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DSD Professional Pedals – New Round Coming Up

Derek Speare Designs will soon accept new orders for their impressive DSD Professional Grade Pedals.

If you are an avid sim racer, you have most likely heard of Derek Speare Designs and their button boxes.

DSD is branching out to even bigger projects than button controllers now though, including shifters, a handbrake and what is probably the most impressive project – The DSD Professional Grade Pedals.

Using authentic Willwood Racing pedals, the pedal set is made out of authentic car parts that are made to work in a sim racing environment:

  • Wilwood Racing Pedals: Real world pedals for real world racing cars
  • 100kg Load Cell
  • 21 day delivery time
  • Million Life Cycle Pots on throttle and clutch
  • Heavy duty throttle return spring added
  • “Smooth Action”, ultra reliable clutch pedal
  • 3/4″ Antistatic UHMW baseplate – ultra stiff, ZERO flex
  • DSD 12 Bit Controller with variable sensitivity brake pedal control
  • DSD Customer Commitment – Lifetime enjoyment built into each set
  • Original, proprietary design
  • “Race Feel” brake pedal – firm and gives perfect control for threshold braking
  • Heel plate extension will be offered as an additional option; bolts on in seconds – Diamond Tread or Brushed as options

The pedal set sells for $795 in the United States and the $895 for international customers, both prices include shipping.

Unfortunately can’t just buy the pedals though as the last two batches sold out in 39 minutes and 3 minutes respectively. In order to get a shot at one of these, interested sim racers should sign up for the email alert to receive the ordering link 24 hours in advance.

The sign up for the e-mail alert as well as lots more photos, drawings and info can be found on the DSD site here.

  • GamingCanuck

    They look like great pedals but damn, that price tag is high. Hopefully he builds some cheaper models because he always builds quality products and I’d love to have a set of DSD pedals.

  • Anonymous

    Nice pedals for sure and as for price taking into consideration the materials Derek is using and his target customer base for these it’s understandable. Whole thing is there are some using actual Tilton Pedals and modifying them to work as a usb input device and have hydraulic brake master cylinder based brake But expect $1500usd or better for those

  • Nicolas Grignon

    it’s good to be wealthy…. unfortunately, I’m not…

    • Realkman666

      Not too bright either. :/

  • Anonymous

    I just make my own hardware.

    • Anonymous

      Whatever you say man more power to you!

    • Derek Speare

      So do I

      • Anonymous

        I think they are great! If I could afford a set I’d surely buy it. I could use a break from marring up my knuckles.

  • Derek Speare

    Make sure you hit up the DSD Site for all the information you care to read 🙂

  • Anonymous

    @Birddog66, I’m not hating on the product. I think they are great! If I could afford a set I’d surely buy it. I could use a break from marring up my knuckles. I meant no offense geeze.

    • Anonymous

      I’m not saying you are and you just kind of stepped into being tagged with this humorous video. Accept it as it is a good laugh nothing more.

      • Anonymous

        Oh I didn’t realize the video was aimed at me. Very funny indeed. 🙂

  • Alan Dallas

    Hmm, out of curiosity, and since I work in the Automotive parts industry I had to look up the Wilwood pedals(p/n 340-12410) Derek is using here. My company can get JUST those Wilwood pedal assemblies for $155 per unit(at cost). Suggested re-sell value $314.94 per unit. This tells me the majority of the cost in these pedals in the Controller and Load Cell.

    • Derek Speare

      That’s an interesting (and likely impossible) claim. We make large quantity orders at each time from WW and what we pay is nowhere close to what you’re stating.

      To substantiate your claim, post the name of your company for whom you work. If you get such a great deal, you’re either buying hundreds of sets at a time or in error. If it’s accurate, we can contact your VP of Sales and arrange for our future orders to go to your organization and then lower our final price as well, which, by the way is a tick higher than our costs to make the finished product.

      If you’re posting to be simply sensational then your post has no relevance to matter reported above.

      • Alan Dallas

        Ozark Automotive Distributors – Parent Company of O’Reilly Auto Parts(NASCAR Sponsors) and Parts City. 5000+ Store nation wide.
        Feel free to contact Ozark Sales Department @ 1-866-362-7713

        The cost I listed is our cost. Outside vendors such as yourself would be charged a mark-up and delivery fee’s. We have to make money also.

        Edit: BTW, let me know if they can help you and get you a better deal. Also if you can get the Sales person you talked to name. I’d like to follow up with them.

    • Derek Speare

      O’Reilly Internet Sales tells us the part doesn’t exist in their database and a call to Ozark resulted in being told to go to O’Reilly. No worries – Wilwood takes good care of us

  • Karsten Da Silva Sørensen

    well they are half the prize of the ARC 3 pedal set even counting Eu Vat (between21-25%) to the international prize. but a grand is still a grand right 🙂

  • Guest

    Any plans on making a gas and break only version?

  • Michael WtChocolate Heikes

    Any plans on making a gas and brake version only?

  • sketchyterry

    Dam that looks like some fine work! One day…. haha

  • Lasse Jakobi Ougaard

    Well, realistically these should compete with the Heusinkveld pedals, and if you’re in europe these are around 100$ less than the Heusinkveld pro 3-pedal set. Granted, these look the part, but I think I’d value the clutch-mechanism in the Heusinkvelds.

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