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Endurance Series SP3 – Live Presentation Tomorrow

Team Enduracers’ Endurance Series SP3 mod for rFactor will be shown live tomorrow.

Last September, Team Enduracers announced that the Service Pack 3 of their massive Endurance Series mod will be released for rFactor before the team makes the jump to rF2.

Now, the team is inviting everyone to take a look at the new version as SP3 of the popular mod will be live showcased on Paddock TV tomorrow, starting at 9 PM CET. For more info how to tune into the live stream, please follow this link.

The new version of the popular sports car racing mod will add no less than nine all-new car models to the pack, as listed below:

New Cars Included in Endurance Series SP3 for rFactor 1

  • LMP1 – Lola Aston-Martin DBR1/2
  • LMP1 – Lola Coupe B-80 Dyson
  • LMP1 – Oreca 01 AIM
  • LMP1 – Zytek 07s/Ginetta Zytek 09s
  • LMP2 – Lola Coupe B-80
  • LMP2 – Oreca 03
  • LMP2 – Zytek 07s/Ginetta Zytek 09s
  • GT1 – Maserati MC12
  • GT2 – BMW M3 E92

Afterwards, the team will be converting the mod to ISI’s new rFactor 2 simulation, adding another two cars to the lineup of vehicles. This rFactor 2 release will finish the mod’s long history as the team will then consider development of the mod complete.

To prepare for the rFactor 2 version of the large mod, the team will also be working on a rFactor 2 version of the “Flat6 Series” mod.

  • hexagramme

    Oh yeah, good times! 🙂

  • Marc Collins

    Nice video. Can’t wait for the rF2 versions. Anything these guys do for rF2 will be awesome.

  • kenpat .

    One of the greatest mods of all time. Helps keep rF1 on my hard drive.

  • Robert Every

    It is such a shame that this game is largely ignored now as the fan boys for the newer stuff go their way.
    Proto C is simply magnificent, but it’s hard to find people playing online and we all know Enduracers is actually a better mod than most of the games purporting to be new releases at the moment that are actually just WIP. I would rather pay for that than anything WMD or Kunos have released. It is finished, complete, well presented, challenging, varied and utterly professional.
    This crew deserve an awful lot of credit for keepng RF1 in the loop, and I only wish more fans stopped worrying about graphics, style and newness and concentrated on the best cheap sim money has ever bought you.

    • The Dark

      did you have to use the term fan boys?
      its provoking. whats wrong with just “fans”?

      • Loose

        With the way a lot of the “fans” of those sims talk about their favourite sim, the use of “fan boys” is justified IMO.

      • The Dark

        a lot? can you quanitfy it?
        no matter how many it’s not all!
        you cant just label everyone the same.
        it is never justified to generalise with insults.

      • maranello55

        just grow up….jesus

      • Loose

        I’m not saying all. As I said, “a lot” of them, and no I cannot quantify exact numbers and percentages because I don’t want to waste my time going through every news article and treading through all the comments.

      • QUF

        and rf1 + subsequent mods can’t be considered fanboys when trash talking about the newer sims and only defending their previous sims?

    • Associat0r

      I encourage everyone to start donating to these modders.

    • Dani .

      For me too this mod as a bundle is the best modern sim experience outhere. Only some RF2 cars because obvious improve and some other RF1 as Prototype C, Historix and DRM can compare to this. When they release in RF2 will be for sure a top 5 simexperience for the next 10 years.

    • Noel Hibbard

      So anyone who doesn’t race in rF1 anymore is considered a fanboy? Interesting logic. What about GPL? If you aren’t racing in GPL anymore, are you considered a fanboy too?

    • Pablo Coronel

      Yeah!! graphics is fashionable, true racing physics no.

      • Patrik Marek

        have to say that i was surprised how good GTR2 still was, after all the years. Yes, if the sim was done right, it doesn’t matter if you play in 10 years from there

        hopefully new sims will be good enough to take over the throne

      • Pablo Coronel

        RF1, GTR2, GPL, RBR, GP4!!!

    • Chris Wright

      To be fair, we waited for years and years and years for Prototype C. You can’t blame the devs as they did this in their spare time and basically knocked the ball out of the park with it when it almost miraculously surfaced at Christmas time. Problem is/was things have moved on and focus changes. That isn’t fanboyism, that’s our hobby evolving.

      I still regularly race GPL and NR2003 offline and, to a much, much lesser extent, rF1. One of the reasons for that imbalance is that AI in rF1 has never really been right.

      We now have a new crop of sims that are grabbing our attention for the right evolutionary reasons. Accusations of that making one a fanboy are, if I may say so, bordering on the hysterical.

      It’s hard to believe that anyone trying the AC Nordschleife dlc and 1.1.1 update couldn’t be absolutely captivated by it. You have tried it, haven’t you?

      • Jason Madigan

        Hit it square on the head so to say Chris, I agree with everything you say in your post. I still have most of my old sims installed, including rFactor and the ProtoC … I still play a few mods in rF and can still easily find myself stuck in it for hours on end.

        We truly are in an age where we are spoiled for choice in our genre which ten years ago never ever seemed would be even remotely possible, why would true hard core sim racers not take up the new offerings … it is progression, that must be it … the nasty side effect of progress, lol *shakes fist at the gods of progression*

      • Associat0r

        So you’re slamming the AI of rFactor1, which is also used in GSCE, yet you praise the new sims, one of which has worse AI, netcode and race/flag rules than rFactor1.

      • Chris Wright

        The AI if rF1 was tweaked in GSCE, so you’re not comparing eggs with eggs there at all. Moreover, I wasn’t comparing rF1 with current gen sims, but merely explaining why I race GPL and NR2003 more.

        I sure do praise the new sims and, if you read my posts thoroughly, you will see that I fully acknowledge that AC – the title you’re doubtless referring to – still needs a lot of work, and I would agree.

        As a general comment, it’s a shame that your posts always seek to divide and conquer, because you’ve totally overlooked the fact that I praised an rF1 mod to the skies (“knocked it out of the park”) and instead picked the one constructive negative I outlined and used that as a stick to beat me with concerning your own beliefs.

        Please try to see the good in what people say a bit more.

      • Associat0r

        AFAIK, Reiza doesn’t have a source code license and didn’t touch any AI code in GSCE. They only enhance with plugins.

      • Chris Wright

        Then perhaps you can explain why there is a chasm of difference between the two AI wise.

      • Associat0r
      • Chris Wright

        I was convinced you don’t read things closely enough, now it’s confirmed.

        From the link you’ve just sent: “Usually, I only cover the AI in one or two sentences in my reviews. This time, the computer-controlled cars deserve their own paragraph as Reiza has put a great deal of optimization in the AI that very much pays off.

        rFactor chronically suffers from bad AI, caused by the fact that the tracks and cars are not optimized to work best with each other, only very few mods like VLN 2005 have put in the necessary effort to show off what gMotor 2’s AI engine can do.

        Reiza has done just that as racing the AI cars is great fun as the computer controlled cars race hard but fairly and rarely make mistakes.

        The AI cars run very consistent and quick lap times, it’s very common to see a full field of 34 cars being within 1 second of each other in terms of lap times.

        All this results in a proper challenge as keeping up with the AI can be quite tricky, the frustration-level stays extremely low as the cars rarely run into each other and it is very uncommon to see half of the field being wiped out in the first corner..”

      • Associat0r

        What are you comparing, mods or engines?

      • Chris Wright

        I said it was tweaked, where did I mention code? See post below. You need to read posts more thoroughly before jumping to conclusions.

      • Associat0r

        Of course Reiza tweaked the AI, just like every other rFactor mod does, but then don’t blame the AI on rFactor itself. Blame the mods instead.

    • Kev
    • Gui Cramer

      If I still touched rFactor 1 I’d be racing GTPC the whole time.

  • noneofyourbusiness

    Sweet, I was thinking of this recently. Glad it’s coming

  • Leeman

    Well, it’ll certainly be worth booting up rFactor for this. Thanks!

    And I very much looking forward to you guys moving to rF2!!

  • The Dark

    cant wait for this!!

  • Rantam

    One of my favorite mods for rF1. Will give this SP a try for sure. Thanks guys! 🙂

  • Pablo Coronel

    WOW! this is heavy stuff! cant wait for RF2 version!

    • hexagramme

      Yeah, that will certainly be epic, I’m sure. 🙂

  • raistlinthewiz


  • Ian Hare

    Will this update give us a full Me Mans grid I wonder?

    • Vevex

      No…… too many models to build. Best season filled = Le Mans 2009
      42 / 55 cars at start 😉

      • Ian Hare

        Thanks for that, thought it might be the case.

  • Mario Strada

    It would be nice of them if they released a GSCx version. So there is no issue with unauthorized version for those of us without rFactor1 installed.

    Plus it will benefit from GSCe superior graphics.

    • Associat0r

      You know you can get those superior graphics in rFactor too right, with custom shaders.

      Also rFactor has some advantages, such as support for car part upgrades and support for 6 controllers.

      If you want to support the genre, you should get both GSCE and rFactor which is meant as a modding platform.

  • Kev

    This is what it’s all about

  • MaD_King

    The video of the yesterday TV show is available:

    • Kabonfaiba

      Sounds just as good as I hoped. EnduRacers leads the way in authentic shifting warble. External samples are uncanny too (I would love to hear them processed by FMOD though, to give it the additional filtering effects)

  • Patrik Marek

    professionally done work! too bad (for me) I’m not inclined to get into rF,

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