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DTM 2012/2013 for rFactor & RACE07 – Previews

European Sim Modding is working on bringing the two recent seasons of DTM racing to rFactor & RACE07.

European Sim Modding is working on bringing the two recent seasons of DTM racing to rFactor & RACE07.

Below are first previews of their mod, showing previews of all three car models used in the series: The BMW M3, Audi RS5 & Mercedes C-Class.

The DTM switched to a new silhouette formula for the 2012 season, going back to two-door coupes that are powered by 4-litre V8 engines.

  • Anonymous

    Yes Yes Yes rF1 is still full of life and once all the Steam conversions are done so will Race 07.

    • NitroStar

      “Steam conversions”, “runs as a standalone with it’s own UI”? What’s all this mean?

      • Anonymous

        All SimBin titles from Race the WTCC Game through Race Injection must under go a conversion to work with the Steam Platform upgrades. If you own all content within this time period all titles included need to go through this conversion which is quite time consuming. Before the conversions I never had the Race Injection startup video or Race Injection menus it started as Race 07 with all the content.

        Anyway if I were to recommend a game to a sim race beginner it would be Race Injection all the way.

  • Grant Robinson

    The DTM is a very exciting race series with good close door to door racing (petty rule infractions aside). The cars look amazing. I am looking foward to driving these beasts. Also it is pleasing that rfactor and Race07 are still going as strong as ever.

  • Markus Ott

    I hope you guys wipe URDs mod away. Best wishes.

    • WaitingForAC

      ^^ basically. I am interested in the Race07 version for sure.

      • Anonymous

        I think I just about got all my SimBin content converted from Race 1 forward to Race Injection on Steam and while people may of had some problems while it was a time consuming thing it went fine for me. I had not rebuilt my mod content for Race 07 so I think that may have helped. The positive side of things before my Race Injection would just run as a completed content Race 07 and now it runs as a standalone with it’s own UI so there are good things to happen with the conversions.

    • Professional Operator

      There’s a lot of prejudice because URD ask money. People think everything should be free but we live in a real world, these guys have to make a living out of it. Their work worth every penny they ask. Most of these people complaining for payware mods, are the same people purchasing the most crappy stuff on Steam PSN and Xbox Live.

    • Gniewko Ostrowski

      Well … URD is very good and you know it.

  • Don Dreaming Eagle

    has anyone had probs running GT Legends, Race 07, Grid on Windows 8.1???

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