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DRM Revival Mod – Coming to Assetto Corsa

The DRM Modding Team has announced to bring their very popular DRM mod for rFactor to Assetto Corsa.

The DRM Modding Team has announced to bring their very popular DRM mod for rFactor to Assetto Corsa.

Based on Germany’s hugely popular Deutsche Rennsport Meisterschaft series that had its heyday in the late 70s and early 80s, the DRM Revival mod features iconic Group 5 racers such as the Porsche 935, the Ford Zakspeed Capri, the BMW 2002 Turbo and others.

Originally released for rFactor, the mod has often been labeled the most impressive creation for ISI’s platform, coming with great sounds and challenging driving physics.

Unfortunately, there was also a bit of controversy as the team decided against a public release of later versions of the mod due to widespread illegal conversions and content theft.

Hopefully, the switch to a new platform will be a fresh start for everyone. Until the team is ready to reveal first previews of their mod in Assetto Corsa, you can check out some footage of the last rFactor version below.

  • F1Racer

    Oh my ….. !!! Now I KNOW 2015 will be a better year.
    One of THE best ever mods for rF1 coming to AC’s shores.
    I want to first applaud the decision of the team to do this. I wonder why they didn’t go with rF2 though considering how popular the mod was on it’s predecessor.
    But if the mod can be anything like it’s rF1 version, then this is going to be a treat.

    • Wazza

      I think one of the reasons modders are turning to AC is because its easier to mod…for example the rF2 tyre model is far more complex and simply tweaking a file till it “feels good” like you can in rF1 and AC doesn’t work well in rF2

      • F1Racer

        Yeah I think I’ve heard that reason before. Well, as I play all the major sims I’m happy for it to come to AC. Very much so.

        DRM 1.0 wasn’t a good experience for me as I recall. I felt the potential in it but something was off. Then I got myself into a little hot water with the DRM guys for posting a file which enabled TC for anyone that wanted it as they had overridden the game setting in the mod.
        Then…V2.0 came out. The in-game TC was still disabled (and I never used it but for DRM I felt I had to). But they must have tweaked something in the cars because they just felt incredible.
        I remember blasting the Capri and the Porsche 935 around the historical Rouen track. Oh wow. Then onto the Mores track.
        It was just the best thing ever. The screaming sounds, the physics, the ffb. It all just clicked. They really nailed it.

        Then the next version was called off because of idiot content rippers πŸ™ Disaster.

        So now this… and you know they’ve been keeping this from us until today πŸ™‚ Just brilliant !

      • Drew Duncan

        Also, it’s worth considering that the slow pace of development from ISI has got to have something to do with it. I’m not sure how long AC was in the cards but AC was announced long after RF2 has been around and they have already reached 1.0 release with a better FFB model, better sound engine, better graphics and easier modding capabilities.

        Even outside of the modding community AC already has more tracks (laser-scanned too!) and even more cars with no signs of slowing down. Kunos has been licensing one manufacturer after another with great follow through and stellar results (consistency pays off). The communication with their community has been excellent too.

        It also appears that the modding community has dropped almost everything else to focus on Assetto Corsa as you cannot go a day without seeing some new WIP mod for a new car or track and so far it’s been pretty void of fluff. A lot of the content has come from well-know community modders from the gMotor scene (some just quickly ported over).

        1977 Broadspeed Jaguar XJ12C
        Lamborghini Miura SV
        Seat Leon
        Mini Cooper 1.3i
        Ginetta G55 GT4
        Corvette C6R ZR1
        Shelby GT500 Supersnake
        Zakspeed Escort MK2
        Ford Sierra Cosworth RS500
        Nissan Primera BTCC
        Seat Ibiza VR6
        Shelby Cobra 427
        Reliant Robin Mk.1
        Formula Series 3

        Donington Park
        Gilles Villeneuve
        Barbagallo Raceway
        Glava Zete Hill Climb
        Petersberg Hillclimb
        Yas Marina
        Laguna Seca
        Circuit de la Sarthe
        NΓΌrburgring Nordschleife
        Lake louise
        Fuji International Speedway
        Castle Hill
        Longford 1967

        Then you look at the fact that there are over 2000 players every night on Steam…whew!

        Sorry for the long post folks, I’m just so excited for DRM!

        To play devils advocate here… I still would like to see an AWD model, a night race mode, and weather but I already have enough content to make me forget about that stuff everytime I’m smiling behind the wheel πŸ™‚

      • traind

        I love AC and agree with most all of your praise. But I think you underestimate RF2 FFB. It’s pretty fantastic in the current build.

      • Matthew Arnold

        I agree, if there was one thing I could swap between the two, Id swap rf2’s FFB and physics into Assetto Corsa, and swap AC’s graphics into RF2.

        Perfect sim that is πŸ™‚

      • Drew Duncan

        I think RF2 does FWD feedback better but the detail in the overall force feedback system isn’t as good. It’s consistant and does a great job allowing you to feel the road but I think AC has the upper hand personally. I also think that RF2 has a better tyre model at the moment but their vehicle to vehicle physics seem inconsistent. Some cars feel rather beta and not accurate if that makes any sense.

      • ManicMonday

        The 1.0 label of AC is misleading and meaningless, because it’s missing so many features and has mediocre AI, it’s barely an alpha product, mainly good for hotlapping.

        The only thing it has over rFactor2 is graphics, but that’s easy if the engine supports only one light source.

      • F1Racer

        All that is debatable and it may be so. But in the end it comes down to user preference and not which is more complete than the other.

      • traind

        I know where you are coming from as I agree RF2 has some great strengths.

        Still, I must take issue with the word “only” as regards to AC graphic superiority in your last sentence. AC also has a fantastic selection of cars— with many, many more on the way in 2015. And Kunos will be working on at least 4 new tracks in 2015 too. On top of that, AC seems to have captured a greater number of talented modders than RF2. Although Enduracers moving to RF2 will help balance the scales a bit.

        Both are great titles with some unique strengths. I do wish ISI would become a little more content minded–like Kunos is. I think they have improved in this regard though… as seen by opportunistic releases like the recent (and excellent) NSX and Corvette.

      • ManicMonday

        Yes AC has more polished stock content, but I am mainly talking about the capabilities as a platform.
        To be honest I would like to see more dedicated race car content for rF2, such as Group-C and LMP cars and 80’s early 90’s F1 cars and am glad that we have some modern F1’s Indycar and Nascar coming soon.

        Street cars like NSX and Corvette don’t really do it for me and IMO aren’t really highlighting the strengths of the platform.

    • Den

      Maybe they’ll do both eventually?

  • kkacper

    Oh my, this is absolutely great news. I’ll admit I was greatly saddened by the initial decision of not releasing any more updates for rFactor, but I just cannot wait until the AC version comes around. Best of luck for the team and just keep at it and keep the quality high as you usually do! πŸ™‚

  • Francesco Kasta

    Praise Jesus !!!

    • F1Racer

      He’s not part of the modding team is he ? πŸ™‚ Well this is sort of a resurrection so….

      • Francesco Kasta


  • Alex Darg

    Oh my yessssssssss

  • Chris Wright

    The best news for AC today, in my view. This is an awesome add on for rFactor and will doubtless translate very well to the KS platform.

    • Toonces

      This is the best news for AC since I bought AC…because…in my view, the DRM mod is the best single mod released for any sim, ever (particularly the Zakspeed Capri…ooh, I think I just wet myself…again).

      • gt3rsr

        Naah, Capri is good but 935 is the best. To drive that beast on the edge is an art.

  • ImageArtSigns .

    That’s interesting, I had rFactor 1 with this DRM 2 mod fired up just recently and was thinking this would be fantastic in AC…looking forward to this immensely.

  • Sim Antics

    Wonderful thanks for your continuance on this project DRM Modding team it will be a great addition to AC!

  • Justin Cruze

    One of the most epic mods on rfactor, amazing news!

  • Alexandre Martini


  • toyvonen

    For me, any news of a release in a new TOP platform is great
    news!..because i have a sweet spot for AC, it’s even greater…2014 was
    one golden year for sim racing, 2015 is starting to promisse even
    better…can’t ask for more!!!

    PS- I just recently finished (just minor things to sort), my new 3 DOF>+6DOF simulator, i’ve raced the GTPC Lancia from 1982 (one of my dream cars), and regardless of the aging graphics, RF1 is so well sorted out, and the mod is so great, that i had ONE BIG orgasm driving this car in Sebring…perhaps one of my biggest moments as a simdriver…just to state that in sim world, the word “old”/”new”, “netter”/”worst”, are very relative…

  • Den

    I always liked the cars in this mod but never drove it as I’m am not an rFactor(1) fan so never tried it. This will be a good thing for me as now I can try it! YAY!

    • F1Racer

      If you can, you really should try this in rF1. It’s quite the rush.

      • Den

        No. I just am not an rF1 fan. I haven’t had it installed in a LONG time. I’m more a GTR2/GTL platform guy. lol. Looking forward to it in AC though and who knows? Maybe rF2 also? I’d have tried it if it was a GTR2 mod though. Cheers my friend and thank you for the suggestion though. Ironically I am sure I have it in my backup HDD as I do have a LOT of rF1 stuff including much I never installed. Heh. I’m a simrace pack rat!!

      • F1Racer

        I still love the last lot of sims. GTR2 is still installed and though I mainly play it for P&Gv3, I still delve in from time to time. Day/night cycle, rain, pit stops (animated). Brilliant.

        As for rF1, you’re missing out on DRM, Enduracers mod and the massive HistorX mod which is just epic.
        Some good F1 mods also if you’re into those and a lot of other well done mods for rF1. Not to mention the wealth of tracks too. I don’t see rF1 disappearing from my PC any time soon. Too much invested into it πŸ™‚

      • Den

        I spent an entire day once trying to get the HistorX Mini to feel good, gave up, fired up GT Legends and…….Heaven. lol. And yes, still have a full install of GT Legends, and all my GTR2 and P&G3 installs are fully intact in my backup HDD. A simple copy n paste and they are all fully functional again. No way will I ever let those go! My main GTL install is fully modded though, AI, my own teaks, track and tire grip, temperatures etc all changed and still an ongoing project so no online capability there but also have other installs that are including a full “bare” install of GTR2 and GTL for when I “mess up” lol. For some reasons tracks I find look too “cartoony” (to me at least) in rF1, although I KNOW they’re the same tracks look better in GTR2 and GTL. I also find GTR2 and GTL mods have a higher consistency for quality than rF1. I find rF1 feels too much like driving on ice. But then again, as I’ve said, that’s why we have choices, and such wonderful choices they are. maybe too I’m old and still fascinated by just HAVING this technology where we can “drive” a car with out PCs and not jaded by it so much I am still grateful for what I DO have rather than complain about what I don’t/what hasn’t been invented yet. Heh. And I DO LOVE the 935 in GTL and Race07 versions!!

      • horrace

        Thank you F1 Racer and Den, I dont feel like a nut anymore, I have 1TB hard drive filled up with just the content for these great sims, I love all of them and like you I would not dream of letting any of them go, they keep me entertained and happy! I can drive a tractor trailer for 14 hours and still have to come home to sit in my sim rig and race, I agree with F1racer,Den you have to give DRM on Rfactor a run, it will truly blow your mind, I love it on Brands Hatch, Have a Happy New Year you two!

      • Den

        I’ll wait until it comes out for AC. lol. But yeah. I drove for a living (just a pickup, F250 for dealership but loved it!) and now Euro Truck Sim 2 can entertain me for hours as it has that “feel” I got when on the road. And yup, 1 TB here plus 1.5 TB main drive. lol. I have to time to time refocus myself on a few sims at a time because I tend to spread myself too thin and get into all of them and then have not enough time for any if that makes sense. haha. Plus I love GTA IV and V, Sim City, Train Sim (Never find the time to get into it!), Flight Sim (Again never get the time and hadn’t had it indstalled for a LONG time, just got the Steam version on sale lasy night hoping I can again.), World of Subways (!!!!), Wings of Prey (Again never get time.), Silent Hunter sub sim, and of course Euro Truck sim and many others. I really have TOO many tangents!! But LOVE this hobby for the variety we have and also since my health went (I went from being computer illiterate in 2006 or so, couldn’t even turn one on!, to now I build my own PCs.) it has given me so much to replace what I lost. Can’t work no more? that’s okay, fire up Truck sim, or Ship sim or……….lol. It may not completely fix things but it sure helps and keeps me from getting bored and sitting around whining about what I lost, booghoo! haha. I love this hobby and what we’ve been given and appreciate guys like DRM giving us even more. YAY!!! I am excited for the new year and what we still have coming!!

      • horrace

        You are just as bad as me I am in the same boat so many games that I still enjoy playing sometimes I dont play any because I dont know where to start,6 tbs of hard drives and I still need one more, thank God for cloud,I love sub sims too, and ROF, Flaming cliffs 2, My wife made me get rid of some of stuff because I was not using it, good thing though it funded the last build on my PC. But saving up for my last best build!

    • melanieuk1

      This was the only mod, friends and me played for rfactor1, now that it will be coming to AC it will be great.

  • Steve Shears

    Amazing news. These cars were stunning in Rfactor. Here’s a race i had with AI at the great recreation of Halle (Saale)…
    Didn’t end well but what a race (and a fantastic road circuit)

  • e_r_n_i_e

    Really great news, (even if i had expected a rF2 release). But AC is also a great sim.
    Now it’s time for Kunos to feed AC with league features.

    • Matthew Arnold

      Have they said they will make AC more league friendly? What do you think it needs added to be better received by leagues?

      • e_r_n_i_e

        Flag rules, weight penalties, revised pit stops (where you have to watch for pit speed limit and where you don’t need mouse control for tire and fuel selection), etc.

  • 0100

    Yes Yes Yes!!!!!!

  • Jetexocet

    It was one of, if not the best mod in rfactor1. That was until a few days ago, especially with real feel. Looking forward to it. Thanks for the great news and a Happy New Year.

  • JosΓ© Borges


    • Andrea Candini

      What’s the Point of repeating the same thing over and over again even when there’s a news about a mod?

      • JosΓ© Borges

        Because i didn’t realize that, i thought these were images of ac… so rain was an honest question at 6 in the morning after a long night!

      • Andrea Candini

        My apologies then. πŸ™‚

      • melanieuk1

        It’s amazing regular readers of virtualR should already know that there will not be night or wet weather racing in AC, yet in every ac news the same questions get asked time after time, best to ignore those same repetitive questions.

      • Jos

        there will not be night racing, but they havent said there wont be weather i think.

    • Jordan Meagher


  • teefo

    What an insanely great day for AC. Nine Lamborghinis, Audi R18, and Brands Hatch all officially licensed, and now Porsche 962C and DRM 3.0 as mods.

    • cubadoo1

      Brands hatch in assetto in the huracan super trofeo ! oh yes !!!!

  • Jukka Karppinen

    Awesome! Exactly what AC needs, best news for long time…

  • Boll Picante

    Waste of talent in a median arcade game.

  • Derek Speare

    Throwing money @ screen!

  • Jack Whorton

    Excellent news! DRM for rF1 is one of the best mods I’ve played and is just the sort of thing AC needs (I.e well balanced groups of cars rather than single car mods here and there).

  • Leeman

    Ok this is officially the best AC news I’ve heard. Ever. DRM was my favorite mod of all time. I’m thrilled to see it coming to AC. 2015 is off to one hell of a start!

  • horrace

    I got to watch a couple of races and these sexy sounding girls were beasts, and the drivers were pro’s pro’s in handling them, I dont know anyone that heard these things coming around a blind courner then see them screaming by that did not get goosebumps and almost jump out of their skin, then start jumping up and down laughing like mad men! I think its like having a F-15 eagle come screaming 20 Ft. over your head in full afterburner!

  • melanieuk1

    I’m glad they’ve switched platform, and it’s not because ac is easy to mod though that does help, as content creators and modders don’t have months or years to work on a mod, not like in the past, the well known big modding groups, had already given up modding for rfactor1 even before assetto corsa was announced, because of the countless disregard for their work been converted to other platforms that used the same engine, even last week the release of the GTPC mod for rfactor1 there was already talks of illegally converting this mod to GSC, anything that will minimize illegal conversion to other platform without the creators permission I support 100%.

    • TC

      It isn’t a real problem. Rfactor’s mods ported to GSC (or GTR2 or RACe07 or…) is far from being massive. I don’t suport that activity, unless you doing for your own private use (like i do).

      The controversy wasn’t only because of that but many other reasons that the team stated in this moment. But, even with the HUGE respect i have for them, i found, at that moment, that their reasons were far from understandable.

      • melanieuk1

        It is a problem for modders, maybe it’s not for you, that is why they have decided to move to another platform, I wouldn’t be surprised if reiza announced they would be using another game engine, as we now have more than four now, or create their own for their next commercial project, as their content is constantly ripped and ported to other platforms that use the same ‘game’ engine as them, there is no excuse for it, private or public, they don’t want it happening and they don’t want to know it is happening.

      • TC

        It isn’t a big problem like you want to show.

        If you are enough well informed, you know where the mod come from.

        Is like ripped content posted in Race Deparment, the own users report it.

        There always be ripped content and people who take advantage of it, i don’t like it, you don’t like it, but it can’t be stopped.

        The minute they release DRM mod on AC, there will be people modifying it without permission. You just have to live with it…

      • Matthew Arnold

        Maybe GSCE2 could be built on the AC ‘game’ engine. I think they (to some extent) have already set a president in that area. Check out “Victory: The Age Of Racing” πŸ™‚

      • Ghoults

        There are no 4 simulator engines to choose from available for a game. AC is not licensing its engine to anyone. Isi is not lisencing its rf2 engine. Iracing is not lisencing its engine. Even pcars is not lisencing their engine. Apart from x-motorracing (lol) and rf1 there are no choises. Either use those or make your own.

        You can make mods for rf2 and ac. As far as money goes you can sell your models to isi or kunos directly or go payware route. I seriously doubt payware mode route would work out for a studio like reiza.

        There are quite a few graphics engines and packages available for game developers. But something to use for racing sim? Rf1 is your only choise. That or you take something like an unreal engine and code the physics engine yourself.

    • ManicMonday

      And this is such non-reason, because any kind of client-side content encryption is going to be cracked anyway. The decryption code has to exist in the exe somewhere.

      They are punishing ISI just because it’s a popular platform. What will they do once the AC engine gets licensed out and be used in a dozen titles.

      The issues they have is that all these sims use a similar platform and therefore porting between them is easier. What they want is that ISI creates a totally incompatible engines for rF2 and every engine license, which is of course absurd, that’s like creating multiple different platforms.

      I suggest those complaining modders to learn how software actually works before blaming it on ISI.

      • Jordan Meagher

        Bang on !

      • hexagramme

        Spot on. “Non-reason” is exactly what it is.

    • Jordan Meagher

      Lol and this is why i dnt care about them bringing it to AC because its being ported to rf2 as we speek lol idk just a hunch

    • Noel Hibbard

      FYI, GSC is rF1. Content is stolen in AC just as much as any other platform. If they don’t want their content stolen then they need to just stop modding all together.

  • Voltaic

    It is great news this awesome mod is being ported to a modern platform, such as AC. I would very much hope the DRM modding team will eventually bring this mod to rF2. There has been a lot of content coming to AC, though limited it is a great sim.

    However, I hope the ease of development will not deter modders in the long run from coming to rF2. A harder to build for platform yes, but the only A to Z simulator out there. “Ease of modding” has never distinguished the top notch modders out there. If we all have high expectations it is because of ISI.

  • Roger Wallentin

    Outstanding!! πŸ™‚ DRM and HistorX where the two best mods in the old school in my view!!

    The sounds where amazing and the physics/handling of the cars so enjoyable and authentic!!

  • Professional Operator

    Great decision by DRM Modding Team!!!

    Good luck

  • Pure Citrus

    Perfect! I’ve been off sim racing for a bit, sold my wheel after a few hundred hours of AC pre-1.0, and this will be just the thing to get me back in!

  • Rantam

    Good news! Always good to see classic cars on newer sims πŸ™‚

    • gt3rsr

      Multiple unique historic mods are the main reason rFactor 1 will probably have its place on my disk for years to come. (of course your mod is among the absolute top πŸ˜‰

      I get bored by most modern cars after a while. But trying to control an old “analogue” car without any helps using H-shifter and heel-and-toe, sliding into every corner – and out of every corner…damn! It’s so much more challenging! It’s so much more fun! Moreover, I love motorsport history and simracing serves me as a kind of a time machine in this case.

      • Harold Winston-Smith

        I don’t know you but I like you

    • Den

      I agree as one reason I never got into the current batch of newer stuff coming out was I wasn’t sure if they’d have any older cars. Once I saw they did, well, the E30 was enough to get me into AC and the F40 and…….haha. It seems many games, etc that come out now all have the same generic flappy paddle automatic transmissioned modern cars in every one of them and it just does not yank my crank. Like the real cars, I have NO interest. I want cars I drive, not cars that drive themselves. Guess I’m just old but that’s okay. I lost interest in Ferrari for example when they did the Enzo, ugly as Hell and automatic transmission for the girlies to drive. lol. No thanks. Although now I DO enjoy driving those cars too (SHHHH!!!! lol) but my heart is in driving the REAL cars! And don’t take me too serious as I’m also having fun with this. The wonderful part of this hobby is we got stuff for EVERYONE!!

    • F1Racer

      Yes it is, isn’t it (hint hint) πŸ˜€

    • Wim

      So start cooking RanTam πŸ˜‰

      • F1Racer

        Mmmm freshly grilled HistorX AC. Lovely πŸ™‚

  • TC

    More than the sim’s choice, for me is more important that the team decided to keep on working after the controversy they had.

    I would prefer to see this mod on RF2, but i understand perfectly and is their decision, of course.

    This mod is a work of art, is perma-installed on my PC since their first release.

    • Matthew Arnold

      If I created such a body of work I would want it to be seen by as many people as possible, AC is a fantastic platform with the added bonus that its got Steams gen pop playing it, so any mod released for AC will be seen my many many more people than on ANY other platform.

      I think this fact is overlooked sometimes when people are “discussing” the reasons why mod groups are starting to pick AC over other platforms. Wouldn’t YOU want your masterpiece to be seen by the most people possible.

      I don’t understand why these mod groups aren’t open about the reasons either, or maybe they are and i just missed the memo πŸ˜‰ Then again ive always been VERY open about everything, e.g. ive never really understood why people are cagey about what their income is lol. Personal preference i suppose πŸ™‚

      • TC

        That’s why i say i understand their decision. Not my personal preference but i would do the same thing probably.

  • addyduss

    There is no single car or mod in AC which could be somewhat competitive to rF2’s mods in terms of ffb, feel and immersion so i’m a bit disappointed with that choice. Good news though mod will stay alive and refreshed.

    • Rany Along

      DiD u read
      Bans, Comments & Changes for 2015?…Yur liking 4 sim r and hating sim a is not valid anymore…!

      • Manuel Riger

        thats not a hate he explain the reason why he is disappointed. Ohh man u guys have all problems with ur ” hate ” crap. every critism is a hate in ur opinion.

      • F1Racer

        He’s fine. Just expressing his opinion even though he didn’t specifically state that’s all it was.

  • Jordan Meagher

    Its a pitty they are blind to what rF2 has to offer but ooo well we got plenty of other awsome mods… but all in all yay for AC yay !!!!!!!

  • Crayfis

    I’m the biggest DRM fan out there! This has been news I have been waiting to hear since AC was announced. Just a fantastic new years gift to hear this news. Those cars are going to look and feel even more amazing in AC. I just hope that the AC sound engine is up to the job of re-creating those awesome deep and multi-layered sounds in time for release.

    • Paul Heijmans

      Wouldnt worry about the sound ,Nill did a sound mod on the 599 last year witch sounded very DRMey .And that was before fmod .

  • Jetexocet

    Just a quick heads up regarding a small utility that allowed me to gain between 8-12 fps in AC. It may not sound a lot I know, but it was a big improvement for me. It’s called Park Control (see Google). Essentially this removes cpu core parking (sleep state) in conjunction with your machines power plan. Download the exe and give it a try, if you feel like you need a little bit more horse power.(Pardon the pun). Please note that nothing is installed it’s a live exe. You may or may not benefit. No harm in trying. It’s safe. Been using it for a while with no problems.

    • Matthew Arnold

      Never tried it, dont really need it, but if it helps some people then its all round good news πŸ™‚

      Have you seen much improvement in any other sims, like R3E or RF2, I heard some people are having fps issues in those as well.

      • Jetexocet

        R3E and Rf2 all ran perfectly smooth before, it’s only AC I was having a few framerate issues with. Anything over 60 fps and my eyes can’t seem to detect any changes anyway. But I think that’s normal. Tbh I only look at framerates when they are a problem. If this helps other people in those titles though, that would be great.

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