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F1 2010 – Patch 1.01 + AMD Hotfix Released

F1 2010 – Patch 1.01 + AMD Hotfix Released

Following the early release for the Playstation 3 version, Codemasters have now released the Xbox 360 & PC versions of their much anticipated patch for F1 2010.

The patch weighs 24mb and addresses a variety of issues with the AI, pit stop & puncture problems as well as performance issues. Furthermore, the patch introduces a DirectX 11 mode and broadens the title’s hardware support to multi-monitor setups, Leo Bodnar’s SLI Pro display and more.

Together with the patch, Codemasters have released the final changelog, you can check it out below (you might have to click “Read More” to see it).

Also available is a hotfix for users of AMD six-core CPUs that prevents the game from crashing. The patch and hotfix for the PC version can be downloaded below, Xbox 360 users can update their game by logging into Xbox LIVE and starting F1 2010.

Download F1 2010 1.01 PC Patch Here

Download F1 2010 AMD Hotfix Here


ï “Pit-in” OSD indicator now appears after the player is advised to pit to repair car damage

ï A number of shadowing improvements have been added

ï Amended the time trial penalty system so that only players cutting the final corner on certain tracks will have their subsequent lap times invalidated

ï Balanced the effects of the drying line created by cars when in a wet race

ï Balancing improvements have been made to AI drivers to prevent unexpected race results

ï Corrected an issue AI cars would not attempt to move out of the player’s way when under a blue flag on an in / out lap during practice and qualifying session

ï Corrected an issue where ABS would become enabled when selecting to “drive out” out of the pit lane in a race weekend

ï Corrected an issue where AI cars would fail to respond appropriately when cars were either side of them in a corner

ï Corrected an issue where AI cars would not be required to pit in a mandatory pit race after the use of a flashback

ï Corrected an issue where AI times were being reported incorrectly on the first lap

ï Corrected an issue where AI were being disqualified during wet races in Montreal

ï Corrected an issue where car driving style was defaulting to “Wet” in network sessions

ï Corrected an issue where damage to AI cars was being inconsistently applied

ï Corrected an issue where disqualified AI cars would cause network races to end prematurely

ï Corrected an issue where disqualified drivers were displayed in the incorrect order in the online race results screen

ï Corrected an issue where flashback would become disabled after resetting to track

ï Corrected an issue where incorrect race positions were reported in a network race after terminal damage had occurred

ï Corrected an issue where lap and split times would be displayed incorrectly after flashing back to before the start/finish line

ï Corrected an issue where pit engineer would fail to remind you to pit on mandatory pit stop races

ï Improvements have been made to the pitting process to prevent the player getting stuck.

ï Corrected an issue where positions of AI cars in a network race would be incorrectly displayed after a player quit the session

ï Corrected an issue where punctured tyres would be carried across to subsequent sessions in a race weekend

ï Corrected an issue where race strategy would fail to update correctly after the player manually selected a different starting tyre choice

ï Corrected an issue where research path choice was not being carried over to subsequent season

ï Corrected an issue where save data is reported corrupted

ï Corrected an issue where sessions in progress would appear on the server list after quitting a network session

ï Corrected an issue where some AI cars using a single-stop strategy would not pit during a mandatory pit stop race

ï Corrected an issue where the dynamic racing line would not display correctly if the grip conditions changed

ï Corrected an issue where the incorrect car name could be displayed above cars in the Grand Prix menu after completing a Time Trial race

ï Corrected an issue where the player is told to copy their team mate’s car setup

ï Corrected an issue where the player was able to pass through other cars after restarting a session

ï Corrected an issue where yellow flags would continue to be displayed for cars that had been removed from the race in network sessions

ï Corrected an issue where user would be penalised for overtaking pitted AI cars when under yellow flag

ï Made penalties less likely to be awarded after spinning out on the track

ï OSD now displays time gap between cars on the sector and lap split times

ï Reduced the frequency of penalty warnings given for minor collisions

ï Reduced the frequency of punctures received from standard tyre wear

ï Sector times for the car on pole position is now shown in the split times on the OSD

ï Tuned the grip properties of the tyre compounds in different weather conditions

ï A number of localisation issues have been resolved.

ï Added benchmark mode from graphics menu

ï Added native support for the ìLeo Bodnar SLI-Pro steering wheel controllerî circuit board

ï Added support for AMD Eyefinity / Nvidia surround multiple monitor modes

ï Added support for crossfire / SLI and multicore GPUs.

ï Added support for DirectX 11

ï Added support for Intel SandyBridge processor and graphics

ï Added support for the Thrustmaster GT Experience steering wheel

ï Additional (D-Box) motion platform support during pit stops

ï AI cars now correctly reduce speed when damaged

ï Changed default laps of fuel in practice and qualifying sessions to 10 and 5 respectively

ï Corrected an issue where (D-Box) motion platform would stop functioning after using a flashback

ï Corrected an issue where drivers of ghost cars became solid at certain camera angles

ï Corrected an issue where force feedback would remain applied when restarting a session with full wheel lock used

ï Corrected an issue where the driver head would bob extremely violently on certain machines

ï Enabled access to the Advanced Wheel Options for all users

ï The replay file can now be saved as an external file and played back within the game

  • Peters

    How come the PC patch is only 24mb and the PS3 patch 35mb? Did they put more fixes in the PS3 patch or something?

  • Latetzki

    Suprise…AMD needs fix.

  • Kramer

    Thanks CM and I think a Wohoo! is in order.    Cannot wait to try this if I can even put down the F1SR 91HE mod for 5 minutes.

  • Baschtard93

    gotten way better.. it crashes after 10 minutes of playing just like dirt2 now. great.

  • Kyle Williams

    The PS3 versions was, how can i say it… More broken.

  • Nick James

    There clearly isnt a update for the Xbox 360 verison yet !!!  Im signed into live and have re-stated my Xbox 3 times and nothing comes up so that i can update the game !!!

  • Joni

    Gfx suppose to be DX11 now but i dont notice even slightest difference at gfx compared to dx9, only thing it made is that my fps dropped 70 -> 50. Also they promised us replay saving option but that dont appear ingame even tho its mentioned in patch notes. Dont even dare to think what oyther nasty suprises i will find, i bet they didint even add the anti cheat even tho it was promised too.

  • mariojsilva46

    for the PS3 is not released in the playstation store!!!!!!!

  • totalO

    360 patch is not live yet.

  • Nick James

    Then why say it is !! Nevermind, iv waited for about 8weeks so i can wait some more !! 🙂

  • totalO

    Well put it like this, it isn’t live in the US. Might be elsewhere

  • Kramer

    Yeah so where is replay saving???  My framerate is fine with dx11 though.  
    It seems that the fuel simulation for AI isnt fixed either. 🙁

    does the patch need a patch now ?

  • Joni

    This is just usual codemasters cr*p, they promise a lot but dont deliver. Well 50 fps is still fine too but really dont understand how it dropped that much as i dont see that gfx are got any better than before patch. I even runned still unpatched version off the game on my other hdd to compare and seriosly there isnt difference at all apart from lower fps LOL.

  • mike88

    agh for some reason now i get program has stopped working error.

    damn it should have backed up game before installing now must install game again.

  • Raymond

    the patch works good for me. All AI made a pitstop, the delay in the pits was only 2 seconds, which is normal with a busy pitlane, and no punctures so far. In those terms I think this is a succesfull patch. The slow AI is still there, but looking at the racedepartment forums, modders have found out how to make the AI faster in specific corners, so it’s a matter of time before that is fixed too.

    All in all for me a decent improvement. Hopefully Codemasters will also spend a bit of time to make a second patch for the slow AI (if modders can edit the speed for individual corners, then why not Codemasters for a patch, as it adds a lot of realism to not gain huge amounth of time in 1 corner)

  • Fudge factor

    A good lot of changes.  

    So many changes, in fact, one wonders how the program got out of the studio in the first place.   Hard to believe the issues weren’t noticed during testing?  They surely were……

    And notice all the tweaks to the (critical and difficult) physics?  Oh – they don’t even mention physics once….  lol

  • Dan

    What were they thinking releasing a game before this patch?

  • Turkey :D

    I pre-ordered this game on Steam and can finally get a playable framerate on my laptop. Time to start the career mode. lol

  • Creatorex

    Nice improvement now feel different, nicer and overall a finished game.


    haha, direck x gimmck. by the time d11 is fully implemented those cards will only run it on low details orolly.

  • Chris

    Installed the patch now my sound is all screwed.
    Sounds like im driving in a tunnel all the time!
    Don’t think i’ll bother with this crap anymore

  • Philip Oakley

    The patch downloads when you start the game 🙂

  • Nick James

    Your loss !!!

  • daemonicus

    Noticed the same. Change the “rapture” setting to “software” from the sound settings, the patch have seem to restored it at least for me..

  • Turkey :D

    I wonder why they even put rapture sound processsing in the game. I prefer a higher framerate and decent sound, thanks. Haha

  • 2Air

    Big improvement for me on Triplehead, much better framerate
    Have yet to complete a full race though

    One thing i HATE is in triplehead mode, you can not see the menu options at the bottom of the screen.
    You have to know them by heart or play in a different aspect ratio, which results in squashed screen.
    But in game, much improved

  • Chris

    still set to software 🙁

    Wouldnt mind posting this problem on the Codemasters Forum but it keeps crashing on me

  • daemonicus

    I have to thank Codemasters for this. I got over +20fps boost after applying the patch and am now able to play this with almost everything set to ultra on 1920×1200 with my pc. The pitting issues and the puncture-ones that bothered me the most also seemed to disappear. Also, don’t know if they fixed something with the force feedback but somehow it all seems to feel much nicer now.. So far so good!

  • adrian

    What video card & processor are you running?

  • Raphael

    I’ve got a big great boost improve here too…now I can play it decently…thanks CM

  • kkacper

    I’ve heard my friend with 3 8800gtx’es in SLI got a boost of 60-70 fps o.O pretty damn nice.

  • scca1981

    Could be different compression methods.

  • scca1981

    Good to hear.  With everything on ultra w/blur + cloth and 4xAA I was getting 45-55 FPS.  If its up over 60 steady now that would be great.  Sadly I have to wait till I get home tomorrow night to try out the new patch!

  • Markuz

    I downloaded the stand-alone patch but I have Steam. I’m not sure if I should’ve waited for Steam to patch it but it worked afterwards. Smoother framerate (ave. 40fps compared to 32), better (but weaker) force feedback, a benchmark (yay!)…

    … haven’t tried doing long races yet.
    -I noticed that I feel the cars better now
    -Traction control still seems to be working even when it’s off
    -I can now tell how the engineer’s setups (not custom) affect the car although even the right-most setup still doesn’t feel oversteery. The loss of downforce is very obvious though.
    -Is it just me or Sepang or that the cars understeer too much with the patch? ’til now I still can’t do a power-induced oversteer. It’s either the car plows directly or snaps on a spin.
    -Spins are still corrected by braking (dunno if that’s good or bad).
    -I feel there’s still the audio lag with Rapture3D.
    -The trannies now seem to have something like “gear protection” wherein I can’t downshift unless the lower gear can take the RPMs. Not sure, somebody care to confirm?

    My system: [email protected], GTX 470, 4GB RAM, G25, 1680×[email protected], Post [email protected]

  • Markuz

    Issue about copying team mate’s setup: So how did they fix it? Can we actually copy it now or the engineer no longer tells us about it?

  • Markuz

    Read from Codies’ forums that the patch messed up with the rain reflections. Haven’t personally seen it but I’ll check. Jeez, I thought the patch took long because they were testing it?

  • daemonicus

    I’m with Intel Q6600 (overclocked to 2.7gHz) and GeForce 8800 GTX. It gives me ~50 FPS stable and I’m perfectly fine with that.

  • Kramer

    How to save and play replays in F1-2010…

  • Fudge factor

    big improvements in framerates.  good.  but why didn’t they do it before release?

  • scca1981

    Finally got to test it myself and got a huge considerable FPS boost.  Great work Codies!  I went from 40-50 FPS average to 70-100 same settings 4xAA Ultra everything Cloth/Shit on. THIS is how it should have been.  Ultra smooth now.

  • scca1981

    “huge considerable”

    Oops too different things.

  • Markuz

    Yup, I can now spend time playing it rather than tweaking it, yay! I wish they’d fix the wet road reflections though. Funny, restarting or resetting the session brings back the puddles or water only to be quickly sucked by the track’s amazing uber-drainage. Don’t give Tilke this idea, hahaha!

  • Markuz

    The question is “do they really have QA?” All the waiting after being told that “it’s being tested internally” and “tested by MS and Sony” only to get a PC patch that messes up with one of F1 2010’s strengths: WET WEATHER GRAPHICS. I dunno how they programmed this thing but I guess they fixed the wet tires having wrong amounts of grip by turning them into sponges capable of absorbing all the water inside the track within 2 seconds. Pirelli better research this now for next year’s tires.

    … Now, going outside the track and not being able to absorb the puddles of water there within 2 seconds must be a new bug!

  • alexands

    I think they broke more then they fixed.

    Quick setups do not work if you quick a practice session and go to qualifying without doing a lap. No check mark and no setup changes no matter what you do. (short race weekend!).

    I don’t think I’ll be buying 2011 even though I enjoyed this game besides the game save corruption.

  • AndreasT

    I hope the engineer just shuts up, he was talking too much useless rubbish anyway. 😉

  • AndreasT

    Thanks for the link. However, I guess, I will never record my “finest moments”. Watching these replays just makes me sick, with the cameras switching from one to another “unbelievable” perspective. 🙂

  • tobi

    same problem here, no motorsounds anymore

  • TheSTIG

    I can’t finnish a sigle race .. after the patch it crashes after 1-2laps … great work CM …

  • Markuz

    Yeah, it may not be performing very well before but it’s rock stable for me then. Post-patch it began crashing a bit.

  • Kramer

    I agree.  Crazy unreal angles that just make you dizzy.  All glitz and no go.

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