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Enduracers Porsche GT3 Cup Series Announced

Team EnduRacers have unveiled their newest mod for rFactor and a second platform.

Team EnduRacers have revealed their mystery project that we were teased with a few days ago as the team will be bringing their Porsche GT3 Cup Series mod to rFactor and a yet unnamed second platform.

The massive mod will include the 2010 & 2011 seasons of no less than five Porsche Cup series that use the 997 GT3 Cup model as the mod will feature the Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup, Porsche Carrera Cup Deutschland, Porsche Carrera Cup Great Britain, Porsche Carrera Cup France and Porsche Carrera Cup Italy.

Adding to that, the team also plans to release cars from the 2012 & 2013 in additional packages later on. Furthermore, community painters will be given the chance to paint their own versions and the car will be added as GTC version to the Endurance Series mod as well.


  • Graphics : High quality 3D Model and cockpit with very high level of detail and accuracy.
  • Graphics : Advanced rFactor1 materials with fresnel shaders and lightflares.
  • Graphics : Up to 150 real cars paint shemes based on 2010/2011 championships.
  • Graphics : Full 2010/2011/2012 car graphic specifications included.
  • Graphics : Specific UI Data menu textures.
  • Physics : Very accurate physics handling, created by Gentlemen Racers physics team.
  • Physics : Validated with telemetry and real drivers.
  • Physics : rFactor v1.250 optimisations (tyres wear curves, pit menu,…).
  • Physics : FFB upgrades to choose your preferred steering force.
  • Physics : Real Feel FFB and Leo FFB support.
  • Physics : Advanced damages quality.
  • Sounds : High fidelity sounds, recorded thanks the help of real teams.

Naturally, the team isn’t giving a planned release date yet, you can already check out several previews of the car model below though.

  • tgn motorsports

    their porsche mod for race 07 converted from rfactor was terrific. these guys a  deserve thumbs up .

    ty for your work

  • Horrace L Foster

    I love their work with the Porsche!

  • Anonymous

    I guess rFactor 1 just won’t ‘die’!

    Thank you Enduracers.

  • gecko

    so nice, gonna drive this car 24/7

  • Sweet Crew


  • Simon Melhuish

    Just to point out, i said this car in the other article ^_^

  • gt3rsr


  • Ricoo

    Please rFactor 2.

    • gecko

       ill vote for AC 😀

      • Ricoo

         I don’t have AC but I have rFactor 2.

      • gecko

         ahh cmon you can very well start working on a mod before a sim is actually released…
        i doubt it will be rF2, why would they make a secret out of the 2nd platform…

      • Ricoo

        No one knows how mods will work with AC.

        And I would like playing this mod soon on rFactor2 that waiting for no one know how long for a game we have seen only screen shots.

      • Ryan M J Callan

         I’m gonna guess Enduracers may even be thinking of abandoning rF2 completely. I would do the same in their position I have to say.

      • Firefox

        It’s too early to start speculating that as we haven’t even seen how AC is going to be.

      • gecko

        no? we have seen that it is looking very good, we can expect it to feel very good because we are talking about kunos and they promise it to be as modding friendly as it can get…
        I honestly see much more potential in AC than in rF2, even though there only have been screens  yet. The only thing I can think of rF2 could be possibly ahead is physics, but i expect AC to be atleast very close to rF2’s quality in that department.

      • Anonymous

        Their second platform is AC lot’s of pressure to go that way but maybe we’ll see it ported to rF2 in the future. I pretty much agree with their decision AC is a much more complete package having even laser scanned tracks. ISI rely too much on the generosity of moders. 

      • Firefox

        Bit late to reply but I’ll do it anyway.
        The reason why it is too early to speculate is because we don’t know how developing a mod for AC is going to be.
        A good game engine is one thing, but how easily modified it is, is another thing.

      • Justin Schmidt

        why? first wip track previews look awesome(community & the stock historicals). physics engine is great. +the beta for modders is already available.

      • gecko

        imo hintorical tracks dont suit a modern porsche cup car, also I cant expect every track to be as good as feels’ croft

  • Anonymous

    looking forward to this and time to dust off rfactor…..

    kinda dissapointed its not for rF2
    but then again rF2 is lacking a lot of things in beta stage (tracks, bug fixes, poor fps, nobody understanding new tyre physics, and worse off the annoying packaging rules)

  • Lafleche David

    so my guess was right i love too much those cars

  • Marco Conti

    I hope Enduracer took a good look at the Reiza physics and will deliver a similar driving experience. Before reiza released GSC I thought it was impossible to make rFactor drive with any type of decent feel at the wheel, but after Reiza they showed everyone what can be done with rfactor or rfactor like sims.
    The Enduracer’s mod is a great piece of work, but many leagues race it with traction control on because frankly it has a tendency to swap ends way too easily. I don;t like to criticize such a talented group of modders, but if I could have the enduracer’s cars with the Reiza physics, rfactor 1 will remain on my drive for many years to come.

    • Richard Hessels

      Most real endurance cars have traction control.

      It’s stated in Enduracers manual also.

      Many drivers shift down to early, blocking the rear wheels.
      Having the right differential setting also makes the cars much more docile.

      • Anonymous

         what kind of diff settings should i try on the Aston? Curious to see how much i can get the back stable now.

      • Guilherme Cramer

        Well their LeMans mod had issues with the tires, some people from a certain super awesome open wheel mod stated their tires as “wooden” :p.

    • Marco Conti

      I did not know that. I guess it makes sense. 

    • Daniel

      The Porsche Cup has no traction control, so no problem for the ones hating traction control 😉

  • Stefan T.

    Can’t wait to see those high quality 3D models they’ve mentioned.

  • Boss Player

    Professional look as usual. Attention to detail second to none. Maybe they could give SRPL shaders a go.

  • Philip Samuelson

    Maybe it’s just me, but isn’t there enough Porsche racing series mods yet? I just sit here and think what dedicated series we still don’t have a full mod for… Rolex, ALMS(note that I said FULL before you crack me for not supporting the enduracers), WRC(very tough one, I understand), Continental Series, and tons of others.

    There are so many Porsche series mods already. Don’t get me wrong they’re fun to drive. I guess that’s my best response — Meh.

    • Firefox

      The answer is simple, they don’t seem to be popular enough which is a shame…

      • Philip Samuelson

         Indeed it is a damn shame 🙁

    • Guilherme Cramer

      I agree, I still think the original 2007 PCC was good enough.

      • yorch sincla

        It’s good but not…great, or not “good enough”, i think. And don’t get me wrong, i like it very much (probably the most fun championship i played was with this mod), but i think TE can do a superB job with this car. And i don’t got tired of Porsche 997, it have the best looking and “comfortable” virtual cockpit, in my opinion.

    • gecko

      I agree that a full ALMS grid would be nice, but these porsches do compete in ALMS!

      Also, a single car mod usually makes for closer online racing, is higher quality, easier on research and less overall work…

      • Philip Samuelson

         You make a very solid point about online racing. I don’t race online, but I can definitely see where you’re coming from.

    • Ricoo

       There is no Porsche mod for rFactor 2. That would be so huge. Please Enduracers!

  • Arnold Carter Kingpong Wong

    Are those body seams in 2D? It seems they are not built in 3D, but just some lines on the texture…

    • Koen Calleyl

      I can’t say for sure either. Looking at the Abu Dhabi livery, it reveals some smoothing issues around the seam at the headlight which would make me say yes. But the seams on the doorpanel look odd indeed. Also, this car does’t look as HD as they say to me…

      • Vevex

         All separations lines bonnet, hood, doors are 3D  😉

    • Boss Player

      Your WSGT Aston Martin had plenty of lines on the texture, but it wasn’t an issue at all. If the line is done professionally people has to see the template to realize that 😉 It was a great model.

    • Philip Samuelson

       I take your word on it, Mr. Wong. I trust your eye over anyone else’s :).

  • Diego Colafabio

    that 3D looks really great. I’m sure will be an another stunning mod!

  • Anonymous

    3-D or not 3-D these guys do Great Mods; Thanks “Team EnduRacers ” !

  • Philip Antonia

    Well as I’m a huge Porsche GT3 fan them I’m well chuffed to see Enduracers doing the GT3 cup car. I loved GSMF’s PCC2007, but I’m so pleased to see the latest Racing model being made properly :-).

    And as said earlier it will be gr8 for online racing and Leagues.

    I’m not personally pleased with rF2 at this time, but would love to see what a modding group like Enduracers can do for it, but hopefully AC will provide a alternative to those groups craving a good base to work from.

  • Marcel Penzkofer

    I just want the GTC cars for the ES-Mod, but from all seasons since the introducion of GTC in ALMS :).

  • Michaël Oosterlinck

    This is going to a legendary mod, looking forward! =D

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