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Endurance Series 1.0 – Released

Endurance Series 1.0 – Released

Enduracers have released the first version of their highly-anticipated Endurance Series mod for rFactor, adding some of the world’s most exciting prototypes and GT’s to rFactor.

The initial version of the mod includes 11 sports car models from the Le Mans Prototype and GT classes, allowing you to relive the exciting action of series like the Le Mans Series and the FIA GT.


– 11 Brand new 3D models from 2006 to 2008 from ALMS and LMS championships, with accurate shapes and aero configurations and high detail cockpits.
– All the cars skins from 2006 to 2008 seasons of ALMS, LMS, Le Mans and FIA GT Championships available in high/low detail.
– Helmet and Driving suits of each Team.
– Pitcrew suits for each Team.
– Several graphic details added for more realism and to feel the “endurance spirit” better.
– Specific UI Data menu textures, using modern showroom by Maciex.
– Realistic sounds for all cars using real onboard & exterior recording sounds samples, and with a completely new development philosophy. Thanks to several real racing teams for their collaboration.
– Very accurate physics, created in collaboration with Gentlemen Racers physics team, with help from real teams and drivers.
– Physics validated with telemetry and real drivers, up to date specific
– 1.250 optimisations (tyres wear curves, pit menu,…).
– Specific real endurance racing physics settings : tyres choices, fuel consumption, aero configurations, traction control use, engine mapping configurations,…
– Driver swap support.
– Realistic pit crew menu configuration.
– FFB upgrades to choose your preferred steering force, see following paragraph to have optimum settings for FFB.
– Real Feel FFB and Leo FFB support (see readme for tested setups).
– Advanced damages.

Their extensive mod has been tested by real-life sports car racing drivers such asย  Tommy Milner, Stuart Moseley and Sean Edwards, making sure to give us a realistic endurance racing experience.

Make sure to check out the mod’s detailed readme to find FFB settings, info on the car’s physics and much more.

Download Endurance Series 1.0 Mirror 1 Here

Download Endurance Series 1.0 Mirror 2 Here

Download Endurance Series 1.0 Mirror 3 Here

Download Endurance Series 1.0 Mirror 4 Here

  • F1_fan_1


    DOWNLOADING!!!!!! :happy: :happy: :happy:

  • RaYqUe

    OMFG!!!!!! Sadly i cannot try this right now, i need to drive an league event, but after midnight Endurance here i come!!! Drive untill morning hours… :happy:

  • Sobby

    Thank you!

  • 6e66o

    Thanks so much for all your work!

  • Hompe

    I know what im doin tonight ๐Ÿ˜Ž Fire up that oldie 996 and listen to the six roar ohh yeah ๐Ÿ˜†

  • Howie47

    Now I need a league.

  • Victor_RO

    Oh God, the servers are taking a horrible hammering… :happyevil: Really looking forward to getting out in these things when they’re done downloading. And I know what car I’ll be jumping straight into… ๐Ÿ˜†

  • GeraArg

    Thanks Endurance Team!!!!! :happy: :happy: :happy: :happy: :happy:

    It is advisable to make a second (fourth in my case :shame: :tongue: ) installation of rFactor? ๐Ÿ˜€

  • sanjabass

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  • ermax18

    AHHHHH!!!! I am at work right now. Why did you have to do that? ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Balazsryche

    I just tried the Aston at Kyalami’79… Simply amazing. Thank you guys, I’ll stay at my wheel tonight, and tomorrow, and… ๐Ÿ˜Ž

  • stabiz

    Thank you and good night! ๐Ÿ˜Ž

  • ermax18

    The sound is no joke. I just installed it on my laptop and let the AI do some laps. I saw someone in the other post saying they doubted the sounds where ingame. Well I can assure you they are. I can’t wait to get home to hear it on some real speakers. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • BSR-WiX

    Congratulations EnduRacers. A superb job . love it

  • Victor_RO

    To quote Juan Pablo Montoya, “Fookin’ brilliant!!!!” :happyevil: Fantastic mod. Thank you, congratulations, sit down guys and have a beer. You all deserve it.

  • mjmueller

    Nope, we are working really hard still for SP-1. :happy: It will only get better.


  • Tigerteeth

    Many, many thanks to the EnduRacers team for producing and releasing this wonderful mod – an absolute master class! The models look fantastic (including my favourite – the Troy Lee Lizard) and are a lot of fun to drive, but the sounds surprised me most of all – they really are exceptional. Time for a surround sound setup I think…. :happy:

  • F1Racer

    Superb mod. Definately one of the top drawer ones out there. Models, sounds, gui… all high quality stuff.
    Well done guys.

    Personal quibble?… I wish I could adjust the brake pressure. Not to go against the that it might be ‘you can’t do that in real life’, but because the 100% represented in the mod might not be actual 100% and I`d like adjust it on a per car basis.

    When brake pressure is greyed out in a mod at 100%, is that using default ISI 100% values or does the mod have its own ‘x’ value for what they interpret 100% to be ?
    So like 100% on an Euskadi might be more pressure than on a GT2 Porsche for example. Does that make sense ?
    Not into greyed out brake pressures. I always think it can be adjusted on these race cars somehow ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Victor_RO

    Nope, we are working really hard still for SP-1. It will only get better.

    I can bet… After hearing the sounds of these cars, I can only think how brilliant the Lambo V12 and the V12 diesels will sound like…

  • Victor_RO:

    I can betโ€ฆ After hearing the sounds of these cars, I can only think how brilliant the Lambo V12 and the V12 diesels will sound likeโ€ฆ

    We used a Vacume cleaner for the Diesel samples ๐Ÿ˜†

  • commodore

    I don’t want to sound like someone who can’t drive and then starts whining ๐Ÿ˜€ but do the real cars have 460nm/m front anti-roll bars? And why do the rear tires get hotter than the front ones?

  • Gopher04

    Two little things for me, headlights on during the day are causing some weird shadow effects everywhere and on most tracks, the second thing is why aren’t the windscreen banners transparent from the inside??

  • Joao Barbosa

    Thank you x1000.

  • Vette_NZ

    Simply amazing !! That Corvette is “Sex on Wheels”. I found myself laughing uncontrollably when I first took it out on track. You guys have absolutely set the standard with this mod, congratulations.

  • Gopher04:
    Two little things for me, headlights on during the day are causing some weird shadow effects everywhere and on most tracks, the second thing is why arenโ€™t the windscreen banners transparent from the inside??

    Because the windscreen banners are not transparent from the inside in real life, as for the headlights, cant say ive had any issues with them, care to show us with a screenshot or 2?

  • Flagmo-T

    Thanks M8, this is a great piece of work, big respect ๐Ÿ™‚

    Dream Extreme

  • bedelix

    i don’t want to be “the bad guy ” but i have test this mod 2 hours and have some litte bugs to report :
    1 no crash sound everywhere , on walls , on tyrewalls ….
    2 low skins everywhere, the logo on is like copy paste of pics
    3 the rear of the car always want to be in front in slow curvs, the slick seem to be like “4 soaps ” on a car
    4 some cars have smooth problems , for exemple the dbr9 ,at the rear , on the side at the end of the doors
    5 the sounds is not so “amazing ” , for exempl the corvette , where is the v8 ?deep and hard sound ? i have heard this car on the total 24 of spa this year and i can heard now the sound of the car in this mod ===> far away from the reality

    the base is good , just need to improved some little things to be “top “

  • 1 turn your volume up there is crash sounds
    2 turn your texture settings up from low
    3 read the readme like you were told during install to configure your ffb properly
    4 yes there is a smoothing issue arround the fuel filler on the DBR9
    5 ๐Ÿ™„

  • Sensekhmet

    How’s the AI? It’s a pretty big download for me and I’m an offline player.

  • Scorpie

    One Question: Will there be Templates? If yes, when will they be released? Ok, in the end i had 2 Questions. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • stabiz


    Massive mod! Be proud, team!

  • klo-che

    Templates will be diffused in the following days, for the moment we let your enjoy the work of our skinners.

  • bedelix

    1 my sound card :

    my work is sound enginerer , so tell me to push the volume , are you serious?
    others mods have crash sounds , not this one that s all
    i have installed the mod with the .exe , i don’t have “copy paste” the files

    2 my computer is : quad core amd 9850 , 4 go , nvidia 280 gtx , i play in 1600 x 1280 full options dx9 , so yes i have textures on high , and the skin is low sorry that s again the reality

    3 i have my own controler.ini who work fine with others mods ,i don’t want to kill him for playing only “your mod” sorry ,i don’t have problems with tyres and rear of the cars of others mods like ctdp, fsone , iec apex ,corvette of niels etc etc

    4 the corvette sounds is not the good one , the thing i have understand in spa and captured this year was very different , sorry that s ,a another time ,the reality

    i try to report some bugs and you treat me like troll ?? because i don’t agree with the others who say “it s amazing !!” ?? i just try to help you and you treat me like shit !!

    may be you need to change something in your communication …or buy a brain

  • mjmueller

    Hey man, don’t get all upset. You can report all you want. We are listening. All of the issues you stated are things that have been brought up and gone over. As for the vette sounds, I have no clue what you are talking about, because if you do turn up the volume at all, they blast your ears and rumble my room. The sounds are very close in our teams opinion. We will look at the other stuff.


  • klo-che

    Cool guys, keep cool night, everybody has got his own opinion. Take more time to test the mod, it’s big and the best way to use it is on online races, enjoy.

  • bedelix

    for the vette sounds , the sounds you make is “flat” and no so close than the reality , no life . in real the car have heavy deep sounds ,the most approching sound who exit in isi game is the sound pack one guy make for gtr2 :

    one good exempl is this video :
    the sounds is more deep than your sounds and more “close” than the real

    i don’t have any clue with codemaster

    this video too is a good exempl :

  • So your comparing our sounds to what id consider pretty far off GRID sounds and an onboard from a C5-R?

  • spliff

    looking (very) forward to play this mod, thanks in advance!

    please take the first mirror ( off your mirror list. it “cut” my download off at ~250mb and told me i reached my dl limit of 1000mb and offered me to pay money to download “more”. that smells kind of fishy. anyway, thanks a lot for your great simRacing community site, team. i enjoy your work every day, keep it up! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • bedelix

    you understand what you want when you want and treat me again like shit , please stop !
    i talk about general sounds of a corvette c6 r and the onboard video is from a c5 r and marked like a c6 r ? the thing i talk is about general deep of your corvette sounds , the c6 r sounds is more deep than a c5 r so your sounds , compare to c5r or c6 r is not enought deep that’s the reality

    i try to help you and you , as i see , don’t want to be helped , you ‘re sure to have the right way ,for every thing i say we surely have one other answer like the post of [email protected] ( i ‘m right , bedelix is wrong ,the video is not taken at the right place in the cockpit , the sounds is crappy the sounds of the mods is better than reality)

    i loose my time with you

  • ermax18

    bedelix, keep in mind that you can’t reproduce reality with the cheap onboard mics they use. What you hear in the video isn’t necessarily how it sounds in real life.

  • mjmueller

    Good point ermax18. Thanks for the advice bedelix, we will just agree to dissagree. I hope you enjoy the rest of the mod. and btw/ just take the GTR2 sounds and copy them over and use those if you want.


  • Elric

    Great mod, thanks.

    I’m enjoying a lot this one, seems very professional to me. And the sounds are really good.

    Just for the record, next time you should take a look into the included files. There’s almost 40 MB of thumbs.db useless files.

    Thanks again.

  • Elric:
    Just for the record, next time you should take a look into the included files. Thereโ€™s almost 40 MB of thumbs.db useless files.
    Thanks again.

    Your right, totally missed that.

  • bedelix

    i have race sometime in real c6r , and the video is very close , yes mjmueller , for the moment i have do this thing , i’ m surely make my own sounds with the thing i have captured on spa this year, i have c6r and maserati sounds ready to be edited

    sorry ,after have seen how you consider the guy who post feedbacks for trying to help ,i prefer don’t speak about the rest of the mod , physics , ffb and skins .
    i keep the feedback for me

    as you can see ,crash talking is not the way i have used all along my differents posts here , so respect me with the same way i have respected you
    i just come here for trying to help you but you prefer see some thing like ” whaoooooooooo the enduracer mod rock , amazing work ”

    let ‘s race

  • gslooney

    WOW …

    This is Great.. to drive on track and hear the different car sounds around you is amazing :happy: And The Cars Feel Very Good on my fanatec Wheel.

    I have a New Favourite MOD. My Thanks to the Whole team.

    For V1 This work is outstanding.. I’ll get right into it in more detail soon, if there are a few bugs.. I’m sure you’ll resolve them once you’ve had a chance to enjoy this. I’m looking forward to seeing what Packs you add Next.. tracks.. we need some great tracks.. anyone got somem recommendations please :happy:

  • modbaraban
  • Damo

    So cruel, I can’t try it until tomorrow!! ๐Ÿ™

    But tomorrow will be an entire day for me to go mad with it!! :happyevil:

  • Shum94

    I think i may know what Bedelix moan about.
    00.10 sec > 00.20 sec is {lay off throttle or low rev] in real, and in the mod we got that when we are [full throttling].

    And full throttling in real is more
    00.23 sec > 00.33 sec in the vid
    Che meme pas si ce mot existe en fr lol mais รงa criisse, c’est flou comme son en high rev

    Anyway moaning on that i can get if you a big fan of the car, but you should be happy we get something really close from real deal.

    And imho the c6r sound is spot on while the aston martin is nice but less immersive, the enduracers team got real sound from luc alphand team, the corvette, i dunno about the aston martin but it might explain it.

  • stabiz

    There is only one thing I dont like about this mod, and thats how much force is needed to actually see some proper damage. The effects themselves are cool, but it feels like damage multiplier is on 50% when its on 100%.

  • Shum94
  • ms3driver

    I should probably start my post by thanking the whole Enduracers team for this truly amazing mod! I had followed it for the last couple years on RFC, and even though my expectations for this mod were very high they have been surpassed.

    klo-che, I also admire how you could always stay so calm despite all the crap that had been posted on the RFC board.

    Anyway, on to the real reason for my comment:
    I’ve never posted a comment in my life before, even though I’ve been racing sims for several years and have followed many threads. Congrats bedelix, you were able to finally make me write my first comment!

    How ridiculous are you?!? What you said had nothing to do with constructive criticism, even if some of your points might have been valid. This mod might not be perfect, but then I haven’t found a mod yet (or any other piece of software, hardware or anything else in life) that was perfect. After having driven this mod for about an hour, my personal opinion is that this is definitely one of the best rFactor mods in existence. From reading through other people’s comments on here I don’t think I’m the only one who thinks that way. Yet all you did was to bitch and complain.

    Maybe try reading through other people’s comments and note that the issues they reported were all accepted as needing to be investigated without anybody getting attacked. Now read through your own comments and note how offending they were.

    Here’s a little advice on how you could try to report issues you found next time you want to share them with the modding team:
    “Thanks guys for this awesome mod and all your hard work! I really enjoy driving it and just wanted to give you feedback on a few things that you could possibly look into for a future update:”

    I’m pretty sure [email protected]’s reaction would have been very different if you had brought up your issues in a respectful manner.

  • klo-che

    Guys please stop fights, it’s summer, sun is shyning, just enjoy the mod and accept some people can not like the work, it’s their right. The most important is that the majority like it, the rest is part of the game.

    So just have fun and met on online races ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Howie47

    Congratulations, best sports car mod ever made. In my humble opinion, best mod ever made. The mod I’ve been waiting for, since rFactor was released. Thanks.

  • Shum94

    Il fait presque trop chaud en ce moment sur Paris :tongue:

    Je sue avec mon Aston ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • mike

    wow just raced few hours in the flying lizard at laguna….the most impressive bit about this mod is got to be the physics and sounds. I have never driven the real porsche but combined with realfeel and G25 its just works to perfection. The setup requires some work but overall it endless ๐Ÿ˜ฏ lap after lap…

    thank you to the whole endurance team… the wait was long but it was worth it…just cant imagine what release 2 will bring..

    some small bugs that could be addressed for future updates.

    -there is a bug when adding AI cars to the track. in the opponents tab ALMS06 is selected and yet when you add new AI cars instead of getting P1 or P2 driver you get repeat drivers from GT1 and GT2 added. eg. 2-3 ron fellows while no P2 drivers get added
    -the AI seems to be very aggressive at passing and letting you pass…dunno what is the recommended aggression I have mine set at 50%.
    -it requires a lot of speed to damage the car.

    the only small criticism
    -the cockpits of some cars are not very high-res

    other then that this mod is

    it goes up on my list as the TOP 5 greatest mods ever released for rf.

  • commodore

    Do the real cars have 460nm/m front anti-roll bars?
    Why do the rear tires get hotter than the front ones?
    The cars oversteer really badly when you get on the throttle in slow corners. Once you get past the initial oversteer it will get better :S
    Why does the carbon fibre bend when crashing? Doesn’t carbon fibre break?
    Maybe the sounds are good but they are not as good as the sound file made us think.

    It is definitely the best endurance mod, but not the best rfactor mod.

  • Sensekhmet


    Why do the rear tires get hotter than the front ones?

    That and the CF question… these are jokes, right?

  • F1Racer


    That and the CF questionโ€ฆ these are jokes, right?

    I thought it was a quiz ๐Ÿ™‚

    Q: Why do the rear tyres on a rear wheel drive racing car get hotter than the front ones ?

    OK thats your homework for the weekend commodore, google it ๐Ÿ™‚

  • speedfreak968

    OMG!!!! Finally… Was waiting for this like crazy mofo… DL-ing it right now at my work and I cant wait to give it a try tonight… THANK YOU SO MUCH team!!! I’m sure it will stand up to my expectations…

  • Hompe

    I listened to a corvette c6 a few weeks ago and atleast the exterior sounds are really spot on!!

  • Gopher04

    [email protected]:

    Because the windscreen banners are not transparent from the inside in real life, as for the headlights, cant say ive had any issues with them, care to show us with a screenshot or 2?

    Also im now getting pinky coloured rims as well, will try a full fresh install of rf then come back to you..Oh yeh love the sounds in this mod..

  • amdr

    I listened to a corvette c6 a few weeks ago and atleast the exterior sounds are really spot on!!

    Same here, heard the cars at 24h of spa francorchamps and i have to say. cars like the 911 en corvette sound SPOT ON! Really best sound ever!

  • Adam D

    Thanks guys, truely a great mod. For you by now all these comments must be like water off a ducks back, and pretty funny in the most part I expect ๐Ÿ˜†

    Can’t wait for the ‘packs’ to roll out.

  • F1Racer

    Phew! Just ran a test session at Laguna Seca in the DBR9. Man, that made me work for it. Its a tricky number to handle and was I having a hard time with that last tight corner at Laguna. More spins than I care to count ๐Ÿ™‚
    But with some setup work I was able to take the fastest time by -0.4 after about 30 laps of running and fiddling. I was able to settle the rear end down to my liking for the slow in and punch out of the corners and the time just came.
    Along the way, the noises were superb. It felt more like I was in that session than 95% of any other mods out there.

    So while not the easiest of drives, I guess thats what its about. Presenting that challenge, as it should be, and making you work for your times.

    Mods like this don’t get released – they get unleashed ! (so change that topic title ๐Ÿ™‚ )

    (oh and I also get the weird shadowing effect with headlights on in daytime – Im running on Nvidia if that helps).

    Also wanted to share this night test session vid.. (15Mb)

  • MrcL

    Thanks guys for buying me a ticket to rehab. All this got me settled for the rest of the summer. Now i gotta find the cocaine to keep me awake ’til september, which will eventually get me hooked on that stuff, and that’s where rehab comes in.

    First off. Thanks for another mod that teaches one how to drive again. Smoothness is really rewarded. You always feel like there’s something more to get out of the car, but almost every time you make that extra effort, it kills you. So eventually, that intimidation keeps you on a consistent pace and actually helps you keep a faster or slower pace depending on which is needed in a given situation.

    Physics are just brilliant. You actually feel you’re on tires, rather than something with a as much of a grip warning as a rubber coated rock. And especially after some getting used to the car almost guides you through.

    Torque curves are just brilliant. I always felt that a lot of mods had a bucket load of low rev torque which caused you to be rather choppy on the throttle even if usually you wouldn’t need to. I mean, in real-life footage, you mostly hear a steady build-up throughout the corner, rather than someone with muscle spasms behind the wheel.

    Now concerning the teaching thing. After an hour or so, i found myself driving almost as if i had snakes wrapped around my wrists and ankles. I was just moving so much less, and it paid off hugely!

    And then of course, there’s hugely praised sound. It’s just brilliant. So much info in there. Especially when the car bottoms out on the dottinger hohe straight, the scraping is so bloody immersive. Every sound has just got so much volume, so much to swim in. Tried each car one by one and kept the vette for last. I’m not a super-huge vette-fan, but i really respect that sound. Zytek, Aston, Porsche, Panoz, brilliant. Then i tried the vette. I kept the revs really low in the pit-lane because i wanted to floor it once i had enough space. The beast kept purring. Then the straight. What came to mind was the onboard helmet-cam footage of one of the alphond cars. Absolutely fantastic. High revs just rattle your eardrums and when the braking comes it calms you down for the next straight.

    Now, i really hate doing this. But there’s just one tiny thingie i noticed concerning the external vette sound. It’s probably me being the flaw-searching geek that i am, but the external loop seems pretty-if not very-repetitive, at least incoming at high revs when the sample is the most pitched. Now i don’t know if it’s on your “to do” list or if it’s something you voluntarily kept. Little sound issues like that tend to annoyingly tickle my brain :happy: Think of it as a nervous tick if you may. To be honest, since rFactor isn’t an RC car simulator, I believe it’s negligible and it’s unnoticeable in a field anyway. But anyway, on a tv cam accelerating out of a corner, my GOODNESS it sounds awesome.

    So, after that wall of text. I want to thank you from the bottom of my fuel pump ๐Ÿ˜€

    Thanks guys
    May we enjoy your work for years to come.

  • commodore

    F1Racer: commodore

    I’ll quote the book Speed Secrets “If the fronts are hotter than the rears, then the fronts are sliding more than the rears […] The reverse is true as well.”

    Carbon fibre flexes but it does not warp like that.

  • Jos

    Im a bit of an rfactor noob, but I thought rfactor didnt have night racing?

  • a1gpmatty

    after this, i can’t wait for the SP1 because of the Audis and Peugeots. Any ideas on how long we will be waiting for SP1. At least we have something to pass the time!!!:grin: ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

  • spliff

    i finally tested this beauty of a mod – very impressive physics and sounds! great work enduracers! really top notch!

    one small thing:
    the cockpit of the 997RSR looks a bit strange, especially the rollcage and the “foam material” protecting the driver. am i doing something wrong, did i oversee some detail settings, or does the cockpit just look like this? (a linked a screenshot to clarify what i mean.)

    i am using max details for everything with DX9 settings.

  • Mahjik

    Im a bit of an rfactor noob, but I thought rfactor didnt have night racing?

    rFactor doesn’t have dynamic weather, it does have night racing.

  • FooAtari

    I have mixed feeling about it. It’s a very well made mod. Feels like a lot and work and attention went into it, models are great, sounds are good.

    But the physics, I’m just not sure. Sometimes I think it feels great. More often I think the cars are a little too planted to the ground. It’s a little easy and sedate. It doesn’t feel like I’m driving a 600+bhp P1 sports car.
    I’m finding I can accelerate pretty hard and early out of slow corners and the car very rarely steps out of line.

    Maybe I’m a not yet driving the car to the limit, maybe that’s what these cars are like, at the moment I’m not sure, but for me personally, so far it isn’t quite at the level of another mod released recently.

    I’ll definitely need to drive it some more to get a better feel for the cars. I’m also going to watch some videos to get an idea of what the cars handle like. I hope to hear Niels opinions on this mod to.

    Either way still a well polished mod

  • Sensekhmet

    FooAtari, aren’t modern prototypes/GTs running with traction control?

  • Jos


    rFactor doesnโ€™t have dynamic weather, it does have night racing.

    ok, so it does have day and night cycle?

  • Gabkicks


    ok, so it does have day and night cycle?

    Yes, you can even control how fast the day-night cycle goes. so you can make 24 hours pass in a few minutes :p

  • vancop


    to bedelix :

    sorry i think I come too later

    Yes, for me nothing is perfect. And the vette sound don’t satisfy me. I hear what you say, and for me your are not totaly wrong.

    it’s a hard work, and many car don t satisfy me, but I had to make compromise. if Not, the mod would never have gone out.

    But some improvment will be done on the next SP, and on the vette too.


    Have fun

  • Aleksi Elomaa

    Will there be 2048 rez skins option?

  • bedelix

    vancop : happy to see someone who heard the same thing i heard

    why make only one sound for all the rpm profil?

  • Shum94

    He just told you he didnt have (or had not) enough time, seems he is the soundman of enduracers.

    You should be ๐Ÿ˜† he just told you he wasnt happy with some cars sound and the SP1 would fix that.

  • Raikku

    Those recommended Logitech panel configurations are simply idiotic. I would never, never use settings like that.

  • FooAtari

    FooAtari, arenโ€™t modern prototypes/GTs running with traction control?

    I think some do. However its adjustable according to Readme. I have it off. I did some more driving around Laguna and I’m warming to it ๐Ÿ™‚

    Have to agree with Raikku there, I changed my settings from the suggest G25 config.

  • Aleksi Elomaa:
    Will there be 2048 rez skins option?

    The skins are 2048×2048.

    FooAtari, arenโ€™t modern prototypes/GTs running with traction control?

    All 4 classes use TC.

  • Raikku:
    Those recommended Logitech panel configurations are simply idiotic. I would never, never use settings like that.

    Thats nice to know.

  • Raikku

    Only right way for settings in panel are:

    100(can be increased to ~110)%

    And centering spring 0%, can still be checked if user want to but 0%.

    Rotation of course is personal thing, I use 540 for every sim/mod what I have.

  • delaney1970

    I suspected this mod would be very good, because the standalone Euskadi is one of my favourite modern cars.
    You did a brilliant job Enduracers, thanks :happy:

    Now all we need is a really high quality modern La Sarthe to race them at….is anyone working on one ?

  • GonZo

    Physics, sounds and graphics are good. Of course everybody has it’s own interpretations and expectations. Most of us never drove these cars in RL, so not everybody expects the same. I see people who find them too loose, other people say too easy. Driving style plays a big part of course.

    But besides the good quality mod, even more respect do I have for the way the Enduracers Mod team reacts on comments. Not kicking or fighting back, just normal mature answers, great!

  • Tomas

    Impressive MOD! and the audio is just as good as expected, perhaps the corvette’s exterior-sound IS just a tad better than the incar ones, but damn it’s still good :happy:

    Many of the cars seem very tail-happy though, but I think that it might be because the default setups are’nt that good, and it’s especially bad when driving without traction control, which makes sence.

    Overall, approved!

  • tigeraid

    This mod is seriously fun. I normally shy away from the Endurance/GT mods because I find the prototypes obscenely boring. But every car in this mod seems to have a level of immersion I haven’t seen before–the sounds are fantastic, especially the turbo cars… And the GT1 and GT2 cars a lot of fun to toss around. I think the GT2 class in particular would be great fun in league use. Porsche/Porsche/Spyker/Panoz.

  • F1Racer

    Is the issue with the interior Corvette sounds anything to do with that as its such a low rumble that the audible cue for changing gear isnt as high a pitch as most cars of this type ?

  • riches

    Great work!!!
    Thanks for giving away such a great mod to the community!

    About the incar sound….
    All drivers have helmets on and earplugs.
    Otherwise the drivers suffer from permanent ear damage..
    So the sounds in the incar should be a bit muffeld.
    If you care to be as “real as it gets”.

    Very gratefull, looking forward to the future additions!!!

  • phil23

    Quick run down of my thoughts.


    Sounds ๐Ÿ˜ฎ







    This mod has quite clearly had a massive amount of effort put into it. The cars look great, they sound awesome. I’ve been driving the 997 and the sounds are amazing. Just as I remember them from Silverstone at the LMES race last year. The mixed class racing is very good and the content just for part 1 is worthy of HOF. The realism is quite astounding. I’ve had to learn to drive all over again with the Porsche as I’ve never had to “Blip” on downshifts b4 and the feeling of satisfaction once you’ve got it down is great. That may sound daft to some of the seasoned veterans, but for me it is another thing I’ve learnt that hopefully I can use with other cars to better effect now.

    Unfortunately (and this is not aimed at the modding group at all) as with every other mod I drive in rFactor there is something just not right about how it feels. It’s hard to explain, but with GTR2, GTR Evo and iRacing I feel like I’m driving the cars where as with rFactor it feels like they’re driving me. The Force feedback and Realfeel settings in the readme make a big difference and once again the team have obviously gone to great efforts to tune the game to this mod, but it still feels like I’m not connected to the car ๐Ÿ™ .

    The only thing I can say is that this mod will make me try and tune this game to my liking. It’s not something I’ve wanted to do when other Sims are so easy to get to feel right, but this mod deserves the time and I want to play it.

    I just feel that if this were GTR2 I’d possibly call this the best mod I’ve ever driven. Hopefully rFactor 2 will get the feel right without the need to fine tune so much b4 you can feel like you’re driving a car. Then this mod in rF2 would be amazing.

    Well done to the team and I hope you know that none of my critisms have been towards your exceptional work. A+ :happy:

  • Gopher04

    Any plans for the motect displays showing some info on them, take the Astons that use them, all they have is a blue screen with a rev line???

  • DrumStick

    “Itโ€™s hard to explain, but with GTR2, GTR Evo and iRacing I feel like Iโ€™m driving the cars where as with rFactor it feels like theyโ€™re driving me.”

    I agree.

  • GonZo

    โ€œItโ€™s hard to explain, but with GTR2, GTR Evo and iRacing I feel like Iโ€™m driving the cars where as with rFactor it feels like theyโ€™re driving me.โ€
    I agree.

    Totally disagree…

  • crackhat

    DrumStick: โ€œItโ€™s hard to explain, but with GTR2, GTR Evo and iRacing I feel like Iโ€™m driving the cars where as with rFactor it feels like theyโ€™re driving me.โ€
    I agree.

    It must be force feedback or something like that as they are more or less the same platform.

  • AaronC

    You do realize that they are on the exact same game engine, right? The only difference between the GMT2 game engine that SimBin uses, and the GMT2 game engine that rFactor uses is that SimBin re added driver animations and weather effects left out from the original GMT1 game engine used in F1 Challenge. The difference in feel is all in how the physics are made for each car. Also, the FFB is also still the same as rFactors in the GMT2 game engine that SimBin uses. Although, they did add a reverse effects tab that you can check so you don’t have to put your FFB on -100 to get the correct feeling.

    Itโ€™s hard to explain, but with GTR2, GTR Evo and iRacing I feel like Iโ€™m driving the cars where as with rFactor it feels like theyโ€™re driving me.

  • Sensekhmet

    They may be the same engine but rFactor feels nothing like GTR Evo for example. There’s a… detached feeling to rFactor IMO. Matter of preference I guess, but that’s how I feel.

  • phil23

    I think it’s more down to tyre physics. GTR1 was a great game, but suffered from poor low speed grip as the cars relied on increased(unrealistic levels)of downforce to produce the grip at speed, but as low speeds create less downforce the tyres weren’t producing proper grip levels that a relatively heavy GT car gets at low speed. This used to make the cars very hard to control at low speed in hairpins etc without spinning. Simbin managed to work on the tyre physics which in GTR2 Race07 etc gives the cars a feeling of weight and connection to the tarmac which I personally feel rFactor doesn’t do as well.

    But as I said and it has been pointed out since my post, I will work with the feel of the game and especially the FFB to try and get that feel. I use Realfeel with this mod as described in the readme and I will tinker with the other settings to hopefully improve my enjoyement of this amazing mod. Just as I have limited time for simming around my work and my family I’ve often put rFactor away as it requires too much tinkering to get mods feeling right for myself. I want to race not tinker with things.

    Anyway this mod in sensational already and it is only the first part so I look forward to working this out in time and getting even more pleasure from driving these cars.

    Apologies if I’ve upset anyone as I’m not trying to bash rFactor as it has many plus points over Simbins titles.

  • AaronC

    You didn’t upset me one bit, I was stating some facts that I wasn’t sure if you were aware of or not. When it comes to the tire model of the games, once again, it is identical between rFactor, GTR2, Race 07, GTR Evo, WTCC: The Game, STCC: The Game, and upcoming Race On. The difference you feel is just how much grip is given in the .tbc file for the tires themselves. Granted, it is more complicated than that, but you get the ideal I believe. As a modder myself, I pretty much know in a nut shell what different people do differently to the tires to get the effects they are looking for.

    I will agree that the Endurance Mod feels detached from the road, but I worked through it in my time working on a setup to get it driving really well. Then once I found out that the mod was built around using TC, it really helped in the cars performance as well. When it comes to FFB in rFactor, I actually don’t even have FFB anymore. Back before my g25 broke, I used Leo Bodnars FFB plugin, and it gave a greater feeling of the tires than you had with ReelFeel. But in my opinion, you don’t need FFB to be good driver in a sim game as well.

    Now that I own a ECCI 6000MT Multi Turn steering wheel, I drive directly from sight and sound of the game. It has actually made me a little smoother since you don’t have the FFB of the game yanking your hands at times in directions you don’t want them to go.

  • Howie47

    phil23: but it still feels like Iโ€™m not connected to the car

    You have to have high FPS in rFactor or the physics, and data rate too your wheel get slowed way down. Make sure you have (VSync) off. It seems that even 60 FPS slows down the data rate. Made all the difference in the world for me.

  • ermax18

    What cars are planed fir SP1? I know the P1 Audi and Pug are on the list. But how about some more GT2 cars. It would be cool to have the new GT2 C6R and the new M3.

  • theserioussam

    This mod is really polished. I think the physics, and cockpit texture (Zyteks) can be improved a bit more, but still, easily in my opinon the best rfactor prototype mod. Thanks guys!

  • mjmueller

    ermax18, wait untill you hear & drive the 430 GT2 :). It’s sex on wheels. Like I said our team is getting much better & more accurate & faster. We love all your comments.

    To the gentleman who say that rFactor feels detached, this is very strange for me. I always felt the exact opposit. GTR series always felt really wierd to me, even after I set up the game in a thousand ways. rFactor has always had better fps for me & just the feel is perfect. I would really recommend searching for the best .plr file info & controller info. If you have any further questions on controller info, please send me a message at our enduracers forum & I will do my best to get you the right configs.



  • phil23


    You have to have high FPS in rFactor or the physics, and data rate too your wheel get slowed way down. Make sure you have (VSync) off. It seems that even 60 FPS slows down the data rate. Made all the difference in the world for me.

    That’s interesting. I’ll try that and see what happens.

    Some more tweeking is making things feel better, but I’m still enjoying the 997 immensly :happy:

  • ForzaBarca88

    I think I read somewhere in the latest issue of Autosimsport that simbins titles actually use a slightly older version of the gmotor2 engine? Dont quote me on that tho. Anyways, its clearly a matter of preference because I’ve never really gotten into simbin’s physics or their FFB implementation….

    As for this mod, I dont think I can really say anything that hasnt been said before (100+ comments ๐Ÿ˜ฎ ), but kudos to you guys on a very highly polished mod!

  • Octavarium

    Hi guys, been away this weekend so sadly I’m still downloading your masterpiece while watching videos of it on you tube to get me excited!

    Have to say that I agree about rF feeling detached and I think it is in part down to the finetuning required to get the most from rF – GTR evo and others feel more a complete project whereas rF always feels a little rough around the edges. Of course this only a problem for a pick up and play user like myself – if you have the time and patience to tinker with rF then the depth and flexibility cannot be beaten.

    Anyway this is a thread about this fantastic mod, so I will leave you too it until I’ve been able to test it for myself! Huge congratulations to all of you who worked on this project, I’ve been waiting for this since SCC for F1C and I’m sure it won’t disapoint!

  • Skazz

    To continue this very interesting topic: This mod (using the recommended Realfeel settings) is actually the closest I’ve ever got in rFactor to not having that detached feel. It’s a superb mod, no doubt about that.

    My personal take on the difference: In iRacing or the modern Simbin titles I find myself better able to identify the moment the rear end of a car starts to want to break loose, and I’m far better able to let a car slide without losing it. Call it predicability, call it communication, but basically if the rear end steps out in iRacing or GTR Evo I know it was my fault and I knew the exact split second I failed to correct sufficiently.
    In rFactor, no matter what the mod, I find myself “tip toeing” round the track in places because of a lack of faith in the car’s communication, irrespective of which FFB I use. Yes, most of the time I can predict what’s happening, but then there’s a sudden inexplicable moment which leaves me confused again. Rather like Lewis Hamilton in the first half of this season ๐Ÿ™‚

    Saying that, the Spyker GT2 in this mod was getting there… but it’s still just short of the Spyker in EVO. Give me the car behaviour of EVO with Realfeel plus a bit of Simbin’s FFB mixed in, and it’ll start to get very close to iRacing’s feel.

  • carbonfibre

    This has got to be a record now for most amount of comments ever written on a single newspost.

    Only reflects this mods’s gigantic success, and there’s still more to come! :happy:

  • Bjorn

    @ Carbonfibre, sadly no. The FSone/RFT affair were up to 125 post until Montoya stepped in.

    I will leave my first two cents. I can see why people think the rear is too loose, and I can see why some people feels that rF have “detached” feel. I’ve got the time to tinker around with rF (still) and can see what Skazz is talking about. My favorite mod, which is a mod that makes me feel everything the car does and lets me know when I cross the line of what’s possible is CTDP 06 with G25, RealFeel and CTDP’s own recommented settings.
    I have to admit I haven’t tinkered much about with this mod, yet! I think I will register at EnduRacers forum and contact MJMueller and see if he can help get some of the feel that Skazz was missing.

    I have only played it without TC yet and I’ve loved it till now. I think a lot of it comes down to driving style as well.

  • carbonfibre

    Well I called that out plain wrong, as I look below and I see the Boycott Simraceway news post has 124 posts as of now lol. Still, a very good reception to this mod.

    This discussion about lack of feel has got me experimenting again too. I’ve just disabled my vsync to see how high I can get my fps and see if I notice any difference in FFB. I also re-enabled Leo’s FFB in combo with realfeel to have the stationary forces back though I don’t plan on permanently mixing them with realfeel using the percentage adjustment. Still, adjustments like that are only two buttons away while in-game which is nice.

  • zudthespud

    I’ve been playing this a bit, the DBR9 is very tough to drive. I was trying it out on the new algarve circuit which probably didn’t help, but i found it very hard to keep it under braking. It took me many laps to even get one clean lap in, I could try to tune the cars better, but the default setup should at least be driveable. I tried out a P2 car and that was much easier to drive so i guess it’s probably not too bad.

  • carbonfibre

    I’m still trying to get at least some bumps out of the FFB. I’m testing all the cars on Oran Park and even when I see the hood bouncing all over the place my G25 is eerily motionless. In fact, the only bumps I can feel are the fake rumble strip effects from the default FFB engine I customized for all mods.

    I’ve tried the recommended realfeel settings obviously and then the leo FFB setings in unison. I’ve even tried with completely whacked out leoffb settings with 20.0 Road bumps and 0.0 Caster (to make sure it works) yet I still get no feeling on the track surface except for the wheel freaking out over kerbs.

    I know the bumps exist because I can feel them in the Historic GT cars and they have much softer suspension, so it all doesn’t make any sense to me.

    There is nothing wrong with the vehicle handling apart from as people have said already; they are very difficult to drive. So no complaints about that, TC gives just the right amount of extra play space too. But I suggest you look into how the vehicles are sending their FFB data output because something is not right there.

  • eddiespag

    First, thank you, thank you for this ‘unreal'(positive, like unbelievable) mod! I’ve been running Porsche 911s and Aston Martin DBR9s and have also sampled many of the others, and I have to say it is the greatest immersive experience that I have ever had with an rFactor race series/mod. I didn’t know that there was still so much more that could be ‘wrung’ out from the aging gmotor2 engine of rFactor. I personally, comparing apples to apples, agree that this is the most accurate feeling (my personal opinion and experience for just me) and immersive mod ever for rF. Lap after lap after lap of intense concentration made me forget about the time going by. Two hours of driving felt like one.

    I think, besides one’s personal experiences and perception, a lot of it (the success of this mod) has to do with hardware. For me I have the latest in video cards, four hardrives raid0, lots of the fastest RAM, a great sound card, the i7 processor, and all with great cooling, along with a 24 inch Dell LCD, 1000watt buttkicker amp, THX surround sound and a Hyperstimulator cockpit with the latest upgrades. I run the program(s) at 1920X1200 with all the video settings on the highest possible levels (in the program config and in-game as well), including max shadows w/motion blur. This runs it all anywhere from 100-250 FPS with 42 AI drivers. I used to have a five year old computer with a 22inc CRT until I built this one a couple of months ago, and I have to tell you what a difference. I now feel so connected and immersed with ‘accurate’ feeling physics, luscious visuals and awe inspiring and spine tingling engine gutteral roars/screams from Enduracers’ Endurance Series.

    So keep up the good work and try and consistently use the best possible hardware to continue building the Service Packs, Enduracers team. I think this really makes a difference. :happy:

  • stabiz

    I also run it in 1920×1200 on a 24″ with everything maxed in control panel & ingame, and it looks absolutely staggering. With 24x AA and 16x AF on a 24″ it becomes porn. I need new speakers, though.

  • Bjorn

    LALALALALA!!! 42″ Full HD Panasonic TV monitor! Suck on that xD

    Nah seriously nice rig you have there, Eddie. I have an almost similar one in perfomance appearently as I run everything and I mean everything max’ed out and I get about 100-200+ FPS as well ๐Ÿ™‚

    When that is said I have to admit that I don’t think I feel connected to the cars. Well yes, but the rear-end still steps out on me without warning (drives without TC still, bad habbit in this case mayhaps???). The rest is perfect. Visually, physics makes perfect sense (except of the random rear-end stepouts) Sounds are fantastic and leaves nothing to the fantasy, because it sounds so real!

    Thanks EnduRacers BTW! I’ve contacted MJMueller on their forum, hoping he is willing to help me getting the ULTIMATE experience out of his and the other EnduRacer-hacXerz’ brilliant work ๐Ÿ™‚

  • speedfreak968

    OK… After a few hours of driving (felt like a few minutes actually) I must say I’m amazed… Very well done… The sounds, reality, physics, models… You should be proud of yourselves!!! The only thing that you might want to look into is that tail snapping out of the blue… I’ve tried various setups, but it remains pretty much the same… Don’t get me wrong here, I like when cars are a bit harder to drive, I mean 600+ hp with massive torque of course you can’t floor it all the time, but the problem is that it happens so sudden, and with no feel to it, and once it starts I can’t correct it… With that being said, even with this tail happy thingy, this is by far the BEST mod I’ve ever drove in good old rF!!!! Looking forward to the upcoming packs – Especially F430 GT2 :happyevil: …

  • Hank Amarillo

    Thx for this amazing piece of modding art! ๐Ÿ˜Ž

  • dknine

    thanks all involved for this amazing mod :ooo:
    the porsche 997 rsr gt2 is very good and very fun to drive….and the sound on the porsche 997 is spot on, i love it ! ๐Ÿ˜Ž

  • Howie47

    Let the hardware bragging rights begin! ๐Ÿ˜† I watched “Mid-Ohio” yesterday on my 8′, yes 96″ HD projection TV screen. Nice list of cars in GT2. Porsche, BMW, Panzo, Ferrari, Corvette; did I miss any. I think you should sell making this mod to the real Endurance Series. Then update it each year for the new season.
    Please! :sd:

  • Sensekhmet


    So keep up the good work and try and consistently use the best possible hardware to continue building the Service Packs, Enduracers team.

    You do realise that not everyone has an uber-brag-leet PC, do you?

  • mjmueller

    We need to get the word out there that our mod should be run with “FULL TC”. Servers that don’t allow it should be told to turn on. Our mod will not be real unless it’s on. Tell them to read the README


  • ermax18

    mjmueller, I was on a server last night with you and saw all the classy responses like “ST*U about TC” and all that when you made the recommendation. Why are people so disrespectful? Anyways, I changed my server to allow full TC. They run this way in real life. I need to do some laps with it on to see if it makes me any faster. I personally prefer the challenge of not having TC but these public servers are a mess right now so allowing TC could only be a good thing. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Howie47

    That is interesting myumueller. I just came on to report that I think I agree about the rear cutting loose to unexpectedly, to often. Very a tiny bit from your usual race line. There she goes. with out any ability to recover. Same problem in (all)? or most of rFactor. So it maybe a problem with the tyre modeling. Or the ability of the game engine to render good tire physics?
    Rear end just breaks loose to unexpediently, like there is no variables between
    grip and total failure of grip. Any Real drivers want to weight in on this issue? :question:

  • Sensekhmet


    Any Real drivers want to weight in on this issue?

    As a racer, my experiences are limited to low powered FWD cars on street tires. Plenty of warning they’re about to let go, on a race track the steering wheel serves only to set a general turn direction (left/right), the rest is up to pedal work, no problem at all to corner with all 4 tires slipping, even with a driver such as me.
    Race cars. Here, my experience is from working as a track marshal. In general, even on slicks cars can move a lot ‘on the rubber’, but it’s prefectly possible to suffer from a nasty snap-spin. There’s a big interview with Simbin on RSC (? can’t remember…) and they say they received feedback from racing drivers who said the GTR/GTR2 tire model (basically grip, grip, and suddenly no grip at all, and as effect slides that were pretty much impossible to correct) is not realistic, and they changed it to the progressive one as found in RACE.

  • mjmueller

    Well, go watch the Mid-ohio race and watch them go over the right handed hump turn and just watch the cars slide, it’s a blast to watch. All you have to do is turn TC on & it solves your problem. If real teams didn’t have TC enabled they wouldn’t be able to drive either.


  • tigeraid

    I think it’s more a failure of the car’s chassis configurations… I was able to cure the oversteer under braking/downshift by adding differential on decel, adding more foreward brake bias, dropping the rear swaybar right off, and lowering the rear springs. Despite these changes the car didn’t understeer too badly, and cured the snap oversteer problem. Maybe the baseline setups are just too aggressive… ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  • HoW Monty

    Will there really be 8 Service Packs? Also will SP1 be out by Christmas?

  • TeroD

    Using RealFeel or LeoFFB will helps loads to feel the car. I haven’t touched rF’s default FFB in years, but it used to be more problem than help. It could be a different case now that mods have proper suspension and tire models. But I doubt it since the problem with the default FFB is all the fake stuff. I have seen some very radical edits to the values in controller.ini that supposedly make the FFB feel more like RealFeel and/or LeoFFB (and thus similar to iRacing, netKar Pro, LFS, RBR etc.).

    I also used to think there’s something wrong in the way rF can calculate physics, but its the gMotor FFB that is the problem.

  • FooAtari

    Well, go watch the Mid-ohio race and watch them go over the right handed hump turn and just watch the cars slide, itโ€™s a blast to watch. All you have to do is turn TC on & it solves your problem. If real teams didnโ€™t have TC enabled they wouldnโ€™t be able to drive either.

    The only place I have ever heard that all GT cars run with TC was in this mods readme. Curious where you got this info, perhaps the prototypes run with TC but really surprised GT1/2 do.

    Just read here that as of 2010 the FIA are banning traction control for GT1/2 which I guess means they must use it at the moment.

  • eddiespag

    You do realise that not everyone has an uber-brag-leet PC, do you?

    Yikes! I meant not to come off bragging at all, ha, ha. I just wanted to share my experience(s) with certain hardware. But you’re right, I guess it’s like talking about my little son you know; “he’s nothing special, but you should see him play ball… lightning fast and able to leap tall buildings!” Pride sometimes pops up. I apologize.

    What I meant by encouraging the use of consistent good quality hardware was so that this mod series can have a great opportunity at being built accurately and as realistic and as immersive as possible. Kind of like if NASA or say Scuderia Ferrari, with all their resources would focus on a sim for us, with it of course being able to run on all various machines efficiently using their resources because of well written code.

    Now, I’ve got to go get my 3 year old of the roof.

  • dknine

    after some days of driving this mod, Porsche 997 RSR GT2 mostly, i want say again…I LOVE IT! L.O.V.E :sd:

    it is probably the best porsche i’ve ever done in a sim (GTR1, GTR2, rF, GTL..) !!


  • HoW Monty

    Will there really be 8 service packs?

  • sigmatc24

    This Mod is absolutely Fantastic. Great Job guys and Thank you very much for this masterpiece. Simply The Best Mod for rfactor. :happy:

  • JGoenR

    Great mod! Waiting for Peugeots! :happyevil:

  • UKFireman

    Absolutely brilliant mod, cant thank you guys enough for this. Cant wait for the future service packs. Now if anyone knows good settings for real feel for this mod using the Fanatec Porsche 911 GT3 RS wheel pls let me know!

  • JacZilla

    Is anyone else getting an error on start-up after installing the mod? I’ve tried a fresh install of rFactor and nothing is working. I had really been looking forward to driving this mod.

  • burkegl

    I may be having a problem similar to JacZilla. I’ve downloaded the 662 Mb file twice, installed it in various ways including to a fresh copy of rFactor and always get a message that Rfactor.exe has encountered an error and needs to stop and gives me the option of sending an error report to MicroSoft.

    Anyone have any sugestions? :sad2:

  • ForzaBarca88

    Hmm, not sure whats actually going on there but you could try adding “-trace 30” to the target field of your rfactor shortcut properties and see if it comes up with anything useful. Just run the game then check the trace file in C:Program FilesrFactorUserDataLOG.
    Also, have you tried launching a different mod?

  • burkegl

    Thanks for your suggestion and help.

    Here’s a sort of summary. First, I installed the Endurance Series (ES) mod to a dummy directory, examined the file structure and moved folders to an rFactor test directory. That resulted in the problem. I deleted all the moved folders, ran the test directory .exe file and it ran. Then I re-installed rFactor to a new directory, deleted many of the rfm files, tried, it ran. Moved the ES folders to this new directory and it failed. Since I trust the files being installed, I installed directly to the rfactor test folder. That bombed when executed. I have a Cart Factor mod with just the CART vehicles and a Toyota Supra Pace Car. This mod runs – though the trace is full of many problems. I added the ES folders to Cart Factor and it bombs. If I remove the four ES files in the rfm folder, it runs. Removing Vehicle folders one at a time and all at one time, it still bombs on each attempt. The trace file contains many lines like the following – in all P1, P2, GT1 and GT2 categories.

    setup.cpp 1672: Did not add vehicle GAMEDATA\VEHICLES\ENDURANCESERIES\GT1\ASTONMARTIN_DBR96ALMS_PRODRIVE\ASTONMARTIN_060009.VEH (either because it did not pass filter or error)
    setup.cpp 1672: Did not add vehicle GAMEDATA\VEHICLES\ENDURANCESERIES\GT1\ASTONMARTIN_DBR96FIA_BMS SCUDERIA ITALIA\ASTONMARTIN_063023.VEH (either because it did not pass filter or error)
    setup.cpp 1672: Did not add vehicle GAMEDATA\VEHICLES\ENDURANCESERIES\GT1\ASTONMARTIN_DBR96FIA_BMS SCUDERIA ITALIA\ASTONMARTIN_063024.VEH (either because it did not pass filter or error)
    setup.cpp 1672: Did not add vehicle GAMEDATA\VEHICLES\ENDURANCESERIES\GT1\ASTONMARTIN_DBR96FIA_CIRTEK MOTORSPORT\ASTONMARTIN_063017.VEH (either because it did not pass filter or error)
    setup.cpp 1672: Did not add vehicle GAMEDATA\VEHICLES\ENDURANCESERIES\GT1\ASTONMARTIN_DBR96FIA_PHOENIX RACING\ASTONMARTIN_063005.VEH (either because it did not pass filter or error)
    setup.cpp 1672: Did not add vehicle GAMEDATA\VEHICLES\ENDURANCESERIES\GT1\ASTONMARTIN_DBR96FIA_RACE ALLIANCE\ASTONMARTIN_063032.VEH (either because it did not pass filter or error)
    setup.cpp 1672: Did not add vehicle GAMEDATA\VEHICLES\ENDURANCESERIES\GT1\ASTONMARTIN_DBR96FIA_RACE ALLIANCE\ASTONMARTIN_063033.VEH (either because it did not pass filter or error)
    setup.cpp 1672: Did not add vehicle GAMEDATA\VEHICLES\ENDURANCESERIES\GT1\ASTONMARTIN_DBR96LMS_LARBRE COMPETITION\ASTONMARTIN_061050.VEH (either because it did not pass filter or error)
    setup.cpp 1672: Did not add vehicle GAMEDATA\VEHICLES\ENDURANCESERIES\GT1\ASTONMARTIN_DBR96LMS_TEAM MODENA\ASTONMARTIN_061061.VEH (either because it did not pass filter or error)
    setup.cpp 1672: Did not add vehicle GAMEDATA\VEHICLES\ENDURANCESERIES\GT1\ASTONMARTIN_DBR96LMS_TEAM MODENA\ASTONMARTIN_061062.VEH (either because it did not pass filter or error)
    setup.cpp 1672: Did not add vehicle GAMEDATA\VEHICLES\ENDURANCESERIES\GT1\ASTONMARTIN_DBR96LM_BMS SCUDERIA ITALIA\ASTONMARTIN_062069.VEH (either because it did not pass filter or error)
    setup.cpp 1672: Did not add vehicle GAMEDATA\VEHICLES\ENDURANCESERIES\GT1\ASTONMARTIN_DBR96LM_PRODRIVE\ASTONMARTIN_062007.VEH (either because it did not pass filter or error)
    setup.cpp 1672: Did not add vehicle

    Hope this posting isn’t too big and hope someone can help.

  • mar.guerra

    When I started to play sim races I bought GTR2 and rFactor and GTR2, and later GTR Evo, was always my favorite. This mod make me play rFactor and more, it make rFactor my favorite sim race. Thank Endurancers! I’m huge fan of endurance races and this mod is the more realistic I’ve seen around. Of course it have some problems, like people posted above, but it still a superb job!

    I have two sugestions:

    1 – To Endurancers:

    Would be great if you release a list of sugested tracks based on the series (ALMS, LMES, etc). I know we can check on the internet about the real tracks on each serie and then download then. But this is not a big deal and can easily be included in your website or in the next release. It’s only a sugestion, so we can all download the same tracks and have all in the servers.

    2 – To bedelix:

    Seems you know a lot about sound, and also in your job you’re supposed to have a realy good perception of sounds. I would sugest you to release a sound pack with the car sounds you was talking about. I think this would be a great contribution with the community.

    Thank you all guys, I’m anxious to see what will be in the next Endurancers release.

  • batito

    The most realistic mod in rFactor, thanks for the hard work

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