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Endurance Series Mod – Oschersleben Previews

Endurance Series Mod – Oschersleben Previews

Enduracers have released a new batch of previews, showing their Endurance Series Mod for rFactor at Oschersleben.

The screenshots show the cockpits of the Epsilon Euskadi, Aston Martin DBR9 and the Panoz Esperante as well as some mixed-class racing action.

Endurance Series will contain both prototypes and GTs from high profile sports car series like the American Le Mans Series, the FIA GT and the Le Mans 24 Hours.

  • deks

    What have we done to deserve such a torture?! Release! :happy:
    Great looking!

  • LordRa9826

    While I’m very excited about this mod and would download and play it the second I find out about it’s release,I just don’t get the Enduracers guys.
    They go through all the trouble of shading those tiny switches on the Panoz dash(I bet it’s even dynamic shading) to look juuuust about perfect and then they decide to put a diform steering wheel made of one digit number of polys wich even a GPL steering wheel would put it to shame. :weird:
    Then they made those tiny black dots on the Panoz windshield sides again “for the sake of realism” without even realizing that those are found only on production cars and not on a full blown GT2 race car’s windshield.An unnecessary detail wich I bet wasn’t even noticed by all the people watching the screenshots.
    Looking through the DBR9’s side window in the 5th screenshot, on the other DBR9 you can see a yellow arrow pointing (of all the things!!!) at the doorknob!
    That yellow arrow is mandated by the FIA and ACO with ONE and only ONE purpose: to point at the external main electric cut-off switch for the track marshalls attending a possible crash. :weird:
    IMO their vision of realism is somehow weird.

  • LordRa9826

    :shame: Correction
    In my post I made a mistake.
    The symbol for the external main electric cut-off switch is the red lightning symbol,the yellow arrow should point to the toe-eye at the front and the back of the car.
    I’m not too proud of my mistake,OK? :shame:

  • klo-che

    The Panoz is ISI work, we did nothing on it. Maybe you should stop always looking for the errors and just enjoy the screens.

  • LordRa9826 the yellow arrows they can be placed anywhere the team likes, and they don’t even have to be yellow.

    So before criticizing “our” version of realism at least do some research to backup your claims.

  • phil23

    The teams attention to detail is very high. This will no doubt be in my Hall of Fame once it’s out.

    Loving the screens guys and thanks for keeping us up to date with it’s development :happy:

  • LordRa9826

    You guys were right and I was wrong.Mea culpa! :shame:

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