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Endurance Series SP3 for rFactor – Presentation Video

Enduracers have released the full Endurance Series SP3 for rFactor presentation video, showing all of the release’s new cars on track.

Enduracers have released the full Endurance Series SP3 for rFactor presentation video, showing all of the release’s new cars on track.

The video shows a complete two-hour multiclass race at Silverstone, giving us plenty of time to check out the nine new car models, including:

New Cars Included in Endurance Series SP3 for rFactor 1

  • LMP1 – Lola Aston-Martin DBR1/2
  • LMP1 – Lola Coupe B-80 Dyson
  • LMP1 – Oreca 01 AIM
  • LMP1 – Zytek 07s/Ginetta Zytek 09s
  • LMP2 – Lola Coupe B-80
  • LMP2 – Oreca 03
  • LMP2 – Zytek 07s/Ginetta Zytek 09s
  • GT1 – Maserati MC12
  • GT2 – BMW M3 E92

Once the rFactor version of the mod will be released, the team will be converting the mod to ISI’s new rFactor 2 simulation, adding another two cars to the lineup of vehicles. This rFactor 2 release will finish the mod’s long history as the team will then consider development of the mod complete.

To prepare for the rFactor 2 version of the large mod, the team will also be working on a rFactor 2 version of the “Flat6 Series” mod.

  • toyvonen

    0 comments!…really a sign of times, no doubt the time if rfactor, my most loyal “friend” for almost 10 years, has passed…even i spend less and less time with it, not because i don’t still enjoy it, it’s just that it’s time to go ahead with it’s succession, and for me it has a worthy successor in AC!…but GTPC VirtuaLM mod, still makes me return to the old faithfull, and i suspect for still some time.

    • Associat0r

      To be a successor, it has to at least feature all the essentials of its 10 year old predecessor and Assetto Corsa isn’t even close to that.
      Meanwhile rFactor2 improves over rFactor1 in every single way, therefore that’s the true successor.

      • Matthew Arnold

        don’t be surprised if such solid logic gets bashed in these parts 🙂

      • QUF

        why do we need rf2 if there is rf?

      • hexagramme

        Perhaps because ISI with rF2 has managed to improve just about every aspect since rF1 plus add in tons of new technology. Pretty much the most complete sim racing package at the moment, with loads more to come.

        EnduRacers will be fantastic in rF2 no doubt. 🙂

      • Associat0r
      • toyvonen

        OH, do you mean, better sounds, graphics, physics, original contents, tracks…..?!?…wich AC definitly has in relation to RF1, than YES, it’s the successor!!…because those are the most important factors in a sim…as far as dynamic cycles of time and weather, yes they are important, but to take YEARS and still not implement them right, i don’t consider that has a plus but a BIG minus!…Hey, even in that AC is the successor of RF1, because ISI at the time also had the good sense to release what they mastered and not go to roads they couldn’t “travell”…
        I was the biggest fan of RF1 and ISI, but for me March 2015 and definitely i must say that RF2 UNFORTUNATELY is a disappointment, in what it promised, the time it took, and the missing to deliver…only time will make me change, not arguments of blind lovers…and i still consider RF1 with mods like the GTPC a better propositon than RF2…to have million of features, and not having them working correctly, or promissing advanced features not taking care of the basics, it’s in my book and everyone with common sense a FAILURE!
        AC rules, PCars promises, RF1 still delivers…RF2 still misses!
        It’s a bitch the facts, isn’t it!?

      • toyvonen

        Oh, and i’m very glad that it took someone (like me) to say some uncomfortable truths, to this post achieve at least 5-6 comments…wich only emphasizes my 1st post!Lol

        …and after these last ones, i’m sure it will double the posts…ISI, Endurancers…please make the money transfeer to the account…….Lol

        PS-I admire old ISI, and Endurancers team, i like to clarify that btw

      • hexagramme

        Lol, which facts? 😛
        A couple of months ago people got banned here, left right and center, for presenting subjective opinions as “facts”. But when the end game is putting down ISI, I guess anything goes now?

        Oh well.

        How could AC ever be a true successor to rF1 when it currently fails on so many levels compared to a decade old sim?

        rF2 is of course the true successor of rF1 imo, because it has already managed to improve on every single aspect of rF1. How is that a disappointment? Much better and much more advanced tire modelling, physics, AI, force feedback, weather, lighting, graphics, Real Road (which no other sim has at the moment, only scripted grip gain on entire track surface at best), much better online functionality, no more mismatches, great netcode, tons of licensed content with more to come, big improvements with each build, etc. etc.

        Just because most people have attention spans of a five year old and don’t want to put in the time or effort to dive deep into the vast experience that is rF2, doesn’t make it a disappointment in any way, shape or form.

        I get a feeling that many people hate on rF2 because it doesn’t “empower” them right away when they start out. It doesn’t make you feel like a champion. A lot of people are way too proud to deal with that, so they bash the devs and the sim instead, making up excuses like “poor graphics” (uhm, which poor graphics I ask you?), “it’s like driving on ice” etc.

        Funny stuff. But of course doesn’t make your statements true in any way, objectively speaking. 🙂

      • Unverified User

        This is partially right, however, the game is way too system intensive for the vast majority of rfactor laptop simracers, running dual-core systems with no gpus.

      • Associat0r

        Just reduce the resolution and you should be fine. For laptop simracers it’s the best because of the great keyboard support.

      • punkfest2000

        I agree that they dropped the ball with rF2…squandered the opportunity and have lost massive market share. The number of mods that keep coming for AC suggest that it really has become the successor to original rfactor that rF2 should have been.

      • hexagramme

        It really is that simple. No other non ISI made sim should ever be called a “successor” to rF1. It simply doesn’t make sense imo.

    • Pablo Coronel

      The only succesor of RF1 is… RF2.

      • hexagramme


    • punkfest2000

      it’s a 10 year old game, what did they expect. Long gone from my hard drive.

  • Pablo Coronel

    Cant wait for the RF2 version, really.

  • AL_D

    omg, i have almost forgotten how old RF1 is! How crappy the repays look and how old the whole game looks. Too bad that RF2 is not as half as good as RF1 was…

  • Chris Wright

    Released Saturday and in time for Sebring, according to the Enduracers Facebook page –

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