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F1 2010 – Track Lighting Mod 0.1 Released

F1 2010 – Track Lighting Mod 0.1 Released

Modding of the F1 2010 PC version started almost instantly with the popular camera and FOV mods being available almost instantly after the release. Now, the modders have already moved on to more substantial changes, tweaking the graphics of the popular title.

The newest mod comes from shurik_spb and aims to give the title a more realistic look. His Track Lighting Mod 0.1 package includes changed lighting for five tracks, including Monaco, Hockenheim, Barcelona, Melbourne and Bahrain.

Detailed installation instructions are provided at the download location, you can find comparison shots and a video of the new lighting in action below. Those who dislike the high saturation used in the preview material can tweak it themselves by editing the files.

Download F1 2010 Track Lighting Mod Here

  • Turkey :D

    I’m glad I bought the PC version! Looks awesome!

  • FasterThanFTL

    I was wondering this would happen to the PC version. Looks much less depressing.

  • Diromo

    Cartoons! Here I come!

    By looking at default I agree – graphics can be modified to achieve more realistic look (it looks so dull and dark), but not so far as it is on left screens – way to colourful (except cars) – reminds me rF mods without alpha channel and shadows on textures

  • Flaux

    Now thats a change… will give it a try this evening.

  • FasterThanFTL

    Some people prefer this kind of look and Polyphony Digital don’t mind using this kind of lighting, its more pleasing to the eyes.

  • Captain Underpants

    I never could understand the obsession the games industry has with the coffee filter. And please knock off the lens flare. You should be trying to emulate the human eye, not a camera. Sorry. It just bugs me that no-one gets that.

    Anyway, this looks much nicer. I hope it extends to all the tracks. Also, since I’m kinda clueless about such things, could I put in a request for a camera mod? I’d like to see a ‘hood’ view – the camera positioned just in front of the steering wheel, with a reasonably wide field of view. I find it weird to see two sets of hands whilst driving. I know we’re a minority, but I get the feeling at least a few people prefer this view.

  • Carbonfibre

    Something in-between this and default would be perfect. It’s clearly too far in the opposite direction atm.

  • Ahmad

    Did I forget to mention that I love this game? Add me on GFWL if you want – bokuwahmz

  • qawaza

    How about a visual steering lock anoying to see steering lock only reach 90 degree side to side..

  • heymoa

    what you want 900 degrees? ever watched F1 before?

  • youyou

    200° you educated fool , f1 cars steers to 200°

  • 6e66o

    Oh yeah, much better! πŸ™‚

  • Ahmad

    A replay mod would be brilliant, I’d love to watch a full lap replay of my fastest time trial times.

  • 6e66o

    FVA reccomends 400°
    they say, thats what they use.

  • cosm1

    LOL real F1 cars have 400 to 500°
    only a child car toy with pedals have 200°

  • F1Man

    Not liking it, the normal one looks more realistic than this. This looks like too much lighting, you don’t see it that bright in real life.

  • marius

    I agree. Something in between.

  • Marcuz

    Guys, if you’ll keep modding this game and it reaches the XBox, Lewis Hamilton will never, ever, finish on the upcoming races! He’ll do all his practice in the game so on track he thinks his car is a tank! J/k. But man, it’s so hard to ignore that ever since the BBC video he ended up with a messed up car.

  • Ben

    I think people need their eyes testing.

    The new lighting looks 100% better.

  • gniewko

    thumbs up…looking forward to test it after my work πŸ˜‰

  • gniewko

    LoL, it depends what you mean, F1 cars have 200° to the left and the same of course to right, which is 400°

  • Simosimosimo

    looks like rfactor now! only worse!

  • Xascent

    I think maybe you have to remember that drivers have tinted visors in real life.

  • Simosimosimo

    Gotta  love watching the helmet flaping around! Pure laugh!

  • Creatorex

    I already had monaco modified lighting and looks awesome πŸ™‚  If you need to reduce lighting as in real life use sunglasses πŸ˜› with this mod

  • Big Ron

    I bit too saturated colors. But the contrast is very good.

  • Big Ron

    The flaping helmet looks great…..broken neck included?

  • Der_KHAN

    hmm, in the video monaco is still black and white. i guess it’s not one of the five tracks, is it?

  • Der_KHAN

    “You should be trying to emulate the human eye, not a camera”

    … Amen brother!

  • nick

    something in between them would be nice πŸ™‚

  • Raymond

    I think the track itself doesn’t need to be changed this much, perhaps a bit light but not this much, the cars themselves however could use with more lighting, just look at the Renault letters on the nose, that’s supposed to be white, yet it never comes above a medium gray. A for effort though, it’s a step in the right direction to know that this is possible.

  • Raymond

    I meant the track doesn’t need to be changed this much, it’s the sky that mainly needs to be changed. have it blue instead of grey when it’s dry.

  • AeroMechanical

    Definitely a step in the right direction.  Some of the default tracks are just depressing.  Particularly Monza.

    Still, this is a little too much.  It looks like the overly saturated TV cameras they use in the TV coverage of F1.  I need something in between (but definitely closer to this mod than to what’s in the game already).

    On the subject of cameras, from looking at the files, it seems as though proper TV replay cameras are well within the realm of possibility.  The ones they have in there now, like so many console racers, are more like a cross between a car commercial and a music video.  I want cameras that emulate what we actually see on TV.  Cameras that, you know, actually show you what’s going on in a reasonable way, rather than just rapid-fire cutting between various X-TREEM(tm) camera angles.

  • jimmy

    Wow, what a modification! I am really thinking about buying now cos I suppose there is more to come from simracing community… And I think that colours are just OK now. F1 has always been colourful, my first memories of F1 in early 90s are full of colours, just like my first F1 games – F1GP1 and F1GP2. It’s just great now, very ‘optimistic’ in comparison with old ‘depressive’ manner.

  • AeroMechanical

    Though I should point out the replay cameras point is moot at this stage anyways since I had to disable write access to the replay file to avoid suttering…. wtf do they need 2 gigabytes to record a replay for anyways?  Everyone else manages it in a few megabytes.

    Even if they did sort out the stuttering, I’m not really sure it’s worth the 2 gigabytes, particularly since you can’t save them anyways, so you either watch it right away or never.  There are more pressing problems on their plate.

  • Diromo

    I agree too, as mentioned before

  • vrooom


  • GTEvo

    only 10-20% reducing sature..than it looks very very real
    Contrasts of shadows are nearly perfect..

    Now i wait for a MonsterPatch wich will sort all scandalös Bugs out.
    Wheel ShiftLags, SaveFunction, “Look-Behind” Function or VirtualMirror..SpeedFeeling, Rolleffects on Wheels etc.
    -a serios Multiplayer…
    than i will buy this F1 Bug 2010!
    For the Moment i feel totally happy with the F1 BugRazor1911 😎

    The F1 Bugger has got Potential

  • Raymond

    Is it possible to also show this same modification with rain in the screenshot, the wet weather already looked very good, except the cars themselves, I don’t want to improve dry weather but make wet weather graphics worse…

  • Marcel Penzkofer

    I’m with that. And hoefully no changes on rain-lightning because original-setting is very nice except the cars are reflecting to much.

  • Shadeshift

    It’s clear why the originals were much darker.  They had to to allow you to see the tiny white text and lines of the HUD.  With this mod they’re mostly illegible on the bright skies.  I suppose all you really need to know shows up in a red or green box (sector times)  I’ll try this out later and see if the running lap times are invisible.

    I agree the overall saturation and brightness needs to be cut back to about 85%.  There are parts that are now blown out, clouds, kerbs, etc.  All in all, a good facelift.  The original lighting is so vague.

  • F1Racer

    then how do you modify the hands animation to cope with 400 degrees ???   Or doesnt that matter ?

  • F1Racer

    Im preferring the original.  Only because, as people have said, the modified (or ‘modificated’ πŸ™‚ ) version takes it too far.  The light range is way too overexposed.

  • BSR-WiX

    IMO the over saturation is killing the realisme. look at rFactor, after driving iRacing for an hour, rFactor look like a coloring book. Same here. The original represents a much better graphical immersion then the modified one.  finally a company that noticed the over saturation on most games, and the first thing we do is turn it up again.  It will always be a matter of personal preference i guess.

  • Pleb

    lol, member? ;]

  • Pleb

    I wish someone could figure out how to make the steering wheel fixed for cockpit view, hate seeing it move infront of my own hands, really puts me off

  • F1Racer

    ” finally a company that noticed the over saturation on most games, and the first thing we do is turn it up again.”


  • scca1981

    Gonna have to agree on the saturation.  Gave it a shot but its definitely too much.  Looks like a cartoon almost now.  Although your effort was appreciated its just not for me.

  • Vmk

    thanks for the modder for sharing its tweaks, but I the original is more immersive..
    Back when GRID was released, almost everybody learned how to turn off post processing on the cfg’s and it became that cartoonish thing. Same with F1 2010, the original (for me) is way more immersive.

  • 6e66o

    People just begun to modify the lighting,
    im sure we will see more and better tweaks in the future.

    In the meantime this one is allready an improvement over the original IMO.

  • GTEvo

    ” finally a company that noticed that Customers are stupid, mainstreamzombied and blind Freaks, who talks those criminal FullBug PseudoProducts as good as they wished themself..and the first thing we do is glorify it once again!

    This isnt Game.this is the crappiest, the criminalst NewGeneration MonsterCommercial ProfitContent, ive ever seen.
    NFS Shifts with there Controller Bug was crap..but God save the Communitie..but this PredatorProduct F1 2010 from Codemaster is just VirtualScientology!


  • banr

    nice MOD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • moschum

    okay after the farce that was bahrain (starting in 24th and finishing 1st by 30 seconds in a williams), the AI seemed a lot better at australia, much more on the pace (started 24th finished 6th)  Im doing a 3 season campaign, everything on expert/aids off. With the awful AI at bahrain it made me slander the game for all its worth, but after giving it another chance, Australia was okay.   Its still rubbish if you qualify – heres a tip – just start at the back of the grid for every race – makes it way more enjoyable.    even tho its of course miles off the driving experience provided by the ancient rfactor, or even EA sports f1 challenge 99-02, just playing on properly made nicely textured tracks makes a welcome difference for the proper simracer….   if they could just fix the sounds, it would actually be an enjoyable pseudo-sim racing game.    for the record i am a die-hard sim only racer, and have zero interest in any arcade racers (games like forza sicken me). so for me to want to continue playing f1 2010 says a lot about the game.   i give it a thumbs up. 

  • GTEvo

    lol moshun..i always start from behind.
    In any Game..rFactor, GTR2, GTREvo..its just most fun and by far the most Adrenalin Factor

  • KamyKaze

    I’m done with F1 2010 until Codemasters release a patch fixing the punctures issues. I was racing now, and in the middle of the race, when i changed from inters to prime, in the out lap… CABUM… a puncture. thats just inpossible… I was enjoying This game a lot, but i can’t take this. Hours testing for this… :'( :'( :'(

  • Vettel

    Strange, in my copy if I start at the back I hardly reach the top ten. And I would rate myself as a pretty good racing game driver.

  • F1_fan_1

    Now if only I knew how the f**k I can get the game to run smoothly on my pc it would be great. None of the recommended fixes has heped so far. Mklink doesn’t, read-only for the replay file doesn’t, switching the audio to software doesn’t…..

  • kkacper

    Yes I feel your pain I was doing a great bahrain race and I was 1st from 4th in the grid I was well after my pit like it was lap 15 of 20 laps I have set (100% is too much for my time atm) and like the tires should be ok they were actually in the moment when the tires are quickest before getting fully used up and I must say it’s annoying. I understand if it would be after some accident before but it most certainly wasnt. That’s one of maybe 2/3 things I can B**ch about….

  • Skara Koska

    What he said ^

    I agree on the saturation but these are the first steps…a few more days and we’ll see more and better tweaks for sure…

    And F12010 feels ok…not a simulator but a good game. Altough the “AI conspiracy” is still in the beginning history taught us a lesson…let the community do their job! And the community is very good at it…be patient guys…

  • moschum

    ive never played any of those games in single player…….its totally pointless. 

  • Spinster

    I like the amber sun light reflrection on the ashphalt.

  • AeroMechanical

    Is it a consistently low framerate, or hiccuping? If it is hiccuping because of the replay file, then just setting it to read-only might not be enough.  I tried that, didn’t help (it was still writing to the file), I had to (Windows 7), go to properties->security and deny write access to the entire folder.  The MKlink apparently only works if you have a second physical hard disk, though apparently that isn’t all its cracked up to be.

    Their replay system is basically just ghastly in every way imaginable.

  • RKipker

    Ditto… he does not have all set to expert and in career mode set to the hardest level, or most aggressive answer. 

    If the lower cars are so fast, why are they not topping the Leader Boards????

  • Marcel Penzkofer

    When the Live for Speed devs released their first version of S2, they had the problem with unreadable HUDs aswell, as the sky was to bright for white letters. But they added two intelligent things to solve that problem:  
    1. giving every letter, symbol and number a small dark shadow  
    2. giving the player the choice which colour the font should have  
    If you could change that on F1 2010 aswell (1st mentioned point would be enough) then I think it would be nice.

  • mark antonio

    F1 2010 with ENB files, no brown tint

  • Marcuz

    +1. The HUD needs improvement, dunno if Codemasters will actually do that. There’s a reason why F1’s rev meters are multi-colored. I also think a HUD rev meter like GTR 2 would be very helpful and would actually be a match compared to the white one we have. Add the audio latency to the equation and you’re left with a HUD that you really have to focus on instead of helping you out in your peripheral vision.

  • Marcuz

    I have set the replay cache to read only but it didn’t help at all. It’s like either the CPU or the GPU isn’t fully utilized on track. I just updated to GTX 470 from which did wonders to other games but for F1 2010 it’s still… meh. It’s still 35-45 average FPS for me on LOW. It reaches 52 sometimes. That’s when all I’m seeing is sand, the sky and a fence.

    It’s not stuttering, it’s like some hardware goes to sleep once on track. CPU utilization on [email protected] is from 65-85%, if it’s bottlenecked by the CPU shouldn’t it be 100% all the time? Dunno about the GPU. Weird, Dirt 2 looks 10x better yet performs twice as much.

  • Marcuz

    Uhm, why should the community fix the game? Codemasters must fix this game first so that the community can have a stable and great working base to mod. If it’s just the community that fixes this game we’ll be in a world of online mismatches.

  • nh racing

    ENB MOD looks good
    so does the track lighting mod
    my new video here

  • Marcuz

    Saaaad. Lots of sites on the web claiming low CPU+GPU utilization for this game and no word from Codemasters yet.

  • F1_fan_1

    It’s consistently low framerate. With a E8400 @ 3 Ghz, 4 GB of ram and a nVidia 250 GTS it should be fine though. I will try the ‘deny write acces’ fix later today. Thanks.

  • Suarez16

    I’ve done 5 career races at 20% and haven’t had a puncture yet..

  • DaiMOn

    Original is much better. The modified lighting is too bright, too blue, and too saturated… It just looks like it would be an edited rFactor screen…

  • vik15

    The original may looks better only on a strongly oversaturated monitor. It’a wonder how people tend to believe to their monitor colors over cameras and other stuff while a general monitor is  a weakest part of a color rendition. 
    Buy a colorimeter, calibrate your monitor and you would hardly find anything over saturated  in most modern games. Most games now are under saturated with a kind of brown-gray posteffect filter. That filter may looks resonable in a kind of medieval theme but in a sim it looks silly.

  • nh racing
  • Vettel

    Why do you ram each other off all the time?

  • Thomas Finch

    Can someone please upload the default lightings? I gave my DVD to my brother. Pretty please?

  • Diogo Oliveira

    Mans, nice work, no coments, very very very wonderfull, tranks for the best lights!

  • rich1701

    I noticed I only get punctures when I’ve been off the track, this includes run off areas but not grasscrete. 

  • rich1701

    I got pole in my williams at sepang, on a wet track with option tyres…. :-/ It is curious that there is less grip with slightly worn slick tyres on a dry track than running slick tyres on a wet track. It’s laughable. 

  • nh racing
  • nh racing

    new video

  • Markuz
  • JamoZ

    Can someone tell me what the Cloth setting in F1 2010 is for? low, medium or high makes no visible difference…

  • 6e66o

    I find that none of the settings make any difference.

    Tried turning motion blur off for example,
    but it looks just like before..

  • Dave

    Guess how long customers will have to wait for an apology.

    I think that post might have more to do with some gaming websites looking for info on the bugs issue than customers posting in codies forums.

  • AeroMechanical

    The only settings that make any difference to the performance for me are “Crowd” and to a lesser extent “shadows” and “trees” (on tracks like Melbourne).  Crowd is a pretty big one though.  Since I hardly ever look at them, I just turned them off completely.  I might go back to low though, if that provides just static crowd textures like rF, because entirely empty grandstands is a little weird when I happen to look.

    I can see the difference between motion blur on/off, but it’s very subtle and I have to actually be looking for it.  It doesn’t really add to it (unlike the motion blur in Shift which I quite like actually), so if it costs any CPU cycles at all isn’t worth it.

    I assume that “cloth” applies to the flag and banner simulation.  I turned that one off.  No point.

  • Raymond Tsui

    Ugh, I hate it when my save game is now corrupted for no apparent reason. I now have to restart my career. DO YOU KNOW HOW ANNOYING THAT IS? VERY ANNOYING. It stopped me from playing the game.

  • nh racing

    nobody has heard of brakes they just go flat out into 1st corner
    noobs is the answer

  • Justin ForzaBarΓ§a D’Cruze

    Cheers mate, I’ve been playing around with the enbseries file trying to make it look like that πŸ™‚

  • Marcuz

    If their motivation to fixing this game is their losses due to condemnation from PC gaming web sites we customers will still come out as winners… for a while. I’m really worried they might not patch the critical ones like save corruption, under-utilized CPU/GPU (low framerates), replay related stutters, audio latency specially with Rapture, etc.

    I also wish they get pressured to fix the fake AI, fix the unbelievably high probability of blowing off tires, fix the “it’s always your fault” rules (I swear I passed cleanly but I was hit from behind yet it’s still my fault!), fix the AI swerving too much (major immersion killer) and improve the FFB.

    I also wish they’d drop SecuROM for Steam. Why put DRM over another DRM?

    What did I miss?

  • Suarez16

    Dirt2 had the same problem.

  • Denn

    SuchergebnisseGeoff Crammond’s Grand Prix 4 was the best official F1 game which was ever made. Its already 8 years old and still better!!

  • Markuz

    I hope it doesn’t take that long to fix this game, hahaha!

    I do remember GP4 coming out wherein almost nobody can fully run it. I also remember Codemasters saying they’re aiming for an F1 sim like GP4. Omg, I think they took the wrong pattern from GP4, hahaha. Now we have F1 2010 that lots of people couldn’t run well on their PCs. πŸ™‚

  • F1Racer

    Im a big GP4 fan, but 8 years is 8 years.  If CM can or will iron out these major bugs then this game has GP4 beaten hands down, particularly in the wet weather.  Even though the physics model is dumbed down a bit on F1-2010, I think its still less sterile feeling than GP4’s.
    You can’t compare graphics so forget that bit.  Or sound really.
    GP4 was and is still great and is still worthy of a top shelf position.   But as a standalone F1 game, I do think F1-2010 for all its faults (and there are many) has it finally beaten.

    But we all have different opinions and thats what makes life more interesting πŸ™‚

  • Suarez16

    It might be worth noting that when Grand Prix 4 was released it received a lot of criticism as well….

  • F1Racer

    Im a big GP4 fan, but 8 years is 8 years.  If CM can or will iron out these major bugs then this game has GP4 beaten hands down, particularly in the wet weather.  Even though the physics model is dumbed down a bit on F1-2010, I think its still less sterile feeling than GP4’s.  
    Graphics while they came to be really nice on GP4 can’t compete with up to date stuff. 
    GP4 was and is still great and is still worthy of a top shelf position.   But as a standalone F1 game, I do think F1-2010 for all its faults (and there are many) has it finally beaten.  
    But we all have different opinions and thats what makes life more interesting πŸ™‚

  • Raymond Tsui

    I never had that problem with DiRT 2.

  • Graphic rendering still needs much development before they can accurately render light. Light which changes the color, luminosity, and opaque/transparency of objects.  Colors change from cool to hot depending on how much light reaches them. All this is lost on current graphics rendering. So we have only two choices. A coloring book look. Or a post process filter.     That later is what artist have always used to pull a picture together, and make it appear to be all under the same lighting conditions. “atmosphere”  Now you know.

  • Dave

    you missed one

  • F1Racer

    Hmmmm  *DONT_KNOW*

  • lllDRIVENlll

    Cool lighting mod, looks heaps better

  • Fabian Bonora

    happened to me too, afaik it has smth to do with R&D stuff, the tip from the forum (which worked for me till now) is (if you gonna play it again):
    1)R&D is always in practice session, so if u finish a R&D thing, go and drive the qualy and then save the game, dont exit the game in the practice session with the R&D stuff -> result would be a corrupt
    2) back the s**t up

    it is annoying but if that brings you back to playin it, would be awesome!

  • Viktor Katilis

    So, the russian guy cranked up saturation and thinks it’s realistic.
    What he really did is made it look like rfactor crap.


  • nedcoleman

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