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DTM 2009 by Team LMT – New Preview Material

DTM 2009 by Team LMT – New Preview Material

The 2009 DTM series season is coming to an end at Hockenheim this weekend and Team LMT has just released plenty of new DTM 2009 for rFactor preview material just in time for the season finale.

The new shots show the 2009 DTM cars in action, including the special livery commemorating Tom Kristensen’s last DTM race this weekend. Also included is a preview video showing a race with the mod at Zandvoort.

Created for rFactor, DTM 2009 will also be released for GTR Evolution thanks to popular converter Günthar Rowe.

Download High-Resolution Video Version Here

  • Diromo

    I hope this mod will come at end to rFactor 2 too :shame:

  • GeraArg

    10 millons screens and what’s new? :question:

  • bigjeff3

    what songs are being used in this vid?

  • GonZo

    Hard to say when not driving, but the physics look nice, judging by the movement of the cars. Sometimes I see a wheel sinking in the tarmac, but sure that will be fixed.

    I am very anxious to drive these, hopefully the first good DTM mod.

    BTW, does someone know which version/release of Zandvoort this is?

  • Siggs

    It’s a Simbin version, that’s all I know.

    Personally, I really didn’t like the look of the driving physics in that. The cars went into the corners kinda fast, with LOTS of frontend grip, stuck to the floor like glue over all but the biggest bumps, and looked very hard to spin unless you were on the grass.

    About a third ( 1:30 actually) of the way in, there’s a slow motion shot of a blue Merc sliding. LIKE FUCK THE FRONT WOULD COME BACK LIKE THAT. It was laughable.

    another example is 30 seconds in, the way the audi bounces up and down around the corner, but just keeps tracking perfectly…not a hint of slide.

    I know these cars are really grippy, but watching the video it just seems unrealistic teh way they move, which isn;t a good sign.

  • Bjorn

    Why dub?, seriously? And if you feel you have to do it, do it well.

  • felipe

    thanks for the video made me really want to play this mod! to people out there complaining about this and that in the video just please give it a break let the mod come out to then make you remarks its’pointless bringing out issue of a mod still in the working!

    LMT I really hope you give us some really very good setups out of the box it is just horrible having to change everything for hours before enjoying a mod competitively!

  • TheIceman2009


    Ekström best of the season but very unlucky, I’ve seen him race on Zandvoort he was brilliant like always

  • Mitos

    TheIceman2009: SCHEIDER DTM CHAMPION!!!

    Hahahaha… Scheider is faked champion. Real champion is Gary with his 10 kg hunged on his C-class…
    Mercedes-Benz is teams’ classification winner again!

  • JGoenR

    Nice! 😀

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