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DRM Mod – New Preview Material

DRM Mod – New Preview Material

The DRM Modding Team has released new preview material of their DRM Mod for rFactor, showing off the impressive progress made in recent months.

A new video lets us listen to the engine sounds of the Porsche 935 and Ford Capri made by NIL and shows off the very detailed cockpit of the Capri.

Furthermore, the team has released new preview shots, allowing us to pay an even closer look at the freshly-modelled Ford cockpit and reworked Porsche 935 as the team has made substantial changes to the original GT Legends model. The team is making good progress and is confident that the mod will be released in Q1 2011 as planned.

The new version of the DRM Mod for rFactor will include several different models from the legendary Deutsche Rennsport Meisterschaft. Aside from new cars such as the M1 Turbo, the Lancia or the Ford Capri, the mod also includes reworked versions of the already-released cars like the BMW 320 Turbo.Β Every car model with come with unique physics and tire & suspension data, the physics will be compatible to both RealFeel and LeoFFB.

  • Spacekid

    That looks and sounds like hell. I love it! Happy New Year DRM Modding Team!

  • guest

    this is great ! πŸ˜›

  • kuato

    wow, nice job!

  • JGoenR

    This looks great!

  • mak mak

    Sexy! Though… Isn’t the same with GTX from Virtua_LM? What’s the difference of those 2 mods?

  • Fuzzi0n

    The difference is this one might get released within the next decade.

  • der Dings

    lol, it is a race between the teams – who will release latest   πŸ˜‰

  • dknine

    WOW those sounds are imersive, just watching the video the power of these cars were comming at me! 😎

    Also the capri cockpit looks great, very good job πŸ™‚

  • GTEvo

    hi Sportsfreunde.
    Thats the incredibblest Porsche Turbo Sound ive ever heared in an Simraing Game!
    Matzi & Friends..ive deep impressed and will send you my totaly Impressenestsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss !

    Wish you all here and generally a Happy New Year

  • Speedfreak

    here is another Impressive Video

  • UnnamedDriver

    As rfactor gets old, mods just get better & better like fine wine, again nice one guys, and great vid speedfreak.

  • sg72

    =-O  Getting so close to my driving Nirvahna!

    Thanks team!

    Loving the new BMW. 320 restyle. The 935 sounds brill and style changes are nice within the perameters of the original mod!

    The sheer variety of cars and sounds.

    Noone could dislike this mod.

  • Musio

    iS it for rfactor 1?

  • Magnus

    it seems to be a very great mod

  • BSR-WiX

    this makes me feel old.  i have seen allot of those car race in real life. 

    Great work.

  • Ernie

    This looks and sounds fantastic. 😎

  • YoShImUrA

    Looks great, yeah, but I’d get rid of rF’s whining sound. Not only it’s not very good, but you can clearly notice that in the race car it doesn’t sound to it.

    On another note, physics are so hard on springs and so soft on dampers (like 95% of the mods) that the cars, particularly the 935, is bouncing off the track in many places! please take a look at those rates before the release. The suspension is made to make the car COPE with the bumps, not take it off the track… πŸ˜‰

  • KastaRules


  • starfox550

    Without a doubt the orginal is one of my favourite mods for rFactor. You can’t beat the feeling of those massive turbos coming on boost and being rocketed in the future =-O

    The sound now is a huge improvement for sure. Man I wish rfactor 2 would get here, these mods will be a work of art on that platform.
    Good work DRM modding team, looking forward to this mod

  • Flaux

    Love the 935! Capris sounds would be stunning without the disortion. Hopefully they’ll get some better samples. Apart from that, I would love to drive those things right now!

  • Flammen

    The capri sounds are horrible… very painful to listen to. Also throttle blip sounds for 935 are bad too. Models are fantastic though.

  • vodoo

    i like that vid.
    sounds and cockpit are still perfect for me.
    i think its very difficult to find soundsamples of all cars.
    so work on drm team….incredible work so far

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