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F1 2011 – Details on the Safety Car Feature

F1 2011 – Details on the Safety Car Feature

Following SRT’s video interview with Codemasters’ Stephen Hood that already touched on the safety car in F1 2011, below is a new video interview with even more detail on what seems to become everybody’s favorite new feature.

In the video, the F1 2011 lead designer goes into great detail, explaining how the game handles the different safety car situations, the restarts and more.

F1 2011 will be released for the PC, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 on September 23, right in time for the final races of the real life 2011 Formula One World Championship season. The new title will come with improved graphics & handling, new features such as multiplayer splitscreen, a working safety car as well as a much more extensive career mode.

  • Ross Siggers

    Bespoke steering wheels and animations…awesome 😀

  • F1Racer

    F1-2011 certainly talks the talk.  Whether it can walk the walk, we will see.
    I like how they recreated the 2 McLarens coming together 🙂   

    No tyre changes under safety car though ?   🙁     Obviously because they couldn’t work that out properly and cover it up by saying they hope F1 follows them next year.

    The car ghosting feature under a SC is a compromise though but a clever way to get around the idiots who don’t want to play by the rules.

  • Chris Wright

    Well as great as it all sounds, I’m still going to wait for the first couple of days to pass, gauging the reaction, before I take the plunge. Codemasters are brilliant at publicity and building everything to a nice crescendo for release day. The problem is that the same sort of hype surrounded last year’s release and, as good as F1 2010 was, it didn’t match its billing, especially before the patch.

    If they even deliver 70% of what they’ve promised, this will still be a very worthwhile improvement.

    The bigger issue is that, with the F1 licence effectively up for grabs next year, we may never get to see how polished their third attempt may be. Bernie always sells to the highest bidder and we should all pray that EA or Sony don’t get their hands back on it.

  • F1Racer


    As for the licence I think they have it for next year or certainly it looks like the nod will be given anyway.  As for 2013, different story. Then its up for grabs but if CM have shocased F1 in a ‘good light’ they again should get the nod.   Clearly it’s not going to be put in the hands of a sim company so I suppose CM is the next best thing even if we have to compromise for the sake of the console market.

  • F1Racer

    Not to mention compromises that have to be made to satisfy FOM too.  They don’t like to see cars being crashed and pit guys being run over (GP4 managed to make it work so I dunno why CM can’t simply copy that technique).

  • f1racing

    this pit crew run over problem could also be solved like EA/ISI did with F12002 and F1 Challenge – you can pass through them. I mean, I would like to have manual pit control with crew which is not bunch of ghosts, but which is actually real, but that is not possible due to those kids who like to crash everything in games.

  • F1Racer

    yes that way works also.  I guess FOM take more convincing otherwise I think CM would have implemented it.

  • bduddy

    I’m pretty sure they said no tire changes during red flags, not during the safety car!

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