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DTM 2009 by Team LMT – Sound Preview Video

DTM 2009 by Team LMT – Sound Preview Video

Team LMT has released a new preview video of their upcoming DTM 2009 mod for rFactor, letting us hear the mod’s engine sounds. While their past preview videos have been dubbed with music, this one gives everyone a clear impression of the Mercedes and Audi V8 engines.

Just like prior years, the 2009 DTM season sees Audi and Mercedes go head to head as the C-Class and the A4 DTM compete on track in three different versions ranging from current to two-year old cars. The series includes well-known drivers such as Mathias Ekström, Tom Kristensen & Ralf Schumacher.

Created for rFactor, the mod will also be released for GTR Evolution thanks to popular converter Günthar Rowe.

  • theroro29

    What is this track? Thanks in advance :tongue:

  • Mitos

    Zandvoort… conversion…

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