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F1 2011 – First PC Patch Available

F1 2011 – First PC Patch Available

Codemasters have released the first PC patch for their recently-released F1 2011 title, adding a bunch of small fixes and improvements to the game that PS3 version owners already got to enjoy a few days ago.

The patch can be obtained by using the title’s Auto-Updater feature, a separate download or a change log are unfortunately not available. With two of the three platforms covered, only Xbox 360 users are left waiting now as the patch is currently being certified by Microsoft.

Meanwhile, Codemasters are already working on a more extensive second patch that will incorporate fixes for the problems reported by the community since the title’s launch two weeks ago.

  • Kareem

    Well, I’ll wait on the DVD-version patch, and I’d pretty much appreciate a changelog.

  • Marcus Caton

    youl never get it, these are the ppl that didn’t do a beta to find these same problems.
    they will hide there idiocy.

  • Andy Enderby

    many accounts that the content is not disimilar to the release day patch pushed to PS3 customers and does little to address existing problems. If you have F12011 on Steam, try it, but don;t expect too much. There has been no mention of any rectification of problems with multiplayer or replay modes….

  • Markuz

    LoL, optimize my eggs. Game still detects my 2500K as dual-core with hyperthreading and assigns the 2-core worker map file. It managed to get +6 fps on average though so that’s good. I haven’t tested much but I’m planning to see if the sky is still cracking and falling in China and Canada and if the drying line no longer looks like tetris.

  • F1Racer

    I`ll bet they can spell though 🙂

  • pascal lallala

    still no solution for inputlag?

  • Norbi Wo

    For me, the way to remove input lag was… changing from “rapture” sound settings to “software” sound settings in games option. It removed for me gearing and sterring input lags, same thing was with F1 2010.

  • Samuel Korthof

    I do not experience inputlag. What kind of wheel do you use?

  • Frank Wynants
  • kevmscotland

    Norbi Wo is correct, its a audio lag ratehr than a input lag, and the rapture drivers do cause the problem.

    Same with Dirt 2, F1 2010, Dirt 3 and now F1 2011.

    Altho I just updated to the latest rapture drivers and that fixed it for me.

  • Stuart Becktell

    They had a changelog for the F1 2010 updates. 

  • Erick Nagy

    CM screwed up again… They did not fix the triple screen aspect ration issue, instead, they introduced a new issue. Before the patch, the aspect ratio of the menus was ok when in the track, now, the menus are all stretched… Amazing!!! 🙁

  • pascal lallala

    i turn in and a moment later it gets ingame
    in rfactor or any other game i never had it
    frame rate is ok
    dont get it
    wasnt there a fix for 2010 last year?

  • F1Racer

    you didnt mention if you tried switching the sound engine as has been recommended above.

  • pascal lallala

    i did it, nothing changed

  • Raymond Tsui

    Override to use “wheel” in your settings.

  • Raymond Schram

    The patch optimizes FPS for me. On average abouu 5 to 8 FPS higher. Loading screens are also faster.

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