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F1 2010 Camera Mods – Released

F1 2010 Camera Mods – Released

Codemasters’ F1 2010 title isn’t even released in all territories yet but unsurprisingly, modding of the PC version has already started.

Below are the first two very interesting mods that address a problem that many buyers have pointed out with the title – The camera angles.

The first mod changes the cockpit camera to allow better feel of speed and a more realistic view as you can see in the first preview. The second mod adresses the T-cam view, changing the angle to the look known from Formula One tv coverage.

Download F1 2010 Cockpit Camera Angle Mod Here

Download F1 2010 T-Cam Angle Mod Here

  • Explosive Face


    Now, sombody please replace the downshift sound. Something like the Mercedes gearbox sound instead of the ‘wau wau wau’ dog bark would improve the game greatly.

  • MaxBL

    how is this installed?

  • Flaux

    Would love if the dirt guys could help a bit in this department. Specially when it comes to graphic-settings. Where is the file to edit and what do the entries mean.

    I run it smooth right now,  but I don’t like that much of bloom and other postprocessing or shader things… (would prefer to add AA instead)

  • SoloTwo

    In the f1 2010 main folder go to the cars section and each car has its own cameras file.  Just replacing that file in each car should do the job.

  • MaxBL

    thanks mate

  • skillcoil

    /jealous .. I suffer from this problem too (PS3 version) which forces me to use T-cam instead. Hopefully CM will address it.

  • bram

    I don’t have my copy yet but can anyone tell me if it supports TrackIR?

  • Shadeshift

    Yes it does. 🙂

  • speedy

    OT: @Explosive Face: You mentioned the sounds. Are the engine sounds different in the game for each manufacturer like Mercedes, Renault, Cosworth etc.?

  • Raymond

    Excellent work, I’ll be sure to download the cockpit view, does it work 100% for all teams? seems strange they all use the same cam file. The T-CAM view doesn’t quite work for me, I like a centered view more, but that’s easily modified. So thanx for the work

  • Rubmifer

    Hmm, tried it like that but I don’t see a difference… (cockpit cam)

  • Creatorex

    Cool! Modding just began… so people now is able to decode and encode files 🙂

  • Hompe


  • HoiHman

    Nice modding but it not bug free yet. If you have the corner / brake indicators on, they show up in the cockpit and not on the road with the new cockpit view

  • Suarez16

    Nice work, although I still need to get used to cockpit view.

  • Jack_NL

    THANK YOU !!

    much better now

  • Higgson

    More unrealistic view maybe. You just cannot see the top of your monocock (faux bonnet) where you sit in F1. :facepalm:

  • fritzisbro

    exellent…much better view than the original now you can see where your going.
    Now if it’s at all possible could somebody do some thing about the assist settings they don’t appear to turn off completely, even the the menu says they are????

  • F1Man

    Any way this can be in the console versions? 🙁

  • Pleb

    Which values where changed to move the camera up/down in cockpit and which values where changed to move cam left in T-cam?

  • jimmy

    Haha, this is why i will stay with PC till the end of the world 😀

  • GTEvo


  • Explosive Face

    No, sadly. They only got two teams to help with recording sounds, and they both use the same engine type, so the cars sound mostly the same.

  • Gerrit


  • zzz

    “The first mod changes the cockpit camera to allow better feel of speed and a more realistic view”

    Maybe its more realistic if you’re giraffe

  • saleen

    Excactly! I hope They can fix that bug.

  • Explosive Face

    The cockpit view is waaay too high. If it was moved to where Virtual Academy has it with the FOV and bump tweaks remaining, the game could be much more enjoyable.

  • AeroMechanical

    Unfortunately, you can’t just edit that file.  You have to decode it using a utility called binxml, edit with a text editor, and then encode it back to binary.  I posted a link to  binxml in the release thread.

    You modify the position of the camera, by changing the “position” variables, which are just X,Y,Z values.  Pretty straightforward.

  • Simosimosimo

    2 years from now :D:D:D:D::D

  • Rubmifer

    Hmm, I got the Red Bull working, but the rest hasn’t changed weirdly. Still the same default cockpit view.

  • iainstorm

    where do you put the cockpit view file?

  • stabiz


  • jonelsorel

    What this game needs is a realistic physics, not cam. 

  • Marcuz

    What this game needs are graphic optimizations and input lag fixes. Modders can fix physics for simmers but they can’t fix a broken game.

  • xDama

    Mclaren & Ferrari have new cameras, but HRT/Virgin/Lotus/Renault don’t 🙁

  • xDama

    Nevermind, fixed it! Copied the files separately and it work perfect! Thank you! 100x better!

  • Rubmifer

    I copied and paste the cameras.xml seperately too, each at a time, but I don’t the new cam at teams as Renault/HRT/Virgin… Mclaren, Red Bull,… they do work…

  • GameTagERROR/MasterYoda


    First of all, we need to thank AeroMechanical(Bleco) for finding out how to edit these files.

    Then, I need to explain few points on how it works. It seems the writer of the article was too straight to the point and didn’t give any background on the mod. Not even cared to link to the source of the file nor give any credits for that.

    Whoever wants to see all the discussion involved on this mod and also check out F1 2010 running on a motion system should go to x-Sim forums, the original topic is there:

    Given that, please, notice that the FOV of this files has been changed to 60 deg, which is the ideal for my setup (screen size/viewing distance), so it may not fit to everybody. In the link above, you guys can find some Triple-head adjusted files from Bleco, too.

    Than, it is important to know that I only made the file for Ferrari (Fe0), and I didn’t test with other cars. I assume some may be the same, some may be different. So, test it at your own risk and make sure to backup the original files.

    Have fun and enjoy the game, cause I truly am! Smile



  • Y E S

    Thanks very much !
    We need now a nice Official LG Hud ^_

  • iainstorm

    where do you put the cameras.xml file ?

  • oyvind

    where do i copy the file ?

  • wchsam92

    tried to turn the postprocessing of thru harewareconfig( din like its yellowy effect) but din notice any changes. 🙁

  • VANX

    Great work! Now I can see the apexes. It looks a little bit to high, but that compensates cause we cannot move our heads in the game to look at the curve.

  • MrcL

    I couldn’t really call the cockpit view realistic. I believe in its stock configuration it’s the best compromise. Not as low as the real deal, but still high enough to be easily drivable. The TV cam is spot on though.

  • migf1

    Here you can find gathered together all the proposed fixes, by Codemaster, for most of the probs reported so far regarding F1 2010. Also, according to that article, Codemasters have already started working on a patch.

    PS. Greek readers should also have a look here.

  • Ben

    Thanks a lot for this modification. Really improved things for me a lot – I can see mirrors AND there is finally the impression of speed.


  • Andy

    Yes,the cockpit cam is a big improvement for me,I’ve got a full set of mirrors in view now,top stuff guys,thanks.

  • Fokkak Menny

    Even till now I can’t relate consoles to racing games, it’s just wrong.

  • Raikku

    Where I put this cameras-file?


    yes,….Where I put this cameras-file ???

  • moschum

    ‘much more realistic view’
    are you joking?

    a drivers eyeline is only just above the top edge of the steering wheel. the original cockpit views in the game are pretty much spot on. 

    what is peoples obsessions with just making games easier for them to play? pathetic. while youre all at it, why dont you just increase the bhp of your car in the game. 

  • moschum

    why dont you just play it in chase cam view. then you can see everything.

  • Marcuz

    I think it’s not about making is easier. It’s about making it useable since we’re racing with monitors and TVs. The scaling may be OK with the default FOV but in real life you can turn your head left and right to see the sides. The default FOV of the cockpit view is so small it’s like you’re looking at the road thru a drinking straw.

  • josejavi

    i can’t download f1 2010 T-cam angle mod!
    where can i?

  • migf1

    Try here.

  • Side

    Hey,why does the dynamic racing line dissapear…i see it only when it passes my drivers hands,for a second,while in cockpit view

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