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RDDev Truelights Weather Ultra DX11 for F1 2010 – Released

RDDev Truelights Weather Ultra DX11 for F1 2010 – Released

The RaceDepartment Development Team has released Truelights Weather Ultra DX11, their newest mod for F1 2010.

The mod very much improves the title’s look & lighting in weather conditions as you can check out in the previews and in the video below.

Truelights Weather Ultra DX11 also works in DirectX9 mode and, despite the improved visuals, comes with no performance hit.

Download Truelights Weather Ultra DX11 for F1 2010 Here

  • jonelsorel

    Sorry Codies, why is there water in the tunnel?

  • Lenniepen

    Isn’t this a bit too quick for a wet track?

  • vik15

    I have a feeling for a while already that neigther engines or directX numbers do a quality graphics now but ruther just how the graphics, textures and shaders are done actually.  If something looks great it just because it’s done good on an art side, whatever dx number it may be. 

  • spliff

    that’s what i thought, too. looks very very arcadish. but hey, it’s an arcade game.. so what?! 🙂

  • M4MKey

    Yeah well about that speed in this track, I played it on TT. And TT mode won’t let me have tyre sim ON. So As i’m now quite good with tyre SIM, if I don’t have it, I’m not so bad at all :p But I prefered doing it on TT for clean lap without other cars 🙂

  • bryant231

    Great Mod. THX 😎

  • m0nty

    You didn’t even read the story, did you? The weather mods are from RD. Not Codemasters.

  • muscimol

    Looks great, but it’s really shame, that the cars drive horrible. It’s not enjoyable at all :/

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