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DTM 2008/2009/2010 – Version 1.1 Released

DTM 2008/2009/2010 – Version 1.1 Released

Team LMT has released a new version of their DTM 2008/2009/2010 mod for rFactor, improving their three seasons of DTM racing with new content and plenty of fixes.

The patch adds a variety of new liveries used during the course of this year’s season, even including liveries used during the rather chaotic season finale at Shanghai last weekend.

Furthermore, the patch adresses various issues as listed below, this isn’t the final patch for the mod as the team is still working on a Audi RS5 safety car that will be released later on.

The download below is no patch but a full version, there’s no need to have version 1.0 installed – Please uninstall version 1.0 before using this one.


Mercedes Benz airbox fixed
improved Mercedes model + new LODs
new rims + improved wheelblur
improved performance
improved textures
2010 skin updates
Audi 06/07 fix
now able to set brakepressure upt to 100%
cockpitboard fixed by Andreas Hoffman
soundfix by nil020 GTR4U
new brakeshoes

Launched in 2000, the Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters is Germany’s most popular touring car series. Despite its name, the cars raced in the series are hardly touring cars but V8-powered silhouette racers that only bare a slight resemblance to their road-going counterparts. The series features some well known drivers, including Tom Kristensen, Ralf Schumacher, David Coulthard & Mathias Ekström.

Download DTM 2008/2009/2010 Version 1.1 Mirror 1 Here

Download DTM 2008/2009/2010 Version 1.1 Mirror 2 Here

Download DTM 2008/2009/2010 Version 1.1 Mirror 3 Here

Via Virtual-Racer

  • doggod

    Why have the download as a torrent file when there are still some file upload sites that give high speed downloads without a user having to pay

    Having said that ,have been looking forward to this patch ,these cars are a blast to drive
    Thanks you Team LMT

  • JGoenR

    Thanks LMT!

  • scca1981

    Anyone have any non-torrent links?  Like megaupload/mediafire etc.

  • Lmt Moddinggroup

    Please take a look on our website or take a look into the release tread

    you can find there some links

    best regards remus

  • Charles Stanley

    Looks promising. I think I’ll have to fire one up and go cruisin’ later.

    I appreciate the work very much.

  • scca1981

    Got it thanks.  Only thing I noticed is there’s no idle sounds at all for the benz and no exterior idle for the Audi.

  • Dan

    Torrent files are usually used the first couple of days after release because they are faster downloads than some web sites. (tbh mega upload has great download speed).

    THe torrent is downloading at 1 mb/s+ while hosting sites rarely get that fast (I’ve only seen filefront be that fast).

    The video motivated me to download it 😀

  • scca1981

    They are not always faster.  All depends on the seeders.

  • Manibal


  • Guest

    dito, any changes there that could make this worth to download?

  • kiwi

    thank you very much! great quality!

  • Ross Siggers

    That’s why he said ‘first couple of days’

  • ingametek Studios

    Some of there Uploadsites doesn’t support Remoteupload. So upload a Mod with 265 MB on more then 3 Sites with an Uploadspeed of <40 kb/s isn’t a good solution. So why you don’t use or Rapidshare, you don’t need to pay, only wait a little bit.

  • doggod

    Well that supports ftp upload and ftp to ftp transferrs and download speeds of 20Mb
    with a 10 gig max size limit
    also it hash checks the files and provides the hash so you can verify that the uploaded file is the same as the one on your hard drive.

    Dont assume that rapidshare or megaupload provide the best service.

    PS i dont have any affiliation with  1fichier ,just came across them when i needed to share a some gigs of files

  • ingametek Studios

    There was upload by me to share-online, rapidshare and netload. I wasn’t upload it to megauplaod. And in the Internet there are so many OCH (One Click Hoster) that nobody can know every one. So i was use OCH there i know personaly as good.

    The other decision is, that i use only hoster, where i don’t must be registred to upload some files with Remote Upload. And i need to register to use Remote when i was visit this site for a few minutes.

    So there was also some small problems in the release progress. That we was lose some other hosting sites like Filefront where you can also download with fullspeed.

  • Agent Tom

    There is no real reason to download it. Brake pressure is the only major change in physics. Furthermore the damage model has changed a bit so debries now need lower impact to detach from the car. Sounds are crap anyways and the problems with pitgroups also still exists.

    It is not necessary to upgrade to 1.1 e.g. if you’re driving in a league.

  • elton saraiva

    ford mondeo does not work. brake disk error. in the central rfactor site have a lot of people with the same problem. I’ve been trying to fix it for months but I can not do it.

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