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F1 2010 – Realistic Sun Mod 1.0 Released

F1 2010 – Realistic Sun Mod 1.0 Released

Following the Track Lighting Mod released a few days ago, gardenx is the next modder to try and adjust F1 2010’s lighting to a more traditional simulation look.

You can check out his Realistic Sun Mod in action on various tracks below, make sure to give the mod a try if you like the new look.

Download F1 2010 Realistic Sun Mod 1.0 Here

  • ced

    on my screen default is more realist than this mod…

  • crampy

    does this require any of the previous lighting mods?

  • cheeseman

    more realistic default version? default tracks are with stupid post nuclear filters or just too dark, realism 0

  • Raymond

    Can you also post a shot of the rain with the new settings? I realise this mod worked nice in the sun, but does it still work in the rain. i don’t want to improve the sun but ruin the rain experience.

  • Markuz

    Nice, so many mods coming out already. Any FPS mod out there? j/k.

    I just wish they patch the FPS already so that I could try these fantastic looking mods.

  • qawaza

    I wonder if codemaster is doing anything about the game besides these excellent moders? Any of you are beta testers b4 the game’s release..arent we the ppl they should ask b4 the box is dump into the mkt? Are we too dump for them to even approach? what happen to beta testers like us? did we suddenly disappear from the surface of the earth or they just dont think we passionate simmers actually exist & our opinoin just dont sync with their bottomline?

  • hufc

    Looks quite good, but I still think the enb mod provides more realistic lighting, may give this a try though

  • Sosoxia

    A bug within! no rain effect on all tracks! 

  • wchsam92

    no, still got those rain effects!! 😉

  • wchsam92

    this makes me to like my f1 2010! previously it sucks cos it look like a nuclear fog!

  • Uff

    Rain is still here too! 😉

  • jonelsorel

    @ VIRTUALR :   why is F1 2010 publicized here? I thought it was a 100% sim racing news website, no?


     Nothing wrong with this being on here ..jonelsorel<img src=””/>  


    Nothing wrong with it being talked about on here mate

  • Uff

    Correct: F1 2010 simulates a Formula 1 World Championship so it can be discussed here too. Or are you among the ones who would like sims to stay among 10000 people without nobody else being able to get closer to them and bring more money to teams like ISI & co?

  • Xascent

    Where do you get the enb mod from please?

  • F1Racer

    heh, what a really silly question (and attitude)  🙂 . 
    Have you asked this question about WRC  or Renault Truck Racing also or is there a reason you are picking on F1-2010 ?   Just to get across that you think its ‘arcade’ maybe ?

    Can you tell me that F1-2010 does not simulate driving an F1 car regardless of how accurate you think it may or may not be ?      
    If you can, then I suggest you look up the word ‘simulation’ in a dictionary.    oh wait,  heres an extract from one..   ” Attempting to predict aspects of the behaviour of some system by creating an approximate (mathematical) model of it.”  

    Note the word ‘approximate’   How you define that is up to you.  But it’s pretty loose in my opinion.

  • rubmifer

    Hmm, when clear it’s very good. But when I started my Monaco race while it was overcast, the brightness seems way to high and misses lots of contrast.

  • adrian

    is rain working equal or better than default?

  • adrian

    I would like to see screenshots of this mod under overcast and rain conditions. thanks

  • Substance242


  • Raymond

    Just tested it, the dry does look a bit better, though I’d prefer a setting halfway between this and the original. But this package for me ruins the wet experience. So I won’t be using it. Thanx for making it though, it’s packs like this that make the follow-up mods evolve.

  • Empty

    That actually looks quite good. Though, on some of the screens it still looks as if the sun is positioned too low in the sky.

  • gniewko

    lighting seems to be better, but i dont like the saturation increase…

  • yokelhama

    Alternative link please? Depositfiles not working for me 🙁

  • Fokkak Menny

    Doesn’t look realistic to me.

  • hufc

    Link is in the description there 🙂  The video shows the difference well

  • hyos

    Yeah, doesn’t looks realistc to me too
    ….too much vibrance and saturation  =Z

  • J

    Is awesome and much better than the track lighting mod. Bahrain feels like a real desert.

  • J

    Much much better than original drab colours. F1 is about bright colour (yet not cartoony).

  • Conveen

    The best mod for that sunny days. When its rain it looks the sun shine a little need fixed and on sunny day there still a little bluish on top. Can you fix this please. Then be perfect 🙂

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