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Endurance Series – Service Pack 1 Templates Released
  • Diromo

    Great, happy paintingchristmas everybody!

  • epic sax guy

    how exactly does painting work?

  • Magnus

    Nice, i would like to see some new paintings

  • Diromo

    ? You take one of these templates, open with painting program like Paints_op ir Photos_op, paint some nice lively and publish it in fan sites. And don’t forget to give credits for makers of templates and mod overall 🙂

  • Blacker

    Awesome now I can paint my business colours on my Acura and sponsor myself! Thanks gents!

  • Blacker

    A few quick comments — This is my first experience with painting in rFactor, so bear with me lol.

    1) I would be great to have a JPEG image that denotes what each piece in the template is on the car. This is just something for those of us who don’t have the time to paint on a daily basis or are just looking to get into it.

    2) It would be awesome to have .psp templates. I absolutely despise Photoshop, just my personal opinion though 🙂 . I will say it’s getting better with CS5 though…

    3) It would be great for someone to make a small, simple viewer app, like NASCAR Racing 2003 has. It’s a great utility to take the painted file and put it on the proper car body quickly so you don’t have to go in-game to see it. I honestly have no idea how hard this would be, but it would be great for those of us(ahem, me) that want to make more complex schemes but also, again, don’t do this stuff on a daily basis.

    Great work gents!


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