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F1 2010 – PC Version DirectX 11 Previews

F1 2010 – PC Version DirectX 11 Previews

Following the F1 2010 PC/Console graphic comparisons, German PC Games magazine has made a very interesting scoop regarding Codemasters’ upcoming title.

Despite the fact that the PC version of F1 2010 runs in DirectX 9 mode until Codemasters release their official DirectX 11 patch sometime after the release, the magazine’s experts have found out that the release version can be forced to use DirectX 11 by tinkering with the title’s config file.

Switching the “directx forcedx9” setting to “false” in the hardware config.xml file forces the title to use the unofficial DirectX 11 mode. There’s a good reason that Codemasters has not enabled this by default as some graphic bugs seem to be appearing such as in-game monitor screens that are not working. The config file allows to tweak other settings as well such as bigger shadow- and cubemaps, improving the already impressive visuals even further.

Below is a batch of preview screens, showing the tweaked-out DirectX 11 mode in effect. Again, keep in mind that this is not officially supported so there may be graphical bugs but it gives us a very good idea of what to expect once Codemasters’ official DirectX 11 patch will be available.

Following their maiden Formula One title that was released only for the Playstation Portable and the Nintendo Wii, Codemasters will be bringing the 2010 Formula One season to the PC, the Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3. F1 2010 has been confirmed to be released September 24.

Screenshots viaΒ PC Games Hardware

  • ed d’agliano-luna aka eddiespag


  • scca1981

    I’m sure the full DX11 patch will look better.  This pretty much still looks DX9.  BTW doesn’t anyone race in the dry?

  • David Wright

    The difference between DX9 and DX11 is pretty subtle – at least it was in Dirt2.  You really need DX9 shots and DX11 shots side by side to spot it.  And in Dirt2 it came with quite a frame-rate hit.

  • Diromo

    Actually this is first mod 😎 (for PC version of of course  ~(: )

  • Vettel

    Graphics look better on the consoles.

  • Yobigfagmomma

    Stupidity is not a diseace and it’s not curable.
    Vision problems, however, are and they can be cured.
    At least, you can fix one of your problem.

  • zentropy

    Digging the heat bloom off the engines…

  • Vettel

    No. Look at the PC screens. It’s way too shiny, no way near the real thing. The console versions are a lot less shiny, like it is in real life.

  • Simosimosimo

    rfactor 2 ftw!

  • Marcel Penzkofer

    On the PC you have features like adjustable Gammacontrol, fully adjustable TFT Monitor, Colour-shinyness control through ati and nvidia drivers… no way it looks better on a console. I own a PS3 Slim and after those screens I now know that it will be the PC-Version for sure.

  • F1Racer

    Yeah Vettel, but don’t you realise that this is a forced gfx mode which is displaying game screens in a way that was not yet intended by the developer.   That was made clear.

    Yes the cars and even the tyrewalls are too reflective in these DX11 shots.  This may be a result of DX11 being forced on it because I don’t recall the cars being this bad from previous shots from what I remember.
    It was obvious from the DX9 proper screenshot comparision from yesterday that the PC version had the best quality and technically it should.  Graphics settings are configurable on PC’s (even the amount of reflectivity)  and top end PCs blow consoles away.
    Fantasise all you want but go use these screens as evidence for your comments and discarding the ones from yesterday would be a bit foolish.

  • F1Racer

    is there such a thing as heat bloom ? πŸ™‚
    It’s referred to as heat haze.  But yeah its kinda neat eh ?  Be nice to see it eminating off the tyres in a pit stop.

  • Explosive Face

    Dear Vettel:

    You are stupid.

    That is all.

  • vik15

    Correct me please but isn’t  D11 considered to have some new features like adaptive surface smoothing, massive objects instancing, etc.  I see no difference actually. In the third picture a person in white shirt looks like it was cut out from a comics and stuck to a picture, totally out of environment.

  • Big Ron

    People think, they turn of “directx forcedx9” to enable all features of DirectX 11 are really stupid.
    Even Crysis has shown us that forced DirectX 10 settings in XP with changing som config lines is not nearly as good as actually supported and enabled DirectX 10 on Windows Vista or Windows 7

    And you can see in the pictures. I see no difference to the DirectX 9 settings, because it is just not fully supported and configurated.

    Wait till the official patch and you will see the real difference.

  • Big Ron

    and in between, it looks really strange, that the environment is completely grey colored for the rain scenery but the car colores are shining like sunshine.

  • Andrew Peers

    Check out 10 min of some decent gamplay.

    Shows how important looking after your tires will be, as he has no traction at all for the last lap.

  • Vettel

    Why do you think I’ve choosen this nickname πŸ˜€

  • stabiz

    Vettel, you just keep on producing gold. Its clearly better looking on pc. Btw, didnt you claim it would look the same on all platforms a few days ago?

    I think the onboards look great in all shots from this game, but the exteriors are not as impressive. The cars look a bit weird.

  • Creatorex

    For profane people please read DX11 specs. Such as tessellation and other features for DX11. For example:
    1. Uses much less system memory irregardless of how many windows you have open. However GPU memory will still be consumed (so close them windows before playing games) 
    2. Introduces Direct2D for hardware accelerated 2D. This is a replacement for the software only GDI/GDI+ Windows uses to render 2D objects (like splines). Direct2D is rumored to be ported to Vista and XP. 
    3. Better display scaling, this is mostly when you have a projector hooked up to your widescreen laptop. 
    4. Most of the DX11 features are compatible with DX10 hardware. 
    5. Multithreading support. This means DX11 functions will support multi-core processors. 
    6. Tessellation – This takes a polygon and breaks it up into even more polygons. This allows for smoother looking curves and higher detail. The best way to think of this, it’s as if you took bump mapping or virtual displacement mapping but it’s actually real polygons instead of texture tricks. This is the only feature that requires DX11 hardware.
    7. Better GPGPU support, if you’re into that thing 
    8. Heterogeneous graphics support – This was missing in Vista but was in XP. Basically you can take two different graphics cards with totally different drivers and have them run at once. But this isn’t an alternative to SLI or Crossfire. Meaning if you run a game, it’ll still run on one card or the other.
    So you will only appreciate it if you have a Video Card supporting this and having a reference o a snapshot to compare. In any case in Dirt2 I do not find too much differences… but of course DX11 quality in detail levels is better of course.
    Regards, B.

  • Creatorex

    What a nice video man!!!!

  • Pleb

    The Mclaren looks hideous man.

    Very matt-grey and looks like its been dipped in thick clear varnish.

    Strong completly wrong, should be still much more metalic even in dull/wet conditions.

  • Ross Siggers
    That’s a better pic.
    As much as I’m looking forwards to this game, i have to agree. Even using a more advanced graphics engine, we can get a better looking McLaren in rFactor. It’s always hard to put your finger on, put here It’s just too grey. Should be much lighter, almost whit in places.

  • Firestarter

    That is the most promising video i have seen so far of F1 2010, maybe this is the final build?

  • F1Man

    By the way. It surprises me that they have Buttons Arai shape helmet in there. Button has used that helmet since Silverstone I think, whereas he used Bell prior to iy. Whilst I read that everything on the game was locked in the beginning of the season. I would have thought that meant helmets as well.

    Edit: It does mean helmets, cause I see Barrichello’s old helmet (with the red around the visor) in the game. Strange that they were allowed to take Buttons new helmet.

  • F1Man

    The McLaren only looks good in the T-cam view I think.


    can you a piece of shit do this?, Hm i do not think so πŸ˜‰

  • ZJ

    They have a generic helmet shape.. For drivers using Arai, they will have the two front grill right at the bottom of visor to look more realistic.  For Schuberth, they have the scoop vent at the top, and a triangular helmet visor lock. But for drivers with Bell, they just follow Arai I guess. It was indeed lock before Button changed to Arai. And Button’s generic Arai shape was already in when he was still using Bell, check those early screens and early Developers diary.


    should of turned off motion blur in shift kills it ahhwell. wait till i take some screen shots of f12010 then we will compare them to your consoles.

  • mike88

    no way those bridgestones would never get destroyed in real life.

    imho not very realistic when seb can make super softs last 52 laps at monza last weekend.

  • f1racing

    is it complaining about something only thing you guys know?? in 6 days we will try it and then we can complain. no before


    Made trophys…

  • Pleb

    “is it complaining about something only thing you guys know?? in 6 days we will try it and then we can complain. no before”

    The Mclaren has looked like this since the earliest shots until the most recent.  It’s not going to magically be different _after_ i’ve handed my money over. So if it’s all the same with you, i’ll do my complaining now. 

  • Ross Siggers

    Sorry F1racing, I visit here constantly, and that’s the first time I’ve written a complain on an article in ages, if at all!

    I said myself, I’m very much looking forwards to the game, obviously it’s not gunna be perfect, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be a great game anyway. I wish more people could see that. Stop adding to the bitching, and lets leave it at that -_-



  • prent_F1

    LOL πŸ˜‰

  • bowled_him

    tyre wear will have been scaled according to the race length, a 10% race length willl have tyres waering at 10 times normal rate

  • Pyronick

    Can’t see much of the Direct3D 11 tessellation function.

    Tyres are flat, textures seem blurry made even worse by overbloom and overdone HDR tonemapping.

  • Creatorex

    Sorry Pyronick but you need to go to the oculist. Are just screenshots and I do not agree with your affirmations regarding textures and etc. just 6 days left to talk with knowledge and real testing under our hands.

    Regards, B.

  • Taylor Ling

    Talked about this, I suddenly felt that the tyre rules doesn’t mean anything in the race anymore since some car can make it for the entire race for one tyre set. If every team doing like this, we can expect all the cars will come in to the pits only in last few laps. :/

  • zentropy

    This video should be a topic all its own.

  • Charles Stanley

    So… the physics won’t be that great then since all the talk is about the graphics?

    Let’s at least hope it is not as bad as complete crap physics of GRID.

    Maybe the physics will be at least as good as Virtua Racer.

  • Raymond

    The car shine in the rain is to much in my opinion. It’s like the car livery is completely under the reflective layers, instead of blending the layers of livery, specular, alpha and cube maps together. Apart from that I am very much looking forwards to the game, the last licensed game for PC is still F1C, and rFactor has some good mods, but isn’t up-to-date with the regulations of 2010 (qualify format for example). So let’s hope that F1 2010 is a decent game, and Codemasters takes the community feedback onboard for F1 2011.

  • SpellingNazi


  • Dave

    was a total mess through an Nvidia 450GTS. Wondering if this feature will be fixed in the next (very much required) update patch. I don’t know if anyone else has had the savegame issue, I’d say that will be in the 1st patch and DX11 will hopefully be in the next. that would make it work much better

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