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Endurance Series SP2 – Released

Team Enduracers have released the second and final service pack for their popular Endurance Series mod for rFactor.

Team Enduracers have released the second and final service pack for their popular Endurance Series mod for rFactor.

SP2 adds two brand new cars, the GT1-class Lamborghini Murcielao GT-R and the Chevrolet V8-powered Oreca FLM09 Formula Le Mans prototype to the mod’s rich selection of sports cars.

Furthermore, the pack also brings new plenty of new liveries as well as physics & sound improvements as listed below:


  • Graphics – Added 2 new 3D models :

GT1 – Lamborghini Murcielago R-GT(Spec 2005-2009 ALMS/LMS/LM).
LMPC – Oreca FLM09 (Spec 2010-2011 ALMS/LMS).

  • Graphics – Added several real driver helmets, real driver and pitcrew suits.
  • Graphics – Included 2010-2011 Skins of the Porsche 997 RSR.
  • Graphics – Included all finished community skins.
  • Graphics – Included new driver helmet skins.
  • Sounds – High quality sounds for the 2 new cars.
  • Sounds – Included new Ferrari F430 External sounds.
  • Physics – High fidelity physics and damages behavior for the 2 new cars.
  • Physics – Minor physics adjustments on the v1 and SP1 cars.

You can find the second service pack download below, the team offers both a SP2-only version for users which have the SP1 + 1.1 patch installed as well as a complete version including all past content for those who are new to Endurance Series.

The team stresses that even experienced Endurance Series drivers should check out the mod’s read-me file here as important values such as FFB settings have been updated. Painting templates and 3D scenes for the new cars will be available in a month’s time.

The service pack is the team’s final release for rFactor as Enduracers are planning to move to another platform for future releases. In light of the upcoming rFactor 2 beta release, the team stresses that there won’t be any kind of permission to port the Endurance Series mod to the new platform for modders outside their team.

[boxdownload]Download Endurance Series SP2 Mirror 1 Here[/boxdownload] [boxdownload]Download Endurance Series SP2 Mirror 2 Here[/boxdownload] [boxdownload]Download Endurance Series SP2 Mirror 3 Here[/boxdownload] [boxdownload]Download Endurance Series Full Version Including SP2 Mirror 1 Here[/boxdownload] [boxdownload]Download Endurance Series Full Version Including SP2 Mirror 2 Here[/boxdownload] [boxdownload]Download Endurance Series Full Version Including SP2 Mirror 3 Here[/boxdownload]
  • Diego Colafabio

    Top work as usual. The best gift before rF2. Thanks really much guys!

    • * LeazesNDR *

      What Diego said.

    • Kenny Jay

      Diego we never hit the track together…. thats a thing on my list. 🙂

      • Diego Colafabio

        yeah would be great! Actually i’m a bit busy with my studies but..when i’ll have some freetime we’ll organize a fun event! a VirtualR fun event! 😀

  • Theroro29

    Great !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • gt3rsr

    Lambo looks nice but I doubt anyone will race the FLM car voluntarily. I think that e.g. Lola-Aston Martin LMP1 would be a more fitting addition for this already a great mod.

    Hope rF2 will bring another complex endurance racing mod, maybe even based on the WEC.

    • Diego Colafabio

      FLM is a really challenging class IMHO.

    • Marc CHAPELLE

      FLM is more of a bonus, was not originally sheduled for the SP2. Lola Aston is one of the cars that insterest us, if we decide to keep working on the mod.

    • Rhys Gardiner

      I’m sure the FLMs would be good to race online, being a formula series and all. I like their docile nature… it’s pretty fun finding the limit.

  • Scott Holdsworth

    This is one of my favourite mods for rFactor 🙂 LOVE IT!!!
    Keep up the fantastic work guys and look forward to your future mods on rFactor 2 😉
    Thank you and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  • Markus Ott

    Hope they switch their mod asap to rF2

    • gt3rsr

      AFAIK, Enduracers are not so keen on doing it… at least so far.

      But I am quite sure another group will replace them in case of their inactivity.

      • Marc CHAPELLE

        You should just read the mod release presentation ( ! We wait for rF2, will test it, and if it fits us we will move our mod on it by ourselves, no need of anybody. But we wait to have rF2 in hands first 😉

      • Rantam

        Wise words 🙂

        Thanks for this new release. It’s one of my fav mods for rF.


  • Anonymous

    Oh YES!
    My favorite mod, downloading as we speak, can’t wait to try out the new cars especially the GT1 Lamborghini. Thank You enduracers for this fantastic gift!

  • Hompe Mozzarella

    Good Work Enduracers!

  • Chris McLellan

    NICE…thank a lot. Looking forward to your work in the upcoming sims. Happy New Year!

  • Robert Gödicke

    Love the Lambo!
    But one important question remains: When will the templates be available? 😀

    Oh, damn, one month to go… :S

    “The templates and 3D scenes of the SP2 have been worked on and are ready for release. We will diffuse them in 1 month.”


    So two more races in our league without the new cars…
    Personally it’s a shame for me since I love where Enduracers pushed their mod to and I don’t drive public or offline.
    Anyway, great update! This will probably the mod I’ll drive until rFactor 1 dies in favor for rFactor 2. 😉

    • Marc CHAPELLE

      This is a copy/paste from SP1 release, we will try to get at least the templates ready earlier.

      • Robert Gödicke

        That would be really awesome Marc! Expect your webserver to die under heavy load because I will kill my FireFox’s refresh button until they’re ready. 😉

        Time to put the good old C6R to a rest. I have a lot of good memories with it, but I’m just dying to drive the R-GT in our upcoming league races! 🙂

    • Anonymous

      The info on the templates was included in the text above as well 😉

      • Robert Gödicke

        Shame on me Rob, but I couldn’t spend one minute to read it because I was just uber-excited and had to drive straight away, hehe. 😀

      • Marc CHAPELLE

        The SP2 templates have been released today :

  • Gerardo

    The Lambo sound… is just freaking amazing… I love it!!!! 🙂

  • Philip Antonia

    Thank you Enduracers for all your efforts on this stunning mod. Downloading SP2 now and looking forward to trying it out at the weekend :).

  • Robert Every

    Funny how all these mods are coming out now, right at the end!

  • Trux1
  • Anonymous

    AAahhh my juices are flowing!! The lambo should be xxx-rated! Awesome and thank you so much!

    One question I find peculiar is that you have the model for it but you didnt include it, Im talking ofcourse about the Courage LC70, why? =)

    • Marc CHAPELLE

      LC70 is not exactly the same car, they are lof ot parts that are different (rear wing, front noose, air intakes,…).

      • Anonymous

        Yeah I know there are some thing that needs to be ‘fixed’ but nevermind, I couldnt be more happy with what you guys haven given us! 😀

  • Laurent Cortier

    Wow, just great, thanks for the hard work !

    Nice video too, btw !

  • Gonzalo Rodriguez Sastre

    THANKS for your work on this great mod,

  • Gonzalo Rodriguez Sastre

    THANKS for your work on this great mod,

  • Anonymous

    Whoever made those lamborghini sounds (you know who you are)….I wanna kiss him a 1000 times (on the cheeks though 😉  )

  • Anonymous

    I actually love it’s handling! there is no need for TC in it actually, I drove it without and it’s actually drivable o.O  In SP1, even though I’m an anti-TC driver, as I hate electronics to be involved in my driving, I had to use it as the cars were just undrivable to my feel, I feel the car a lot better this time 🙂
    Don’t care about other car’s, tried Oreca for a second but just the next minute came back to Lambo and I couldn’t care less about any other car now. Thanks very much for this mod. Now it’s something to play with, as all that superb mods just came out this month 🙂 Now waiting for rF2 and convertion of this mod there with the new tire model 🙂

  • Pork Hunt Racing

    Has been a great xmas period with the release of Historx mod and this mod 🙂

    tanks to all

  • Matt Orr

    Hmmm. Evil grin included.

    Always did think they went wrong when they corked the FLM down so badly in terms of power…

    • gt3rsr

      Well, you have to squeeze the laptimes somewhere between the slowest LMP2s and the fastest GTs.

  • Anonymous
    • Justin Schmidt

      you should say that the lambo shown in the video is not the one from the enduracer mod.
      not even the same model. enduracer mod has r-gt and the mod in the video has the r-sv. 

      • Marc CHAPELLE

        Juve1025 helped us for Lambo internal sounds. All the rest of the car is not by us.

      • Justin Schmidt

        thx for the heads-up. i noticed the similarity in the sound but i just thought the model converted from shift does not do the whole scratch made mod justice. 

        btw were are my manners. big thanx for another great update for one of the best mods.

    • Laurent Cortier

      Man those sounds are beautiful ! Nice one Juve1025 !

      • Diego Colafabio

        yeah i really like it too 😀 stunning job Juve!

  • Andy Enderby

    The new F430 sounds…. Lovely. Is it me or are these sounds based on the the real life F458 sounds ?

    • Anonymous

      Yes, its sounds nice, with the exhaust pops too

  • Rhys Gardiner

    The Lamborghini. It has low-speed grip! What witchcraft is this?
    Haha, I jest. Thank you Enduracers, the car is amazing, especially in the sound department. Have “Murcie” on my ears, please!

    I’m here all week, people.

  • noro ardanto

    Thanks for all the excitement you guys bring to rF community! looking fwd to see another great work from you guys in rF2!

  • Coen van den Nulft

    Great work again guys!
    A have a little problem: i get an error when loading the track if i selected a Porsche 997…
    the error says: gMotor2 Error, Error loading mesh file 997GT3RSR_CPIT_WINDSCREEN.GMT to memory.  Can anyone help me with this problem i never had before?

    • Marc CHAPELLE

      Try to download ES_rF1 full version

      • Coen van den Nulft

        That worked! i never had this problem before…so thanks!

      • Scott Woodwiss

        I did this to fix the 997 problem I was having, but now I’ve installed the full version, the 997 works but I’m getting lines across the right hand side of the windscreen. They’re not in my line of sight when driving, as the steering wheel is on the left of course, but it’s just really annoying as it was never like that before. Can you help?

  • Ali Alami

    Thank you so much for this awesome mod.

    Great work 🙂

  •전원철/100001991940407 전원철

    sp2 fullversion  install error

  • Philip Antonia

    Got to try it for a couple of hours today :).

    What can I say other than another fine addition to your mod ;).

    First tried the Oreca which was nice, but then tried the Lambo!!! All I can say to that is WOW!!!! Gr8 to drive, but the sound is awesome!!!

    Thank you Enduracers, I hope you find rF2 to be worthy of your work in the near future ;).

  • Anonymous

    I’ve not had the best of experiences with this mod up to now and have expressed my views on the GT2 cars physics on numerous occasions.
    However since the SP2 update, something seems to have changed for the better.   Either the mod has been improved in that area or my driving has (maybe all that time spent with HistorX) 🙂
    Although still a little leary at the back the GT2 Porsche’s are actually driveable for me now.  To the point where I’m actually managing to to the time sheets.   P1’s, P2’s and GT1’s are their usual driveable selves but finally now the GT2’s seem to not be so rear-end-gripless on corner entry. 
    Admittedly I am downshifting at a slower rate and trying to get all my braking done before turning in and it all seems to be gelling together.
    If that’s down to me then I will pat myself on the back for finally getting the hang of the slower cars.  If Team Enduracers have helped out with some physics changes, I thank you all.

    Now…onto the matter in hand…. the Lamborghini Murcielago…   This thing drives like a bitch on heat.  Fast, manageable, no TC needed and it sounds incredible.  What a great job the guys did on this one.   Virtual_LM’s Sebring aroung 8:00pm with the lights on and it’s quite something.
    I`ll tell you what, rF2 may be just around the corner but there’s a lot of fight left in it’s predecessor yet.  What with this and HistorX and the recently released 1994 mod.  I can’t make up my mind what to drive next !!

    Well done Team Enduracers.  Bang up job !!

    • Diego Colafabio

      nice post..i’m happy you’re enjoying this great mod 🙂

  • Anonymous

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