Racer

    You’re not ‘not a sim-racer’ because you race from T-Cam view.   Elitism.
    I use both so what does that make me ?  Half a sim-racer ?

  • Hompe

    Justin bieber

  • f1racing

    lol this is a dumbest thing I ever heard.
    How can you even take it to yourself to judge who is “simracer” and who is not. Everyone uses views that suits them more.

    I use TV Cam with some mods, most with modern F1. But I use cockpit camera with GT, touring, classic F1…

  • amdr

    Show me the last racedriver who spend his races ontop of his airbox

  • f1racing

    that is so stupid argument. As you may also know, real drivers have freedom to look where they need, while in games you can only look straight forward, or left and right by pressing buttons.
    So, than, going by community’s judgement, no racing game is a real simulator. Nor even rFactor or iRacing because you don’t have full freedom to see like real drivers.

    This is one more example to show how pathetic is this sim/arcade thing.

  • Stuart Cowie

    Still looks incredibly boring if your asking me. F1 cars that dont slide in the slightest bit when being pushed. No oversteer and no understeer make for one hell of a boring ride. I like all types of racing games arcade or sim but what I like most is when you overdrive the car and it feels like you have over driven it. This almost looks like its driving it for you and the previous videos also showed how grippy and driveable the gravel is. Realistic? Far from it! Fun? I doubt it! Rewarding? Definatley not. By the time we get to F1 2015 they might be close.

  • amdr

    ? Everyone can buy a trackir to make it just as real.

  • f1racing

    yeah, but trackir is again no part of original game. And not everybody can afford to buy every single widget…

  • Alistair Heeley

    I generally prefer the t-cam to cockpit camera in games and have been playing rFactor for all of its 6+ years and the mighty F1 Challenge before that. Personal preference.

    I’m considering pre-ordering 2011 but gave up on ’10 after a week, the car still looks somewhat disconnected from the circuit and the player in the development videos but I’m still tempted.

  • Jim Slimjim Cassi

    what got me was he was missing the apex on a lot of corners, but the drivers behind were not able to pass on misstakes being made… maybe he had AI set to easy.. not sure.. but he should have been passed a few times..

  • svizzy

    the start is the first bad thing in the video. 18.000rpm before the get go would not bring you anywere especially not on position 1 after first turn. +the other flaws allready pointed out. i’m dissapointed.

  • WiZPER

    Looks way to grippy, totally flat curbs, reflections on car and helmet looks great, rest seems just average and boring – I’m sure there will be a market for this, but I ain’t buying.

  • AeroMechanical

    So far as driving goes, looks pretty much the same as 2010.  I had some fun with 2010, but I was done with it after a month or so.  I don’t see any reason to buy it again.

    By far my biggest gripe with the handling with 2010 was wheelspin pretty much being implemented as the clutch slipping.  I definitely see that same thing here and there is nothing at all good about that from either a sim or arcade perspective.  It’s just stupid.

  • pastor ted haggard

    wow looks like the most uninvolving driving experience ever. give me a 3 year old rfactor f1 mod with bodged AI any day of the week, at least it would actually test ones skill. 
    i dont get how people can enjoy easy drives like these. It would be fine if the game itself had something – i bet the career mode is dull as hell though. 

  • pastor ted haggard

    how can you play properly using the Tcam.
    1. Its not as immersive. we play sim games as a substitute for the real thing.
    2. Okay, so its preference. So you don’t want to see what a real driver might see, fine (??)
    3. You would actually be a lot faster driving using a cockpit view. T-cam might give you great visibility, but you cannot judge slips and slides easily, and the car movement, relative to the fixed track, and can’t react as quickly to it. 
    Though i guess in these dull codemasters games, that doesnt matter too much. 

  • tepsu

    I’d recommend anyone who’s still iffy about the game watch this . It’s  TeamVVV racing a 20% race, you can see that 2011 is an improvement over 2010 in the handling model clearly.
    There’s actual wheelspin when you come off corners, there are stages of tyre degredation and you actually need to warm up the tyres before you can go full speed. The fuel is affecting the car balance in the beginning of the grand prix. There’s lots of things improved, and the bad expirience that was 2010, won’t be the deciding factor for me, I’ll be buying.

  • Alistair Heeley

    As I said, I’ve become used to it over several years of using that view. The point was that you can’t argue that someone is not an avid racer because of their choice of camera.

  • F1Racer


    Clearly a lot of people can play properly from T-cam and I don’t think it’s for anyone to tell anyone else how they should race their sims.  The option to drive from t-cam isn’t there by accident.

    1) That may be so for open wheelers.  We do play sims as a substitute but the experience is supposed to be in the physics if peoples comments are to be be;ieved.  You can still get enjoyment from racing a sim from t-cam view.  Again it’s not for people to judge others or belittle them for not sticking to cockpit view. 

    2) There are many things sim racers do that don’t reflect reality.  How many play MMG07 mod without TC ?    We don’t see what a real driver might see anyway.  There is no peripheral vision unless you have a multimonitor setup.    Remember at the end of the day its a game.  It’s not a substitute for you not having the money to drive the real thing. It’s not making you into a real racing driver

    3) How can you judge who would be faster in cockpit view?  I am at least 0.5-1.0s quicker in t-cam view because you can see more of the road coming up and you can judge the apex of the corners better.  Also you can readily react to slips and slides just as well a cockpit.

    Cockpit can provide a more immersive experience but it doesnt mean it has to be a hard and fast rule that sim racers should only use that view.  There are no written rules to sim racing and its not up to anyone to make any unwritten ones for others to follow either.

  • Alistair Heeley

    Agreed on all fronts.

  • Stuart Cowie

    Thanks for posting that video but it still looks dull. I dont see oversteer and understeer. I think I would rather watch a video of aload of rookie errors than someone driving a dull race and even more around a dull track. Looks nice I will give it that.

  • f1racing

    here is one video which shows that CM’s sounds are not at all unrealistic

  • Norbi Wo

    that helmet cam sounds… which will be diffrent than CM’s onboard-like sounds

  • Norbi Wo

    that’s helmet cam sounds… which will be diffrent than CM’s onboard-like sounds

  • f1racing

    and CM said last year that they are trying to make game so we can live the life of driver, to feel like we are drivers in a team, where we battle with our team mate. Not to look at a game as a spectator. And with this sound they did just that. They shown us how F1 sounds from drivers perspective

  • F1Racer

    Yeah the camera on that video will be picking up sounds as heard from outside whereas the sounds in the games are probably meant to convey what the driver would hear under the helmet so it would be more muffled.  That might explain the difference.

  • Markuz

    I wouldn’t mind if I can step on the accelerator fully during the starts without spinning but CM only delivering a single PC patch that broke a lot on F1 2010 makes me cautious about 2011. A lot of review sites already gave the game “too good to be true” reviews but the lack of mention of AI now being affected by tire wear and fuel loads makes all of them suspicious. It’s like there’s a gag order to not mention the long standing CM F1 game bug.

    F1 2010 is a weird one. If I turn on all assists and realism settings it’s unfair to me because the AI isn’t affected. If I turn the fuel and tire sim OFF they’re painfully slow even on legend. Both instances ain’t fun.

    I hope AI are now affected by sim options. Actually, I hope that they at least seem/artifically/pretend to be affected. With the reviewers’ consensus that the cars’ suspension and grip levels are better, I’ll be happy with it. I don’t really care if they never nailed the real performances this year, else it’ll just be Vettel vs Everyone Else just like in RL F1 2011.

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