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F1 2010 – First Gamescom Preview Videos

F1 2010 – First Gamescom Preview Videos

First preview material of Codemasters’ F1 2010 Gamescom build is becoming available as you can check out two new preview videos below.

The first is a direct-capture video, showing a lap around Monaco without sounds. The second is filmed off the screen and shows two laps around the Canadian Circuit Gilles Villeneuve.

Following their maiden Formula One title that was released only for the Playstation Portable and the Nintendo Wii, Codemasters will be bringing the 2010 Formula One season to the PC, the Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3. F1 2010 has been confirmed to be released September 24.

Update: Codemasters has confirmed that the first video is not a direct capture and the yellowish filter is not actually part of the game.

  • Wesley

    Looks like this is one with more pro settings, game is looking great and seems pretty realistic too, though the game seems to be too punishing. I cnt say anything really about the damage, though it seems there isnt that much damage, i was hoping for every poly would be detachable(then you would have realistic damage), but i guess such an thing isnt the case here.

  • Kapten_zoom

    This and gran turismo 5 means i’m plugging my g25 in the ps3. What a great winter it’s gonna be 😀

  • Philip Oakley

    But surely every poly being detachable would make it very laggy to run? This  game looks very good. I can’t wait to get it, along with my new PC 😉

  • Sato-Kamikaze

    I did release some comparisons screens of Monaco if you want :

  • addyduss

    steering lag?

  • Ahmad

    The first vid must have been on super duper arcade mode as it doesn’t look like you need any downforce at all.

  • Jorge Araujo

    Second video is looking really good in the physics and in the graphics. It’s hard to judge based only on a video, but it does feels better than rFactor with F1 mods. The car feels quite natural.

  • rich1701

    So you can go just as fast without a front wing around Monaco….. Great….  :'(

  • Helios_CM

    First video isn’t direct capture, Monaco in-game hasn’t got that yellow hue to it. It also had damage set to visual only.

    The second video is a lot better and has much improved driving 😉

  • Jermaine

    Aaai the first video.. The steering first of all is wrong! Second losing the frontwing and just keep driving that fast? On monaco? no way!

  • Jermaine

    second video steering stil wrong

  • Dave

    If you have a good graphics card should be no issue with far better visual damage than we have seen yet.
    Even if the first vid was arcade mode(which i hope it was)you would imagine that the front wing should at least partially explode with the force he hit the car in front with

  • Wesley

    actually you are driving on low speeds thus downforce hasnt much effect, so losing the front wing isnt that much of an big deal

  • Dave

    Also is the steering rotation animation locked at 250 odd degrees ,why isnt it matching rl

  • Wesley

    It will require more processing power, but with current or coming techniques i believe it is really possible to do so, but it isnt worth it as you will be making the game long-term, when you are having such an game every year.

  • Dave

    1.16 driving at 212km with no front wing 🙁   .
    212km = 132mph ,not exactly what id call low speed

  • Dave

    wrong once again ,the damge would be visual and therefore run on the gpu not the processor .
    And why isnt it worth it,ah yes after all what would they sell next year if they put in all the stuff left out of this one.

  • Substance242

    Finally some decent driving in #2. What hardware is this run on, the Xbox 360 I guess? Hope PS3 version which I am getting won’t be worse. And you hear pit comm only in pilot view cam? Also, I would very very much appreciate if I could cool down during, well, cool down lap, do not kill my immersion by taking the car away from me immediately after finish, I beg you!

  • Carbonfibre

    Steering lag is a combination of all the devices together: The game, the console, the peripheral and the TV. The best LCD/LED TVs still have a huge 40ms of lag in their “game modes” at the best of times. You don’t get these problems on a PC of course.

    I say F1 2010’s version of Montreal looks much wider and corners less sharp than what I’m used to on rFactor.

  • Dave

    That looks like a monitor but i could be wrong,average would be 5ms lag,looks more like wheel in game locked at certain rotation animation and bigger rotation in the wheel hes using.

  • f1racing

    can’t you read just under this post????

    Damage is set to VISUAL ONLY!!!!!!!

  • thewuberone

    the monaco video was on easy setting with minimum damage.
    don’t worry

  • f1racing

    or maybe that don’t everyone have brand new graphic card?? Or maybe they want game to look good on lover settings so those who don’t have powerful PC-s can run it smoothly…

    I mean, I have ATI radeon x1950 with 256MB of VRAM…and at this time I can’t afford new one…nor many of us can….

  • Dave

    Yes and we are also talking about the damage being shit visually.
    You say that down force doesn’t matter at low speed ,well its not low speed so even in arcade mode there should be some indication that the handling is compromised.
    If not next  will we see a car with no wings and no wheels take the checkered flag as the damage is just visual  🙂

  • f1racing

    no…I didn’t said that downforce doesn’t matter…but if damage is set to visual only it then do not compromise driveability…

  • f1racing

    that wasn’t my post 😉 it was Wesley 😉

  • Dave

    Quite agree ,but that would just mean the pieces would be bigger on a lower end rig and lots of smaller pieces in a higher end one,but not the nose cone to just fall off.
    Wouldnt it look far better even on a low end system even if the cone broke into 2 of 3 pieces.

  • Dave

    Sorry f1racing my mistake editing post.

  • Dave

    Sorry f1racing ,was referring to Wesley post,seems pointless to have just visual damage that can remove a front wing and nose cone and not have it affect driving to some degree even in arcade mode.

  • f1racing

    true…but that is for begginers I think…if you look at DIRT2 you can choose visual only or full damage…so I think that is case here too…

  • F1Racer

    Montreal video looked great.  Some nice touhes I spotted were the glove clenching and the hand coming off the steering wheel to adjust what seems to be engine mapping on the wheel.

    Not too sure about the cockpit view.  Those high sides wouldnt really be seen in a helmet so I hope the FOV and/or seating position is adjustable.

    The Montreal vid is the best so far I think cos at least the guy knew the track.  Didn’t look like it was set with all aids off though going by the ‘award’ at the end.
    Shame you lose control of the car when the race finishes. Be nice to have driven it back to the pits, but then I suppose you`d only expect that on the out and out sims.

    Visually its really slick.

  • Firestarter

    The 2nd video was promising, finally some dude with a brain that drives 🙂  The kerbs are a bit flat though, in real life the drivers have to balance the car on the kerbs at Circuit Gilles-Vileneuve.

  • Philip Oakley

    Thanks for the news of the vids, Helios!

  • Philip Oakley

    If we can mod it, who cares lol?

  • svizzy

    hmm i don’t understand this. they said it would take too much time to make a demo(for home) but they can make a demo for the convention. a downloadable demo would even reach more people. hmm

    at least i can test it before release because i am at the gamescon tomorrow. maybe i make a little video don’t know but if only with phone(it’s 720p)

  • dknine

    I’m impressed to see how the car reacts to steering imput, not at al jerky like SHIFT for example, so I’m very pleased with that.

  • Dave

    svizzy ,try and get a go with a wheel as well as the vid and maybe give up some feed back on the ffb
    it would be much appreciated.

  • svizzy

    got a phone call. have to work tomorrow just thought i tell you just in case you are waiting for a video and some feedback maybe i go on saturday or sunday

  • The Thorn

    Dave, you are partially right on the damage thing, but if the damage actually has little parts simulated, then it would also take the CPU some effort to calculate where it is going and how it will react to the next surface it will collide with. The GPU will only process what you see, not how it behaves and where something should go on your screen.
    There is 1 exception to this. Nvidia supports PhysX since some time. That is actually physics calculation from the GPU (and why not??). But normally it is the process for the CPU.

  • Michael

    There are a lot of differences between doing a build of their game for a show and coding a demo for public release.

    And the truth is, the statistics are showing devs that demos aren’t really cost productive and they don’t do a lot to improve sales etc etc.

    I don’t see a lot to worry about though on the consoles. I recall lots of tearing on race pro videos and lots of “It’s youtube…you can’t tell how smooth a game is on a video” – but, with hindsight we know race pro was just crap and barely ran on the 360.

    I think looking at these early vids, the game looks like it’s running as smooth as butter (I still think the front wheels turn too much, but perhaps that’s just Monaco set up…it’s less pronounced on the Montreal video although when I compare with real F1 footage I think still wrong)

    On the PC I think the quality / performance / stability question is a reason to be cautious about buying without trying – the guy has already said he’s having to run the shows PCs on medium quality, without actually saying what spec these PCs have.

    But someone will test it and post about it (and, frankly, the most I’ve ever paid for a racing game on PC was about £20 for NFS Shift, it’s not a huge loss if the game has some flaws. Shop around for special offers before forking out £35 or whatever the average retailer asks for)

  • Michael

    People that want to drive a car care how it drives.

    People who buy a car just to take it to pieces and say “hmm, I think I fix it for them…yes look, they obviously didn’t know what they were doing…” and then after 6 months of having boxes full of spare parts around the house and an engine on the kitchen table say “hmm…I tried to fix it, but it was too broken….” you might not.

  • Michael

    “i was hoping for every poly would be detachable(then you would have realistic damage)”

    No it wouldn’t.

    F1 cars aren’t made of triangles. If you wanted to model damage realistically to that level, you’d need to a whole lot more.

  • Michael

    e.g half life 2, if you broke an object, it just substituted a model of, say, a plank of wood for 3 models of pieces of a plank. Result : The model always broke in the same way. A good effect, but not realistic.

    I’m sure you’ll find these more recent FPS games with destructible buildings are just a slightly more sophisticated versions of what earlier games like HL2 started as they added basic rigid body physics.

    Going from that to modelling a plank of wood that fractures realistically in response to the player interacting with it, would be leap.

  • Michael

    Seems moot, the only wheel / cockpit you should see is the one you’re holding to play the game.

    There’s not another steering wheel in JB’s car, and any wheel drawn on a screen is de facto wrong (not so bad on a monitor on a desk that’s maybe a 1ft or so away, but if you’re in the front room several feet away from the TV, it’s ludicrous to think the cockpit view puts you inside the car, you’re steering from behind the car)

    No doubt they’ll have a view on screen that reflects this and that doesn’t draw the car at all (The sims the F1 guys use draw the wing / front wheels, no cockpit or extra wheels) but, in the absence of a wraparound triple display, the nose cams at least put you somewhere close to being sat in the car.

  • svizzy

    and what is the difference between making a demo for a show and for public release?

  • Dave

    No worries on when you get a chance to go there svizzy ,thanks for the heads up.
    If you do get a chance to drive, in relation to the ffb what im personally most interested in is do you feel the front wheels through the ffb in forces or is all that like as in dirt 2 set up to the vibration effects or if you run rfactor or another sim maybe a comparison as to what mod it most closely resembles in terms of ffb. realfeel or just the standard ffb of another mod or game.
    As for the demo i have to agree that it could have been released if not this week definitely in the next week of so as game will be going for testing my sony and microsoft by then, Itll be on the shelves in 40 days so they cant have much more than a week or 2 for a final build.

    From skimming true the codies forums people seem to think that damage is linked to difficulty so as you go higher in difficulty go get more damage both in terms of car handling and visual but im having a hard time believing it in terms of the visual part ,the car handling i can understand and no one is making an offical comment on the issue

    The Montreal vid is on one of the devs playing.

  • Dave

    @The Thorn ,I wouldnt expect them to simulate how it would break up(not even nvidia Phyxs could simulate that in real time,maybe it could) ,but at least put in at x speed crash it breaks into 3 pieces and at z speed crash it breaks into 100 pieces ,whatever is realistic looking, that way it is just a gpu job then to render it on screen.
    And then that could vary depending on your rig,even on a low powered console if they went for breaking it into 3 pieces they could have 4 different ways it could break into those 3 pieces depending on the angle of the car while it crashes so it looks different each time.
    But its not just the players car the damage looks bad on,the ai didnt seem to take any damage at all visually at al.

  • Dave

    svizzy  ,you neednt wory about my question on ffb as the only demo with it included is the one with the microsoft wheel so thats the xbox version and as that uses xinput rather than direct input like on pc they wouldnt be the same anyway.
    None of the rigs with the F1 2010 custom seats/wheels have force feed back,that is the one shown in the Montreal vid with the dev driving,all the others we see dont have ffb.

    Quote from helios
    “The version of the game on display at the Microsoft stand with the MS Official Racing Wheel has full force feedback.”

    It seems unbelievable that at huge games convention 5 weeks before release that a racing title (realistic,not arcade not sim) has no ffb in place for journalists or public to test.

  • Dave

    svizzy ,you neednt wory about my question on ffb as the only demo with it included is the one with the microsoft wheel so thats the xbox version and as that uses xinput rather than direct input like on pc they wouldnt be the same anyway.
    None of the rigs with the F1 2010 custom seats/wheels have force feed back,that is the one shown in the Montreal vid with the dev driving,all the others we see dont have ffb.

    Quote from helios
    “The version of the game on display at the Microsoft stand with the MS Official Racing Wheel has full force feedback.”

    It seems unbelievable that at huge games convention 5 weeks before release that a racing title (realistic,not arcade not sim) has no ffb in place for journalists or public to test.

  • moschum

    codemasters are utterly retarded, if they had just put in a proper dedicated SIM mode, with sim physics and proper wheel setup, entire simracing community would have bought the game. 

    total epic fail. grand prix 2 looks more realistic than this. 

  • Raphael dos Reis Oliveira

    I liked the driver arms animations…the most realistic I’ve ever seen…really nice! If they use the same engine of GRID and DiRT 2…..I’ll play this game with good FPS and good graphical quality….:D

    Counting the seconds to release! o/

  • youyou

    inside the cockpit looks like empty ????? remember the first videos they used to be legs in the cockpit

  • Kostek

    New video from polish tv
    There is one important information, difficulty level of driving on gamescom is set on medium, so it’s something like arcade mode, even if you turn off all helps (in this video all helps are off outside dynamic racing line) it’s still not what we can see in full game. Where we will can choose simulation mode. So there is still hope for good sim game 😀

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