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Endurance Series Service Pack 1 – Released

Endurance Series Service Pack 1 – Released

Team Enduracers has released the much-anticipated Service Pack 1 for their Endurance Series mod for rFactor, adding six brand new models & countless of improvements to their sports car racing mod.

The first service pack introduces several new models to Endurance Series, including the Peugeot 908 and Audi R10 diesel sports cars, the Acura ARX-01 & Porsche RS Spyder Evo LMP2 challengers, the Saleen S7R and the Ferrari F430.

Changelog Service Pack 1

– Graphics – Added 6 new 3D models :
P1- Peugeot 908 HDI (Spec 2007-2008-2009-2010 ALMS/LMS/LM)
P1- Audi R10 TDI (Spec 2006-2007-2008-2009 ALMS/LMS/LM)
P2- Porsche RS Spyder Evo (Spec 2007-2008-2009 ALMS/LMS/LM)
P2- Acura ARX-01 (Spec 2007(01a)-2008(01b)-2009 ALMS)
GT1- Saleen S7R (Spec 2006-2007-2008-2009 ALMS/LMS/LM)
GT2- Ferrari F430 (Spec 2006-2007-2008-2009 ALMS/LMS/LM)
– Graphics – Included 2009 Aero kit of the Porsche 997RSR GT2, and cockpit new rev lights.
– Graphics – Included 6 High definition cockpits coming with the new models.
– Graphics – Included new high quality OZ rims on all the models.
– Graphics – Added new fresnel shaders technology for all models bodyworks, with new cubemap and reflections.
– Graphics – Added new lens flares technology for all the models, for front and brake lights.
– Graphics – More then 235 new high definition car skins included, fitting the new models and some of the v1 models.
– Graphics – Added several real driver helmets, real driver and pitcrew suits.
– Graphics – New UI menu design.
– Sounds – High quality sounds for all 6 new cars.
– Physics – Overall improvements on car physics (including updates on v1 cars).
– Physics – Overall improvements on car damages (including updates on v1 cars).

The six new models will be coming with several skins from the past four sports car racing seasons, all in all SP1 will be including 235 skins to choose from.

The service pack is available both as update for version 1.2 or as full package for those who don’t have the innitial version installed. Enduracers will be releasing painting templates for the cars in about a month, until then players are asked to enjoy the countless skins included in the release.

Download Endurance Series Service Pack 1 Mirror 1 Here

Download Endurance Series Service Pack 1 Mirror 2 Here

Download Endurance Series Service Pack 1 Full Version Part 1 Here

Download Endurance Series Service Pack 1 Full Version Part 2 Here

Download Endurance Series Service Pack 1 Full Version Part 3 Here

Download Endurance Series Service Pack 1 Full Version Part 4 Here

Download Endurance Series Service Pack 1 Full Version Part 5 Here

Download Endurance Series Service Pack 1 Full Version Part 6 Here

  • Pau

    Most wonderful, thank you 🙂

  • zer0ryd3r

    OH MY GOD OH MY GOD FINALLY!!!!!!! Thank you so much guys, this thing cant download quick enough. hahaha. My driver swap with my teamie in the Race department test race crashed him to his desktop. We were bummed and then found out this was released and now we’re happy again!!

  • kkacper

    I jumped when I saw the news title, literally!

  • F1_fan_1

    YES! I can’t wait until my download has finished, HELL YEAHHHH!

    Thanks Enduracers!

  • Philip Oakley

    Woo! Can’t wait to get this d/led! Thanks EnduRacers!

  • klo-che

    All infos and links can be found at this adress :

    Thanks rob for the coverage here and all along the development !

  • HoW Monty

    New news on SP2? When is release date?

  • HoW Monty

    And will we have to wait almost 16 motnhs like this time?

  • zer0ryd3r

    such a good day, cant you be excited?? i didnt like all the little tidbit news releases, but i never had a problem with how long its taken. A lot of effort has gone into this with over 200 new skins for drivers to enjoy and some fantastic new cars to take for a spin. I have had to change my boxers 3 times already and i havent even driven a car yet!! Dont be an arsewipe.

  • F1_fan_1

    If you’ve got nothing to say that makes sense, please leave.

  • klo-che

    Next release as soon as you got a brain !

    As for others, take time, days, laps to test and enjoy the mod. You will only appreciate him at 1% by doing 10 laps. Take your time.

  • O11

    Hell yes!

  • DeDios

    thanks really, really much guys 🙂 i’m really happy.

  • Ernie

    Great news! 😎
    Thank you, Enduracers.

  • Bubb Rubb

    I just punched the air, been waiting for this for sooo long. I love you Enduracers.

  • hoover

    Looks like christmas came early this year… thanks guys!!!


  • Cep Goldia Claresta Mufti

    Sorry, guys…

    Montoya, i sent you an e-mail…
    Can I have VirtualR logo to put on at my site?

  • Pau

    Do I need to remind you all that there’s a Flag button? Please use accordingly.

  • Ding Dong

    Impossible!!! I opened my first beer for the evening and came by here to get the latest info ‘n shizz and what do I get!? Bloody awesome!! This beer has never tasted so good!!! 😀
    Thank you for you hard and first-class work!!

  • Fuzzi0n

    Absolutely epic just like the original installment. Great work on the mod 🙂

  • Mee

    Setups from the original version are useless now it seems?

  • phil23

    Gr8 news guys 🙂 . Thanks so much for your effort. I hope you can see that many of us here can trully appreciate the effort put into a mod like this and have the patience to wait for you guys to be ready and happy with your own work.

  • Mikeahowski

    Yessss! DOwnloading now!

  • Fuzzi0n

    You can use them but I’d really recommend making some new ones because of the physics changes.

  • Vevex

    Yes with news physics change, setups of v1.2 can have a bad effect on cars behaviors. But default sets can be improve 😉

  • jimmy

    A long night in front of my wheel lies ahead…

  • dknine

    fantastic work enduracers!

  • mike88

    just finished 2 hour race from first release

    come to

    see service pack one released

    head explodes

    😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

    downloading right now

    thank you for hard work endurance team

  • mike88

    also any chance for more mirrors for just addon to previous mod

    megaupload is going 12kb/s
    filefactory ~220kb/s

  • MaD_King

    Don’t use the 1.2 setup, they are not compliant with the SP1

  • Diromo

    I opened virtualr site, saw this at top and only one thing came from my mouth – “wow!”

  • MaD_King

    Go here, there is more mirrors:

  • mike88


    much better now

  • 6e66o

    Thanks to everybody involved!

  • TJ

    Klo-che sorry once again for not getting my skins done in time for the relesase. I’ll make sure that they are top notch when I finally have time to finish them 🙂

  • adrian

    Reinstalled rFactor jst for this mod! cant wait for the download to finish! 


    this is gonna be good… 

  • jimmy

    A torrent would be great, cos I have to wait more than 3000 seconds now at Filefactory  🙁

  • Montoya

    There’s a big difference between being just plain rude and trying to wind people up and not being perfect at speaking a foreign language.

    How about we see you post something in French? Geez…

  • Paul Schuman

    Well done.  The mod is now completely ruined.

    I recall being in a server having a discussion with one of the Enduracers team members who was pissed that people weren’t using traction control and saying “It would be addressed.”

    Well is this how you address it?  You make the cars completely undriveable unless you use traction control.  Then they still handle like shit.  Seriously, I’ve ridden in a ’95 touring car that feels better than these cars.  Do you honestly expect us to believe that a real prototype, which is at the pinnacle of motorsports engineering, will snap away when we a) touch a curb, b) touch the gas pedal in the middle of a corner or c) turn the wheel?  We’ve ran it Road Atlanta and the car tries to spin out at the left hander (turn two) which is a full throttle or start braking turn.

    I would love to hear Tom Kristensen, Nicolas Minassian, or any other sports car driver tell me that this is what real prototypes drive like.  Hell, at this rate F1 2010 might be more realistic.  Driving without TC shouldn’t mean that you spin whenever you touch the pedal, especially in a P2 car.

    Looks like a porn star, drives like a five dollar hooker.

  • klo-che

    How monty is specialised incritisizing anything related to Enduracers since last 1-2 years. And again some minuts after release he start his spamming game. He does not deserve respect. Next time will use flag button, forgot it sorry

  • klo-che

    We dont use torrent but if people do some we’re interested in. Anyway more links on our website.

  • Alan

    Simply learn to drive man…
    But i think this is not so simple for you (from your words)

  • jimmy

    So grip is even worse than before?? omg  >:o

  • Vali

    @Monty: You can wait 6 months if you like. I’ll be downloading it today, probably.

    @Poaster: It’s very sad when someone needs to “vote” their own comments 😛

  • thererest

    Agree with Paul, this cars have a HUGE oversteer, this is not realistic…even if u set the tc at maximum. It is hard to believe that those cars with a huge rear wing are ever in spin, you can imagine a bit of understeer not a permanently oversteer! Sorry but for me this aspect is not good on this mod, the rest is fantastic, great shaders, great textures, great 3d models, great sounds ecc

  • Sebastian Saischowa

    Awesome, However is there any fix available for the car selection method, It used to be Series/Year and then Class -> Car -> Team, but now it´s just Class -> Car without any sort of tab.

  • BSR-WiX

    regardless of the fact, that some people in this post must have done a mod that was just about perfect, and some of them even are able to just about know all there is to know about every GT car in the world, and a small selection of them would even drag you to court for doing a mod that does not represent their opinion…   Its amazing how much effort people can put into blogging about something they dont like.
    For me its simple.

    GREAT JOB ENDURACERS!  I love the fact that this mod grows, and that the team is trying to make updates, and try some enhancement. Its true that you can win some, and loose some. but in the end of the day this is a fine example of what modding should be.
    Keep up the good work.

  • John DiFool

    At the risk of porking my own speed in the mad rush, the FTP site seems pretty fast (Megaupload sucks dirty motor oil).

  • Niksounds


  • MrcL

    Really now? They’ve dedicated this much work for all this?

    “It is hard to beleive that those cars with a huge rear wing are ever in spin”

    So you’ve never seen a prototype or a GT car spin. Ever.

    Here’s some info for you all:

    1st) Traction control is now an integral part of setting up these cars for real. It’s not your typical granny’s TC, it is there strictly to optimize the grip from the rear tyres. And even then, there is a fair amount of wheelspin depending on driver preference. So, Paul, if you’ve really ridden in a ’95 touring car and it indeed felt better, it most likely did – without traction control – simply because the car wasn’t designed around it.

    2nd) Yes, prototypes do spin off big curbs due to the fact that they simply don’t have the ground clearance/suspension travel to absorb the hit. Just to give you an idea, Vette engineers were quoted saying that the GT2 car was more manageable over bumps, making the setups more flexible due to the reduced aerodynamic load. And that was just a transition from GT1 to GT2.

    3rd)I shall agree with the first part of Alan’s post in that this mod is one of the very few that require habilitation, unlike a lot of “get up and go mods”. Racing cars are touchy, very touchy, that’s why you can’t really stick absolutely anyone in there. And returning to TC, these cars drive very naturally with TC on, which is what they’re built and set up around. The thing with this mod, is being consistent. And the cars are by no means worse. From then on any arguement regarding what they drive like with TC off is redundant based on the fact that every single driver uses it.

    And finally, ranting aside, work on something for 2 months at least and then come back, post it somewhere, and let a few people give you some grief like that to see what you’d react like. Constructive critisism is good, whining isn’t.

  • F1Racer

    Learn to drive ?  what a lame and elitist response.   Unless you mean learn how to drive a car that doesn’t handle like a real world car.  
    Im currently downloading the mod so I can’t judge yet, but if the cars do handle how Paul describes, which is pretty much how the lower class cars handled in the first version of the mod, then this will be a huge disappointment.  
    There are many mods out there which have had the mod makers underestimate how much rear grip racing cars actually have (naming no names).  
    It’s a huge shame if the cars are like that because other than the dubious rear end physics, this is a top quality mod.  
    But Ive mentioned Enduroracers mod rear end grip a few times in the past and it looks like now they’ve just passed that behaviour to cars which inherently should have even more grip.  
    Disappointing 🙁

  • MrcL

    +1 here WiX.

    An incredible piece of work.

  • svizzy

    no problem here. tested the f430, acura & r10 at nordschleife ~13laps not a single spin. and the use of throttle going ot of a corner is not a problem either you just need to set the ffb right to feel where the tires limit is. comparing it with 95 touring cars? thats like comparing a bicycle with a moto gp bike.

    i like it so far. thank you enduracers

  • BC101

    Great mod.

    Did have to alter the damage settings though, the AI cars were mostly half shells by the end of lap 1 otherwise.

    Don’t suppose there’s any way to edit the AI headlight textures so that they are always on as they are in real ALMS/LMS races?

  • Howie47

    Please. I tried the f430, and it spun a 360 on the second corner. And I have been racing allot the last couple days.  A little slip, which should easily been caught with my steering correction. Not only continued. But the car speed-ed up in it’s spin exponentially.  Bet if I put the ISI tyre files from the Panzo’s it will be perfect!

  • Think Again

    Just tested for some hours. Conclusion: Well done. Nice graphics enhancment,very nice car models. The physics fells good, too.

    I drove P1 and P2 with TC at “low” and the Gt cars with TC “off”. It works great. There will always be haters, so don`t take those TC-Bitching-comments too serious.

    This Mod was already one of the best out there and this service pack did even improve it.

    Thus, I want to say a BIG Thank You to the Enduracers modding Team and show both thumps up.

  • Kyle Williams

    Id love some extra oversteer if you have some going spare.

  • Hakkifan

    Its not just that the car oversteers too much. Those cars have a lot of grip at the front (as they should) but its almost like all the weight of the car is suddenly and randomly rolling the back tires on to the sidewall. Its really hard to explain but it just feels wrong. 

  • Paul Schuman

    Such a logical and well thought out response Alan.  I like to consider myself a fairly competent driver.  I was managing pretty well in the F1 91s with no aids.  I’m thinking these should be a bit easier than those.  

    I don’t have an issue with traction control helping.  It’s that the mod is purposefully forcing everyone to use it.  The car should be hard to control without it, not impossible to drive.  Also, for all the work that went into these sounds.  They suck.

  • dknine

    after some driving with the gt2, FANTASTIC! the porsche is better than ever before ! 😎
    ferrari f430 was good and fast aswell.

    thank you enduracers !

  • Simon

    Seriously man, learn how to criticise something constructively. Saying that something sucks without giving a reason why is just wasting everyone’s time.

  • Hakkifan

    I think we are constructively criticizing it. I mean what more do you need? You want us to draw a  crayon picture so you can understand?

  • Ali Alami

    Hi, Thanks for the mod.

    But I have a problem. I can’t even start the mod. Once I choose This mod from Racing series submenu, It crashes to desktop.

    I have windows 7 64Bits.

    Anyone has experienced the same issue ?

  • Hakkifan

    Sorry man I have windows7 64 bit also and it runs with no problem.

  • kiwi

    this is how i want my weekend.

  • John DiFool

    Initial thoughts (ran several laps at Le Mans ’77 in several of the new cars):

    In the GT cars at least, I’m not seeing any of these huge oversteers-in fact I caught several spins which in the past would have meant an unstoppable 180.  They are more squirrely in braking zones (tho perhaps that’s just the bumpy Virtua track).  The prototypes are more twitchy, but that’s the nature of the beast I guess.  As someone who spends a lot of time at tracks w/ long straights, all the taller gears are mucho appreciated (tho I’ll still have to mod setups for such tracks for the AI-correct me if I’m wrong).  You also gulp down significantly more juice at full boost than you do at low boost-makes for some interesting late race strategy.  All in all I’m not seeing much that perturbs me.

  • TacoSauce

    Regarldess of some quesitonable tire data,  Thank you ER.  Everything looks great and the physics beyond what i see to be some small issues are great.  Just update them myself and enjoy this great mod in which a lot of time was put into.

  • Rantam

    Thanks indeed for the amount of work you’ve put on this, guys. This is one of my favorite mods for rFactor. You should feel proud about what you’ve accomplished 😉


  • Pablo

    Nice nice nice! Ferraris are so great…Nice battles now with the porsches. The new sounds are awesome. Thanks for this great mod! 😎

  • Simon

    Wow, aren’t you an angry little child. 

    Thinking you are constructively criticising something, and actually constructively criticising something are 2 different things.

    The point I was making is that he claimed that the sounds sucked, which, if you’d have actually read his post before opening your mouth and letting fly the first incoherent thoughts that came to mind, you’d have seen. However, he did not say why the sounds sucked, which is what I challenged him on.

  • Lezec

    Thanks for best mod!!!!!!!!!!

  • kkacper

    My first impressions on playing all evening, I first couldn’t handle diesels at all. Now I love Audi R10 and Ferrari F430! 🙂  I honestly am a massive Audi fan, so I just tried Peugeot 2 or 3 times, and it’s easier to drive I think but I love Audi too much to go with our arch enemy 😛 . Ferrari is just a dream to drive, actually every car is somehow easier to drive now, and I love it 🙂  . I can tell you this is on par or overtaking the CTDP 2006 mod!

  • Carbonfibre

    I can’t wait to try/hear this!

    As far as the physics go I just have one comment and one test for realism; and that is, on race setups, the GT cars can still do this:

  • Hakkifan

    Well maybe you should have said something about the sounds in your post? Seeing as the main point of this whole discussion is in fact not the sounds but the way the cars drive and the sounds were merely mentioned as an afterthought.

    I have nothing against you but if you are going to “challenge” someone on something maybe you should make it clear what it is that you are challenging. 😉

  • zer0ryd3r

    I agree. I’ve been driving the ferrari with TC OFF around fuji and have no issues. Anyone who has driven fuji knows the uphill section in sector 3 is quite challenging and can really send these cars around. If you just link some laps together and dont judge the thing on 2 laps than you will see. Give it some time to get heat in the tires. This shit is for free, why some of you were expecting it to handle like a “real” car that you have never even driven to be able to make that comparison, i dont know.

  • Dan

    Great mod, tons of fun driving the F430, as for the diesels: they have an incredibly advanced tranction control system, don’t sims try to be realistic? then why do you complain about having to use traction control? Does it make you feel special when you don’t?

    Grade A job Enduracers

  • Blacker

    Great work gents! Still wish the Enduracers paid more attention to those who praise their work rather than those who ignorantly criticize… Not a big deal for me, I don’t have to respect them as people in order to respect the work.

    I run on Win7 x64 Ultimate, no crash issues at all.

    I wish the 2010 F430 Patron scheme was included… I’m aware it’s a different car this year with a different engine, just want that scheme to drive 🙂 . Thanks again gentlemen!

  • Alan

    “Soheil Ayari is a famous french pilot: he finished 4th in 24H lemans 2010.
    He knows very well Corvette GT1: he was pilot for Luc Alphand aventures and DKR engineering in FFSA GT championship.

    He tested endurance series and specially Corvette GT1.
    He thought initial setup was not good (too much oversteer) and made modifications for setup:

    You can use Soheil Ayari’s setup for Dijon track and see differences!!
    Car is more stable on brake, less oversteer.
    It’s great to have feedback from a real pilot.<img src=”” border=”0″/>”

    Here there is a serious approach to the thing.
    The setup was disponible.. and it was micidial

    Yours are whines

  • Paul Schuman

    The sounds sound too clean.  The internal sounds from from Acura to Porsche and AUDI to Pug are the same, the external one’s are more unique but I don’t understand why the internal’s need to sound exactly the same if that’s what we’ll hear more of.

  • Crosby87

    Many many thanks guys .

  • Flaux

    +1 Thats it!

  • Flaux

    Hey Paul,

    I’d like to say, get used to it and drive the hell out of these great cars! I know you are angry and everything but you better start working on the setup and try to get it to the point you like it. It’s manageable.

    Check that the ffb doesn’t force you to drive the curb in the controller.ini and use the provided realfeel settings. Also use the tractioncontrol on anything higher than the gt2 cars and get the rear a bit softer, do some work on the diff and the downforce and maybe you will love this mod in some days as much as many other do.

    It is so clear to see that you have done nothing on it. Just install and drive. Thats not the point of this mod…

    As Marc said in the instructions, that you may have read too: Don’t make a judgement by doing only 2 laps with 1 car, but take your time to get to grips and really appreciate it. A well set-up car will give you plenty of fun, so take your time and put in the effort to set-up the car to your own liking.

    Soon you will have as much fun as many others of us have! 😎

  • ScottBroad

    Thanks for the hard work – another F430 fan!!!

  • Jimlaad43

    I WANT THIS MOD BUT FOR SOME REASON MY COMPUTER THINKS IT CONTAINS A VIRUS. can someone just put the P1 and P2 in a .rar folder and sent me a d/l link.

  • Jux

    Any trackpack specially for this mod? When wanting to play multiplayer …

  • phil23

    Can you turn off your anti virus software for a few minutes just to install it?

  • BoredBeyondBelief

    amazing, hope for some skinpack. Great work enduracers!

  • phil23

    Quite right mate. I don’t use traction control unless the series simulated actually did and the mod simulates it properly, then I’m happy to!!

  • Emanuel Gaczella

    Thank you very much! Top job, top mod!

  • Nick

    Yeah really great job guys.

    Thank you.

  • Riches

    Wow… this is a really good Sinterklaas!
    (The original Santa Claus day, before he got raped by a coke company).

  • Litus

    Everything for the attention

  • Coennulft

    Great job guys! best mod for Rfactor ever…

  • MiKeAhOwSkI

    Raced this for several hours yesterday, it is very very good…Thanks!

  • lemans 1962

    excellent mod,many thanks guys,well worth the wait.the best yet.lemans at dusk with your cars is fantastic to race

  • Ryan Marc Joseph Callan

    Nobody forces you to play it and you haven’t paid any money for it.

    Everyone should remember that about every mod.

    Constructive criticism is great, however, after less than one day of testing, I fail to see how you can criticise contructively. In fact, you cannot.

    It is not wrong to have complaints, it is wrong to judge too quickly.

    This applies to life, not just simracing, and is a rule that everybody would be wise to implement.

  • doh

    ohhhhhhh i love Acura hicroft 😀 

  • JGoenR

    Thanks Enduracers! 🙂

  • JJNos

    This mod is FANTASTIC!!! But oversteer ruins everything :'( especially the gt cars

  • Blacker

    What AV program do you have? I scanned it with Kaspersky, AVG, Nod32, IOBit, and BitDefender, all came back clean.

  • Adam D

    Are you serious?  I think your driving is probably ruining your experience.  There is no better mod out there than tis.

  • zer0ryd3r

    I know everyone is entitled to their opinion, but how do you get oversteer??? I’ve put on about 100 laps with the f430 and if anything, it understeers some. If you get too heavy on the throttle, exiting a corner, and you spin around, thats not oversteer. If you find your ass swinging around though, try putting your rear wing on 10 and see what that does for you. Most of all though, take it easy for 2 or 3 laps and once the tires warm up it should be more responsive. Not trying to tell you how to drive, but by saying “the oversteer ruins everything” leads me to believe you aren’t that experienced 🙂

  • Nibo

    I understand that nobody forcing me to drive this mod, but I too can not enjoy it because of this huge instability. Of course, I am thankful to Enduracers for this mod as for any other free addition, and can not demand anything from free work. Its just my opinion, I offer it like a feedback. The car models are great, sounds are great and even awesome. But cars are very hard to drive. Unstable on braking, without any warning whatsoever car losing rear end on acceleration. I have nothing against oversteer, but here you get no warning at all, it just looses all grip suddenly and off you go… TC helps a little, but most leagues I know run this mod with TC banned and still with TC cars feel “wrong”. I only can hope that there will be alternative physics done by someone, maybe for future releases.
    And I don`t think it has something to do with setup (tried, not helping) or experience. I started with GP3 and GPL (mostly) about 10 years ago. Not an alien, in openwheelers I`m usually in top3-top5, in touring cars in top 10 in leagues that I race.

  • Andy Enderby

    only tried the risi F430 thus far, but the visuals are stunning. Ran a mixed test session, and the new cars are excellent. The F430 does seem touchy, but then I do habitually run with TC off, and to be fair, it was most assuredly not, repeat – not- uncatchable or hugely intimidating. If anything it seemed a big improvement on the previous release. I’ll try a P2 later but am not expecting it to be much different, though I will take the advice of the mods creators and use the TC.

  • MaD_King

    Seems to be a bad setuped steering wheel.

  • kkacper

    I also find braking hard, though I found a way around it in for example f430. When you feel slightly that the car is going to spin, add a bit of gas to get out of it and then go brake again. I love the cars with no TC, Audi R10 is a challenge though I already got it to drive quick and steady. I can admit I got bad brakings at begging but it’s just the fault of the brakes, I had 54:46 and really the lowest to best enjoy it is 57:43 minimum or your rear is going to spin, also work on wings, and tire pressures.

  • Der_KHAN

    i’m getting load errors all the time. is the 800mb file a standalone install or do i still need the 1.0 installer and both patches?

  • klo-che

    Please use the readme at 100%, the autoblip stuff is explained to have a perfect braking with GT cars. 🙂

    And the readme is in addition full or information for steering wheel setups and ffb setup values (updated to SP1 stuff for both SP1 and V1 cars.

  • hoover

    if your download was around 780mb, then you have downloaded the update so you’ll also need version 1.0. 

  • JJNos

    What i mean is that this HUGE oversteer ruins the driving experienge and ruins the entire mod, also if you get a spin it’s impossible to correct it, you get always a 180°

  • Andy Enderby

    Tried the Acura, default set up around Silverstone, the 2006 layout (rF default from CD install). Switched off the TC for ten laps and doubtless would have gone quicker with it switched on, but itt was eminently driveable. Excellent work from all at Enduracers. Many thanks for this epic mod.

  • Andy Enderby

    Try the Risi Ferrari with the default set up. If it’s pitching you off the road all the time, I’d say take a look at your wheel settings. The Porsche 997’s and 996’s were…. erm….. quite scary on a bumpy track with the old version of this mod, and I always got best results from doing my braking first, then turning the beasts in 1.2.

  • Andy Enderby

    The oversteering….. I’ve found that if you correct relatively early it isn’t that bad. The tires have a narrow slip angle and can be quite snappy in their transition, but they aren’t too bad. Work up to the limit of grip, don’t try to overload them with steering, braking and traction forces at the same time, it seems to overwhelm them, which from what I’ve seen of the Euro series, would be about right.

  • philrose205

    This mod is stunning, fantastic job and thankyou for all your hard effort.

  • adrian

    Hey guys.. i do one thing for this mod that for me improves the experience and may be worth a try for you;….

    go to you PLR file and increase the Tire Scrub volume. 

    look for the line 

    Vehicle Scrubbing VolMult 

    and increase its value, try different settings to see results.

    This helps me hear the tires loosing traction and helps me catch spins before they happen… 

    hope this helps!

  • Deano

    Kudos to the Enduracers for your outstanding work. Please don’t let the comments of a few couch racing console weenies cloud anything you’ve done. Your efforts are very much appreciated.

    Looking foward to the templates being released soon.

  • jonelsorel

    The 778 mb package is SP1 alone, not full + SP1. You need the 1.2 installed before installing SP1.
    For me the installation went fine. Did a few quick laps of Nordschleife VLN and I don’t know what you guys say about the car physics being weird or too oversteery. It’s not NFS folks !

    I think, in all regards so far – graphics, phyisics, sound – this update is TOP NOTCH. And it’s certainly more enjoyable and rewarding than GTR2 is currently.

    Exceptional mod, Enduracers! One of the good few.

  • Nibo

    I will try this, adrian. I noticed that tire sound was quiet.

  • Jimlaad43

    I have Sophos

  • Der_KHAN

    i installed it and did some laps in the 430. i have to say that this really is very good! graphics, sounds, physics, all of it it very well done. great work!

  • Andy Enderby

    I’m about two seconds a lap quicker with these than I was with the 1.2 versions of the same cars (where applicable) on default settings. Twitchy yes, impossible no.

  • Blacker

    From my testing of Sophos, it tends to find a lot, and I mean a lot, of false positives. I’ve been in the PC repair field for over 15 years,I own a repair shop in Montana… There’s credentials if you need them lol. I would say switch AV programs personally. Sophos is one of the worst I’ve tested, but it’s just my opinion mate.

  • Wesley

    This mod is really great, great physics sounds and graphics.

    Though what really is a bit of a downer for me is that for example the ARX-01a and b share the same HDV while these machines where a lot different too each other.

  • Wesley

    This mod is well drivable, I can do it with an keyboard so why you cannot do it with a wheel?

  • Blacker

    Okay after finally getting some testing time in, I want to weigh in on the handling issue…

    For the GT1 cars, I’ve driven a spec-class GT car before, albeit a bit less powerful than what is in these LM cars, and I have to say the handling is spot on. You can use the rear wheel cars to steer through the corner and back up the corners beautifully, just as a GT machine is meant to be driven. The GT2 models fall into the same category. They are very, very well managed, and IMO could actually use a bit less forgiving rear-end. Compared to the GT machine I drove, the rear-end is a bit too forgiving at times, but at others a bit too stingy(i.e. the last corner at Sebring, it upsets the balance a bit more than it should).

    As for the P1 complaints… I don’t really see the issue many people suggest. I jumped in an R10, threw a setup together in about 15 seconds, and turned a lap of just over 1.49.00 on my first hotlap without TCS. When it comes to TCS, it’s my understanding that these machines don’t have a TCS override system similar to what is found in road cars, it is TC built into the differentials that basically circumvents rules. I may be completely wrong about that, so don’t jump on me too hard about it lol. In my opinion, there’s no better TCS option than this little thing most of us have called a “right foot.” If you keep spinning the car out, here’s an idea — Pop the throttle once in a while to let the car catch itself. Or back up the corners because these machines are very, very fickle when it comes to carrying too much speed through the center of a corner.

    Some people complain about the lack of downforce… Apparently some people lack an understanding of physics IMO. Downforce on these cars will only help so much going through slow corners. The downforce built into these cars can best be felt through medium and high speed corners, you’ll literally feel the car being pushed down through your wheel if you’ve got a good one and know what you’re feeling.

    The P2’s handle almost too well, the Acura handles so well I thought I was amidst a wet dream/fantasy. You guys gotta remember that P1 will go much faster than P2’s, but P2’s handle much better. P1’s tend to handle a bit like a boat sometimes, which means you must make sure you’re not carrying too much speed into the corner or yeah, you’ll flip that sucker around very quickly.

    In my personal opinion, these cars handle incredibly realistically, and the progress from the physics and visuals since the first release is just staggering. Just my opinion gents… have at it.

  • rer8

    I love the Mod.  I downloaded it last night and this morning.  A readme file would have been helpful for the install.  I got the 6 files and started the first one, and assume the other  5 files were qued up as required.  So with the SP1 installed I took an hour or so just driving each model to see what the overall mod was like.  I found each car reasonably easy to handle on the “factory” setup, and look forward to to driving on the Virtua LM tracks that I have, which seem well suited for the cars represented here.  I did find that 3 of the Peugeot cars, ALMS 07, 08, and LM 08 failed to load properly having only the tires visible once loaded.  I hit the enter key several times during the track loading phase to force the load.  I don’t know what I could have done differentialy in the download and install, so I am hoping that the fix will be a simple one.  All in all, all of you did a fantastic job on one of the most extensive car mods I have seen in my several years of driving rFactor, and GPL, and Race 07, and NetKar, and and and… you get the idea.  Love your mod, and will be checking back for the fix on the peugeot cars.

    Respectfully, Randy

  • Enzo

    This mod is just brilliant, the cars are wonderful to drive. This is the best mod out there. The only little flaw is that in my mod you cannot change the brake pressure. If someone knows how to change it, please let me know

  • doggod

    I have to agree the mod is brilliant , it has one rfactor install all to itself,
    Quick question though from a guy who isnt great at setups , is how to bring tire temps up to the 80 plus recommended in the readme, this is for gt1 and gt2 cars ?

  • F1Racer

    Yeah because all those people who are having the SAME issue with the mod are all idiots with wrong setups who can’t drive right ?    Jeez. >:o

  • Com8

    thanks for keeping this mod alive and breathing, i love it!

  • Andy Enderby

    F1Racer, I’m not the mostr talented guy out there, far from it. But on a whim I loaded up the Peugeot and gave it a go. As is my usual brain dead way, switched of the TC and within 5 laps was running 1:37.0 around Northamptonshire. Having had success with that I took a breather and gave the Audi a go in the configuration. Both on default settings, both with TC set to off and went around the same track within 5 laps at the same kind of speed.
    I do I admit, prefer a car with a very positive front end, but do not tolerate snap oversteer well. I have no doubt that with some TC set, and given a week to set up the car to my taste, I can make it more forgiving and quicker for me, to the tune of running reliable 1:34’s. I don’t believe I’m a better driver trhan you, I can with hand on heart say I’m pretty well garanteed to be one of the slowest. Which leaves one conclusion…..

    Wheel set up….. Seriously. Have a play with your FFB and wheel input settings……

    Power curves – Those diesels took me two minutes of my own TC off stupidity to work out that the power curve they’ve put in is that of the Judd V10, or AER turbo. The greater proportion of max power is available right from the bottom of the curve and simply gunning the throttle, not applying the power smoothly, and short shifting in the lowest gears is suicide.

    They are also in real life TC equipped, as pointed out, and fiddling with the settings around a lap will tame it.

    Tires – I’ve seen plenty of LMS action at close quarters. The slicks on LMP1 are not very wide, I would argue the permitted tire sizes leave the LMP’s marginally under tired for the power and weight of the vehicles from what I’ve seen, and that the slip angles on LMP rubber is narrow, resulting in a twitchy car that requires TC and a smooth style. Giving the throttle or brake a mashing, whilst turning the wheel at low speed, wont help.   None of which will help if you have the wheel rotation values set that are expected from an F1 car on a low downforce ultra quick track.

  • Andy Enderby

    small mistake…. power curve on the diesels…. should read – “is not that of a Judd”
    I found the brutality of the diesels at low revs a handful to begin with.

  • Ali Alami

    This mod is simply fantastic. A must have for any rfactor simracer. Thanks for the huge efforts.

    I would like to report a little bug under windows 7 64 Bits Ultimate.

    For some cars in some tracks. The game crashes and return to desktop, indicating a runtime error.

    This occurs when you try to leave the pit garage.


    1. Ferrari F430 on Jerez Classic grand prix

    2. Ferrari F430 on VLM Lemans 1979

    That what I’ve tried so far, but I think it concerns only Ferrari F430 on some tracks and only under Windows 7 Ultimate 64Bits, beacuse under Windows XP SP3 it runs flawless.

    Thanks for taking a look at this, and thanks once again for this amazing mod

  • Der_KHAN

    “You can use the rear wheel cars to steer through the corner and back up the corners beautifully, …”

    i don’t get it. you’re doing what exactly?

  • Robert Gödicke

    Thank you EnduRacers for this fantastic mod!
    It’s the most enjoyable, team-orientated league experience I ever had, and thanks for the Update on the Vette’s driver suits! 😉
    The new light effects are gonna be awesome in our 12h race, but too bad I won’t be able to see them because of the infamous DX9 crashing on my side. 🙁

    Anyway, great mod! Thanks again!

  • Bert Austen

    The mod is super…

    But  the Porsche Spyder Evo not working for me…….when i chose the Porsche in the garage i hear “ping” and see not the car.

    I more people this problem….is there a fix?

    Thanks for help everywone….


  • CrippleHorse

    “I always got best results from doing my braking first, then turning the beasts”
    H haven’t driven the new version yet but I can assure you that if a racing car was driven better without any overlapping in turning and braking, they would send it back to the designing board.

  • Ali Alami

    Yes I pointed to a similar issue in my previous comment. See below.

    I guess you are running Windows 7 64Bits. That’s where issues appears

  • Kyle Williams

    Not a problem on windows 7 64bit for me…

  • klo-che

    I read on some places that it was happening with people not using DX9. Can you please test in all DX (7,8,9) and send me results of your test by mail at marc.chapelle(at), thanks.

  • Lenniepen

    Can anyone point me to a screenshot for a good example of the new fresnel shaders? These reflections do not appear very spectecular to me. I will try the mod tonight.

  • Blacker

    I’m running Win7 x64 Ultimate, also tried is on Enterprise x64 at my business, running DX9. One system runs twin GTX 480’s, the other twin 250GTS’s, both systems run the EVO just fine.

    Are you overclocking? Try it all at standard clocks. Without more info, that’s the best I’ve got. Good luck mate.

  • Blacker

    Lol my fault mate, I meant you can use the rear wheels to steer the car through the corner. That’s a fairly common way to drive a GT car especially, prototypes can generally handle braking through the center of the corner if they’re set up correctly. GT cars don’t turn very well when the brake is applied.

    I should also point out, in the Audi R10, I ran just over 1.49.00 out of the box at Sebring. Sorry about that too, guess I should give a track a reference!

  • Voltaic

    I love this mod and am very excited about the SP1. I am puzzled as to why the engine sounds are so low on the Peugeot 908, I have not tried the other cars yet. Thx Enduracers!

  • Blacker

    The Peugeot is a Diesel bud, they are dead silent. Try getting in an Acura ARX and try to hear one of those suckers come up behind you… Even with 7.1 surround sound turned way up, I can barely hear them! Just the nature of the beast.

  • Lenniepen

    That’s right. I’ve seen/heard these cars at Le Mans 2 years ago. The sound of a Corvette 1 mile away is louder than the Diesel sound of the Peugeot (and Audi too) rushing 20m in front of you. You just hear a soft rumble going through the wind. Not very spectacular indeed. The Corvette though…

  • Pablito

    Nice video. Now, show us a video of you being able to do the same sfuff in Enduracers mod. 😉  That is without ending with the nose of your car heading the wrong direction. Good luck.

  • Hompe

    Driving the r10 is really hard, once youre out there on the track with all kinds of screaming cars the r10 diesel is pretty damn hard to hear, makes it very intressting and difficult to race 😀

  • Bert Austen


    The Porsche spyder evo  troubles are  ending when i setting the game on DX9.

    Thanks for the good info 😉


  • Fuzzi0n

    If anything they are louder in this mod than in real life. The Audi in real life is silent.

  • Der_KHAN

    i have a question. is there a way to disable the cockpit shake? i prefer rfactors built-in shake where the road doesn’t shake too. it strains the eyes after a while.

  • Der_KHAN

    nevermind, i found the value CockpitVibrationMag in the …_cockpitinfo.ini of the respective car

  • Jeroen Arends

    Fantastic Mod.
    Driven The 430 on the Nord. Very good!. Also the prototypes are a dream. Sound on the 908 is like I’ve heard at It really sounds that way. Compliments gentlemen for putting so much effort in this. It’s like getting a game in a game.

  • FS

    Usually I like to race classic cars, and I do not consider myself a very good sim-racer. I just don’t have the time (or urge) to get deep into setups or practice a lot or whatever. So I was a bit worried because of the many complains about the handling. Yesterday I ran a few laps in the Aston Martin and in the Peugeot 908, using TC as recommended. I found the Aston to be a bit nervous and I spun several times, but this is only a matter of getting used to the car. The Peugeot was actually rather easy to handle. Biggest problem here is to get used to the low revs.
    I have a small issue with the sound of the Aston though. It sounded almost like it backfires all the time … hard to describe, there is a constant low rumble in the background that I found a bit irritating.
    But anyway, this is one of the best mods ever created for rFactor! I’m not good with it, but the cars are so well made, that I really want to practice and get better.

    One question: did you do something special to the AI? In the Aston I was approaching a GT2 car, and I had the impression it was actually making room to let me pass … may have been some strange AI line in the track, because I have never seen such a thing. Would be fantastic though, especially when racing a P1, you do not want a GT to start defending his line in front of you …

  • klo-che

    Only very very few complained about handling, most of them with bad setups and/or swheel setups or no use of TC.

    We don’t do anything on AI, it’s ISI work 😉

  • MaD_King

    The rumble sound of the Aston is the sound of the TC when you solicit it

  • kiwi

    Congratulations Enduracers! This mod is a dream! I love it!!!

    does the gt1 and gt2 cars have only 276 degree steeringwheels?

  • Semilost

    Beware, I got a bad download from the Mirror 2 link. I even did a completely new install of RFactor and reinstalled the mod and it still CTD. Sooooo downloaders beware…

  • Semilost


  • Riches

    One word: WOW!!!

    You guys really outdone yourselfs.
    Finally GT’s with even some oversteer instead of notorious understeer.
    Love the mod!!!

  • GT-Fan

    What tracks are driven in the opening video from enduracers when I start rfactor?

    Can you please give me a link for all those beautiful tracks?

    Many thanks and sorry for my bad english!

    my favorites are Nürburgring (Nordschleife) and Spa (hope with new bus stop)

  • UrosL

    Here’s me showing support to this exceptional mod (and its creators) – a torrent file for Endurance Series v1 + SP1 full installation @ It’s the fastest and most realiable way to get the full version of the mod (including the service pack).


  • UrosL
  • klo-che

    They are private tracks for team test purpose only, sorry, no link.

  • Madcowie

    Simply the best mod made for Rfactor 1 by a long way!!! Stunning models and physics make this the best racing simulation ever seen on any format!! Amazing guys!! Bloody amazing!!! And whats more im not even a big Endurance fan either!

  • Hello

    Why we must wait that long for SP 1?

    This mod is the best i love it. 🙂 but i like EOAA GT too and NAGT 🙂 and of course my ligue :]

    (sorry my english)

  • Hello

    btw. I must install Endurance Series 1.0 + SP 1 what about patch 1.2 ??

  • klo-che

    Use our offcial website, or you install v1.2 FULL + SP1, or you’re already in v1.2 then just download SP1. If you are only in v1.0 then i advice you a clean uninstall and then a clean install of everything.

  • klo-che

    Cause we are not magician, or paid for that, we got lifes.

  • Hello

    Thanks klo-che

  • Ricoo

    Why 6 parts for the same file???

  • Matt Lombardi

    question: i installed SP1 and all the cars show up except the P2 spyder evo…on the track they’re just a block with 4 tires…any suggestions on fixing this?

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