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Endurance Series SP3 coming to rFactor!

Team Enduracers have announced their future plans for their popular Endurance Series mod.

Ever since releasing the SP2 version of their highly popular Endurance Series mod for rFactor, Team Enduracers has continued developing their mod for future releases, using the trusted rFactor 1 simulation as a base to work from.

During that time, nine brand new cars have been created as listed below and the team has now announced their decision to release these nine new cars as part of a SP3 release for Factor 1!

New Cars Included in Endurance Series SP3 for rFactor 1

  • LMP1 – Lola Aston-Martin DBR1/2
  • LMP1 – Lola Coupe B-80 Dyson
  • LMP1 – Oreca 01 AIM
  • LMP1 – Zytek 07s/Ginetta Zytek 09s
  • LMP2 – Lola Coupe B-80
  • LMP2 – Oreca 03
  • LMP2 – Zytek 07s/Ginetta Zytek 09s
  • GT1 – Maserati MC12
  • GT2 – BMW M3 E92

Afterwards, the team will be converting the mod to ISI’s new rFactor 2 simulation, adding another two cars to the lineup of vehicles. This rFactor 2 release will finish the mod’s long history as the team will then consider development of the mod complete.

To prepare for the rFactor 2 version of the large mod, the team will also be working on a rFactor 2 version of the “Flat6 Series” mod.

  • kenpat .

    You’ve got to admire this teams dedication in creating and updating one of the best mods ever. Many thanks for all your efforts.


    Correction, ISI will be converting their mod to rFactor 2, according to their press release.

    • Robert GΓΆdicke

      SP3 will still be released for rFactor 1 though. Then they’ll bring their Flat6 mod to rFactor 2 to get familiar with the platform, and then the Endurance Series mod will be brought to rFactor 2.

    • Pandamasque

      “…ported on the platform rFactor2 by ISI.”
      I think they just meant to say that rFactor2 platform is ISI-made.

  • Sim Antics

    I can’t wait! Even on the older platform This mod is still one of the best pieces of simulation software!

  • Diego Colafabio

    Best mod ever built. True modding, all stuff from scratch and free for all.

  • Chris Wright

    Hard not to get excited by this. Totally suits the rF2 feature set. Just what ISI needs to give things a boost.

  • pupsbubi

    Looking forward!!

  • StarFoxySxv550

    The mod that just keeps on giving πŸ™‚

    • Traumahound

      I’ve had similar problems, though I can’t recall what scenarios cause this. I’ll have to try again soon.

      • Danfilm007

        Sounds obvious, but tried the 4GB patch? That might help, as the Flat6 is quite FPS hungry!

      • Traumahound

        So obvious that it’s worth double-checking, thanks. : ) I have a half dozen rFactor builds now; it’s possible I might have forgotten to apply the patch to this one. And perhaps the fullproc (multicore) start as well..?

      • Danfilm007

        Also a good idea!

      • StarFoxySxv550

        This was the first thing I tried, didn’t work for me πŸ™

  • Danfilm007

    Squealed like a fangirl πŸ˜‰ Thank you Enduracers, I officially love you guys! XD

  • Professional Operator

    WOHOHOHOHOHOO !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is a Megaton !!!!!!!!!!

    Enduracers for the win!!!!!

  • Blatant Abuse

    Damn, I must have missed the announcement that they chose rF2 over AC. Well, guess I’ll need to buy that dual-processor, triple Titan setup so I can run it on medium settings on 3 screens.

    • D3

      I reckon it will get converted over to AC when the needed features for endurance racing appear.

    • Noel Hibbard

      Hmm. Runs fine on my average system. Sounds to me like you are either someone who has never run rF2, or last time you did run it your were on a really old build or you have an AMD card and haven’t run it since AMD finally multithreaded their drivers. Or you just like to troll. πŸ˜‰

      • Blatant Abuse

        Wait, what? I’m running a six core AMD processor, and an AMD 7970. You’re telling me that there was a recent driver change that would help me? That’s good news. And I’m not a troll. You can tell because I haven’t called anyone any names. Like calling someone a troll.

  • PlayDoh003

    All hail Enduracers!!! I’m glad I still have rF1 installed on my machine… This will definitely get some seat time between the other sims while I patiently wait for the rF2 conversion. πŸ˜€

    • RichardHessels

      I still have 4 copies of rF1 on my machine.
      All tweaked for their own purpose.
      But one copy only for Unduracers.

  • maxx2504

    One of the best Mods ever for rFactor 1. Im working on a total update for the v3.1
    package from GPFan with new tyremodel, new car settings, some sound fixes and improvments and new headlights. They also want to make some new cars including Maserati MC12 and Corvette C7R. Gogo Enduracers ! πŸ™‚

    • Marc Chapelle

      you would be nice not to make your advert of modification coming from “not so clean origins” on talks of the official mod, thanks.

  • Professional Operator

    I want Maserati MC12 !!!

  • ajrf

    I’ve got two words to say:

  • Adrian Herrera

    Hope we also get high quality tracks from VLM and other mod teams.

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