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Eifel Track 1.5 – Released

Eifel Track 1.5 – Released

Bjorn Klaassen has released version 1.5 of his Eifel Track for rFactor, a graphically stunning fictional race track located in the German Eifel mountains.

Bjorn considers this version to be the final release as the bugs have been fixed and new textures, start-lights, cameras and AIW have been added. Located in a forest, the track is 9.6 kilometers long with a variety of technical corners, providing plenty of overtaking opportunities.

Download Eifel Track 1.5 Here

Screenshots via rFactorcentral

  • BariCZ

    Thats amazing Bjorn! There is no posibility of GTR2 version isnt it? 🙁

  • Meclazine

    I was hoping that was going to read “Bjorn considers this version to be the final release as he embarks on his next track project, an update of the Hungarian Grand Prix circuit.”

  • F1Racer

    Screenies looks amazing. Nice slight desaturation of colours. That technique always works for me. Makes things look a bit more natural.

    Looking fwd to trying this.

  • samanthaUK

    😉 Bjorn Klaassen nice track, but vehicle head lights don’t work, so night driving is a no no.

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