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F1 2010 FOV Settings Pack – Released

F1 2010 FOV Settings Pack – Released

F1 2010’s camera angle and FOV setting issues seem to be a very hot topic in the community as the recently-released camera mods have to be proven extremely popular.

Here’s more on this issue as chadsmith20 has now released a pack with FOV setting files ranging from 20 to 70, including settings that work best on three-screen setups as you can see below on chad’s setup.

The files are installed by copying them into the desired car directory in “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\f1 2010\cars\”, the default camera file is also included in case you want to go back to the stock settings.

Update: A new version has been released, fixing a bug with 3 screen setups – Follow the download link below.

Download F1 2010 FOV Settings Pack Here

  • Eduardo AuKiss

    ALL WRONG !!!

  • RKipker

    OMGosh, what a Great Setup… Who’s Wheel is this and can we see more?

    Thanks for the Video!

  • Mee

    The original camera file isn’t included in the archive…

  • Diromo

    What kind of wheel is that, if you have to drive with gloves? Hot one maybe…

  • Chad Smith

    The Default Cameras are in the Discussion link. 

  • Chad Smith

    It is a Plexiglas wheel made by a fellow iRacer. I wear the gloves because it can get kind of hard to hang on to. 

  • _Sy


  • Turkey :D

    I wish I could get that frame rate on a single monitor O_o

  • Bert

    What a fucking bad game!
    Grafics are briliant…driving the game very very bad…….its a normal fact for a codemasters game……hoping there come a sim patch

  • heymoa

    Why are the mirrors in the body of the cockpit surround if this is a better FOV? Head position must be too far back imo

  • Chad Smith

    I found out there were some bugs. So I made a version 2

    It is here.

    It would be nice to have this updated so people aren’t downloading the bugged version. 

  • Montoya


  • Chad Smith


  • jonelsorel

    Triple monitor setup and – LOL – racing gloves ? For F1 2010 ?  Hardcore simmer!!


  • jonelsorel

    PS: nice input lag too.

  • jonelsorel

    Really? Do you mean it’s made of cheap slippery plastic.. ?

  • F1_fan_1

    I you weren’t so narrow-minded you would have seen he’s got a lot of amazing video’s of real sims on his YouTube channel. Look them up.

  • F1-Fan
  • Chad Smith

    Yea that is the proper one to download. 

    Moving threads around so it probably caused a dead link. 

  • navalhawkeye

    Plexiglass is not cheapo plastic by any means. The stuff is insanely durable and probably stronger than the regular G27 wheel.

  • Hexcaliber

    Codemasters do not do sims, never have, and likely never will, market is too small for them. F1 2010  is what it is, anyone expecting sim handling with everything the devs had said was kidding themselves, as if its release on consoles was not enough of a hint what could be expected from the handling. I mean really, what kind of moron expects sims from a company like Codemasters, same idiots who complained about NFS shifts handling coming from EA on multi formats I guess.

  • dlaird

    You will never get a hardcore sim unless you have rfactor pro or something that the public can buy for alot of money.  RFactor, NFS, F1 2010, race on, gtr…..these are not sims.  So quit complaining about f1 2010 not meeting your driving standards. 

  • jonelsorel

    Including NFS Shift?

  • migf1

    That link is not working (not for me at least). This one does though 😉

  • iainstorm

    They need to patch this game badly the more i play it im picking up some major issues just now in my career race at China I did a good race but half the field did not do their compulsory pit stop even my team mate Senna didn’t and got 8th place giving him championship points etc.  So the game is def broken atm and I hope codemasters fix this soon

  • Raymond

    I’ve officially had it with this game, my savegame just got corrupt, hours of gameplay gone in career mode (was up to istambul), I mean all the other bugs so far I was like okay, I can still work with that, and it will probably get better with a patch, but this is unforgivable. In all my years of playing games I’ve never had this issue before.

  • f1racing

    Well, maybe it is only you. I am now at Montreal and there is no problem with corupt save game for me…

  • f1racing

    they never said that this will be a sim. So I don’t know why everyone still look at this game from that perspective. Game has some problems, but all games have them. I am having some good times with it and I must say that it is better than I  expected. And if everyone stop looking for bugs and errors and start actually play the game than I think most of you will agree with me. What is so fun in just searching for errors???? Same with this, PES, FIFA….just complains, complains, complains…if you want real sim, buy youreself F1 car and go driving round at some circuit. If you want to have fun, than come back and play games. That don’t need be this one. You choose which suits you best! 😉

  • Raikku

    Any free link?

  • f1racing

    you are looking at wrong place

  • Dave
  • Chad Smith

    New video of Red Bull with a 30 FOV

  • Acestumacher

    Has anyone sussed the steering “lag” “delay” clearly seen in Chad’s new video?

  • Chad Smith

    I’m sure it has something to do with my in game settings. 

    I don’t notice steering lag when I’m racing though.

  • F1Man

    Nah, I don’t believe this. Codemasters don’t get the license, work two years on the game and end up with fake AI? No, don’t believe it. I’ve actually driven against very good AI so far, which differ in agressivenes as well. The likes of Liuzzi or Kobayashi is a lot more agressive then a Trulli or Massa.

  • Dave

    Well i dont know what to think but the devs (targa) has confirmed already that the practice and quali times are faked and not arrived at by the ai running the track as would happed in a normal racing game,his reason was that they could not get them to be competitive.
    As for fighting battles with the ai thats a different issue than the lap times the ai are posting.
    I ran a 50% race and came 6th ,and was given 1st place without any of the ai ahead of me getting penalties ??

  • prentf1

    @Raikku: this is not a good place for your request!

  • Markuz

    Wow. 3 monitors. In my PC it even wouldn’t run decently with a single 22″.

    [email protected], Radeon 4870, 4GB RAM…

  • Markuz

    Anyone knows if upgrading to an nVidia GTX 470 is good for this game?

  • Chad Smith

    I’m running an [email protected] 3.6 with a 5870. I don’t think your graphics card would make that much of a difference. 

  • Markuz

    Chad, what do you mean? DiRT 2 benchmarks indicate that GTX 470 has around 50% higher framerates than my 4870. I guess your 5870 should be more powerful than the GTX 470. You’re saying if I upgrade the game will still perform at 30-45 fps? How does it run on your system?

  • Markuz

    Oh crap, you’re the guy in the triple displays, hahaha. You’re running it at what settings?

  • Marcuz

    Yeah man, so mature. Is your real name Adrian Sutil or Lewis Hamilton? Have done real life tests or races with F1 cars? Maybe then can you bash someone for the games they play. Heck, even those guys don’t bash us armchair racers, although Lewis made fun of Sutil wearing gloves and boots when sim racing, hahaha. 🙂

  • Austin White

    dude i got a older e6700 overclocked at 3.6 , 4gb ram and older nvidia 8800gt and it runs my 22inch fine with all high settings.

  • Ludd

    I hate this response. Here’s obviously a guy that doesn’t know the first thing about computers – well two of them apparently.

    No it’s not just him, when you have a bug – rare or not – it would be extremely uncommon if only one person would run into it. Here, have a look on Google, apparently it’s a problem on all platforms:

    Hopefully it gets patched.

  • Marcuz

    Austin White, what FPS are you getting? If you’re getting an average of 50-60FPS on all tracks, give or take a bit depending on the number of cars present and if it’s raining, etc., wow. Something funky is really going on. What audio setting are you using? Do you have a sound card with audio acceleration and is the game set to “Hardware”?

    Coz really, I updated all drivers, cleaned up all drivers then updated the drivers again, uninstalled GFWL, OpenAL and Rapture then reinstalled them again, etc. I kept looking for the weak link. I just couldn’t find it!

    ULTRA LOW: 35-60+ FPS
    LOW: 30-52 FPS but I’ve seen it go 60+ when there’s almost nothing on the screen. Those cases are exceptions to the usual FPS.
    MEDIUM: 30-51 FPS
    HIGH: 30-48 FPS
    ULTRA HIGH: Didn’t bother, I guess 30-35? 😀

    *No other apps running except Steam. Those values are not exact, I just do time trials on Bahrain, Melbourne and Spa. I’ve been able to play 100% race on Bahrain on LOW. Any higher setting has jerky framerates. I already set the replay cache to read-only.

    I’m not expecting my rig to be able to run it 60+ FPS on ULTRA HIGH but I think an average of 50FPS on ULTRA LOW is ultra weird. Maybe this is the second coming of Crysis in a racing game for my system.

    Btw, what’s ideal for CPU utilization? For my dual core I noticed that during races I get ~70% utilization. I don’t never see it hit 100%. If my PC is having a hard time shouldn’t it hit 100%? It’s obviously not a case of excess CPU power as illustrated by the kinda low framerates. I’ll check my GPU utilization next time.

    … how do I check my GPU utilization? Hehehe. Temps?

  • Turkey :D

    I have an AMD FX-62 dual core @2.8Ghz and an EVGA GTX 260 Core 216 SSC, plus 8Gb DDR2 800.
    I can run the game at ultra settings @ 1680×1050 4xAA very smoothly with no input lag. No reason to waste money on a 400 series card, honestly.

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