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Emerson Fittipaldi Tries Game Stock Car 2013

Reiza Studios was recently visited by Brazilian racing legend Emerson Fittipaldi

Brazil-based Reiza Studios are closely associating themselves with a variety of Brazilian race car drivers as known aces like Rubens Barrichello and Felipe Massa are knwon to enjoy the studio’s products.

Now, Reiza has gotten a visit from a true legend as Emerson Fittipaldi recently visted Reiza Studio’s head honcho Renato Simioni.

Fittipaldi gave his own Copersucar Fittipaldi Automotive Formula One car in Game Stock Car 2013 a spin as you can see below.

  • Jos

    was expecting a vid 🙁

  • Anonymous

    Fittipaldi was a great Champion!

  • traind

    What we all want to know is what did he think of the experience? Was the car anything like he remembers it being? It is interesting that it seems like at least half of these “test drives” end up giving no insight into those questions.

    • tazioquattro

      i agree.
      virtualr, thank you for your great work that we all enjoy for free, but
      this time let me say: this is the article with less information content i
      have read in your site

      • traind

        Reiza studios probably didn’t release any information yet from the visit except for the photos so Virtual R just published what they have…

      • Anonymous

        Okay, next time I make up some stuff… 🙂

        Seriously, there isn’t anymore info, otherwise I would have put it in.

      • tazioquattro

        Hello Montoya,

        it was intended as constructive criticism. But you are right, if they don’ give more information… and on the other hand, the fact that Fittipaldi has tried GSC is interesting.
        I don’t know if Fittipaldi has experience with simulations, otherwhise I would not be surprised if a man of his age has difficulties to enjoy it – and that could as well be the reason why there isn’t more info. That’s purely hypothetical of course.

    • tazioquattro

      I agree.
      Virtualr, thank you for your great work that we all enjoy for free, but
      this time let me say: I think this is the article with less information content i
      have read in your site.

    • Marco Hooghuis

      Psychology has shown that half of what you remember is nonsense anyway, especially after such a long time. Plus there are no g-forces and only a simulation of forces instead of the non-powersteered steering. It’s no use for him to comment on its realism.

      • traind

        It has been a long time. But he raced well into the 90s in other series and I do believe the basic handling disposition is something he could comment on very effectively after having done it for many years in F1. After all, the experience itself is a very intense one he focused exclusively on — unlike asking him what dance was popular in Brazil in 72 🙂

      • Marco Hooghuis

        It doesn’t matter how intense it was, you don’t recall any experience accurately after even a few weeks, let alone decades…

      • traind

        I apologize for my skepticism– for me it appears to be a God given trait– but I think it is slightly more complicated than that. I should say first that I do realize you are correct that we forget most things over time.

        Still, people can retain a lot of information when exposed to it multiple times. In adult learning theory, some research shows 6 thorough exposures will create longer term retention of a lot of content. And if you work with something extensively the retention can be pretty amazing actually. My father taught math and science 5 decades ago but his ability to recall the theory and even help his grandkids with homework issues still persists. Not every last detail, obviously, but enough to help a new learner at the middle or high school level.

        I think a World Champion f1 driver from the 70s, unless he now has dementia, would recall quite a few critical elements about the handling nature of the cars they drove for hours and hours, risked their lives in and sweated the details on from a performance standpoint. And Fittipaldi would be able to comparatively differentiate it vs. later racing cars because he drive competitively in open wheel cars into the mid-90s.

  • gt3rsr

    Watching contemporary high-profile drivers like Barrichello driving racing simulations is awesome enough, but to see a true all-time legend like Fittipaldi sitting in a sim racing seat is absolutely mind-blowing. Remember this guy was racing when Pong was the pinnacle of virtual entertainment and most simracers of today even weren’t around back then. I wonder what he thinks of the possibilites of home entertainment / computer games of today.

    BTW, reminds me of this video:

  • John Krisfalusci

    Did he enjoy it? =(

  • Chris Wright

    Emerson was the racing hero of my early teens. Copersucar bought amazing color to F1 – such a contrast with today.

  • Misha O’B

    I think, with just a little more effort, they could have given him an even more unnatural driving position.

    • Alan Dallas

      That’s his own personal Sim Rig, it was setup for his Son.

  • Renato Simioni

    For those who are interested, here are a few more details about the occasion:

    – The meeting was not in our office but at Emerson´s own home – he got the simulator for himself and for his 7-year old son (who is taking up karting) to practice;

    – The pictures were taken while Emerson was sharing the first few laps with his 7-year old son, who as most kids that age, was very excited with the new “toy” and not willing to share it for very long 🙂 For that reason the simulator was kept adjusted to little Emmo;

    – Emerson was straight at home and drove confortably at first while some driving aids were still on – he complained he could feel them interfering and asked for us to switch it off. When we did he had a couple of spins but very quickly got the hang of it – within a few more laps he´d have no problems turning in competitive times;

    – There is a video but in between the engine noise and his son shouting you can barely hear him;

    – Someone mentioned most people specially his age wouldn´t remember details of experiences from a long time ago, and indeed many racing drivers don´t seem to preserve a very long term memory… Emmo however is *very* sharp and remember events from his career in minute detail – worth checking his blog entries in the Mclaren website Fittipaldi to see the man knows his history – he recalled in detail the engine problems he had in the 1976 brazilian GP which forced him to drop out from his promising 5th grid position.

    – I wouldn´t discard seeing him pop online for a multiplayer race on occasion 🙂

    • Mario Strada

      You guys should organize a race with Barichello, Fittipaldi and Massa against some of our best simracers.
      I think if you put it online and asked for $5 to go to charity you’d get a lot of views.

    • Chris Wright

      It’s nice to hear of an old school ace acknowledging the value of simulation. According to Martin Brundle, simulation is viewed with skepticism by his generation of F1 drivers. Emmo was always forward thinking as a driver and clearly still has that quality in abundance. Also nice to see the G27 get Fitti-approval.

    • Anonymous

      Many thanks, great to read that!!

    • Anonymous

      Renato, just a little question off topic:

      Rain. Will GSC and FTruck get rain in future?

      It is the last thing missing atm, the last step between a “very good sim” and an “amazing sim”. please do it!

    • rauf00

      Thank You for explanation, just found this game and instantly im in love 😉

  • Noel Hibbard

    A friend of mine owns a watch store in Miami and Emerson is one of his regular customers. I hear he is a really nice guy and really down to earth.

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