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Eastern Creek 2.2 for AC – Released

Rainmaker has released a new version of his excellent Eastern Creek 2014 track for Assetto Corsa.

Rainmaker has released a new version of his excellent Eastern Creek 2014 track for Assetto Corsa.


  • added new glass shader
  • fixed normals of the trees
  • fixed some pop ups and gravel shader
  • reworked cams

The track is based on an original creation by R1CHO, Rainmaker has received permission to bring it to Assetto Corsa. It comes with four layouts as listed below:

  • Gardner GP (Standard layout)
  • Amaroo (short south)
  • Brabham (long)
  • Druitt (short north)

Located in a suburb of Sydney, Eastern Creek is an Australian race track that hosts the V8 Supercar series among other events. The 12-corner 3.9 kilometer layout comes with plenty of elevation changes and a very challenging, high speed first corner.

[boxdownload]Download Eastern Creek 2.2 for Assetto Corsa Here[/boxdownload]
  • Ross

    Can’t wait to check out this version. Now all we need is a V8 Supercar.

  • AussieStig

    With all these great Aussie tracks being released, I really hope there will will be a few Falcon and Commodore releases following closely behind.

    • coops17

      yep nice to have aussie tracks but need aussie cars to drive on them eg: v8s, utes, hq’s, nz tourers, anything AUSSIE

    • Hugo Stiglitz

      Me too.

      I’m still really happy that Surfers Paradise and Adelaide have been released. Those are great tracks

  • Loose

    While it is not the prettiest track in the world in real life, this still needs a lot of work on the textures. The grass and tarmac textures aren’t very flash

    • coops17

      yeah my m8 said same thing and said some parts of track is wrong he goes there all the time. he did offer to help but got no response. guess they know it all or thought he did. but any help is gd help

  • pcarsphyxexpert

    Excellent work!!!!!

  • coops17

    i know some 1 doing sydney 500 and has race drivers telling him what heeds fixing he just got 3 crnrs to fix and it will be very close to release. it was tested last night and thats what he was told needs fixing, elevations and cambers for track are perfect they say. so cannot wait till its ready for release of course i have early access for testing. IMHO track is coming along nicely. info over 2000 pics taken of the track and surrounds.

  • Kev

    Funny it just dawned on me. AC is the new rF1. Sht ton o’ crap content and eventually someone might figure out how to fudge physics to be drivable. Yep.

    • pcarsphyxexpert

      This isn’t crap content, and many of ACs mods are excellent.

      • Kev

        rF1 + unskilled drivers = Combo binge-ing = AC

      • pcarsphyxexpert

        Devoid of serious content, so you know the drill.

    • toyvonen

      1st, in it’s original content, AC is WAY better than RF1, 2nd modding has changed a lot, yes, some of the talented ones have been recruited by the BIG ones, yes more licensing problems, bt it also trues that there’s allways new talented peole arriving, it’s also true how developed some modding tools became, and allow to convert other titles excellent content…of course i agree that there’s similar points, and probably 70% of the content will not meet the standards of the original game, but it’s better to hope, try and pick the best ones, than to have NONE AT ALL…till now, it already has some very good modding content…IMO

      PS-RF1 is still a king, AC is shaping to be also

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