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F1 2010 – Review

F1 2010 – Review

Back in 2008 Codemasters announced to have acquired the Formula One license, promising to bring annual Formula One games to the PC & gaming consoles.

Now, F1 2010 is here, being the first official Formula One game for the PC since EA Sports’ F1 Challenge 99-02 that dates back to 2003. The pre-release hype surrounding the title has been met with doubts in the sim community as Codemasters past titles such as Race Driver GRID and Dirt have done little to impress the fans of realistic racing.

So, is F1 2010 realistic enough to please sim racers or is there another issue that overshadows the driving experience? Read the review to find out!

It’s somewhat hard to believe that is has been seven years since an official Formula One game has been released for the PC but the past years have seen the license being confined to Sony consoles.

Starting with the now-legendary Grand Prix by Geoff Crammond, Formula One has been a popular topic on PCs for many years. The genre was at its high at the start of the century when racers had up to three different Formula One titles to choose from as Geoff Crammond’s Grand Prix series, EA Sports and Ubi Soft competed to offer the ultimate F1 title.

All three franchises have long folded though as Sony secured the exclusive F1 license in 2003, limiting Formula One games to the Playstation consoles for almost seven years. Now it’s Codemasters turn, the company has quite an extensive motorsport background, having released countless popular rallying and touring car titles.

The Title – Content

As the name suggests, F1 2010 includes all cars & drivers of the 2010 Formula One season, giving buyers access to the current Formula One cars and tracks with five races of the real season still to go.

This is especially remarkable when it comes to the Korean Grand Prix as the South Korean Grand Prix venue wasn’t even finished by the time its virtual version was created.

Codemasters could not have picked a better time to start their franchise as a bunch of new teams at the back of the F1 grid have added new flavor to the series and adding a challenge to the title’s career mode.

Aside from up tp date graphics and an extensive weather system, the career mode is one of the title’s main selling points, allowing players to work their way up from teams like Virgin to the F1 powerhouses of Ferrari or Red Bull.

Installation & Getting Started

Regardless of whether you buy the boxed version of F1 2010 or buy the title on Steam, getting it ready to run will take quite a while.

Following installation, the title requires players to sign up with Games for Windows – LIVE, a service used by many modern games. While many avid gamers may already have a LIVE account, many sim racers will be signing-up first as no racing simulation has used the system before.

Once you´re signed in to LIVE, the title gets the player directly to the beginning of the career mode after the first start as the career length and first team has to be chosen in a press-conference-like system.

Following that, a non-skippable tutorial on the menu system needs to be completed before you can head out to the track for the very first time. Between installation, LIVE sign-up and the tutorials, 30 minutes can easily pass until you can start racing – A unusual issue for users of racing simulations who are used to get to the point straight away.


With past Codemasters titles such as GRiD having received lots of praise for their spectacular graphics, many people had high expectations of F1 2010’s and the developers do not disappoint as the title is easily one of the best looking racing games ever created.

While discussions about lighting and graphical effects such as HDR and bloom come down to personal taste, the overall graphical quality of F1 2010 is stunning as Codemasters have cut very few corners in terms of optical presentation.

Aside from a generic steering wheel used for all cars due to time restraints with the driver animations, all cars have been accurately modeled after their real-life counter parts, sporting good looking textures and proper lighting.

Even though initial plans to laser-scan the Formula One venues had to be dropped during development, the tracks are superbly modeled and come with an almost endless amount of details – especially the street circuits.

While racing in Monaco has often felt like driving in a tiny bit of scenery in other simulations, F1 2010’s rich details manage to re-create the thrill and excitement that drivers must feel racing a 700hp race car through a narrow street.

With the title already looks mighty impressive in dry conditions, the wet weather races look even more stunning with great water effects, good looking puddles and reflections.

From rain drops on cars and camera lenses to the heat from engines flaring in the distance, it’s safe to say that the graphical presentation is very close to being flawless.


The sounds in F1 2010 are not much to complain about either as the engine sounds are solid work and as high-pitched and shrieking you´d expect a Formula One car to sound.

Codemasters haven’t gone the lengths to create unique sounds for each car which is not much of a miss as F1 engines sound largely the same and only one title has paid this much attention to the sounds in the past.

The usual ambient sounds like tire sounds, curbs, crashes and track ambiance are spot on and the menu music is unintrusive enough to not annoy you.

The most unique sound aspect about F1 2010 is definitely the race engineer that is always with you on the radio. While other titles have had features like that before, the extend to which your team communicates with you is a novelty.

Info from the race engineer ranges from basic stuff like warnings about the tire and engine temperatures and positions to helpful feedback regarding the weather situation, remaining session time and more.

The only downside is that some of the audio samples tend to get repetitive very quickly and could have used some more variety, some of the info provided is useless now and then as well – Why would I care to know if the leaders pit while racing for 20th in a Virgin?

Physics & Force Feedback

The F1 2010 physics discussion has been raging in the community ever since the first video was released so let me cut to the chase right away: No, F1 2010 is not iRacing and does not qualify as a hardcore simulation in any shape or form.

But, unlike past titles like Race Driver GRID which had ridiculous physic gaffes, Codemasters have done respectable job with trying to please both casual gamers and fans of realistic driving.

With all aids off, F1 2010 feels like a slightly toned-down version of other simulations with the cars handling in a believable manner. Compared to the recently-released Ferrari Virtual Academy, you can feel that there are definitely still driving assists at work as the cars handle more forgiving, especially in terms of braking.

While slowing down the car in FVA is a delicate task, tires in F1 2010 won’t lock that easy as it requires quite hard braking while yanking on the wheel to get the rubber to lock up.

Same goes for traction control as the cars definitely don’t spin out as easy as they would without any traction control. Hitting the curbs wrong or putting down too much throttle in the rain will spin you out though so there’s definitely a large degree of realism involved.

Since the majority of mainstream gamers will be driving with a gamepad on consoles, it’s understandable that there are some aids involved as long as a pad is used. Sadly, Codemasters haven’t gone down the same route as Turn 10 in Forza Motorsport 3 where all aids are disabled as soon as a wheel is used.

F1 2010 offers a reasonable amount of car setup options, especially considering it is a mainstream racing title. Setup options are no way as in-depth as in other simulations such as iRacing or rFactor as some settings can only be changed in three-steps while some very advanced options are missing completely. Still, the most common settings are there to be adjusted and the cars react accordingly to the changes made.

The title comes with pretty decent Force Feedback that is both pretty strong and rather precise. After fiddling with some of the settings, the game provides decent feedback even though there is virtually no feedback from the track surface as bumps seem to be nonexistent.

This is not much of a surprise as very few simulations provide good track surface feedback, the notable exception being iRacing and some rFactor tracks with modeled bumps. Still, track surface feedback would have improved the thrill of racing on tracks such as Monaco and Singapore even more as the flat track surface feels a bit out of place, especially at these venues.


While many sim racers expected the physics to be the possible deal-breaker with F1 2010, the by far biggest problems regard the computer-controlled cars.

Coming with an extensive single-player career mode and offering races limited to 12 player in multiplayer mode, F1 2010 relies heavily on the AI to make F1 2010 a fun experience and the title, at least in its current state, completely fails in this aspect.

While the AI in titles such as rFactor can be painfully dumb if not correctly configured, the AI issues in F1 2010 are not just limited to slow lap times or dumb on track behavior as the whole concept behind the AI is fundamentally flawed.

Codemasters have already confirmed (I don’t want to use the word “confessed”..) that the AI in practice and qualifying sessions is completely bogus, the cars on track are only there to be in your way and occupy the track – The times of all AI cars are simulated in the background and have nothing to do with what happens on track.

There are countless AI issues during the races as well as an obvious rubber-banding is in effect, cars behind and ahead of you will unexplainable slow down or speed up and the lap times often don’t add up with the on-track performance as well.

While it isn’t exactly visible during the first race, you´ll quickly realize something is very wrong as there are no split times to other cars and the gaps announced by your race engineer are often completely bogus as well.

To make matters even worse, the AI always starts races with an empty tank of fuel, often finishes races without ever stopping once and uses soft option tires almost for all sessions including practice – Completely and utter unrealistic behavior.

Compared to that, other issues with the AI feel minor. Even in Legends mode, the computer-controlled cars offer little competition to experienced sim racers as it’s easily possible to enter Q3 in a Virgin or a Lotus and skilled racers can win races in these cars as well on a regular basis.

Keeping in mind that F1 2010 is a mainstream title aimed at more casual gamers, this is an understandable complaint as the sim racing community features some serious driving talent. Drivers who beat the times of real Formula One drivers in Ferrari Virtual Academy are simply out of luck to find competitive AI in titles such as F1 2010.

The sole positive note regarding the AI is that racing them on track is actually quite fun as the AI will block and pass you, making battling with the computer cars pretty rewarding. You better not start to think about the system behind the AI though..


F1 2010’s core feature is the extensive career mode as players are thrown into it right after the first start. Racers can choose to compete in a 3, 5 or 7-season career, starting out at smaller teams while trying to make an impact on the F1 world.

The career mode puts a huge emphasis on your performance against your team mates as becoming the team’s number one driver is the fastest way to advance in career mode. Given the fact that the title only contains the 2010 season, the career mode is a bit flawed as none of the other drivers ever change teams as the seasons progress – An issue that is not solvable due to licensing requirements.

Aside from the career, players can choose to do time trials, race weekends of flexible length as well as online races. Due to restrictions with the console versions of F1 2010, multiplayer races are limited to 12 drivers, making it impossible to run full size F1 grids online.

F1 2010 uses a location-based menu system as the Formula One paddock is serving as the players’ home in the game. Menu options are available by choosing locations in and outside your team’s trailer and while that’s certainly not the quickest possible way to get around in a game, it offers quite a lot of atmosphere.

Aside from graphics, providing a true Formula One atmosphere is what F1 2010 undoubtedly does best. Codemasters have tried hard to give players the feeling of being part of the whole F1 experience rather than just driving the cars.

Things like interacting with the press or your crew in the garage are new features in genre and the rivalry with your team mate adds another realistic aspect to the title that other games lack.

Unlike most simulation titles that confront players with empty pitlanes and often sterile tracks, the environment in F1 2010 feels extremely alive with a pitlane full of cars and animated mechanics and very detailed tracks including fully modeled pit stalls and plenty of other details that create a stunning Formula One atmosphere right from the start.

Some other features have been cut short though as the title lacks a formation lap, safety car periods as well as a proper replay system. The provided instant replay is way too short to be of any use and it’s impossible to follow other cars than your own both during replays and from pit lane.

Worse than these missing features are the plenty of bugs that have not been ironed out prior to the release. There are significant bugs regarding pit stops and save games as corrupted save games often force players to restart their career.

Other problems regard the penalty system as the game will often penalize you for spinning and just trying to turn the around afterwards. The penalties are especially annoying in time trial mode as the game penalizes you for every run off track and will disallow your next lap even though you spun in sector 1 or 2 the lap before.

The whole title feels like an additional 1-2 months of development time would have been a good idea, Codemasters have commented on how some features like a more advanced physics model and spectator mode in multiplayer had to be dropped in the last minute as they did not make the deadline.

PC/Console Comparison

The PC version of F1 2010 requires a fairly powerful PC as the cutting edge graphics might not run very smoothly on mid-range systems, especially in the rain.

The console versions of F1 2010 are a good alternative for those fearing their system isn’t able to handle the title in its full glory as you´re not compromising much by going for either the Playstation 3 or Xbox 360 version.

As shown in this comparison, the graphics quality is slightly lower on consoles, lacking some of the texture crispness and some of the most spectacular wet weather reflection effects. These differences are barely noticeable in motion though as the console version still looks stunning.

I´ve tested both the PC & Xbox 360 version with Fanatec’s Porsche 911 Turbo S wheel and it’s safe to say that both physics & Force Feedback are identical in both versions. Players are given the same exact setup options & wheel settings in both versions as the menu system and everything else is identical on all platforms.

The Xbox 360 version runs smooth even with loads of opponents in the rain, there are occasional slow-downs though, especially at Monaco and when passing the pitlane full of cars in practice or qualifying.


To be honest, I´ve never been more torn regarding a title as I am with F1 2010. There certainly is a lot on the bright side, namely stunning graphics, excellent atmosphere like you won’t find in any other racing title and a rather innovative career mode.

Sadly, the title feels very much unfinished in its current state, being plagued by bugs and a horrible AI system as well as very limited multiplayer options. What makes these problems worse is that, aside from the issues, F1 2010 is a very fun title that shows a lot of promise.

It would be convenient to label it a failure from a sim racing stand point and move on, but driving in F1 2010 is both fun and rewarding, especially in the rain, making the title’s countless issues even more annoying as F1 2010 could be so much better if it wasn’t for all the bugs.

F1 2010 is no simulation, fans of hardcore physics and endless setup options won’t be satisfied with the semi-simulation physics and the less than challenging AI. Formula One fans who are looking for a fun racing title with rather realistic physics and superb atmosphere should definitely give F1 2010 a go – Provided that Codemasters do something about the most serious problems.

The company is already busy addressing the various complaints as a patch is in the works. Given the fact that the studio has to put out their next Formula One title in less than a year’s time, it remains to be seen how many of the issues can actually be patched.

While some of the less serious bugs will most likely be ironed out, the flawed AI system can probably not be addressed with a simple patch. Hopefully Codemasters have learned their lesson with this one as, aside from the bugs, F1 2010 does a fine job appealing both to mainstream gamers and more serious racers.


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  • FasterThanFTL

    Good Review but a score would have been useful.

  • FONismo

    100% agree with this tbh, it’s not bad but in no way is this game finished and no doubt it will be another SHIFT that modders will eventually turn into something half decent. There is alot good in there but there is far more wrong with the title

  • migf1

    A fair review, good job Rob!

    I agree with most of your points, with minor exceptions regarding mostly the ffb. I found it to be inferior to what I was expecting and to what the review says about it. It could be though that I didn’t spend the time I should in setting up my G25 (I hear that introducing canned effects in the drivers or the profiler, such as damper and centering spring, could improve the general feeling, but to be honest, I couldn’t stand the loading times, since I had to quit the game every time I wanted to change something in the drivers). I also hear that enabling “Let the application handle the wheel” setting in the drivers may also improve things, but I read about all those after I had uninstalled the game :p

    Also, it could be nice if you had mentioned nKPro along with iRacing (and rFactor) regarding track surface feedback, since that sim shines in that department too, but it’s ok, it’s not a popular sim 😉

    All in all, a great review! Spot on, imho!

  • nick

    I dont like Gabriel in this game >:o

  • Raymond

    1 issue with this review, difficulty is not set with Legend mode, it is only set in the first press conference when asked how much of a challenge you want. It made a huge difference for me to select the most difficult option. I can still achieve points occasionally in the Virgin, especially on Monaco, but I also have plenty of track where I’m barely into Q2, and finish well outside the points.

  • qawaza

    After trying the torrent “demo” I love the graphics, but as long as everything else like feel, physics just dont work for me. i know i dont have to go out & get one…

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    Totally spot on review. If only the industry “experts” who got a review copy before release were as frank and realistic as this! Maybe then CM wouldn’t have let the game go gold with so many bugs and obvious flaws that ruin the experience.

  • Suarez16

    “F1 2010 is no simulation, fans of hardcore physics and endless setup options won’t be satisfied with the semi-simulation physics and the less than challenging AI. Formula One fans who are looking for a fun racing title with rather realistic physics and superb atmosphere should definitely give F1 2010 a go – Provided that Codemasters do something about the most serious problems.”

    Excellent review Rob! this sums up my thoughts about the game perfectly after 1 week of play.

  • F1Racer

    Excellent review Rob.   Saved me having to finish mine now 🙂    

    If CM patch this well, it is potentially a really good F1 game even for sim-racers to enjoy. 
    And this is what’s so annoying.  You can see that underneath, F1-2010 has the potential to be really really good.  But it’s literally buried in bugs, some of which quite honestly, should not have made it past QA.   F1 fans wanted so much for this to be good after Sony had it for 7 years only on PS and it makes people angry that it has been released pretty much in a beta stage.

    The scripted AI is a disgrace and there is no excuse for it.   It’s almost like they put all their efforts into the weather system and rushed the other bits in afterwards because the wet weather is so so impressive that it almost doesn’t belong in this bug infested title. 
    I have my fingers crossed that CM, despite work on F1-2011, will come through with a decent patch.
    Sales of F1-2011 will be affected if they don’t and it would be typically corporate of them to just push F1-2010 aside now that they have our money and hurry on with F1-2011 so they can take our money again.    But this is an official liceneced game and there is a thing called reputation which is a very easily breakable thing.
    If they want any credibility after this shambles they need to patch this properly.

    Anyway, again, well written review Rob.  Easily the best one I’ve read so far too.

  • Marcuz

    No please no! Not another NFS Shift left in shambles! It’s OK for modders to fix physics to the sim-crowd liking but a broken game left broken is still broken and then we’ll be left with compromises. Look at Shift’s broken brake balance. The only way for modders to fix it is to disable the brake balance in UI so that it cannot trigger the bug.

    Also, if modding is the only way to fix a game what will happen online when people with different mods come in?

    Please, we have to demand that this game be fixed! Besides, what better way to start making F1 2011 than to fix 2010 then use the fixed software as base? Also, how can they start making F1 2011 now just to hit next year’s deadline if Pirelli is still testing its tires? Where do they get the info?

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    nothing to add.

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    I agree mate and only time will tell if CM up their game and do indeed fix the game but like you say they have to start and hit deadlines for the 2011 varient. Who knows how it will turn out but atm like you say the game is broken and fingers crossed if CM don’t step up then i’m sure the modding community will give it a go.

    Have to say aswell and i missed it from the first post, i disagree regarding the FFB i find it virtually non existent with the Fanatec GT3 it’s just plain weird.

    Any anyway by the time they have fixed this game or they have released the 2011 version rFactor2 should be out and this will not even matter.

  • jomardi

    i like this game, more realy as rf phisic we can look at realy video f1 on board and compare with game video rf and codemasters, thx rf for  my 4 years sim carer, but now is little old. they are stay f1 2060- 08 phisic.
    i hope they will make good rf2 game with new phisic.
    on this game is change everything what on realy f1 aerodynamic and diffuser.

    p.s. i am since f1 2002 driver and i can understand hem who seid that this game is arcade but it s not true dude s.

    have fun and thx for review.
    sry for my bad english 😉

  • georgeo

    Thanks for a very thorough review. You saved me $60, at least for now. The AI issues are a fatal flaw for me. I’ll stick with rFactor for my F1 fix for the time being. If the AI issues get fixed I’ll snatch it up in an instant.

  • Mojo66

    Starting a review of racing simulation game with its graphics is bad journalism and if every reviewer would do that, this would send out a message to the studios where the emphasis of future games is being expected. 

    Apart from that, good review  🙂

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  • mf

    I agree with pretty much everything you wrote. That said, I still have a lot of fun playing this game, but it certainly falls short of what CM promised. Maybe CM simply promised too much?

    What I’m hoping will be fixed in a patch:
    -Pit stops: it’s supremely annoying to pit only to be held 9 seconds behind the lollypop because of traffic;
    -Penalties: the rules are much too strict.

    As for the rest, I think CM is held back by the license regarding certain aspects of the game.

    I gave 8/10 when I bought, a week later, is still give it 8/10 and I still think it would have been better if Simbin had the license. F1 2011 will have to adress the issues you pointed out in your excellent review.

  • migf1

    That was so moving, thank you (oh God, I’m so old)

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    By the way, Games for Windows Live is not available in many countries, like here in Slovakia. They (more companies) happily sell you console / game / mobile phone, but they forget to attach big label on it saying “you can not use it like in the “better” countries, suckers!”

    But I am enjoying this game on PS3 MUCH more than I expected with all the bad talk. I do not know why are some people so quick on conclusios, It was only Wednesday evening last week, and the experts already condemned it after 2 minutes of “gameplay”. Gimme a break…

  • Substance242

    You can follow work on patch in this thread:

    PS: Funny how many times rFactor is mentioned in the bad reviews, when rFactor itself is… nah, forget it.

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  • BlackAdder2010

    Brilliant review, spot on. This game could be absolutely fantastic and yet it isn’t because of the AI.
    Still, refreshing to read a review by someone who actually took the time to play the game, much unlike the reviews by eurogamer, gamespot, etc. Cheers.

  • logos

    Thanks for the useful info.

    That explains why some people, even with highest difficulty settings and much slower cars, could finish well in the points.

    Just received my copy of the game, and will try this ASAP.

    If this is true, then this option is very important for the simracers, since it could make the game more realistic and difficult.

  • cosmo1973

    I slated the game heavily on this site but i have to say I WAS WRONG….I’ve given F1 2010 a chance and apart from the poor AI this game is actually a joy to play, very immersive and visually stunning.

  • Turkey :D

    My only gripe is that they use Games For Windows Live for multiplayer. More often than not, I can’t connect to a LAN match at my university. I just want to race with my friends, and we’re in the same room! We have to resort to joining an online server filled with bad players. The only other game to give me such issues is DIRT 2…

  • YouKnowThatsRight

    horrible game is still horrible

  • grambr

    Likewise in Brazil (only the world’s 5th largest country) no Games for Windows Live support – but they are quite happy to sell you the game without telling you it is crippled. I feel a like I was conned.

  • Dave

    I call bullshit on licensing aspects,
    its the one argument that the devs and fanatical fanboys continuously hide behind .

    Ask why there are only 12 cars online and the first answer you will get ,its because of licensing.

    Its not its because P2P cant support 24 players

    The licence only comes in ,if you can believe anything that the f1 devs say ,is that they weren’t allowed to run 2 of some team and only 1 of other teams if P2P could manage say 16 cars online.

    So this is first and foremost a P2P issue ,only a license issue secondary(if you believe the devs)

    Quite frankly  i would have to consider anything they say in the future as a lie unless they can show proof to the contrary.

    On a final note,this game could be GREAT,
    but it needs months of work to get everything right
    and even if they fix the bugs ,
    they are not going to fix the design choices they made(fake quali and practice times) IMO

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  • mf

    I’d say, regarding the licensing issue, that it probably has little impact on the multiplayer aspect. I agree with you on that.

    However, I’m sure it has a lot of impact on the career mode, for example the fact that Vettel will always drive a Red Bull or Alonso a Ferrari. The same with the rules. Formula 1 is very concerned with commercial rights and I’m sure that the contract for the license was very precise regarding issues such as sponsors, image, etc.

    In a true career simulation mode, drivers would switch teams, sponsors would come and go, race calendars would change each year, etc. I’m not sure if it’s possible. And no videogame will ever be able to replicate the human complexities of the F1 business. Look at Lewis Hamilton: he did not have to start his career with a small team, he was in a McLaren from the start. You can’t do that in the game if you try a 7 year career, you have to start with the three new teams.

  • Dave

    If licensing was so strict i wonder how FOM regard the fake quali and practice times
    especially as its now being posted on major gaming websites and vids of fake Lewis Hamilton etc getting lap times that are impossible,
    in term of bringing the real F1 into disrepute.
    I would imagine that that would be as big an issue for the sponsors as having the right sticker on a car.

  • Substance242

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    And the delay on throttle brake and and Shift is also very frustrating

  • RoNo

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  • pat

    you’ll see it as soon as you hit a 20% race. for example… started @ monza with hard tires… most of the AI were using soft… after all the others went to a stop i was first.. after my stop i was back on 20th place… I drove +/- the sam laptimes..between the stops there were about 4 laps..

  • GTEvo

    this Game is just Cheating!

    thats my Review..

    But it makes fun only in TimeTrial Modus if its tweaked professional by the Community! especially the Wheelsettings.
     Without tweaking, without Tips and Mods by the Community, this Game haz to go in a garbage!

    Every Commercial Review is Masturbating :*

  • jonelsorel

    F1 2010 is a caricature of a sim which is best suited to those used to Codemasters’ other franchises.  No sim player can tell it’s otherwise.

    What ISI did with the F1 licence in 2003 still stands proof  to this day that both casual racers and hardcore simmers can be pleased by the same product. And let’s not forget F1 Challenge 99-02 was using the latest technology when it came out, including graphics.. F1 2010 still uses dx9.

    What a joke…

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    In other words, vote with your wallets and stop complaining.

    Having said that, I bought both Ferrari Virtual Academy and this F1 2010 title. My bad.

  • Huh

    It takes more than 5minutes to actually get to the drive the vehicles bit, what did you do, load up the title screen, then say fuck it, waste of time?   spoilt idiot.

  • F1Racer

    really ?  So why didn’t F1 99-02 look like F1-2010 then if its such a joke ?    Isn’t it a positive that F1-2010 looks so good in DX9 compared to F1 99-02 ?    The joke is not on F1-2010.

    I still want to know the difference between a sim-racer and a hardcore sim-racer.

  • F1Racer

    Can’t agree with that.   If the game was programmed with Burnout’s success in mind, why bother modelling things like ‘loss of grip by going off the racing line’, tyre wear, engine wear etc. ?

    I can’t believe that F1-2010 and Burnout has the same target audience.  F1-2010 is clearly more detailed and followis an entire F1 weekend which again would be pointless in an arcade game.

  • F1Racer

    yep.  you dont need a score.  thats just a arbitrary number.  You have to know why it got that number and if you agreed with it.  A review, after all, has a lot of ‘opinion’ in it.   Read it and draw your own conclusions based on that. 

  • GTEvo
  • Huh

    see how he talks about directx, as if he knows anything about directx, directx IS a standard that microsoft invented so that they could crush other standards like openGL, just think, if openGL was as widely used as directx by games company, you wouldnt be purchasing a shiny new video card every three months.

  • stabiz


  • adrian

    very nice an honest review, good work.

    for me the choice is simple. I have rFactor, Ferrari Virtual Academy and F1 2010. I enjoy them all a lot. 

    FVA gives me great realism and makes me push harder and harder to find that extra tenth of a second. Its just one car and one track but that only forces me to focus on achieving that perfect lap.

    F1 2010 is a game. a reeeaaally cool and engaging game. it is real fun to learn the f1 tracks, has great graphics and physics decent enough to really enjoy it and not worry too much about setups and hitting the perfect lap every time. just go out and have a blast with this year’s f1 cars and tracks. 

    rfactor will always have a special place, the realism and fun factor depend highly on which track/mod you are using. some mods are crap and some mods are amazingly realistic and difficult to master. if you have a ton of free time and dedication you can have lots of fun with rFactor.

    So to sum it up.. to each their own, if you are looking for the ultimate simulation experience, i think the Renault F1 team offer tours to their factory which include doing laps on their simulator (i read it on autosport once, i bet its pretty expensive). If you want to have fun playing a f1 video game, f1 2010 is BY FAR the best looking official f1 game ever made. we should be thankful there is once again a top notch f1 game with a promising future and quit bitching about its lack of realism. its a game. enjoy it. have FUN.

  • NebraskaTeam

    I see you haven’t stopped defending this crap even after all the marketing lies,the numerous bugs and god knows what else.and what you do? you keep coming here attacking everyone who states the obvious.

    Basically what you really do is defending CM’s slimy attitude to release an unfinished product.

    and that’s pathetic

  • NebraskaTeam

    @F1Racer Obv

  • mf

    I’m not so sure. I think that the general public could not care less about AI issues or fake qualifying times. These are issues that bother gamers, not everybody.

    What FOM wants are the rights stickers on the right cars. 🙂

    And Bernie Ecclestone’s main concern is probably how much money he can charge for the license…

  • crampy

    a good fair review

    a shame you didnt get your copy earlier, as i imagine you could have saved a lot of ppl a lot of money here!


  • RKipker

    Very Good Review Montoya, however, I disagree with the assessment you’ve given FVA, as I do not feel FVA physics to be better or different than F1 2010.  FVA disappoints and I paid 20US for it with 1 track and 1 car…LOL!  That’s another story for another topic

    I have to tell you guys, the qualifying times with the AI scripted to me is fine, I always felt the AI qualifying was unbelievable anyway….!  Who cares, but what I want is a AI competitive on the track, one that is aggressive and smart.

    For me, I like F1 2010 and think anyone who like computer racing games will like it as well.  To many folks claim they are hard core Sim Racers, and to be honest, I don’t believe half of them!  No one likes running a race 2 1/2 hours after tweaking their setup for two to three hours in practice with full damage on and after racing for 2 hrs and 15 minutes enjoys a blown engine or a spin out resulting in a broken chasis… I don’t believe that at all…LOL!

    I like a challenge, an hour race with competitive qualifying and tweaking my setups… ! I like the real feel of the entire event, and F1 gives you that… from in the pit garage to winning a race after three qualifying sessions… with the complete F1 atmosphere and for me, it’s a good game that will get better in the next release.

    CodeMasters, you have my support, of course you need to patch the major issues (FPS) , but so me good faith and I’m in next year too!

  • F1Racer

    Listen here NebraksaTeam,  I will defend whatever the hell I like and am as entitled to do so as much as you think you are to whinge, moan and bitch about it.   
    I ‘attack’ people who I disagree with and who spout nothing but narrowminded negitivity while being wrong (imo) at the same time.   Differences of opinions are what keeps forums and chats running otherwise it would be pretty damned boring.

    You call it crap but other people are enjoying it despite the bugs so have a bit of respect for those that do and don’t be pissed off that not everyone is a bitter as you are.    We don’t all have to spend time hating.

    As it happens I am disappointed with all the bugs that have surfaced with F1-2010 and if you bother to read my recent posts you will see I have called them disgraceful and inexcusable. 
    I can have that opinoin too because I’m not as one-sided as your narrow mind may lead you to believe.
    I am objective.  CM screwed up on this title and there’s so many bugs in it. It is like a beta release that went gold.     I’m hardly defending them either and it’s not even about defending CodeMasters.  Why would I do that ?  I don’t owe them anything.
    What I do object to is ignorant, moaning, whinging individuals who offer up only whining with no explanation as to why they are moaning.  
    There’s people who whinge about this game JUST because its coming from Codemasters.   That is what’s pathetic.

    Moan, bitch and whinge all you want but at least offer some corresponding explanation that sounds like its coming from the mouth of someone with a smattering of an education.

    As far as F1-2010 goes, for all its many bugs, omissions and whatever, I at least, have the capacity to realise that underneath it all is a pretty damn good mass market racing game.   If you don’t like or agree with that opinion, then thats fine.    But debate it with me in a way that doesn’t make me think I’m in a debate with a pre-pubescant.

  • YouKnowThatsRight

    “I still want to know the difference between a sim-racer and a hardcore sim-racer”

    Purity. It’s that simple.

  • F1Racer

    Can you elaborate on that ?  I want to know if I qualify, and if not, why not.  
    Also what software gives us purity ?

  • The Keyboard warrior

    I agree. I finally had a drive of it and went straight into the cockpit, if I cannot enjoy the “feel” of the car straight off the bat then the rest is a waste of time. Like when Mansell does the spin test in testing 🙂 needless to say this was a good review of this dumbed down for console game.

  • iNiGO Child

    Keep posting in this blog, you are but a handful of posters here, that make any sense

  • iNiGO Child

    You do know you can play TPB version, online with a great german software called Tunngle.

  • Markuz

    a shame you didnt get your copy earlier, as i imagine you could have saved a lot of ppl a lot of money here!

    I think that’s the point and Codies pulled it off, hehehe. Just kidding. I’m actually a bit nervous with it because I read that when Grid and Dirt 2 came out they too had bugs but none of them as bad as F1 2010. Just look at Dirt 2, optimized FPS from day 1 it’s a good indicator of system performance so it became a benchmarking tool on many websites. It was discovered later that the benchmark only uses DirectX9 for nVidia cards but that’s not the point.

    Yes, I’m afraid.

  • Markuz

    I would still have bought F1 2010 even if it’s full on arcade with F1s that drift as long as the lap times are similar and they don’t have speed like rockets on wheels reaching 425km/h (Grid’s Audio R10, is that you?) because I’m an Formula 1 fan.

    My major gripe with it is it doesn’t fully use the resources available to it, hence the pitiful FPS even on super machines. I don’t think people with SLIs or Crossfires and super I9s who get around 60 fps should be happy because on their systems they should be getting at least 120s.

    I bought a game to play it, not beta test it.

  • MS

    Simple answer: get iRacing. Than first launch F1 2010, second launch iRacing, do some laps in the Star Mazda or Dallara, and the it will blow your mind away! Than you will realize why iRacers claim themselves as hardcore simracers and you can judge for yourself that F1 2010 players, are mhmmm just arcade (sim) racers…..

  • Markuz

    F1 Challenge 99-02 was released on year 2002, Grand Prix 4 was released 2002 also. Guess what? F1C99-02 only used DirectX7 while GP4 used DirectX8. No, F1C99-02 didn’t use the latest technology when it came out. Both were really good games though.

    F1 2010 is not a joke. Just because it doesn’t suit the hardcore simracers’ taste it doesn’t make it a joke. You may say 4 or 5 F1 teams use rFactor as their simulator but they’re using the pro version and they’re using their own custom code to do the physics. Why replace the built in physics if it simulates reality enough? Because it doesn’t. It’s still a video game.

    As many people have already said, if you want real simulations go drive real go karts and be really good there and move up the ranks. If you’re really good you might get a drive on F1. If you’re a good enough they might let you work as their simulator engineer. Go have fun then.

    *The problem with F1 2010 it that Codies released it in a messed up state. They never promised a sim. They promised immersion on the life of an F1 driver on a video game. Two points: immersion and video game. They failed on ‘immersion’ because of the phony AI, and the ugly agent with zombie eyes that scares me. They failed on ‘video game’ because, as stated many times, it’s full of bugs that it prevents itself from being played.*

    I’m pretty sure IF it’s fixed it’ll turn out really great. First time I actually raced 100% race distance in a video game without falling asleep. And it really made me wanted to beat Jarno Trulli, unlike ALL other racing games that are only rewarding if you finish first.

  • Markuz

    Yeah, I think it was painfully obvious that Codies paid some review sites for good scores because not a single review told us of its bugs that are there on the three platforms. They’re all roses and sunshine. How can I feel like an F1 driver if my [email protected]+GTX 470 could only barely do around 32-48 fps at ULTRA LOW!!!

  • Markuz

    +1 to FPS patch!

  • Markuz

    +1 to FPS patch! Really, I should be playing this game rather than looking at Codemasters’ forums and VirtualR for news but at its current state it hurts so bad. 🙁

  • N0body Of The Goat

    I’m still quite torn as to whether to buy this title or not…

    Codemasters let me down personally with their Race Driver series (1,2,3) when I was still an “arcade racer,” as they never did complete fixes glaring issues before sending that redition to the scrapheap and starting on the next sequel. To calrify, I’m refering to things like the “4000 slot upgrade hack” that allowed online racers to install every single upgrade (giving a massive performance advantage), which Codies claimed to fix, but all it did was prevent the future installation of said hack (i.e. if you had the hack installed already, it would still work).

    Given that months later, I still need to contact Armin at Fanatec again about the “8.8.8. disconnection/reconnection” problem with my 911GT3 RS wheel (I have been meaning to send him a video clip of the issue since January… Yes, I’ve barely raced in over eight months!), I might hold out at least for now and see if a demo materialises once I have a working wheel.

  • Marcuz

    My advice: wait for the “F1 2010 patch” review. I should’ve exercised prudence with this game and waited rather than pre-ordering it. Yeah, I have it early sitting on my hard drive but it’s so hard to get into because of the glaring FPS issues.

    If the patch for it is named F1 2011 then I’ll curse Codies to hell.

  • Dave

    I think the sim arcade argument is mute it this game with all the bugs.

    But i am reminded of the Codemasters CEO quote.

    The video games industry has to learn to operate in a different way. My answer is for us as publishers is to actually sell unfinished games

    Codemasters CEO Rod Cousens

    While people might accuse me of taking it out of context ,one would have to wonder when you see a company of Codemasters experience selling a game like F1 and previously Operation Dragon Rising.
    One would also have to wonder at why much of the really talented guys left codemasters 2 years ago ,so talented that codemasters is taking each of them to court.
    And what was left in the talent department after they departed.

    Finally im wondering at who will be testing the patch when ever it does appear ,and if it is tested and found buggy will it just be released anyway.

    But i do know this ,never more a preorder of any codemaster game.
    And i would definitely question any of the mainstream gaming websites and magezines ability to actually review a game properly.
    They must feel like idiots over this game.

  • Markuz

    So that’s the reason why we have this unoptimized game? The really talented coders have gone? If that’s the case no patch is going to fix this game!

    … SCARY…

  • F1Racer

    MS: I have iRacing 🙂   I was ready for that answer before I asked the question 😉

    Your answer is flawed however as it assumes any iRacing player will not ever play F1-2010 because then how can they be a hardcore sim racer and an arcade (simg) racer at the same time ?
    You have seperate it as if iRacing users are not allowed because of status to touch F1-2010.
    Clearly this cannot be the case.

    Also it doesn’t answer the question of what defines purity.   Is iRacing impure because it doesn’t offer wet weather racing or a full proper grid of F1 cars ?    As an F1 nut, I think my fix is better served with F1-2010 than the Williams FW31 in iRacing.  
    I cannot argue that physics wise the iRacing car will be far more accurate, but as an F1 experience iRacing has no chance against F1-2010.

    Maybe purity refers only to the physics then ?  Even then, thats relative because in 5 years we’ll probably have even more physics accuracy and 5 years after that even more.  It’s just that we a satisfied with what we are served today because thats all there is.

    As someone stated before, is being a hardcore sim racer, someone who only races full race distances, full race weekends, spends hours every night just doing that ?    Can you call yourself hardcore if you race 20% race distance ?

    Meh, I think people just decide to give themselves the ‘hardcore’ title as its a little bit of elitism.
    People were calling themselves that before iRacing was even thought about.

    Dunno why you would assume I wouldn’t have iRacing either, but anyway…..

  • Wendy did what?

    Codemasters do it again……..

    Ever been had?   LOL

    See the pretty pictures?    Yum yum – I wantz it.

    Every day in the run-up to release CM were schmaltzing with the press – always available with some new eye-candy and mouth-watering sexy vids and stills etc.

    Now they have a wodge of cash and they’re wanted to answer the many flaws in their PRODUCT, they’re gone.   To the beach?  With your dough?  HAHA.  Can’t blame em, really, can you?   

    Wake up people – stop buying rubbish unless you’ve money to burn.

  • F1Racer

    Thanks 🙂

  • Markuz

    I tried to read more about the Codemasters’ CEO “sell unfinished games” thing. This could mean good or bad:

    Good: They intentionally crippled the game to beat release day piracy. That means they already have some fixes ready. Look at the “only player has water spray” bug during replays. It was said that here that Codies already fixed that but isn’t in the game we have right now on PC, PS3 and 360. They might be just tight-lipped about it. I’m hoping this is the case because it means shorter time to wait for a patch.

    Bad: They’re gonna charge us for DLCs that will fix the game. I mean what else is left out in the game to add aside from bug fixes? It’s not like it’s going to need “additional cars or tracks” something DLC. This is absolutely scary and is very unethical. We shouldn’t be buying DLCs unless it actually adds value. Fixes don’t add value because they should’ve been there to begin with.

    Pffft, please fix the game. I should be using my mental capacities in the game, not in forums begging for a patch.

  • Markuz

    I really do wish you’re wrong because I don’t have wadz of cash.

  • jpmjpm

    nice work. thanks

  • jpmjpm


  • F1Racer

    Put your business head on for a second.   CM cannot afford to deliberatly make a buggy game, take our money and bugger off down to the beach leaving us stranded. 
    Video games are a cuthroat business and a reputation is a big thing.   If anything this is or should be a huge embarassment to them which would explain the relative silence (have you been to the CM forum by any chance?).   They have announced a patch is coming.

    Once your reputation is down, its down and its hard to climb back up.   If they are just money grabbing then their days, rightfully, are numbered.   People won’t stand for that.
    But I dunno, you either make the effort with a product or you don’t and why even bother acquiring the official F1 licence if the intentions are financially motivated only.

    This is not a defence of CM its just I dont see any company getting away with operating in the fashion you described.

  • F1Racer

    NOTG, I had that problem too with mine.  I was using G25 pedals with the adaptor and everytime I accelerated, the wheel went ‘888’ on me and recalibrated.
    They sent me out a new adaptor and cable and, so far, it has not happened again. 
    They did send it out to me via UPS courier 1 hour after my phone call to them as I was able to track it at that point.   Quick service !

  • Markuz

    I wish Codies patch will take that quick. 🙂

    Btw, I remember seeing posts wherein reinstalling the game fixed some stuff like FPS or something. Maybe I’ll try that tonight. I’m desperate for that patch. Don’t want to continue on my Melbourne race because I want the “F1 driver experience” Codies described, not the “simulation engineer experience” I have currently…

  • stabiz

    I do, the big gaming houses will hype and lie and release something very messy most of the time, due to time restraints. People still get excited though, I dont get it. I thought Codemasters already had a shitty rep? For a recent example look at Dragon Rising. What really pisses me off is the viral bs, like Codemasters twitter message “Schumacher just tried to put me in the wall, having fun 🙂 ” or something like that, all designed to spark buyers imagination and make them go woooow, this is like the real thing.

  • Chris

    Never read this site before but this is probably one of the best reviews of F1 2010 I’ve read.

    A great game which could be so much better with a different AI system.

  • Wendy did what?

    Quite.    CM got to be where they are by producing/publishing what I would call rubbish and I don’t see why anyone would expect them to change because of market pressures which have always operated. 

    It shouldn’t make sense, granted, yet it does, kinda.   Probably because people are ever hopeful otherwise, and there’s a sucker born every minute.  “Ooooo shiny!  I wantz it!!”    Undoubtedly CMs F1 looks beautiful, there’s no doubting it.  But there we are – the eye candy and expensive marketing did it (again).  Enough people will probably be happy with it, and there’s always patches to hope for and of course next year’s iteration.

    Talk of patching is a bit of a joke too – when have CM ever really supported anything, let alone something with such a short lifespan as an annual title?   It’s a cashcow. 

    And what about next year’s iteration?   they have 12 months max to add in all the stuff that should have been there this time.  But remember, they had 12 months+ to get it right this time, and they didn’t.  They got the graphics right, little else.  Next year you’ll pay another 50 bucks for the rest of the game and some more marketing?   C’est la vie…..

  • F1Racer

    And yet despite this so called bad rep, people stil bought F1-2010.  So why do that ?   Why help keep CM in business is they think they turn out crap all the time ?

    Someone’s keeping them going.

    If CM are, in peoples opinions, constantly producing rubbish then how are they getting away with it ?   Surely you can’t churn out crap all the time and expect to stay in business.   So either theres a majority who are buying their stuff and therefore disagree with a minority that think they produce crap, or there’s a lot of gullible sheep out there.
    If CM are contuing in business despite churning out crap, they are not the ones to blame.

    You can’t talk about how they sucker people in with advertising and marketing then moan when you buy F1-2010 and its not up to scratch.

  • F1Racer

    ”  But there we are – the eye candy and expensive marketing did it (again). ”

    Theres a reason for that.  Eye candy and marketing is all we got to see. It’s all we had to go on.  There was no demo either.  So the first time we got to judge it for ourselves was when we actually had it in our hands.

    So either we mass boycott games that don’t have demo’s or we boycott F1-2011 if they dont fix F1-2010.   Unfortunately this community is a such a minority it wouldn’t make a damn bit of difference.

    People are suckered into marketing every day, its not just video games.  Just take the supermarket as an example.  Prices ending with .99 beause it ‘looks’ cheaper.  2 for 1 offers instead of half price.   Yet we go for it every time we shop.   So yeah we are the sheep and unless the sheep take a firm stand, which will never happen, the herders will continue to herd.

  • Wendy did what?

    I can’t disagree with any of that tbh.   I never bought the game.  😉

  • HelmutS

    I created an offline account for offline play, no need to sign up anywhere. I didn’t get the tutorial either…?

  • Jermaine

    Read it please. Because i am saying you cant go furder in game. meaning the season you where driving will not be possible to drive in. everytime you have to start from the start again. And it does not save the game. If you are not logged in. Please read again

  • YouKnowThatsRight

    What about EA? They make some of the worst video games, and still they are one of the largest companies out there. Codemasters is just following their business model 😉

  • F1Racer

    How do they get so large ?  Can only be fools buying these ‘worst video games’ so they’re obviously doing something right.

  • Wendy did what?

    Perhaps part of the explanation is that a lot of gamers are very young, therefore lacking the critical skills which usually only get delivered along with one’s first wallet…..

    EA (and Codemasters) have published some good stuff – Operation FlashPoint, BF2, Barbie’s Beach Orgy 2……

  • F1Racer

    I’m sure that is part of it yeah 🙂

    Big ups for BF2 too.  That was brilliant.      erm.. Barbies Beach Orgy and its a sequel ?  😀

  • Wendy did what?

    You missed that classic?   

    I was just trying to think of some silly but real games – was there a Horse of the Year Show on the Spectrum?  haha.

    Then I remembered that I’d had a concept for The Sims in the early 80s – a friend was drinking water at the sink, before we were to have a quick knock-about (football) before his bus arrived.  As ever, we were pushed for time.   I thought that making a game of a life at that detail level would be fun – my friends laughed at me.  Clearly it was actually a very good idea.  EA publish that, don’t they?  And it’s obviously massive.  And hated too.  But I think The Sims is a pretty good bit of software – though it’s the most “industrial” franchise of all?   All the DLC and stuff can easily seem pretty ruthless and cynical but….can you blame them?   The Sims alone has really helped push the wheel for micro-payments and fractured gaming.  Nevertheless, it is a pretty good quality product – like it or not.  I can’t begrudge them milking the cow – that’s what it is for, really….capitalism, eh?

    Back to F1 – CM have addressed some of the issues and announced patch (without an ETA).  Maybe those mystical market forces will yet generate a positive outcome and you’ll all have a really good product.  Hopefully.   The more time spent on a patch means all the less time spent on F1-2011.   😀

    And yes, I’m jaded after suffering so many years of publishers not taking their audience or subject matter seriously enough.  But I guess all these people are geeks locked away in factories in Quandong – maybe even underground?   They’ve surely never even seen a car in their subterranean prison so we can’t really blame them for so F-ing up how to drive one…..I suppose.

    Ultimately it’s just a shame – CMs game looks fantastic.  [But that’s the point I suppose….that’s the primary consideration?  Ah well, the physics must be better than Atari’s Pole Position?   Wasn’t that Fuji circuit?]

  • Wendy did what?

    does it read separate controllers?     I have pedals from a Logi and an old MS FF wheel both – sometimes software can’t deal with it (by making stupid assumptions]

  • Fasciststomper

    The reviews have been dissapointing to say the least. All “eye candy” & minimal “tilt” it seems.  I guess this is what happens when a genre gets monopolised. Capitalism, eh! I guess I’ll just wait for the next Formula 1 title.

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